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Should I let bygones be bygones?
photos of this building from the front are so common, i decided to take one from this angle.
Things end.But memories last forever!
Team Management
Swipe at your own risk. 🔞
Providing affordable yet comfortable accommodation to its students from outside Lahore has been a hallmark of FCCU.

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Diamonds and the rings are her fantasy
We all are wannabes
Demons in my brain
FCCU has always pioneered new academic programs in its bid to advance knowledge and learning.

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A souvenir is a portal to memories, new and old.
We are live on Google PlayStore with the new FCCU app!

The app makes it easier for you to access key university information and stay updated with the latest FCCU community news. If you have any suggestions on how we can make the app more user friendly, please email us on
Winner winner , paradise dinner.🔪
FCCU is proud of its educational legacy of the last 155 years of academic excellence. 
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#qawali night👌💯
Admissions Open for limited Postgraduate programs for Spring Semester 2019.

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Im the devil’s butterfly 💕👿
Zindagi ka sub sey khoobsourat zamana! Shukria @formanchristiancollege. Tum bholay nahi bohtay. #formanites batch 2016-18, batch number 154
I haven't even graduated and this picture already feels nostalgic.
Be the demon and ruin his life :p
Stars can't shine without darkness💥💥
I've seen the Bottom now I am ready for the Top🔥
بھائی لوگ۔♠️
December 16, 2014
Pakistan witnessed some really vicious attacks in the name of terrorism, but among them all APS Attack was the most brutal and vociferous for us as humans,specifically from Peshawar. The blow was such a huge that left each one of us in tears n terror for quite long time.Its been quite few years, although all of us have moved on with our lives, but this one day makes us remember this heinous act in which 137 students and 6 faculty members including Principal of APS, have embraced Martyrdom, yet a very very painful one. 
Rest in peace up in the Heavens.🥀
Jumma Mubarak 💜
I swear wasn't posing!! #FDS #debates
Gang Gang!!!!!🏀
Tera yakeeen kyn 
meny kia nahi 
Tjhsy raha kyn judaaa 🔥
ROXEN at FC College Lahore. Official footage coming soon #roxen #mustafazahid #haiderhalim #shahankhan
وہ چال ایسی چل گیا
ہم بجھ گۓ دل جل گیا♥
Very much lecture face!
Thank you FC College for absolute fire !! We are in ur cafe now, come have some food while we click pictures with your brilliant @formanmusicsociety
Congratulations Gold medalist ♡ You've done it well. May you get many more in your life and may Allahﷻ bless you with more success!
 #goldmedalistinPhysics #love #sisterlove
FCCU Commencement 2018 🎓
#Graduation #Batch2018
Hello @vogue this is my application to model for your magazine, please contact my agent, photographer, manager and hype man @rameezay 
#farewell #goodriddance #lahore #pakistan
Self - confidence is the best outfit.
Rock it and own it.
The seminar day by @geeks_media !!
Falling down is how we Grow.
Staying down is how we Die!!
PC @shahroz.amin
~I'm not the same person,I once was🔱
Thank you FC 🎶
@haroon._90 ❤❤
BBC Homies🏀🏀
ہر بات جانتے ہوئے، دل مانتا نہ تھا
ہم جانے اعتبار کے کس مرحلے میں تھے۔
آفتوں کا پتا تو ہماری نزاکتوں سے پوچھ 
ہم بازی کھیلتے ہیں صرف جیتنے کے لئے😎
~So, Let's Get To The Point. Let's Roll Another Joint~ ❌
Behind the lens:@_salman__malik ❤️
I'm bad at captions. 
#october🍁 #winteriscoming
-//Making mistakes is better than faking perfections//- 💸
#ekachidost 💋
If you don't go after it you'll never have it!! #ballislife #basketball
Post-BIRTHDAY celebration (more like surprise attack)....
Thenks frens... I enjoyed a lottt (JK it was terrible)
~یار انمول
Finally 😇
#fccu #1stday #college #blessed #formanite 💯💯
Guddu bhaii😘😘
No caption can describe my experience, my feelings!
Wonder Walk.
I'm more than you'll ever know

Credits @hamzasherwani and @abdulrehman_ejaz
This is my autobiography....
This is my whole life.

Thanks @hamzasherwani for this beautiful day.
Life Ahead!
Another Stride towards Destination Accomplished today.

I just wanna seize every single moment which i could cheerish later in my life.

Let's see what fortune has to offer Next🤘
جسکی آنکھوں میں اس قدر نور ہے,
اس کی یاد میں رونا بھی منظور ہے
بے وفا بھی نہیں کہہ سکتے اسے,
پیار ہم نے کیا ہے اسکا کیا قصور ہے۔
The world was on fire, no one could save me but you//
@chrisisaak #wickedgames
اوہ گھر برباد ہوئے سارے 
جیہرے گھر عشق نے ملے
"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard". Farewell'18 #formanites #22seriesformanites #myfccu #brothers
Fcc last day. ❤️
#fcc #fccu #lastdayofcollege
Fame, money, or power does not motivate me. It does not bring happiness in the end. The only thing which drives me is self-satisfaction, self-validation.
gamezz hain!!
#Spring fiesta #crowd❤️ #moves👌🏻
Cheers to the successful end of the first edition of Magna
I heartily thank every single one of you for tolerating me 😂❤
@shaheer_rizwan (Director Socials)
@mohibsultan (Fashion Head)
@musa.dean (Music Head)
@mohibrao (Asst. Director Socials)
@aly_mujtaba (Asst. Event Head)
@rehan_allaudin ( Dance Choreographer) -Team Dance
-Team Music
-Team Fashion
-The Volunteers 
I seriously want to name every single one of you, you guys did an amazing job ❤
Thank you guys for all your love, respect and pure efforts making "The Socials" such a success.. Best Team Ever ❤✌ And yes every single council member(some of them are so close to my heart) ❤

I will miss every single bit of this 4 month journey 
Co-Director Socials,
Arooj Saleem Khan
Signing off ✌😊
About MAGNA'18 !
#magnafccu #reachingglory
- ‏ایک ذرا سا جو میں کبھی ہنس دوں
غم بھی کہتے ہیں " لاجواب ہے تو..
Random performance🔥
Yeh Zamna Jalta Ha Humse Ham or Jalye Gai.....
Hamrey Pehle bhi dushman thai Ham or bhi bnaey Gai 💯❌
The logo says it all about glory and greatness. Presenting to you the Human Logo for FCCU’s biggest and the most enthralling 4 day event MAGNA'18. It is mega for you to witness 💯🔥
#reachingglory #Magna #fccu
Admissions open for Baccalaureate (Hons) and PharmD programs for Spring 2018. Apply now before applications close on 15 December 2017.  Application link in bio.

#AdmissionsOpen #InspiringMinds #MYFCCU #University #FCCUSocial
Graduated! Alhamdullilah. 
Certificate of Leadership
Certificate of Appreciation
Certificate of Merit in Sports
Co-curricular Award

Not the brightest of students, but cannot be more proud of what I managed to attain over the course of 4 years at FC College. President Forman Sports Society 2015-16. Pioneer Forman Cricket Sixes and 7-a-side Football Championship. Organized the first ever floodlights football match (FC vs LUMS) on campus at the Sports Gala in 2015. Represented FC College in Intervarsity Tennis Championships. 
Here's to bringing the curtain down on my time at FC College - 2010-12 & 2013-17. Laughs and tears, countless memories through all these years! 🎓
This week at FCCU in highlights. 
Apply now to be a part of the FCCU experience.

Admissions Open for Baccalaureate (Hons), application link is available in bio. 
#AdmissionsOpen #InspiringMinds #MYFCCU #University #FCCUSocial
About today!
Heaven on earth 💜
Last Signature tO College#Fcc.  Credits:s4m_46
After all, it's the face, a weapon that a mind often uses to deceive others of its kind.
Official mascot for the 2017 Intramural Cricket Championship final match between Aurangzeb House & Jehangir House. Honoured! 😎🔥
Without a Goal you can't Score. #ballislife @ash_gill04
I dont wanna be a cool person
I just want to live ma life and be a man
مقام حیرت کی بات ہے نہ ؟😑
ایک لڑکا , بھری جوانی میں اداس رہتا ہے😭😍
You are a Chemical,You change Your Colours Regularly😏
Every Moment Will Be An Illusion🙃
Don't by Ed Sheeran, girl borrowed a guitar and gave it to me and requested this little did she know how fire I rap... #dont #edsheeran
Admissions open now for Baccalaureate and Pharm D program
Apply Now!
To volunteer for a video testimonial kindly visit us at our office in Ahmed Saeed Building Building Room 217 or send us an email at
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Sher ki yeh dhaar lagga sake na koi! Jako rakhe saiyaan maar sake na koi... #MARLBROS #FPL 👏💪🏆
Asim chose FCCU for it's unique and rich history of 153 years.

To volunteer for photo/video testimonials, please visit Communications Office, Room # 217, Ahmad Saaed Administration Building or email at

#IChooseFCCU #MYFCCU #University #FCCUSocial
کانٹوں پہ چلے ہیں تو کہیں پھول کھلے ہیں
پھولوں سے ملے ہیں تو بڑی چوٹ لگی ہے 😍
And then it all ended. 
#formun #formanchristiancollege #formunv
"Encouragement of higher education for our youth is critical to the success of our collective future."
-Charles B. Rangel
- Perks of being Director Media! 
Forman Music Society. 🎶

Ali Azmat Concert '16. 
2K+ crowd at the back. Kudos to this success! 🙌

Photo Courtesy: @aniljosephphotography
The focused turtle 😍✌
Fc mn badmashi dikha raha tha 😂
Noukhaiz Joseph, President of the Forman Music Society at FCCU, strikes a balance between his studies and his passion for music.
The School of Management of Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), hosted Falling Walls Lab 2016, a conference on future breakthroughs in science and society on its campus. The conference brought together innovators and entrepreneurs from all fields to present ideas, research projects and social initiatives.
FCCU’s diverse community and academic facilities provide Bilal the perfect complement to his studies in Environmental Sciences and equip him with the skills he needs to prepare for his career.