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The main things are the plain things & the plain things are the main things 💭🤔 #newyork
“Keep all your dreams, keep standing tall.” (Childish Gambino)
#newyorkcity #empirestatebuilding #dreamscometrue #băibăiatule #altnivel
Walking on the #fifthavenue #nyc
Who’s on Instagram right now? 💚
Some great doughnuts.  #chanel #louisvuitton #hermes #gucci #doughnuts
Ok quindi direzione Campogalliano?
Drinks at the #trumptower 🥂🇺🇸 Blitt skjekket av #secretservice ✅ #newyork #fifthavenue
𝕃𝕒 𝕧𝕚𝕖 𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕖 💋
In ma happy place
Yazdan kalma ..
Happy Friyay!  I’m on the hunt for a sidewalk cafe to have coffee ☕️ and donuts 🍩 for our furriends’ barkdays.  @bubble_bean_luv Baba, @beagle.brothers Aquiles, and @beagle_baby_beastie Beast are celebrating 🥳 today!  #bubblesdonutsgalore #14yummyyears #beasterscreepers2019ers.  Who’s joining me?
#grumpster #grumpybeaglesunited #beagle #beaglelife #modernmutt #frenchiebeagle #nycdog #dogsofnyc #dogsofmanhattan #cute #fifthavenue
shopping on 5th ave is always a barrel of fun
#ComfyCush & ASSC #365daysofvans
Hey babe, take a ride on the Wild Side 🚖✨ #newyork
Ask me anything, Anything in the next 2 hours I promise I’ll get back to. #streetphotography
Hello Orlov Lovers, how are you on this Friday? We'd like to know what's your favorite color? 🥰✨ Love from @orlovparisperfume ❤️✨ #LuxuryPerfume #DiamondPerfume #PerfumLover #NYC #DiscoverNYC ✨
Nothing better than a shopping spree in NYC🛍
Fifth Ave, 13.10: Lunch break
Yes I love New York but on some days this city drives me crazyyy 🙀 swipe to see why 👉 #petiteinny
Eu nunca canso dela. Já to com sdd minha linda! Pera que eu ja volto ❤️ #luisvitton #5thavenue #fifthavenue #newyorkcity #urbanart
a party 📍
Selva de concreto de NYC. Impressionada com esses arranha-céus... Em meio ao caos, encontrei a paz nesse lugar. 🗽 🇺🇸 #ilovenyc
So in honor of the Oscars this coming Sunday, I’m going to predict which one (if not all) of these movies will be on TV when I get home tonight: Titanic, Airplane, Scarface, Groundhog Day, one of the Vacation movies. (I’ll let you know how I did later in stories) No I’m not clairvoyant 😜, but these movies are ALWAYS on. Are there any films you get sick of seeing played all the time on TV, and others that you love but can almost never find? Comment below! And yay we made it to Friday 🎉🎉🎉
#whatiwore #wiwt #fauxfur #visualgang #todayimwearingthis #fashionaddict #fashiongram #instafashion #outfitinspo #igfashion #igstyle #ootdsubmit #streetstyle #streetstyleinspo #streetstyleluxe #realoutfitgram #influencer #influencerstyle #dailyfashion #styleblogger #fashionblogger #blondesandcookies #tumblrgirl #nycinfluencer #newyorkblogger #nyblogger #currentlywearing #stylediaries #melissavale #melissadvale 📷: @ruthiedarling
#newyork 🗽
More Lee Radziwill serving looks / smizing on her way home from Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball. I wonder what went down at that party...
A smile is so much more sensual, and fresh, when there is a thicker, smoother, and juicier appearance to the lips themselves. Sometimes filler isn't enough, because the complex muscles surrounding the lips are hyper toned - and despite the thickness of the lips, pull them taut or curl them and tuck them under. Dr Kevin, administered a magical combination of Botox (to soften those muscles) and Defyne filler (higher molecular weight to plump and hydrate) to transform, a cute and pretty grin into a sensual, soft, and voluptuous one, in our New York City office, on Fifth Avenue. I want these on my face. Yesterday.

To book in to one of our international clinics in
❤️ Harley Street London🇬🇧
❤️ Greater Manchester🇬🇧
❤️ Harborne Road, Birmingham🇬🇧
❤️ Rodney Street in Liverpool🇬🇧
❤️ Dublin, Ireland🇮🇪
❤️ Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪
❤️ Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA 🇺🇸
❤️ NYC, USA 🇺🇸
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Not a bad view from listing on Fifth ave today! #fifthavenue #luxuryrealestate #prewarcharm
New York - October 2018
Quer conhecer a grande 🍎 com guias especialistas? Embarque em nossos grupos para NY! Tem pra quem quer curtir a cidade no verão ☀️ e pra quem quer ver a cidade no clima do Natal no inverno ❄️! Entre em contato conosco!
in a world full of temporary things, u r a perpetual feeling ✨🌑
f r e e z i n g 👀❄️ #nyc
SS19 🚥
Me and farmer Joe having a great time 🇺🇸
New York 🇺🇸
glad någonstans på fifth avenue
i’m still here
A little 5th ave shopping #nyc #shoptillyoudrop #fifthavenue #aesthetic
My decision to walk creates the path ahead.
she said yes to the dress
In 2021, SHVO and The Mandarin Oriental Hotel will open a new 5-star hotel and condo at 685 Fifth Avenue in Midtown, Manhattan. Melding into the existing Dorothy Gray Building, situated at one of the world’s best addresses, the project entails a seamless, 10-story Art Deco addition with a rooftop swimming pool. Full read in the profile link. @mo_newyork
Another magnificent case from our American board certified lead, Dr Kevin. Dr Kevin works in NYC and Beverly Hills. This is multiple sittings 4 weeks apart using restylane in varying molecular weights to craft the glam look she wanted. We don't build significant volume in one sitting, as there isn't the tissue expansion and not enough room for the quantity. As such it spills outside the vermilion border, and migrates above the lip. It's far better to create smooth, flat, planes of pretty natural filler, than to try and stuff a cushion to capacity.

To book in to one of our international clinics in
❤️ Harley Street London🇬🇧
❤️ Greater Manchester🇬🇧
❤️ Harborne Road, Birmingham🇬🇧
❤️ Rodney Street in Liverpool🇬🇧
❤️ Dublin, Ireland🇮🇪
❤️ Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪
❤️ Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA 🇺🇸
❤️ NYC, USA 
Please go to our website and booking via our online portal there for regular appts. It's very straightforward, and you'll be able to see availability and choose a time and location of your choice. Alternatively, you may email us at for further assistance.

For training academy enquiries please email us at 
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Here comes the cliché picture of New York.
Den obligatoriska turistbilden🗽
Favorite book.
Fifth Avenue
Midtown Manhattan, New York City USA

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Jaga kesimbangan alloh tidak suka pada hambanya yg banyak mengeluh #alloh #allohuakbar #lfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfllfl #lfl
I was walking around 5av and took a pic of this guy. He talked to me and it turns out that he has a project that collects all photos that people take of him. Check the video about him in his bio @vee.cord . Cool cool
Hello, Manhattan 👋🏼💛 #bigcitylife
Tudo nessa cidade me encanta! Como eu ♥️ New York! 🗽 #thankgod #iloveny #blessed #louisvuitton
StreeT ArT 🖤 #louisvuitton #newyork
Libur President’s day. #newyork #goldwinjacket #pertexquantum
Nos tapó el humo 🙈 #hashtagneversuperar
concrete jungle wet dreams tomato <3
5th Avenue kind of moment 💫👸🏼 #NatasaBlairTravels #5thAvenue #NewYork #NYFW #February
qualquer lugar do mundo, é bem melhor quando vc está junto 💙 #metadinha #ny #fazendobrasileirices
Like Marshall Mathers says: "Got me looking so crazy right now"
”Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” #LeonardodaVinci
Newyork Newyork
Fifth Ave n Traffic🚦
Sorrindo, porém congelando! #NYC ❄️ 🇺🇸
People sometimes ask me if I am always in the places I post, and the answer is absolutely not. I take that many photos I’d have to live in the places I visit if I was to only ‘share when I’m there’. 🇺🇸 This weekend I couldn’t be further from 5th Avenue NYC, I’m staying in the most gorgeous #airbnb in Morpeth, Northumberland and thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet. Have a look on my story 🌼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#fifthavenue  #newyork #nyc
I guess you lose some and you win some, as long as the outcome is income.
New York fucking City
🥰😍🍫💦💧 You will f**k around & drown off this 🌊🌊
Imposing landmark on fifth avenue 🖤
#buildingstylesgf #nycphotographer #bnwmood
Сегодня с утра я зашла за кофе и девушка за кассой предупредила, что кофе будет готов только через 4 минуты. В Нью Йорке все спешат, и больше минуты ждать кофе не каждый согласится. Здесь ходит такая шутка: Нью-Йорк — это единственный город в мире, где вас можете сбить пешеход 😄 Я пишу этот пост уже 3 минуты,  так что пора забирать мой кофе и 🏃🏻‍♀️ на работу. ⠀
Вам нравится атмосфера мегаполиса, когда все спешат или вы предпочитаете более спокойную обстановку? ⠀
#ньюйорк #newyork #кофе #блогосша
오랜만에 달달한 노래 👂🏻#IF covered by @bleyou
*me pretending to know where I’m going* 
#newyork #somewhereinnewyork 
3 words 8 letters say it and i’m your - Na frente do apartamento de Blair Waldorf 📸 @bruholiveirasz
Happy Galentine’s Day! ♥️👯‍♀️
Shop Our Trendy Italian Marble Chain Bags 👑. So many colors to choose from and the perfect night out accessory! .
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Golden 918 👑

#cars #carstagram
Fifth Ave - NYC
Ontem uma amiga estava me perguntando: Onde se hospedar em NYC?!
A minha sugestão: Upper East Side no sentido de Midtown...
E o Brooklyn, não é um bairro super descolado? Assim como Williamsburg...
São ótimos para passeio, mas a maioria das atrações estão em Manhattan!!
Então, é isso!!!
Mas vá, independente de onde irá ze hospedar NYC merece uma ou varias visitas
#topdicasdeviagem #tdvnyc
accepting all flights to new york 🚕
New York! 🐺
@tal_abudi @dana_kfir @guysamuel_official
Это был огромный трёхэтажный магазин с музеем. 🤫
Я всегда любуюсь этим классическим образом Levadnaja Details. 
Друзья, я лечу на производство, но мы продолжаем работать, наш шоурум со всеми сокровищами внутри ждёт Вас на примерку.
Друзья, мы также работаем дистанционно с заказами, поэтому смело заказывайте, от Вас потребуется Ваш размер и модель изделия, которое Вы хотите заказать 👌🏻
◾️◾️Стоимость наших изделий можно посмотреть на нашем сайте, ссылка активна в шапке профиля.
Адрес шоурума: Столешников переулок, 11, оф.354
Watsapp: +79261093363, +79690363336
Our classic Levadnaja Details total look that I sincerely admire.
For more information please check our website, the link in bio.
Watsapp: +79261093363, +79690363336
#levadnajadetails #svetlanalevadnaya #новыйрусскийстиль #russiancouture
Fav place with my fav person 📸: @nicktrice727
tes 18 ans choqué
Thanks Virgil
Journey of my life. ❤️
Pulaski Parade, organizowana w sercu Nowego Jorku z okazji General Pulaski Memorial Day. Szedłem w niej Piątą Aleją w 2017r. Od stu lat Polacy i Amerykanie mogą wspólnie czcić pamięć tego wspaniałego Polaka i budować wzajemną przyjaźń! #100LatPLiUSA and #PLUS100Together 🇵🇱❤️🇺🇸
Keep moving📍
📸: MS
My horoscope said I would meet the love of my life tonight... Forcing @zukothepup to love meeee 😏
Ready. Set. Go! #NYFW #TBT #fashionaddict
People will stare; make it worth their while 😘
Cropped shirt day. Shirt from @getchoosy /Rate this oufit from 1-10 👇🏼 Tap the link on our BIO to recreate and shop the look by @brittanyxavier #senstylable
Champions🇶🇦 1Feb19 #asiancup2019
Oh please, don’t stay in touch
break up with your girlfriend.... im bored
🤔🤔 she looks familiar
Day in the life of a New Yorker
You the reason the good women got it hard!
Just released - plans for #TowerFifth a 1,551 skyscraper on 5th Avenue by Macklowe Properties. It will be the tallest building (by roof height) in NYC, almost 200’ taller that One WTC. 
What do you think? Comment below.
Say it truly before you say it well
We hope you enjoyed our Insta-worthy walk down #memorylane over these past few days. 💛 Keep following and be sure to #shop the FINAL HOURS of our site before it closes at noon EST today!
Dos stories - destaques NY2 - para o feed pq merece! Encontrei um almoço delicioso perto da quinta avenida - @hernameishan ! Um coreano lotado, mas q agrada qq paladar !! Vale a pena conferir!
Gostamos tanto q tivemos até q adaptar nosso roteiro, pois ficamos mais tempo do q imaginávamos por lá 😉  Tem fotos dos “pratinhos” depois do vídeo!!
⚠️ curiosidade:
@handhospitality - companhia q ajuda os asiáticos q chegam aos EUA à montarem seus negócios, principalmente restaurantes coreanos e japoneses
Back to black 🖤 щях да изглеждам така ако се казвах Serena van der Woodsen, живеех в #UpperEastSide и всяка неделя ходех на църква с майката на Тузара.
Even the film #Manhattan couldn't be captured without paying tribute to #henribendel. 🏙🎥 Keep following as we take an Insta-worthy walk down memory lane over these next few days and be sure to share your favorite HB moments in the comments below.
Living my best life - traveling, dating the love of my life, surrounding myself with the best of friends (might only be three people, but I could trust to put my life in their hands and that’s more than I could ask for. I’d rather have this then multiple friends who would hurt/betray me in an instant to save themselves - something we see a lot of nowadays unfortunately). Distractions are everywhere but when it comes down to it, God has given me more than I could ask for and I am working on remembering this everyday. #blessed
Casual shopping day ☃️ #ootd #potd #outfit #streetstyle #nyc
Αποφασισμένη στην πέμπτη λεωφόρο #fifthavenue #newyork #sunny #freezing #happy ☀️❄️🛍
Obviously clinging on to my man because it is how it is 🙄 Congratulations mate, you finessed yourself 🤦🏻‍♂️ hope you’re happy 😐 3rd man down ♥️ P.S ignore the last picture, it was supposed to be Murtaza clapped, not me clapped 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄 #DayOne #Hitched
You haven’t lived until you died in New York...
winter whites 🕊
Saw this on my stroll from lunch.
Maybe I do have a little bit of faith in humanity ❤️🙏🏾
#nyc #nycstreetart #love #peace
hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it // 📸: @daddybergdorf #ThisIsAnn
She said this is what bf do 🤷🏻‍♀️
신기한거보면 일단 손 흔들고 인사부터하는 재주..
#shopping #fifthavenue #mondaymood
👶🏻 face
Thinking about my long to-do list for this week. I’m fine, i’ts fine, everything will be fine...😌🤞🏽.
A disfrutar las últimas horas de vacaciones 🚕🥨🗽💖✨ .
trying to catch an empty 🚕through the chaos 🚦🚧📸
Have yall seen Birdbox yet? On some real shit tho, Id prob survive solely on the fact that Im blind when I take off my glasses 💀😂
retail therapy ;)
Happy new year .... WIFE❤️
Happy New Year to all of my friends 🎉🎉
(ft. Hundreds of cops around Times Square getting ready to the New Year Eve)
Happy New Year and May The Force Be With You in 2019! 🎩 🎊 🎇-from your friend @starwarsfanaticus .
#Starwars#happynewyear #happynewyear2019 #newyearseve
maddy and medi’s new york minute
Sitting here at Gucci waiting for some #kashmoney in my pockets🤑 #brokeaf #badandboujee
freezing. 🦊 #tb
Fifth Avenue 🚏
Snowflake hanging over the intersection between Louis Vuitton and Tiffany’s #holidaysinnyc #❄️❄️❄️
“i love you” “thanks”
Around the city
Hello 5th Avenue, you’re looking gorgeous today 😍🛍
Con este #TBT quiero unirme al concierto de felicitaciones al presidente @leonelfernandez reiterándole la expresión de mis afectos más sinceros y de mi admiración. ¡Feliz aniversario 65! ¡Bendiciones de lo alto para usted! #LeonelFernández #FelicidadesLeonel
Holiday Windows | 5th Avenue is a feast for the eyes during the holidays 🎁🎄🎁
How often fo you think that there is not enough time in a day, and you wish it was more then 24 hours?🙋🏼‍♀️
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #liketkit //
✨Как часто Вам кажется, что ни на что не хватает времени? Что хотелось бы, чтобы в сутках было более 24 часов? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Мой день обычно начинается в 5.50 утра. Я завожу ребенка в сад к 7.30 и в 8 утра уже на работе.
В бесконечном потоке дел я обычно не замечаю, как приходит время обеда, а за ним еще несколько часов - и домой.
👩🏼‍⚕️Я сейчас работаю над несколькими проектами:
1️⃣ Помогаю нашему программному директору с интервью будущих резидентов в анестезиологи.
2️⃣ Занимаюсь составлением статистики по качеству и количеству работы нынешних резидентов.
3️⃣ Собираю feedback о работе врачей нашего отделения.
4️⃣ Слежу за работой Pain Clinic, составляю статистику по количеству пациентов, чтобы проверять, правильно мы получаем денег от страховой и так далее.
5️⃣ Слежу за тем, чтобы все врачи нашего отделения получали свои CMEs (continuing medical education) - без них не продляют медицинские лицензии.
Вообщем, эта только часть того, чем я занимаюсь за день. Еще стараюсь находить время на блог, а это можно назвать другой полноценной full-time job. Но мне всегда безумно приятно, что Вы меня читаете! ❤️
Кстати, я на днях получила свой NPI (National Provider Identifier) - уникальный номер, который присваиваться каждому врачу в Америке. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Вопрос к читателям - как все успевать? Какой у вас секрет успеха? 😜 #vanilace_medicine
Effectively hailing a cab ✔️ • #happyholidays #holidayglam #ootn #marilynmoment
24 ☃🎇
Fifth Avenue✨ 
trying to figure out if I was naughty or nice this year?
Good bye cruel world...
Realizando mais um sonho ❤️ #Deus #NY #christimasnyc
CUTE ✨🌟✨
Mid-century modern with treehouse views of Central Park.  What could be better?  Design by Jessica Gersten Interiors  photo by Lucia Engstrom  @wyethnyc #collectibledesign #midcenturydesign @roomonline @hollandandsherryinteriors @shopkwearstler
Fifth Avenue all dressed up in Holiday style @cartier
Teddy Bear mood 🧸 ¿Qué se van a poner para estas fechas importantes de invierno? ☃️ Yo me regalé estas lindas botas que encontré en @farfetch ¿Qué tal? 😍🥰👢#FarfetchMx #ootd #nyc #ny
only thing more green is my wallet🌚 ®
Stunting is a habit 😎💯
Instagram vs. Reality
eye wore a black trench to ur funeral ⚰️