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Fort Griswold Battlefield

Instagram photos and videos at Fort Griswold Battlefield

Fort Griswold adventure about a month ago
In the trenches at the Fort Griswold Battlefield!
Took my doggo for walk this evening. It was beautiful.
El enfoque visual es mas que una simple foto...
When you come all the way to Griswold to draw against a school 11x smaller than you... thanks to all of the die hard pios who came and supported this hard fought result. cheers to more to come 🍾🍺🍷 @university_of_oregonducks
Connecticut!! Well, we were able to find one spot that's fairly significant historically. Fort Griswold in Groton, CT. It was very near the end of the war, but Benedict Arnold led the attack for the British. I told the kids it was named after Clark Griswold and his family, Ellen, Audrey, and Rusty.

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Summer work outting to Fort Griswold🇺🇸 #fortgriswold
Fort Griswold ❤️🙏🏽
I walked up 166 steps just to take this dang picture 🧗🏻‍♀️
Battle of Groton Heights Remembrance. #sarhistory
Today my his and I went to the ceremony for the #remembrance of the #battleofgrotonheights on September 6th, 1781. #fortgriswold #captsamuelallyn #neverforget #americanrevolutionarywar
Rain cloud over Fort Griswold Battlefield
I love this picture so much 😍 I love you @mooseandshit #husband #truelove #iloveyou #bestfriend
I love when they cover their faces with their paws. Too cute! This is why we call him Mush. He just loves to be near you and melts when you pick him up or cuddle with him. If you don’t have pets then let me quickly explain that parents name their kids only to turn Around and give them a nickname usually based on personality or physical appearance...well same goes for pets! All mine have nicknames. And they answer to them so don’t give me that bullshit that cats don’t answer to their names! That’s just a dumb statement. Maybe your cats are as bright as you are if you’re making statements like that and that’s why they don’t answer to their names. Mine answer to their names and nicknames! Obviously super advanced intellectually like their dad no doubt. Good day.
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The monument at Fort Griswold. 166 steps up!!!
First Griswold, Groton, Connecticut. Built in 1775 to defend the Thames River and port against the British during the Revolutionary War. The port was a safe harbor to privateers and important to the supply line for the Americans. The fort was also used to defend New London. In 1781 Benedict Arnold burned the town. He was able to avoid the defenses because of his knowledge of the fort. The British took the fort and killed the Commander after he surrendered with his own sword. The fort was rebuilt and used in the war of 1812 then refitted for the Civil War. The fort was last used during the Spanish American War.
Oldest Revolutionary War fort and memorial in the US. #revolutionarywar
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Sat night fireworks ❤
Took a lil walking tour of Fort Griswold after dinner tonight.  Winnie got to ride a cannon. #winnielou2014 
The camera never really captures the true beauty of the moment. There is so much depth we capture with our eyes that the screen will never show. Be sure to spend more time away from the screen than you do in front of it. Life happens when you join in on the activities and enjoy the moments you’ve been given. #thoughts #fortgriswold #monument #sunset #ct #beautifulct #groton #enjoylife
The rolling hills of Groton
Monument views 🛳
That tunnel was really tight and really dark, and I went strolling in with sunglasses on. #fortgriswold #fortgriswoldbattlefieldstatepark #grotonct
Hope has her balloon back and she is thrilled! It’s the funniest thing to see a cat just carrying a balloon around the house in her mouth like a child would in its hand! She’s not a normal cat and that’s totally okay with us! #adoptapetsavealife #cutekittens #adoptdontshop #rescuecat #fluffykitty #greycats #catsofinstagram #hope #sherunsthejoint #bigsister
Getting Outside 🇺🇸❤️
In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place, and in the sky,
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
I found the love of my life but we never have to stop exploring the world together ♥️ @ggaaabrielle

#truelove #bestfriend #letsexplore #connecticut
Confession: I deal with anxiety and I run (metaphorically and literally) when I become overwhelmed. I found this place most recently when running from my own thoughts. Anxiety is not my crutch, I do my best to make a positive action any time I go through those ill feelings. Stay the course and remember that life wants you to succeed. #groton #run #getoutthere #explore
Hope is pretty random at times. Of all the places she could lay and she chooses the Walmart bag. I mean really! I have a perfectly fine lap. #catsofinstagram #rescuecatsrock #adoptapetsavealife #Hope #Otis&Lucy
who's ready for memorial day weekend!?
Another great sunset the other night
Hope attacking her bag of treats. She takes them off the shelf and puts the bag in her mouth, runs it upstairs, and hides it under the bed. And NO LIE, will take it out and sometimes bring it down to you and cry for you to give her one. I didn’t get her bringing it upstairs this time but still pretty funny.
The first two pics our hope looking at me to say dad I want to come up on your shoulder and the second pick is her making her week. Still one of her favorite places to be I can literally do all my normal activities and she will lay on my shoulder the whole time.
The #bullyroll #bullterrier #bullterriersofinstagram Chica and me time her brother Ozzie already had two walks today 😀❤️🐶🐶
Looking good at age 11! #bullterrier #bullterriersofinstagram
Took a break from running around at the trail I talked about a week ago (which was fun but running 3.5 miles everyday for the last week on a very rocky trail  with a ton of hills basically felt like I demolished my right hip and ankle...its dumb i know to run that much on terrain like not a running pro, I just wanted to see if I could do it ha 🤦🤷) Today I had a nice relaxing 2 mile run followed by a 3 mile walk around our neighborhood! Part of that 3 mile walk include walking around this fort, it was pretty cool. 
It felt SO MUCH BETTER to run on a flatter surface lol
lunch walks
Very interesting place. Nice walk around the Fort, Good history and great views of the river.  We can use our phone for the self guided tour. Admission is free. ☁️
Lugar muy interesante. Bonito paseo por el fuerte, buena historia y excelentes vistas del río. Podemos usar nuestro teléfono para la visita autoguiada. La admisión es gratis. #gps_on
Momma bear’s new wallet. Love you chica!
Fort Griswold
My #view right now. #nofilter #connecticut #sunset
Time to get high and play fortnite!

"When I look up at the clouds I see so many animals. Mostly sheep who have lost their limbs and heads"
and therein lies that which lies therin
“Hey! My booties don’t match??” 2 degrees F. #dogsofinstagram #dogs #itscoldoutside #grotonct
The Battle Of Groton Heights happened here on September 6, 1781 during the American Revolutionary War. #GrotonCT #fortgriswold #history #fortgriswoldbattlefieldstatepark #revolutionarywar
1st snowfall of the season! 
Evening run around Groton. I took a detour to run around the earthworks of Fort Griswold and didn't realize there were further gun emplacements, trenches, and earthworks down the hill. Had the whole fort to myself. #Running #Connecticut #Groton #brooksrunning #garmin #garminfenix3 #fenix3 #RevolutionaryWar #FortGriswold
"They don't play no more, probably" - Andre 3000, Kids (don't you know all this sh*t is fantasy). Heading home toward the end of the month. I don't expect this kind of weather but do hope to have this find of fun.
#smilemore #sledding #winterwonderland
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Cloudy fall day
There's a Renee in there
166 steps to the top
@christinekierpaul : model
@cocodreambyrosie : body painting/costume
Photography by: Heaven's Creations
@glamatixs : hair/makeup

STRENGTH... WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE YOU CAN DO BUT FIGHT.. Push through and fight hard.. #breastcancersurvivor#Innerstrength 
Till Pink is Just A Color!!
Benedict Arnold defeats Connecticut militia, September 6, 1781
I can't help myself... sometimes I'm a fucking fool. ..lmao 😂😂😂. @packin_ash
#bodypainter #makeupartist #tunnel #battlefied #actingsilly #photoshoot #shannanigans
More shots Frome the #3drsolo #drone at #Griswold_battle_ground
some clips of #Griswold_battle_ground with the #3drsolo #drone
Fort Griswold Memorial in Groton, CT
Walked 8 miles and crossed a river to find it.
Stumbled across this on my travels yesterday
Fort Griswold was the site of Benedict Arnold's final battle of the Revolutionary War, known as the Battle of Groton Heights, where he commanded a British raiding party that massacred the Continental Army soldiers stationed here. #history #revolutionarywar #america #military
There's history all around you. It's up to you to find it.
God Bless America! 🇺🇸
166 steps to the top!
The fort!