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6ixty9 Wraps #Avery#6ixty9wraps
💋💋💋/might delete
The most beautiful thoughts are always besides the darkest.

A sight for sore eyes 😍
Pretty 😍😍 @dahliaflorals @thevenetiannj
Dziękuję @novamakeups 💙💜
#polishgirl #makeup #makeuplife
Quiero habitar en tu intimidad💙
S/O To my bro @therealbenortiz for the hoodie! #biggie #jayz & #nas #realhiphop
Sick edit ‼️🤟🏻💥🚲🌍 🎥: @yktv_1wf #bikelife
😽😽😽 *love shopping for over sized sweaters in the men’s section @ h&m*
Кто помнит?#garfield😺😽#видеоприколы
I love LOVE and this bride and groom were showered w it in SO many ways by SO many ppl, it was so beautiful to see. Hey @jordantaillon thanks for taking me as your date and sharing your häagendazs double dark chocolate ice cream bar!!! 🤤
I have such a little lady 🎊❤🥺 I'm so happy, sad, all at the same time! 23 hours of hard labor, I'll never forget lol you're my biggest treasure. @moedolxns
Tarde entre amigos!!!
💯Niggas be hating all my drip,💧but they can’t stop this storm ⛈ ⚡️
Get ready bout to upgrade my 90 reef tank stay tuned @johns_corals_aquariums #bashseasump #apexlegends #cor20 #reeftank
Najvise volim kad me sredi moj 🤴 @djukaanovic
Mente fresca 🌎
Every time you walk out the less I love you ❤️
My beautiful baby girl is all grown up 🥺😭 she is beyond beautiful inside and out! I'm just gonna go cry now 😂❤😭
Our Newest Addition 😍
We’ve got the Saturday morning meat sweats and we wouldn’t want it any other way
Hearing a story the other day how some local junky’s didn’t have a phone or a credit card made me think like wow imagine the peace of no phone leave the house and being lost till home being at work and being gone till home having no cash and being broke till home lol those old people had it good or having to take a nude with a Polaroid and having no way to send it to strangers 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ it hadda be a more easy time 🙌🙌💯
선엽스님의 명상의 숲

모두는 희망합니다.진실되고 참되기를 !
그러나 사람의 삶속에 자기의 생명의 존재를 지속하고 나를 드러내기위해 끝없이 진실의 아픔을 감추고
자신과 타인을 속입니다. 
지금부터는 악의와 증오와 거짓과 나만을 드러내고자 하는 헛된 욕망과 욕심을 잘 돌보아 따뜻한  수행자 마을에서 다함께 살아가도록 하겠습니다.

조이락ㅡ 고려불화를 재현하시고 계시는 조이락 작가님은  몸과 마음을  진실로 오롯히 수행하고 계십니다.
관음의 눈빛과 말과 행이 작가의 마음에서 고려불화로 오롯히 빛나시기를 기원합니다.

작가님과 저는 미국을 떠나오기전 진실로 감사함을 담아 밤을 세워 그리고 또 그리고 먹을 갈고 또 갈았습니다.신라의 애밀래종과.석굴암이 신심으로 불사를 이루듯 미완성작품을  훗날을 기약하며 돌아왔습니다. 그림그리는 작가도 먹을 갈고 색칠을 돕는 저도 그 작품이 모셔질 스님의 절도 모두가 선재동자가 사는 수행처 마을이 되기를 기원합니다.

모든상으로 상대를 비난하거나 상대를 평가할수 없습니다.
그 모든것은 내안의 작은 마음이였으며.내안의 탐진치의 찌든 중생의 고통이 싹을 트고 있음을 보았습니다.
Two awesome shows today for the amazing students at Garfield Middle School in NJ. Thanks for welcoming me, much love❤

#TourLife #Shows #NY #NJ #AmericanIdol #Finalist #Singer #Songwriter #Pianist #Producer #Performer #LongIsland #OneMoreTime #NewSingle #Sony #TGRMusicGroup
tgif vibes♥
The Weekend’s here.

Courtesy Of @megarippers 🛹

Round off triple backhand spring tuck to end the night #prettylittleflyer💚🖤 #getonmylevel #nxt #tuck #triplebackhandspring
The Distinguished Alumni Award is given to those who have used their DePaul education as a springboard to professional success. Proud to witness the Spartan next to me earn this honor - as one who sacrifices, is steadfast and willing to serve.  He graduated last in his class - but the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. #Spartan
You know what day it is! #Titosthursday
• $6 singles
• $7 doubles
The court yard of the Palazzo at The Venetian Catering. #MichaelRomeoCreations #MRCweddings
~ first day of spring vibes ~
WOW! 👀👀👀👀👀👀
class of '19 is a good one #idonthaveatheme #swipeforasurprise
Never switched 😈 recently published their list of the 50 best hole-in-the-wall restaurants, which included multiple Bergen eateries like 🍔 Steve's Burgers in Garfield ⠀
📍: @stevesburgers_ ⠀
📸: @chrispy.eats ⠀
#burgers #bacon #cheeseburger #njeats #bestburger #beef #burgerlover #burgerporn
Some don’t understand the accomplishment of going to college being a young kid growing up in the Bronx not knowing where I’m going next being the first in my family to go to college. Moving to Jersey has helped become a better person and open up so many more doors for me going to college has never existed in my family but I’m beating the odds I wanna thank Everyone who has came through my life for the good and the bad you guys have made me the person I am today with that being said I am committed to Dakota State University 💙⚔️💛 #RIPGRANDMA #RIPDAD
Bugün tüm dostlarım adına;
uzak diyarlarda bıraktığımız
bakkallı günlerimizin anısına,
Hadi hepinize hayırlı geceler😴😴😴
In light of my favorite holiday cheers my 4 leaf clover. Hard to find and lucky to have 🍀❤️ #stpats #irishandinlove #my4leafclover @__tararene
Wolf pack💪🏽🐺🖤!
•Muchos Me Quieren Ver Muerta' De Envidia .. Pero Esa Bala No Me Toca , El Envidioso Muere Por Su Boca 👊🏽😂🍃
felt cute might delete later 🥴
• certains se battent comme Bruce Lee d’autres sont dealers à Brooklyn •
Abs or vacuum?? 🤔
Somente agradecer! 🙏🏻🍂 #meus25anos #maisumano #meudia #gratidao
Si solo miras la PUERTA que se CIERRA, no podrás VER TODAS las que se están ABRIENDO. -⚡
Awesome time yesterday at the New Jersey Realtors Circle of Excellence Awards luncheon. I would usually attend this function as a guest in support of my mom and her team. This year I was able to attend as a recipient, achieving the New Jersey Circle of Excellence Silver Level Award as a Buyers Agent! Thank you to our team and of course my clients for the loyalty, friendships and memories in 2018. Congratulations to our fearless leader, mentor and rainmaker Pick Pina on another Platinum Level year!
Conditioning has to be on a whole other level this year 🙏🏽
I’m super girly these days
rich girl ✨✨
@jvpjtxr you know the drill.
Ac: I can’t find it / #katelynnaconedit
(No hate to Finn! He’s an indie legend but I mean  I’m feeding my fellow gays.)
You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it.
today was a fairy tale ✨
A bit dirty but still a cutie with a bad #attitude #m #m5 #motivation  Sponsor @rr_customshop @dmetuning @troyjeup  @kandeservice
My Throne 💧🔱
This weekend was packed full of amazing specials! Can’t wait to see what the boards bring us this week! 
Pictured: Salmon Sliders: Seared Salmon cut over arugula, tomato slice, onion, and chipotle mayo!
Talk About IT 🗣♥️😈👿😩
"A girl should be 2 things: Classy & Fabulous." -Coco Chanel 🌸 #internationalwomensday #somuchsass #itstheshorthair
sweet as sugar , cold as ice 🤷🏻‍♀️
better than the hype...i’ll give u more life
All white party
Have you tried the Greek Chicken Tacos from our specials board? A Fresh Mix of Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumber, and Kalamata Olives topped with Seasoned Grilled Chicken, Crumbled Feta, and a house-made Tzatziki Sauce - absolutely delicious!
I got it all🥵
wearing all white cause we feeling godly 🕊
“Now I drip everyday like a runny nose.” 🏃🏽‍♂️👃🏽💧
one week ago, we had our fairytale wedding✨ i love you, my handsome husband♥️
📸 @dyannalamora
Been hard at work this month #NewMusic #NewReleases #collaboration #ableton #maschine
S U C C E S S F U L ‼️
U N S T O P P A B L E ❌
Craving something a little different?  Healthier? Take a look at our specials menu! Pictured is our Greek Salad - Feta, Onions, Kalamata Olives, Cucumbers, Bruschetta topped with Grilled Chicken! Always check our specials menu for even more delicious, fresh, and in-season options to our already amazing menu!
MSU 2023! #nextfour
2019 New Jersey State Champion @ 126lb #HISTORY
Saco lo peor d mi pa que tú lo disfrutes 🔥
dress up 🥼💯
Huge shoutout to my partner in crime and rock for being the best part of my day, even if it’s to send me good vibes on a busy Monday. 💘✨ @grimblesanchez
Wedding season [not ours yet] 🤵🏽🤵🏻
Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast .
Çiçekçi olarak en sevdiğim güne 2 gün kaldıı OMG🌹 Doğum günüme bu kadar heyecanlanmıyorum😁Şu hayatta gerçek aşk kapital mutluluk🤷🏽‍♀️🤪❤️@boxofluv #florist #sevgililergünü #valentinesday
sunny hunny
While everyone cuffed im just like wya 🤔😍
I love you fam ❤️ #studniowka
Studniówka 🇵🇱#polishprom
Blessed Beyond Measures🙌🏾.. #COMMITTED🦊🏈
There’s something about throwing on a t-shirt and shorts in the middle of the winter #sponsored
A few diehards might call me out for hopping on the @proform treadmill instead of getting “tougher” on the single digit and/or snowy days. But besides the fact I’ve more than done my time (#cuse), sometimes it’s about making the smarter choice, controlling your environment, and getting a good sweat going 💦. Having a treadmill has saved me quite a bit of stress and I’m pumped to have this training tool as winter really kicks in ❄️.
#treadmillrunning #proform #dontatme •
*I received the treadmill in return for my unbiased opinion*
Portrait of gorgeous ladies from yesterday magnificent Bat Mitzvah party.  Beautiful dresses by @monicas_bridal_  Captured by @valeryshpakphotography  Every week we are honored to be a part of someone’s the most special day.
Congratulations  to entire gorgeous family on Jacklyne's Bat Mitzvah yesterday!
 Everything was incredible, from the stunning guests to the breathtakingly beautiful venue, we are thankful to have been able to witness and capture it all.
A huge thank you to Aldo Ryan, Yura Jacobs, Douglas Genuard, Johan Khiski and the wonderful Tamara Kogan for making Jacklyne's Bat Mitzvah so perfect! - Captured by MaxMedia Photo & Video Studios
Photographer: Valery Shpak 
Many more beautiful photos, reportage and portraits coming up once I'll have permission to post and all photos post-production done; please stay tuned and enjoy the incredible party! @batmitzvahstyles_ #batmitzvah #party #gorgeous
Saturday Night at the Realtor Ball 🖤 #LibertyBoardOfRealtors #RealtorBall #LibertyBall #IAmNotARealtor #BlondesHaveMoreFun 🦁
hive nights 🥴😜
Frank Sinatra quietly playing “another June”  song, but it’s January transformed in June garden by magical hands of Tamara Kogan for today’s Bat Mitzvah party @valeryshpakphotography @batmitzvahstyles_ #party #awesome @aramatevents
Great time at the 2019 Realtor Ball! #realtor #realtorsofinstagram #hudsoncountyrealtor #ricflairdrip
Tried to take a few tiny pieces of this small bouquet home.. the owners were not amused 🤷🏼‍♀️ Fancy pants pulled up to my chin. Pinky up.
Save the date!!! @dianagia_rn @thevenetiannj @joey_contino
Swipe for back transition
$5 has never tasted so flippin’ good! 🌮🥩
Congratulations @mstrafach ! Had a great time at the wedding.
We clean up nice 😘
A wedding and a win. Perfect Sunday night with this beautiful fam 🥳🏈🎉💕🏆
Selam, iyi her sey benimle gelsin ‼️ İyi her seyi sevgiyle kucakliyorum ❤️ #evrenadam
Cuando eres montañero y conoces la nieve. 😍😁
Wonderful night @arose_m_ciminera wedding with great people @delorescatania @uncledomdetore @swordmike13 #onceuponaciminera
С Крещением Господним!  Holy Theophany 🙏🏼⛪️ Мира, бодрости, добра
Вам желаю на Крещение,
Чтобы жизнь была щедра
Счастьем, радостью, весельем!
Yesterday’s SOTG✨
Lane Moje 💜
Twice as Nice 😇 
Pictured: Tomahawk Steak Dinner for 2! 48 oz. Steak, 8 Tiger Shrimp, over Mixed Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes
Smiling while trying to work on my posture... #flvac70thInstallationdinner
What a magnificent wedding with my handsome date
@lexilex27  let’s just leave it as you CRUSHED IT!!!!! Celebrating a true gem of a person.  Happy Birthday @robvicari  may this decade and all the future decades continue to bless you and all around you!! #theMD #abelezza #happybirthday #hoppybouyday
Taco Tuesdays are back, baby!! Come on in! 🌮 $5 Tacos $6.50 Margs all night long
When getting lost turns out to be an adventure......
Bazen değil, 
sık sık,
hiç büyümesinler istiyor insan❤️❤️❤️
Today’s local show pickups!! Made some big sales, trades and purchases!!! We have...
- Vlad Jr. green chrome auto /99 BGS 9.5/10
- Juan Soto Blue Chrome auto /150 BGS 9.5/10
- Manny Machado triple threads letter patch auto book /3
- Nolan Gorman Chrome Base auto
- Jeremiah Jackson Black chrome auto /75
Happy Birthday Lynn’Asia!!!🎂 May God continue to bless you with many more Baby Girl 🙏🏼 Thank you for being The Best Big Sister to Baby Ashton!!! 🤗
Bad news: Everyone’s favorite bar will now be closed on Mondays :( Good News: We’ll return on Monday’s in the fall for football! :)
Наш перший Новий Рік!!!🐷🎄🤗
What a way to start the new year 🖤
Happy new year 🎊🎈
Yesterday was the best day of my life- I got to marry the most beautiful bride. Officially Mr. and Mrs. Talish 😬 I love you erica and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you! A special thanks to everyone for making last nights celebration so incredibly memorable. #ittakestwototalish #dericatalishley @ericatalish
Me and the Hubs clean up guud methinks...
@mrjotz #dinahberodriguez2018
Hair: @lolavsk
hang timeeeeeeeeee
Genesis 2:24: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." ***I do not own the rights to the music*** @chef_talon #tyingtheknotwiththomas #myownblacklove #blackmendomarry #wearemade
Misbehaving 😈
Merry Christmas to everyone💕💋❤️ .
This Christmas was the best one ever, I enjoyed it very much. Thanks to some people that were there and made this Christmas a miracle. Ily 🤟🏻 ♥️😍
i should be somewhere on the beach getting drunk but the hives wall will do for now
imma boss, im makin’ waves 🕴🏻
‘Tis the season for Dirty Martinis 🍸 
FIRST OF ALL, IM BETTER THAN EVERYBODY! Lmaoo link in my bio , yo , @oswinbenjamin @denzilporter @wrldundgnd , we got one with this shit
Got lust for life
Congratulations @flip_el_faraon an @ana_gissette  on your 2nd investment property 🏘 wishing nothing but the best now let's get the 3rd 🏡😁 #Ask OT. #Cashflow #units
Disari cagirmayin beni evden cikamam. Çok guzel yeni sarkilar yaziyorum çünkü ... 😍❤️ #evrenadam
‘tis the season to be jolly 🎄🎅🏻#UglyAssXmasSweater
I introduce to you @kattkoch . Only been with @nextlevelcheerleading for about 8 weeks now. She’s starting to get the hang of this stunting thing . Keep up the good work Kat!