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Fox is better with friends. Thanks @foxandfriends @aearhardt @kilmeade & Steve (can’t find your IG!) for having us on to chat. #UNPC @foxnation #foxnews
@realgreggutfeld is the #QuizShow Champ! He can’t wait to share the good news! #TheFive
The Five is being put to the test. Who will get the most questions right? Play along in the comments #TheFive
THE BEST.  I work with the best.  I’m so lucky 🖤
First day of work in life?
Sorta unreal.
Excited to officially join the FOX fam producing documentaries & specials!🎥🤗🤗 #newchapter
My Dad gave a lecture at Dartmouth college about Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall” and our border crisis today. He was met with students screaming, “Go home! You’re a racist!” This tactic by the far Left is used to intimidate not just speakers, but the conservative students on campus, socially isolating them and signaling to them that they cannot agree even in any part with said speaker or they will be harassed as well. The only way to solve this issue is from the ground up-- conservative students can't be intimidated anymore.
So while we’re all still talking about the #JussieSmollett situation and Hollywood double standards - I wanted to point out another double standard on Blackface. It seems like we still have our two VA elected #Democrat officials who are getting away with it - but also celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel, etc who never have to own up to it.

If this all sounds familiar to you, think about all the celebrities that spread the #JussieSmollettHoax and will never have to answer to or own up to what they’ve done.

Same story, different scandal.
Happy Presidents’ Day America! Thank you for joining me tonight 🇺🇸
Thank you to everyone who joined me on @outnumberedfnc and then on #bullsandbears on @foxbusiness I’m a lucky gal!
I made my first appearance on @foxnation to join the Deep Dive panel, where my boy @lawrencebjones3 moderated a discussion about the blackface AND sexual assault scandals plaguing the Democrats in Virginia right now!

I appreciated the chance to really dig into a fairly substantial discussion, something that doesn’t always happen when doing these kinds of shows. Not pictured: the VERY intelligent liberal analyst Jessica Tarlov (now I know why she’s such a big deal) and former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich.

A good conversation all around, and I should have some video to share soon!
Watters' World is LIVE. Don't miss what is bound to be a phenomenal episode. Tune in to @foxnews NOW! #WattersWorld
#newyork lost out on a BIG #opportunity when #amazon said #byebye & took their 25k high paying #jobs along with it! Discussed on Fox & Friends
Got to start my day with donut sticks (!) and hang with the office mate I never see, @jillianbmele 😍 what more can a girl ask for?!
Working dark & early on this #friday! Rise and shine y’all!
My office mate @jacquiheinrich joined us on @foxfriendsfirst today! 👏 follow her! (Ps- it’s wear your black belt Friday🖤)
The Left can't handle civil debate, so they resort to shouting and shutting down any speech they don't agree with. That's called fascism.
Check out our Valentines from #Fastest7 ! Happy Valentine’s Day!❤️ #TheFive
We are celebrating #ValentinesDay on #TheFive ❤️❤️
Before the show... 📺 (📸 @sarahffreeman )
Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤️😍 It’s ok to eat @dunkin and @baskinrobbins for breakfast right?? I thought so... 🍩🍦 @foxfriendsfirst
Catfish and spaghetti is the key to my heart. LOL. Some of my fondest moments growing up were going to my grandparents house on the south side of Chicago where they made catfish and spaghetti. To this day this is my favorite dish. I was honored to be able to take my Godmom on live national television for this cooking demonstration. #Chicago #Fox #Catfish #Food
Congratulations and good luck to @ahasnie - who is starting a new adventure at @foxnews 
You are SO talented on and off air. You have taught me so much & I’m lucky to call you a friend ❤️
Tuesday 💁‍♀️
‪Thanks for watching tonight. Have a good week and I’ll see you next Saturday night! ‬
Thank you @ford and @fordperformance for making my day and continuing the excitement for the 2020 #shelbygt500 It is AMAZING!!. 700+ hp, 0-60 around 3 seconds, 11 second quarter mile. Most powerful Ford production car ever built. 😁🏁 I can’t wait to buy one!! #ilovemyjob follow me for more
A pleasure and honor filling in for the great @kennedynation! Catch the replay at midnight ET 📺🇺🇸
@Debbie_DSouza has a message for @Ocasio2018 and other "democratic socialists" in America: go to Venezuela and witness the fruits of socialism for yourself.
You’ll get heated up tonight when I do my #OpeningStatement! Tune in at 9 I’ll be there and I won’t have this hat on!
Thanks for having us on the show Fox & Friends. You guys are awesome!📺📰🗽
Thanks for joining #OutnumberedOT in the studio, @laraleatrump!
I can’t dance.  This is literally all of my skillset.  And it’s not impressive 🤣 @sixersdancekid @ogsixerskid
Behind the scenes on @foxfriendsfirst! 📺
Picture by social media GOAT: @jillianbmele 🙌🏼👸🏼 Makeup: @brandalynfulton Hair: @jaimealcivar
Rob, ya look great 🤣 this is photo is proof that men in TV do wear makeup.
Kickin’ it 👟 📸 @thefivefnc
Do you know what the public sentiment towards the border wall is? 
3 months of open sourced-digital discussions, representing 8.5 million data points. Today at Fox And Friends. 
#culturalintelligence #culturintel #foxandfriends #newyork
Stepped into @wattersworld tonight! Tune in or set the record for 8 pm on @foxnews. Talk about “toxic masculinity” and new Congress members making all the wrong headlines. Thanks @jessewatters and @michelesette for having me.
I finally made it to the curvy couch. 💙📺🇺🇸 #dreamcometrue #betterwithfriends
📺 see ya Monday!
Went looking for a #10yearchallenge photo and found this beauty! Safe to say I won’t be recreating it anytime soon...
#tbt #trump #apprentice
Heck of a day at the office with food. Watch #UNPC on @foxnation at 6:30 tonight and tomorrow. Stream whenever! @tyrussmash @lawrencebjones3
I brought my #sock game to the couch on @outnumberedfnc @foxnews and @kennedynation brought her #shoe game #oneluckyguy
Gang’s all here! ☕️☀️📺 @foxfriendsfirst
News Team, Assemble!
Drone Security  Jan. 15th 2019 live on fox.  TO See all interview M  3 min
It’s been real @todd.piro - @rob__schmitt is back tomorrow so my social media will go back to being “normal” 🤣
Ok, it’s Monday... let’s get this going people! ☕️
Always America First 🇺🇸
Good morning! 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ @foxfriendsfirst
The face you make when you realize you wore your shoes that have a big hole in them
Thanks @foxnews for publishing this piece! (LINK IN BIO) @strongsexymammas "I am currently sitting in the Fox News Channel newsroom in New York City. It is 2am and I am preparing for a news cut-in which will be broadcast live. These crazy hours we work in television are a little nutty to outsiders. But to us, it just comes with the territory. Flying back to NYC (from my new home in Sydney, Australia) to do this shift got me to thinking… This bizarre world we live in as TV personalities has prepared me so much for motherhood. My baby is now 11-months-old, so I am still learning a lot about how to be a mom. But there a few things I have down pat. And as odd as it may sound, I can thank LIVE TV for helping me!
Babies are unpredictable just like breaking news stories are unpredictable. Just when you get them dressed for the day, they have a massive diaper explosion or bring their milk back up all over their cute little top. You think they’re going to be super chill at a restaurant and all of a sudden they start wailing because they are teething and need you to help them get some relief. You buy them a fancy car seat, and they scream because they don’t like the position it puts them in, etc. etc. ETC!
When you’re reporting in the field, LIVE shots often don’t end up the way you want them to. A story you spent all day working on -- may never make it to air for one reason or another. Someone you were supposed to interview may not show up in time for your segment. Your lighting may end up being off because all of a sudden the sun goes behind the clouds.  A construction crew may decide to rev up their equipment just as the anchor tosses to you LIVE on location. Grrrrr. The audience can’t hear a word you’re saying, etc, etc, ETC!
Do you see the parallels? Ya just gotta roll with the punches. Do you want to know the biggest thing hosting LIVE morning TV for a decade taught me? How to function on little to no sleep. Sleep deprivation is just part of life as a morning host. Late nights. Early mornings. During commercial breaks the hosts and crew talk about sleep the way most people talk about a fancy steak dinner or a decadent piece of chocolate cake. “ continue -LINK IN BIO
This little beauty will be attached to my face until at least 9am... #earlymorningaccessory #strong #coffee #nychairstylist
Thank you @foxandfriends 🇺🇸
Heather & I chatting it up this morning on FOX!
With the legendary Dean Cain & #Superman @deuces1966. One of the nicest celebs I’ve met. Watch him tonight on #UNPC @foxnation
Sean’s back in studio with Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Tune in NOW!
It’s a good day when I get to work with this one! 👏
Happy New Year!!! To you! And you! And you! And you!!! Sorry, I’m pointing. Just trying to get your attention! Later, 2018! Hello, 2019!!! ... I ended the year at Fox News, at Fox Nation, with host @rcamposduffy and the behind-the-scenes Fox family! Here’s to a great new year!!! @foxnews @foxnation #foxnews #happynewyear2019 #newyorkcity
We are available for parties 🍾
F&F New Year’s Eve! 🍾
They left me by myself today to anchor.  They are very daring 🤣
Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night! #newyorkcity #betterwithfriends #nyc #homefortheholidays
GRITS! Just acoupluhhhh Girls. Raised. In. The. South! #grits #betterwithfriends @heatherchilders1 @foxandfriends @foxfriendsfirst #newyorkcity #nyc
F-R-I-D-A-Y 👏
I’m just a little bit excited to be back @foxnews in New York City! #betterwithfriends #newyorkmoms #foxnews #nyc #newyorkcity
Dr. Saphier tells me I don’t have to worry about “selfie wrist” 😜 #dinner @thefivefnc @foxnews
Hello from the @foxnews studio!! #newyorknewyork #nyc #betterwithfriends
Look!  He’s smiling!! 🤣
Took the family to @foxnews today to watch @outnumberedfnc and everyone’s favorite #Granny was on set ☺️ CC @bretbaier @thefivefnc
Feeling very festive today! 🎄❤️🤶
Merry Merry from @foxfriendsfirst 🎄
It was a fun change of pace talking about the politics of the partial government shutdown from the anchor chair at @foxnews in New York. I am back on duty on Sunday at Noon and 4pm eastern. 😀📺🇺🇸 #politics #news #foxnews #shutdown #congress
Yes! It was #nationaluglychristmassweaterday #uglysweaters on @morningsmaria today 🎄🎄🎁🎁 who doesn’t love looking ridiculous on national TV?
It’s National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! 🎄
Today NY’s Cardinal Dolan stopped by to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas 🎄
This is the BEST gift I’ve received so far 👍🙏 ❤️ love you @janicedeanfnc #morningshows #tvlife #sleeplessatfox
Tuesday yo 💁‍♀️
Thank you @jessewatters — it was great to officially be ”in your world!”😜#WattersWorld 🇺🇸
Some people in this photo had way too much fun at the Christmas party yesterday 🤣 working with awesome people truly is the best and something I wish everyone could experience.  TGIF! 🎄
You talk fiction, I talk facts!
Swipe left: Check out my latest column on Republicans have a real opportunity to reverse the effects of the Clinton 94 crime bill. We cannot miss this opportunity for impactful change for the black community. Sen. McConnell move the bill to the floor. The time is now and we can no longer wait. #FirstStepAct #Fox #FoxNews
Great starting off the week on @foxandfriends & @varneyco! 📺🇺🇸
Whether you are eating left over #turkey🦃 or are out in the #BlackFriday madness, have a good day!
It’s Black Friday y’all! And we are at work which is way better than being at the stores. 🖤
Hey! That’s Charlie Brown’s foot! Happy Thanksgiving from the coldest Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ever! 20 degrees at the start. Thankful for family, friends and colleagues who work so hard even during the most special of holidays.
Thanks for spending Thanksgiving morning with me!  See you back here tomorrow- have a great holiday! 🦃
Look at this gang working on Thanksgiving! 🦃
Great time today on @foxandfriends Morning Show
Happy Thanksgiving eve 🦃 Thankful for all of you! 📸: @jillianbmele
No days off this week- join us tomorrow morning at 5am while you’re prepping the 🦃- gobble gobble!
The doctor is in! 👩‍⚕️ @nicolesaphier_md
Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk. 📺
Love this girl right here @lisamarieboothe 👏
The best of the best @nicolesaphier_md 😘

Hey, @avecchione1021 @chiarabonilapetiterobe 💃
This woman is as kind as she is beautiful. Thank you @trish_regan for having me on your show and being so supportive of other females in this business. Killing it in primetime! #foxnews
Too much fun in the @foxnews green room for @nextrevfnc #MAGA 🇺🇸
My hang out today #behindthescenes and he bought me coffee... WIN! 👏@keithhemmings
We’ve got you covered all day long on FNC!
Moments after I came off set in #foxsquare -Meeting @foxnews fans who watched my show live outside today.  #outnumberedot #midtermelections #lovemyjobmoment
Our beautiful Gweny...a tad confused. 🇺🇸 Join @foxnation on Fox Square in Manhattan on Election Night! 👉
Thank you @harrisfaulkner! It’s always a treat to sit down and chat with such an intelligent and eloquent woman! 😊📺💅🏽
It’s Friday.  Go have some fun. 👍
A sneak peak at my new show on #FoxNation. See you on Nov 27. Have u joined yet? @foxnation
‪Fact: @realDonaldTrump is the most transparent President in history. ‬ ‪If anything some people say he’s too honest and shares too much on social media! ‬ ‪Amazing contrast to Obama’s long list of lies from the Iran deal to Obamacare! ‬ ‪

@FoxNews @OutnumberedOT ‬

#FoxNews ‪#MAGA 🇺🇸 ‬
I’m so grateful for moments like these when I get to share a job I ❤️ with the people I ❤️. Happy Halloween! #foxandfriends
I can’t help it, I really really like the leopard print this fall. 🐆  Is there such a thing as too much leopard print?! No, the answer is no.
Did we scare ya?  Didn’t think so. We just look like a bunch of weirdos. 🎃
Tough to hear the police audio from this tragedy. Senseless. The story:
Back at it this morning 💙 #rochelleritchie #foxandfriends #foxnews #newyork
5 minutes to air, are you watching? #DailyBriefing
Back to work Monday and the largest thumbs up EVER! 👍
Enjoyed being on @outnumberedfnc! Really great people! @katiepavlich @dagenmcdowell @melissaafrancis @ccafaro77 @foxnews
Its always great to wake up with @trish_regan & @petehegseth on @foxnews @foxandfriends #luckyme
Surrounded by beautiful powerful women!! Much respect to @morningsmaria Team! #WellThought #PowerWomen @foxbusiness
Much more coming on @foxnation. With the one and only @tyrussmash. He’s a Boston sports fan, but I forgive him for that. #GoCaps #FoxNews #FoxNation
I wore Eagles green to troll all of the Giants fans I work with. Then @todd.piro comes out with this blue on blue on blue on blue suit/tie combo.  Lame. (Sorry Todd) 🦅
Unintentionally matching TWICE this week, and it’s only Wednesday 🖤⚪️
The “very fine people” who have literally killed Americans bc of their hatred are calling peaceful, civil disobedience “violent.” 🤔🤔🤔
Catch @danaperino on America’s Newsroom LIVE right now discussing #NikkiHaley’s resignation.
One year ago, on this date, we started anchoring the 5am show together.  And @rob__schmitt has been on vacation for half of that time.  I KID!! 🤣
Leopard print is very in.  We are very in style.  Very. 🐆
Ladies in red this morning!@carleyshimkus @heatherchilders1
Today’s show prep: 📝 & 💅 (sometimes you gotta do it)
Coming up on @thefivefnc
Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch @thefivefnc today! I'll be back tomorrow!
Thank you for joining us @kayleighmcenany !
Intervistë me gazetarin Beqir Sina.
It was a busy morning, lots to break down.  Thanks for joining us for @foxfriendsfirst - see you back here Monday at 5am!
Rain or shine! Here to #MAGA
Thanks for starting your morning with us! @heatherchilders1 @dbrunoesq @carleyshimkus
Behind the scenes on @foxfriendsfirst this morning! 📷: @jillianbmele
Look who is back and super excited!! 🤣
Just pretending to be a serious news reporter on @foxandfriends this morning. Thanks for having us @foxnews ! #ImCanadian #NotPolitical @spartanrace @yokohamatire @rehband @timex @optimumnutrition
@senjrw caught my #restingbitchface on @thefivefnc 😂
Thanks for a fun week @todd.piro ... you make work extremely, uhhh, entertaining 😂 (look at my stories if you have questions)
It’s the two of us again tomorrow, and maybe this time @todd.piro will smile like a normal human 😂🤦‍♀️
I’ve been up since 3:30 am #tunein @foxbusiness
Early start to this very busy day. I’ll be back tomorrow morning 3-6am as we continue to bring you the latest on Hurricane Florence. If you’re in the Carolinas- please stay safe.
#tbt with the wonderful crew at @firstthingsfirstonfs1! Appreciate you guys. @jennawolfe @criscarter1965 @foxsports
Tonight on #SpecialReport I’ll sit down with United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley discussing all of the major issues going on around the world including Iran, Syria, Russia, Venezuela, Palestine and the upcoming #UNGA. #foxnews #foreignpolicy
TOMORROW on #DailyBriefing two MUST-SEE interviews
“who done it?” Fox News Politics editor @cstirewalt talks to #DailyBriefing about the anonymous NYT op-ed
Had fun doing @tuckercarlsontonight! Big thx to @symonedsanders + @antjuanseawright for the tips even though we didn’t cover the NYT op-Ed, which I was scheduled to speak about, at all lol.
Back in New York! Behind the scenes of day two of the #KavanaughHearings.

Fun Fact: #DailyBriefing host @danaperino reads a hard copy of the newspaper every morning!
Even on Labor Day, Mornings are better with #Friends ! @foxandfriends @foxnews
This man is our "sunshine" here at 1211 Avenue of the Americas.  God bless you and your family, Curtis!
#Repost @dailybriefingfnc

laser focus on the #DailyBriefing
@realdonaldtrump: “This is a tremendous thing.” #DailyBriefing
We are a lively bunch. #mondaymood
#Repost @dailybriefingfnc 
You won’t want to miss today’s #DailyBriefing live at 2PM!
Had a great time on @thefivefnc with @realgreggutfeld @danaperino @jessewatters @thejuanwilliams‼️
I’ll be on #TheFive today - hope you’ll join‼️ @thefivefnc
‪I’ll be on Lou Dobbs Tonight talking about today’s news at 7:40pm est‬. #foxbusiness
Thank you @sallygdoocy @ancestry for a fun day!! Learned so much! 🙋‍♀️ (➡️)
I expose new details you need to know about this rigged Russia Witch Hunt in my book , “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy”. I hope you’ll read it. #liarsleakersliberals
Are you watching?! @dailybriefingfnc
Swipe left: Mayor Rahm Emmauel’s inaction on Chicago’s violence has led to mass genocide in #Chicago. We cannot afford another term of this ineffective Mayor.  Full segment: #giannocaldwell
I. AM. IN. LOVE. Loooook who I found in our lobby this morning! #thedailyspike @dailybriefingfnc
Not only did I get to host @morningsmaria today but....there was cheesecake! #nationalcheesecakeday #sugarfix from @cheesecakefactory @mariabartiromo #breakfastofchampions
Tag 3 friends if you agree. Swipe left: This was one of the most impactful interviews I was blessed to be apart of. Two years ago @EboniKWilliams & I discussed with @trish_regan on @FoxBusiness what our lives were like growing up. We are not the face of generational poverty because God allowed us to break the cycle. #Fox #NYC #LA #GiannoCaldwell
Your Friday headlines from the #foxnewsdeck today #foxreport @shepnewsteam
Standing by for your #foxreport 330pm EDT
We're live in our beautiful new studio! (We can still call it new, right?) 🤔🤔@dailybriefingfnc @foxnews
The colors of summer with these pretty ladies ☀️•🌸•🌴
The ☀️ is out and so are we! Lots of news this morning and way too much bbq for even @petehegseth to demolish! Come join us ☕️☕️☕️ @foxandfriends
Up extra early this morning! Pete couldn’t sleep last night..too excited. Thanks for hanging with us. #royalwedding @foxandfriends
One year ago today, I started my journey here at Fox News Channel.  What a crazy year it’s been!  I’ve met THE BEST people and get to call them friends and co workers and I wake up doing what I love. I think that’s pretty awesome.  I’ll owe @desire1016 forever for believing in me as much as she does even though some days it’s probably tougher than others 😀  cheers to the next year! 🎉