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Fort Trumbull, Connecticut

Instagram photos and videos at Fort Trumbull, Connecticut

Mystical Orchid💜

I haven't had much time to create lately, so it felt good to get back to it.  Here's my latest creation!!! Amythest with a gold filled chain.  Will be available in my etsy shop soon!

Stay Magical🦄
Throwback to June of last year.
A picture tells a thousand words
Running away from the impending doom of winter 🏃🏻‍♀️
Of all the blessings for which I call myself thankful, you top the list. When it's 22 degrees outside and we decide to take a waterfront walk in the freezing wind (disclaimer: not the usual hairstyle) you warm me right up. Counting my blessings today and every day with you, @brooookepitts
GANG GANG! #tanartuesday
Fort Trumbull is a fort near the mouth of the Thames River on Long Island Sound in New London, Connecticut and named for Governor Jonathan Trumbull. The original fort was built in 1777, but the present fortification was built between 1839 and 1852. The site lies adjacent to the Coast Guard Station New London and is managed as the 16-acre Fort Trumbull State Park by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
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The British are Coming.
Just a girl and her ball 🎾
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
We climbed to the top of the fort.
Another pic from last weekend, overlooking the USS Lassen from atop Fort Trumbull.
Never caught a sea robin before... looks like a catfish, bat and lobster had a threesome hahaha
Happy Labor Day Weekend! Enjoying the end of the summer season (and this @citizenciderboston ) while Chris does all of the hard work and plays a concert in the summer heat 🌞 #summerpicnic #labordayweekend #ciderseason #heplaysshires
Winter is coming.
bad company
Morning 10 miler around Fort Trumble.
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As I was taking this photo yesterday, a groundhog came barreling through the wildflowers and severely startled me. The groundhog was probably pretending to be the British in the War of 1812, launching a surprise attack from land (see, I read the stuff in the Fort Trumbull Visitor Center.) #latergram #forttrumbull #wildflowers
Instantly regretted going outside to take our walk today(so HOT) but getting to watch Ned get so excited seeing the tug boats guide a container ship up the river made it worth it! #littlemoments #happybaby #sweatingourfacesoff
Sailfest 2018! #sailfest
#NewLondon views
Even at the park I can't escape the shipyard.
Fort Trumbull x New London, CT
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Outdoor Boxing!
Weather Permitting;
Saturdays Boxing Classes will be held at Fort Trumbull, NL
10am Adult Coed
11am Youth Coed
See you there!!!!!!
Congratulations to Standley and marjorie pronouncing husband and wife. May god bless you too with many more years I love guys and stay bless
‘ Woulda gave you everything 🤷🏽‍♀️🌸
Gorgeous day for a walk!🌞
A little bit of history here in Connecticut
Who knew CT had stuff to see?
Early morning ride before I get my day started 6 miles so far
The Friends of Fort Trumbull State Park will welcome Stephen Wood- a man of curiosity, courage and caring. Mr. Wood is the creator of a project originally called Museum Quest. Join them for this free event on Thursday, May 31st at 7:00 pm. #TRHP
Pawsox Game and Ferry Ride!
Sometimes being alone is the best medicine.
Today we said goodbye to 5 of our 🐻 🏀 players. Have fun sailing the Caribbean 1/c Martinelli, 3/c Farabaugh, 3/c O’Brien, 3/c Farrington and 3/c Everson. #gocgabears #legacy #family
He likes humping other dogs in the face now but he's still such a good boy! 
PC: @britney_curtis
Favorite baby purchase yet! Just smoothly handled a two mile run with my buddy in our gently used BOB jogging stroller! Love that I can bring Ned along with me now 😍 #fitfamily #healthymommahealthybaby #buyused #secondhandscore #familiesthatjogtogether
I spent 20 minutes tying to think of a caption this. Then I gave up.
Welcome to ‘Ground Zero’ for one of the most tragic events in American judicial history, as chronicled in the new feature film ‘Little Pink House.’ This is (or rather was) the Fort Trumbull neighborhood of New London, CT, where less than 20 years ago Susette Kelo and over 70 neighbors lived quiet happy lives. This barren landscape was a bustling working-class neighborhood where kids rode their bikes to school, and nobody locked their doors, and where Susette Kelo planned to spend the rest of her days in her Little Pink House along water’s edge. But city official had other ideas and wanted the land for upscale shops and condos and a new Viagra factory for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Using the naked brute force of ‘eminent domain’ the city claimed ownership. For many years the 91-acre parcel was overrun with weeds and feral cats, but today not even they remain. Indeed it looks like a bomb had destroyed  the neighborhood. The only surviving structure, tucked away in the northeast corner, is the IDC (Italian Dramatic Club)— a men’s-only social club for the well-heeled and politically connected. Well actually there is one other structure-- a wooden sign that advertises, in the cruelest of ironies, ‘Development Opportunities Available.’
Bronze men load an iron cannon
Clip from yesterday's drill. Cleaning out the off-season rust!
#revwar #drill #54thregtoffoot
Snapped this pic of Fort Trumbull earlier today while visiting for the Spring Drill.
America the beautiful!!!
3️⃣ today ♥️
I meant to post these like 2 weeks ago but I obviously forgot
What a nice day  for a run
Fort @ New London, CT USA
New London, CT USA
Christmas Eve run view🎄#runnergirl #newlondonct
Good day to be on the water💦
I like long walks on the beach, big splits, and fried chicken. 
I hope everyone is ready to have a fun, safe, and ooky spooky #Halloweenie!
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My tour of New London included a stop at Fort Trumbull. My excellent guide @johnnakaplan tells me it features in a story by Mark Twain called "A Curious Experience." Also, she has a gorgeous Instagram account you should visit immediately. Hurry!
#literaryplaces #newlondon
Fire Hydrent vs. Archie
October moonrise
Starting to look like October 🌅

Yesterday I was inside hourrrrsss typing/ reading infront of a computer.

When the time came, I was like a little  kid hearing the recess bell ring, ready to get outside.

Between working and dealing with the pulls of technology, sun soaked places like this are 👌
Walking Sage before PatsVsPanther Game
ferry horn in the mist of yesterday #boatwatchingchannel
At the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival with my Shipmates.From left to right GSE2 Ellowitz @plum_stupid , DC2 Campbell @sonu_beeches and DC3 Johnson @tjohndagreat. I really had fun with you guys.
Summer's fading fast...another one in the books though🙏🏾#newlondonct #connecticut #connecticutgram #coastalconnecticut
#usnavy #navy #destroyer #usscole #rememberthecole #tincansailors #newlondonct #grotonct #thedayct Crew on the U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) haul dock lines as the ship prepares to depart pier 7 at Fort Trumbull State Park in New London, Conn., Monday, September 11, 2017. The Cole was in the city through the weekend for the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival. (Sean D. Elliot/The Day)
Visiting the 3rd system Fort at Fort Trumbull. And supervising  loading a 32pounder #travelingoozlefinch #Connecticut
I don't know how to pose so... enjoy :))))
Maritime heritage festival
Phalanx CIWS is an anti ship missile defense system that shoots a 20mm rounds at a rate of 3000 rounds per minute (50 rounds per second). #ciws #20mm #antishipmissiledefense #navy #usscole
Today I got to visit the USS Cole. A highly reputable and respected destroyer.
When the sun goes down, a drink must be found.
USS Cole
USS Cole🇺🇸
Ready to board the USS Cole and celebrate her crew in New London tonight 🇺🇸😄#CT #usnavy #thankful #sailors
Shotguns are easy to hold, harder to shoot #usscole #mossberg500 #shotguns #saturdayfunday
Ran into this guy during our port visit to Connecticut. Glad to be able to catch up with an old friend and show him around the ship.
You grin, I grin.
🦊Con la Muñe! ☺️ #puppies #dock
Moored up next to the USS COLE in NLC.
New London, CT #maritimeheritagefestival
Can you see those metal plates on the dock lines? They're rat traps. #usscole #Thamesriverwatertaxi #newenglandshoreline #newlondon
The sublime majesty of raw power. Also: a fort and a boat.#theinstagreyhound
Welcome USS Cole!!!!
#Rasti enjoying first time outdoors. ❤️💛💚
Our Labor Day weekend trip to Fort Trumbull was steeped in rich history and scenic views.

Not only did the fort overlook the entire harbor ⛵. It is also complies with modern 🔥 saftey codes thanks to the new fire hydrant installation.
-Alan #2BT
Minus @shmaislinn
First stop on this rainy coastal New England road trip: Fort Trumbull, a legit fort from the American Revolution. A little terrified of the weather cooling down, but feeling the changing colors. #🍁 #cannonball
After a long week... much deserved break. Sipping some @the_macallan paired with a #romeoandjulietcigar ... cool breeze... and sound of the ocean 🌊... equals awesome
Watch out Putin, Winston is in charge now.
I got some pretty good feedback from my last blog post from a couple of weeks ago so I figure I'd do another! Check out these two lovebirds on my blog! The temporary link is in my profile! 😘😘
Flounder on boat
Got caught in the rain ☔️ #dateday
Sunset 🌅 tours NLCT
Father daughter fishing trip! We were on the road bright and early🚘We stopped at a local Bait & Tackle and picked up some fresh squid and clams for bait.🐡🐟🦐🦀🦑I haven't had a fishing trip in YEARS. I had my grandpa's old fishing gear with me😌 He was definitely with me out there giving me tips from the heavens...🌥I have more experience with freshwater fishing, but saltwater fishing was a whole different experience! We had soooo much fun. We met some great people on the water as well. The fish were definitely biting! Right there I have a Sea Robin (aka flying fish) on my line. When you see them in the water, it looks like they are flying! Such an amazing experience! We will back in two weeks for more!☀️ #fishing #fishing #family #fatherdaughter #connecticut #newlondonct #saltwaterfishing #longislandsound #flyingfish #searobin #sundayfunday
your life is always under construction. You never stop growing even when you thought you've already had enough
"It's okay to feel like a beginner.

More importantly, it's okay to fail. 
It's okay to not know how to do something; the key is to unafraid to do it in the first place. 
Life is about mastering the art of winging it and still managing to come out on top more often than not."
-G. Boston
Today #ontheblog, Curtis shares about what we learned from visiting the forts in the area. This one is Fort Trumbull, which was built in the Egyptian Revival style!

#savingtimeinabottle #newengland #upperrightusa #connecticut
Evan looking over the coast guard station at the half-built submarine perched outside of Electric Boat on the Thames River. #forttrumbull #newlondonct @ctvisit
#NoFilter on this one. Yep, even on a grey day, you'll have a blast on a #Segwaytour!
Being adorable... like always #loveyou #sister #wearebtsfirstgiveaway #wearebtsgiveaway Yoongi and USA
Pssssst! #date tip: #SegwayTour! Enjoy this great weather – the gliding is fine :-)
Gorgeous this morning at Fort Trumbull! We were out on #Segway #PTs - where were you??? #springinct @ctvisit @ctlifestyles @ctlove1 @thedayct
Built to stand the test of time
Grizzly at Fort Trumbell in New London. #historicfort #fort #dogsofinstagram
Cloudy in Connecticut