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Fort Pierce, Florida

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call it boat day, so lemme drive the boat
Life is better in a bikini💜👙
all the good comes in waves🌊
post grad update
It was good to finally race these fools again, seeya next time
Manatee watching🔭
Made a statement, beat Ethan 🏆🏊🏽‍♂️ #imupnext
never wanna leave
missed my izzy rich
In the trenches with the 🦈’s I ain’t have a heart💕
My happy place💙☀️
vamos a la playaaa🏖
I graduated, “no cap” #co2019 🎓
It was a easy decision......Be who we needed when we were younger 🔑
Memorial weekend off to a good start
“We do right because it’s right to do right”🧡🖤 7 years at LPA and I think I may miss it just a lil bit 🥺 but also glad that these stressful years are behind us now #ibdone 💙
Make sure you go to to register for my Youth Skills Camp. 
Ages 9-17
June 22, 2019
8:00am check in 
9am-1pm camp time! 
taytay we’re not in Long Beach anymore
sunshine state🌴🌞
Much love for all you❤️! On to bigger and better things!🍢
graduated high school with a 5.12 GPA and certifications in nursing's assistant, medical administrative assistant, and cpr!! cords for national honor society, high honors, acceleration, nursing, and allied health👩🏼‍🎓 RU ready Rutgers??😉
2 days. new EP. I think this is the one