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Financial District, Manhattan

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you could say that this picture is..... out of this world👽🛸
hello gorgeous
Living the dream 🖤
“Flat & Dead on the weekend,” The Fi Dye and I see eye to eye 👀
no place like this place.
Get someone in your life that looks at you like Fidi looks at his daddy 🧡🧡🧡Happy birthday to this amazing heart & soul 🎂🐶 #6yearsold #mybiggestlove #daddysboy
Morning run view 😊 I am not sure what I did to deserve this but just taking a moment to have some gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given. Although I have worked hard to get here it’s important to acknowledge that luck plays a huge role in it and the best I can do is use these opportunities to create more opportunities for others. Everyone should be able to obtain their goals if they work hard but the reality is that hard work doesn’t mean success for everyone and I hope to be one of the people who help change that. Wishing everyone a happy Saturday!
We stayed downtown last weekend just so we could turn around and look back at Brooklyn :)
Wall Street crevasse.  Tag your elegant analog photos with #heybelieveinfilm for a chance to be featured.
Brick city (I been sick for over two weeks now and haven't been able to shoot but went over some photos from the past and came across this one. This was taken a month ago, I personally love this, hope you guys like it too!)
#newyorkcity #newyork #highcontrast #bnw #bnwphotography #light #shadow #minimal #minalism #geometriccity #geometric #geometry #bnw_focus_on #bnwminimalismmag #bnw_legit #bnw_mood #bnw_greatshots #bnw_demand #bnw_art #bnw_fotografia #awesomebnw #awesome_shots #fineartphotography #streets_storytelling #life_is_street #spi_geometry
One ear up, one ear down. That’s my signature technique. #dogsofnyc #nycdogs #hounddog
💘 loved stumbling upon one of this city's many beautiful murals
Friday was a very stressful day and a quiet night in with Emily was just what I needed. We cooked dinner and watched @freesolofilm (wow) and opened some Antica Terra.  The 2012 Botanica was a gift from @springbreakx & Ingrid and it was delicious. I had never tried that vintage before and it was really great and look at that amazing label! We finished the night with a 2015 Botanica.  Young, but a stellar wine. It was fun drinking a couple of Botanicas. Such a difference between vintages!
#wine #winetasting #winelover #lovewine #ilovewine #wino #redwine #winegeek #winelife #winetime #winesnob #winedown #winenot #wineoftheday #winecellar #wineofthenight  #winelife #winelovers #wineoclock #wein #vino #redwine #instawine #winecellar #wineenthusiast #willamettevalley #willamette #oregonwine #pinotnoir #nyc
Loving a pair of heavy balls on her head! @rebecca_smith_bfit #NewYork #manhattan
황소 만지러 가는길
Fake Awake ™
😂 Resume of the day! 😷
Dearest Grace, Frankie, and 🍷- no one gets me on a Friday night like you do. Love, Kelsi.
FiDi is FooDi!  Joe’s Pizza is NOW OPEN on the corner of Fulton and Nassau!  #fidiisfoodi #joespizzafidi #joespizzanyc #fidifood #fidipizza #fidi #financialdistrictnyc #downiswhatsup
1 year in New York, 10 months with my bff 👯‍♀️ #i❤️ny
I wish I could live in nyc ☹️
light up your world 🌎 @hannamaenyc
This limited edition POAI MID ‘Tres Golpes’ is a made to order only. Available within a preorder window deadline of on or before February 27th (🇩🇴 Independence Day). Limited to 175 pairs in homage to the 175th anniversary of Dominican independence. 
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support future DANF® #nba and #mlb game events for the culture. @theofficialdanf 
Available in US Men's size 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14 and 15.
Tap on the website link in the bio to learn more and order your pair today.
#poai #productofanimmigrant #magnusalpha
Did not find the rest of the T-Birds if u were wondering
02.22.19 || future looking brighter than these AF1s 👌🏻
#nyc #vscocam #nike 
Meta. 🧟‍♂️📽🧬🧿🤘✨🌀
📸 by @austin.amato 💋by @vee_unfiltered @makeupforeverus @makeupforeverofficial
FRIDAY, you’re flirting with meh ( @rickeythompson ‘s voice ) #friyay #ootd #whatimwearing 📸 @afro_diziac
these babies light up my life 💛 #soulsisters
Creating fake curtains for the film
Business per usual 👜
In between meals I like to find a nook on set to curl up in & look as creepy as possible. A hot cup of ginger • turmeric • apple cider • cinnamon • honey helps get through long, cold days. 
#cheflife #privatechef #newyork #coldseason #stayhydrated #staywarm #sillyphoto #friday #fridaymood #tumeric #applecidervinegar #ginger #beverage #coconutwater
If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change 🌹 .
• Polaroid • by @bellezzamoda #Instadaily #Fashion #NewYork #Vacocam #Instagood #STATEmgmt
I see a silhouette....... this picture was taken by...... @m.andrewpascal
the art ™ of doin it to ‘em🤔🤔
@iamthedean is a @doublerl Drip God! Magnanimous in all His splendor!
My “I’m all packed and ready to go to Morocco for a much deserved vacation with my favorite person in the whole entire world” happy dance 🥰✨✈️ P.s. yes my face is a silly sort of concentrated when I’m doing my jellyfish thangs 🥴
Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage? 📸: @spgraphics_
Staying home with snacks
#snacks #cheetos #nomnom
It’s all in the (kinda sloppy) details 🔍 #metallic
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your feet! 👏🦶
Happy Fri-YAY, friends! Tell me one thing you are happy about in the comments below, and then tag a friend who deserves your hand standing (or regular standing) ovation 👇
Total side note: it has taken me a lot of work to get my hands as close together as they are in handstand. Wrists aligned with shoulders is the safest way for your joints. But, taking my hands wider creates a broader base, so it was easier for me. Re-patterning hasn’t been easy, but MORE than worth it to protect my body from injury down the line. .
We are all works in progress. Always. Never stop learning. Never stop refining 😘
Soooo much tired, iz dis friday for mom and dad?
Congratulations to the phenomenal @igeeokafor on the launch of his new men's lifestyle website, Bond Official. 
Featuring incredible style and useful information that every man should know, Bond Official sets a new standard for class and luxury. 
With exceptional articles and captivating photography, Bond Official has quickly become one of my favorite websites and one that I'm sure the audience of @modern.gentlemen will enjoy as well. For more information, visit and check out these accounts for great content from the Bond Official team: 
Style by @institchu and @asket
📸: @grantlegan
 #portraitphotography #photography📷 #photographer #stylish #blackexcellence #mensfashion #nyc #menswear #blackmen #styleblogger #blackmenwithstyle #fashionable #photographers #guyswithstyle #photographylover #nycblogger #newyork #menslook #photography_lovers #gentleman #guystyle #blackstyle #fashionlovers #styleiswhat #menstyle #menwithclass #newyorkstyle #menwithstyle #fashionblogger #newyorker
Good night new york🐻
Check ins 🤘🏻☺️
Made with love*. 🍪. *Or nerves I really can't tell anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #chocolatechipcookies #baking
Making business a bit more lavishly appointed in the 43 Millimeter Manero Peripheral timepiece from @carlfbucherer. 
#CarlFBucherer #Lucerne1888 #ManeroPeripheral 
Photographed by, @grantlegan.
A complete, and finely finished 9-5 business look courtesy of the 43 Millimeter Manero Peripheral timepiece from @carlfbucherer. 
#CarlFBucherer #Lucerne1888 #ManeroPeripheral 
Photographed by, @grantlegan.
"Don't talk to me or my daughter ever again." - @izz.yyyy
Red to the COR // Drop Chair and Scope Sofa by COR
When you have no work to do 🤪 #GodIsGoodToMe #Wahhhh #IHaveThreeMeetingsTomorrow 🙄 #NoComplaints
rare pic of me not wrecking an uber rating
Ok. Kyani Caring Hands vision is;
Through the #KyaniCaringHands Program, #Kyäni brings #hope to people who, without help from people like you, have no way of helping themselves. There are people who are literally #entrapped by poverty. They live day in and day out with no other goal than to keep themselves alive for another day. There is no thought of #education, #career, or even of #improving the life they have. There is no hope.
My struggles of wearing a bag and walking downstairs.. (Werbung)
A well-Read Woman Is A Dangerous Creature 🔑...... #ThURsDAze  #UniFOrM
the snow looked nicer from the 27th floor
🌝Cheers to women out there who..... Don’t speak too much , but leads the most intelligent conversations. The thinkers. The ones who have their coffee, books and music and something deep in their eyes. THAT’S why people stare at them. They have a beautiful soul. They have power and are not afraid to be different. I salute this tribe of women and the men who appreaciates those women 🙌🏻😍🤓👏🏼🙏🏼✨🐝 #beautifulwomen #extraordinarywomen #growingmindsandbooties #vikingdiary #vikingmantra😁
Felt cute...might delete later 🙊
My makeup routine has been pretty much unchanged for years, plus or minus a few products. The main thing I switch up is my lip color, the occasional eye shadow, and I will sometimes add a step if I find a good product. Right now it goes more-or-less like this, in order of use:
1. Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Green by @urbandecaycosmetics
2. Veil Mineral Primer by @hourglasscosmetics
3. Soft Matte Complete Concealer in the shade Vanilla by @narsissist
4. Ultra HD Invisible Cover Liquid Foundation in the shade Y225 by @makeupforeverofficial
5. Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation in the shade 117 by @makeupforeverofficial
6. Hoola Matte Bronzer by @benefitcosmetics
7. Powder Blush in the shade Desire by @narsissist
8. Soft Focus Translucent Setting Powder by @makebeautyofficial
9. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Sex Machine by @narsissist
10. Glossy Lip Tint in the shade Sex Machine @narsissist
Shop all these and more using #liketkit 💁🏼‍♀️
#selfie #makeup #beauty #fashionblog #classicstyle #fashiontrends #hairstyles #lovehair #hairstyle #ltkbeauty #beautyfavorites #beautyessentials #beautyobsessed #intothegloss #lipstick #makeupobsessed #naturalmakeup
Had so much fun with these little beans in FiDi this weekend! Love you both! ❤️ @julietteferraro @nmhout22
Conquering the concrete jungle one cheese at a time 😁🏙
📸: @_niharmakwana_
whatever they say about bulls and prices🤑📈
New home, who dis? 💗🏠 Spending the weekend building furniture with D. Stay tuned...👷🏻‍♂️👷🏻‍♀️ #homedecor #interiors #newyork
The struggle is real... to get everyone and my leg in this shot 😂 (and not slip from all the splashing and fall into the bathtub!!) #YOUHAVETIMEFORYOGA .
For real, though. You can do yoga anywhere, anytime. You can do yoga in the bathroom!!
This is the final day of our challenge with @badyogiofficial . And, it has been so awesome to see all of your yoga: in the kitchen, in your bed, at work, running errands: so much inspiration for fitting yoga into life, thank you!!
It’s not too late to join in on the fun! All you need to do for today, day 10, is: post a pic of you doing yoga in a bathroom (keep it PG unless you want IG to bounce your pic!), and tag me and @badyogiofficial and all of our amazing prize partners, and then you are entered to WIN!!!
@sosrehydrate @truwomen @sproutliving @athletanyc @superfoodshot @previnex @yogisurprise @k.deer @everipe @sunwarriortribe .
Top and jeans : @athleta
Green lights, free croissant for waiting, a “you can have my seat” on a packed train. Notice all of the big little gestures conspiring for you today☕️💕
#happylife #onacloudyday #shortcutstohappy #hyggelig
My shit be raw out the gate, I don’t need another take 🎬
Line addict.
#newyork 🏙
#youhavetimeforyoga but you don’t have time for an injury. .
So, don’t do anything silly. Warm up your body, respect your body, and treat your body with the upmost care.

Your body feels about you how you feel about it. Don’t you want to feel loved, accepted and supported? Well, then: you know what to do.

What’s one thing you can do to love, accept or support your body today? Please share in the comments below 👇💕
NYC has my heart forever🥰💓🙏 Top & Pants from @shopmisslola @misslolaofficial  #lolababe Use my code 'Zaya' for 20% off 💓 Coat from @missyempire #missygirls Eye lens from @ttd_eye in 'Purple' Photo by @tugo116 Hamgiin mundag zuragchin shuu bb😘
What a DOPE time I had on 
@ThePregame_Show_Radio 🙌🏽
Shout out @Karma_Unfiltered @NYC_Finests @Zophier_I @bx_productions and amazing artist @SheRealTalk and some delicious food from @ChiefChef_Biggz 😋 ‼️
🧝🏻‍♀️From my leg day high rep workout . 30 rep hipthrust (with static 10 sec hold on the final rep) Superset with 15 rep elevated body weight hipthrust ! Give it a try and feel the 🔥 Repeat 3 rounds🎠 #gluteactivation #vikingwaffles #vikingworkout #hipthurst #legday
It’s gonna be a good week folks!
Bought a red dress for Valentine’s Day but ending up leaving my apartment like this.. too comfortable. 🧸🥀 my partner in crime & my best friend.
When NYC sewers emit steam making your picture #instagram ready! 💨 #nyc
girl with her own world 🌿
Wearing @asket, @oliverpeoples, @greatsbrand, and made to measure @institchu. 
Photographed by, @grantlegan.
24... it feels the same except I have more experiences to learn & grow from. I’m grateful for what the Lord’s blessed me with in my 24 years, both the good & bad ✨
#24thbirthday #winterfashion #sustainableclothing #renttherunway #thriftedfashion
Every fashion week, I make it a point to design a new set of suits for myself with a suiting brand I enjoy wearing. For the FW19 show season, I designed three new ones with @institchu, and this grey Pinstripe double breasted suit was one of them. 
Styling wise, I wanted to play down the formality the Pinstripe suit is known for so, I included a beanie from @asket for some playful casualty. Very early 2000’s pop. 
Photographed by, @grantlegan.
📷 @lagreekparis 
Mural by @jcbknyc 
#fidimuralsproject #spreadthelove
super saiyan saturdays #WV #bulls
❤️👩🏼‍🍳 @amandabatula #chefnow #cookeinthemaking
just hanging out
Hello and welcome to our beloved studio apartment
❁ Saturday strolls in @marni ❤️ // 📸: @bloggerphotographer ❁ | #HHFOutfits #hautehouseflower
Eye demo I did for private lesson
When your twin is a fitness instructor so you are suddenly their student🤗
my family👩‍👩‍👧‍👦🥰
Love you guys!❤️❤️
I’m rarely this grateful for light leaks 🔆✨
Missed the exit to BSpa whoops
“Contemporary Sophistication” - perhaps, the most spot on way to describe Ingo Wilts’ frame of reference for @boss’ FW19 collection. Read my review now live on BOND OFFICIAL. #BOSSCurated #ThisIsBOSS #BOSSFashionShow
Building content, brb
not wearing black for once so i had to document
ft. mina’s excessive sunglasses collection
welcome 2 my crib
I can’t wait for summer in NYC. Dying to go back.... when it’s warm. 😅 @fsswim
Say my name 3 times like Beetlejuice 🔫🦂🔫 #newyorkstyle #freshfits #mydsilystreet #nyfw #pauseshots
Definitely need to learn to follow my driver’s directions better...
#NYFW @voguemagazine @mrstreetpeeper
✨✨✨PEace IN RaRE FoRM ✨✨✨
Only you can show the world how to love you. 
Open your heart. Be kind. Love 💘

What can you do today to teach everyone else how to love you? Please share in comments 👇

I am GOING to a yoga class. I usually practice at home, but getting away from the kiddos, no matter how much I love them, for an hour, gives me space to regenerate. It doesn’t happen often at all, but when I do it, I create a boundary, and show those around me that I deserve to take time for me.

Happy Friday. Teach the world how to love you 🤗
Imagine me loving you🍒
NYC, the sweetest valentine ❤️
off from work 🙆🏻‍♀️
New city who dis 😉 
Thank you @theo_pilk & @nyclindsey for the amazing profesh photos! (And also letting me third wheel constantly😂)
Tesla is very upset he can’t have his @barkbox until after dinner. @bark 
#barkbox #barkboxday #nycdogs #dynamix
And that's a wrap? They can't stop creating so keep up! To our first shoot 🍻🍻🍻 to many more. 
#Thirdstory #35mm #NYC #moretocome
Yesterday I turned 25 and spent last weekend celebrating with my closest friends and spent my actual birthday doing what I love (eating junk food, walking around New York with my best friend, and napping 😌). 24 was an extremely special year for me because it’s when I figured out what I’m passionate about and started my business, moved into my own apartment, found a job that I truly enjoy, and built a life in a city I never wanted to live in before 😂 (which I absolutely love now). Thanks to everyone who reached out yesterday and made my day even more special 💕 even though I was dreading my birthday 👵🏼 it was an amazing reminder of how lucky I am to have the support system and friends I have in my life 💫
@starheadbody 📐 steep kickflip
After show 💫 Cari makan. Love this part of the city.
Look both ways before stunning. With @notjessfashion #streetstyle #nyfw
Creep into the office that you want, not the cubicle that you have.
without me
can you guess who we are? ;)
Thank you @fntxworld for the fight 🥊
Here’s the main activity we did during our stay in NYC: crossing the street
So thankful for all the birthday love. ❤️💋
Trash Hole™️
Who’s listening to @qveenherby EP5 #BDE while creating looks with the fresh new EP5 Palette? 🍆🍆🍆
Why does posting a photo of myself wearing a “No Fake Orgasms” t-shirt, with a vibrator by my side, make me nervous, while sharing half-naked photos of my body fails to surface the same uneasiness and hesitation?
How come no one bats an eye at male masturbation—a socially-accepted point of conversation that’s almost celebrated by the pervasiveness of jerking-off jokes —but quickly shift their gaze in downward discomfort at the idea of a woman doing the same? Men are granted permission to explore their sexuality from a young age under the forgiving banner of “boys will be boys,” while girls are pressured to relay an image of purity and innocence. Men who masturbate are normal, while women who masturbate are hypersexual, tarnished anomalies. Men get to talk about their orgasms in a bar, at the office, at home, with nearly all their friends, but we can only do so behind closed doors, else we are met with judging glances and misguided double standards.
As a woman, it seems as though I am allowed to be a sexual object for others, so long as I am not sexual myself. If I want to avoid criticism, judgment and shame, I have to keep my sexuality to myself. But here’s the thing: allowing women the space to explore themselves unapologetically only serves to everyone’s benefit.
It was only 3 years after I started having sex that I achieved my first orgasm—by complete accident. Afterwards, I was too embarrassed to try and recreate the event, or to communicate with my partner on how to make it happen. I always scoffed at the idea of masturbation as something that I “didn’t need to do.” That thinking couldn’t have been more misguided—it was only after I gained the confidence to explore myself independently that I stopped faking orgasm, and my sex life became more fulfilling.
Needless to say, I am head over heels in love with @bellesaco and everything they stand for. A by-women-for-women platform which hosts a community for empowering female sexuality, they also make their own sex toys and feminist apparel. This week, they’ll donate 10% of all sales directly to Planned Parenthood! You can use the code VDAYVIBES for free shipping + 15% OFF anything. Link in bio! #ComeForACause 🙏
❤️👋🏼 #hellonewday #newyorknewyork
You know a wise man once said nothin' at all.
I got asked this question almost every day! 
How you go up to those places without been stop by someone? 
During my adventures I like to dress up a little bit to avoid being stop by anyone - Being mentality and emotionally prepared to face anything that comes next.

I’ve been wearing @bombergofficial for a couple weeks already and I got some good complements for their unique design and I personally feel it fits perfectly with my personality - breaking the rules and getting out of my comfortable zone and ready to face any challenge #mydreambombergwatch
Enjoying the spring temperatures even though they fuel my ever present anxiety about climate change.
No 💨 🎥 @jiteeee
Почему нам после 20 лет жизни общество внушает, что надо жениться? Для многих это прям цель номер 1 в жизни, родители вообще повёрнуты на этом, мне всегда говорят «самое главное сейчас жениться» 🙂

Никто не говорит: найди себя, создай бизнес, развивайся в финансовой сфере, иди по карьерной лестнице. Ведь в 22-24 лет мы ещё только закончили универ и где-то подрабатываем, не знаем кем будем работать, не знаем где будем жить, да даже нормальных книжек не читали. 
На вопрос: почему жениться - это цель номер один, мне отвечают все и всегда одинакова: «чтобы в старости не остаться одиноким» 🙂
Но не факт что если я женюсь, в старости не буду одиноким. Так как может до старости мы разойдёмся (как произошло со мной), а может до старости ваша супруга покинет этот мир и что тогда?
Где эти гарантии?

Я считаю и рекомендую мужчине жениться после 28 лет, когда он уже набрался опыта, погулял, рискнул и открыл бизнес, покатался по миру, когда стал уверенным в своих действиях, добился успехов в работе, обучился и тд.

Согласны со мной?
The next time I hear the words salt + ice it better be a dang margarita 🥶❄️🍹|| pic: @johnphilp3 @urbanoutfitters #uoonyou
Registro do passeio de barco em NYC. Passa pro lado, a terceira foto é fantástica.
Those with eyes to see will see your light and be enchanted by it.
Reminiscing about last night when I was youthful and not seamlessing both breakfast and dinner from my bed 😪
Movers and shakers!!!!!! U gotta keep amongst them......... WHATS YOUR VIBES!
just contributing my part to the narcissism epidemic :)
Don’t know if you’ve heard, but I live/work in fidi now. Sometimes ya just have to be a tourist in your own city. 🍎🚕🗽 #nyc #fidi #lol
Actual representation of how happy I am to have @casa_dilla in NY for the weekend ❤️🍑💋
I’m over this weather #tbt bring back the sun🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺!!
2019, you're lookin' good already!! 💙 #newdigs #studiommarchitect
Otw luv ❤️🌪🤞🏼
📷 My favorite photographer 🖤@melblissnyc ▪️She always gets my good side▪️
“Today's look brought to you by my literal obsession with my body 🥀 "
#Insider29: @heylauraheyyy
Put on a shiny dress and brighten people’s day ✨
Hidden gems in Manhattan 🔑 See more on @NYbucketlist
Ok fine, I’ll have one drink. 🍷
“It’s brick out” -new yorkers
Birthday hot pot (that has made me late to my own party!) 🎉
Poco, Boston Terrier (4 y/o), Broad & Wall St., New York, NY • “He’s aggressive. Bites horses.”