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Super proud of this woman and her inspiring work ethic.  After working an entire day yesterday, she took it upon herself to go report on the devastating tornados in Missouri late last night.  She has worked through the night, all day today and is still there for her regularly scheduled news casts.  Oh... and she was on @foxnews today with @danaperino (no big deal....) .

Proud of you @ashleystrohmiertv  big things in your future. .

#foxnews #media #motivation #abc #news #newsanchor #abcnews #nyc #legionofboom #goals #journalist #anchorlady 😝
Self proclaimed queen of the quiz show....that’s his nickname👑👑👑#foxnews #foxnation
Orange you glad @bubbawallace has this great paint scheme for the #CocaCola600 and the start of #NASCARSalutes? 😃 #NASCAR
Hard to overstate how much I appreciate @danaperino 😍
In case you missed this morning’s @foxandfriends Commencement Address...enjoy!

Entire 5-minute speech here 👉…
Gimme a good ponytail any day of the week and I’m happy.  I’m also happy if you give me pizza.  TGIF! 💜
This is proper baseball attire, right?! 🤣
Several people asked about my dress on @thefivefnc tonight, it is @badgleymischka ! I love how the red popped on the set ❤️ @foxnews
My biggest fan!!! ☺️👀📺💛
Quite the setup for today’s show! Nifty Fifties, from the Philly area, came to NYC for our entire show!  I went here ALL THE TIME as a kid for the mint choc chip milkshakes 😲 shout out to Grant & the blvd! 🤣
An old but very telling tweet from the owners of Fox News! And it's still up!!!! #RupertMurdoch
Want to thank you guys for making #UNPC a success—truly, it’s doing very well and that’s thanks to you! One of our best shows with @claytravisoutkick on today. Great topics and noticeable bump in energy. Helps that he’s my good friend. All you @foxsports & @outkickthecoverage fans, I’ll return the favor soon and come back on his show. New show out today at 6:30 pm on @foxnation. #FoxNews #BTS #NewYork
Photographer extraordinaire @rob__schmitt took this pic 👌
You make fun of pant suits, or the ones Hillary wears, then you put on a pair of high-waisted and feel like Clark Griswold hosting a family vacation. Great week in NYC this week. Watch our show #UNPC. Grateful to have the beautiful Fox Business hosts ask me on for their primetime coverage this week. On Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream Tonight in DC! #FoxNews #FoxNation
Fun morning on @foxandfriends with their live studio audience! 📺
Folks are about to be SLAYED. 🔥 @foxandfriends @foxnews #RestAssuredIAmNotTheOne
Look forward to telling MY SIDE of the story this morning on @foxandfriends at 7:30AM (EST)! 🇺🇸 #AMustWatch #NoHoldsBarred #TheRealStory #Truth
Thanks for joining us early this morning, see ya back here tomorrow at 4am. 👌
Fox is better with friends. Thanks @foxandfriends @aearhardt @kilmeade & Steve (can’t find your IG!) for having us on to chat. #UNPC @foxnation #foxnews
I don’t wake up like this. 🤷‍♀️
18 year old me freaked out this morning in the @foxnews Greenroom. Thank you @nicklachey for being so kind and letting me take a #selfie
#latergram yesterday was my first official day as a @foxnews contributor. And I actually almost got through an entire TelePrompter reading without screwing up! Almost. Thank you to my amazing friends at Fox for their support and encouragement!
It’s been real @todd.piro - @rob__schmitt is back tomorrow so my social media will go back to being “normal” 🤣
Dr. Saphier tells me I don’t have to worry about “selfie wrist” 😜 #dinner @thefivefnc @foxnews
Great starting off the week on @foxandfriends & @varneyco! 📺🇺🇸