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Gramercy Square

Instagram photos and videos at Gramercy Square

Previewing Gramercy Square for my clients. Thank you, @jasonwalker_nyc!! Loved the 3 BR tower apts!! #nycluxuryrealestate #douglaselliman #nycrealestatequeen #nycluxuryrealestate #realestate #simplythebest
💜🔪💜🔪💜🔪💜🔪 #protectyoheart
Sending love to you and have an amazing weekend! @ellie.eloise 📸 #sendinglove
Friday selfie in a stylish bathroom with my fleece jumper #baffi #officefortheday #notthebathroombutahotdesk #sowhatwhocares
slight obsession with chandeliers 💡
Gordo #winter
Felicidade Pura
As the eighth project in our 10-Year North America Anniversary Countdown, Gramercy Square is a testament to our New York studio’s skill in renovating and rehabilitating a historical site. Originally built in 1892, this former hospital served the local community until 2008 when it closed. In an aim to reinvent the site, the designers were presented with five interconnected buildings totaling 400,000 square feet to be converted into residential buildings. In order to achieve this, two of the existing buildings were razed and parts of other buildings were demolished to maximize value and quality. The tallest tower, standing at 17 stories, was preserved. After some reworking, the resulting design is a residential precinct made up of four buildings, three of which were converted and one that was built from the ground up, with the same square footage as the original precinct. #WoodsBagotinNorthAmerica #TenYearsinNorthAmerica
Do you know that the lucky residents at @gramercysquare have a private MNDFL in their building? Check out our latest collabo with @shell_sparks of @hyphenandco. Talk about a MNDFL amenity. Excuse us while we head to @streeteasy to learn more... 🔥🔥🔥 #MNDFL #glowbabyglow #regram
beautifully crafted and at an affordable price point, @trnknyc‘s newest additions to their already amazing collection are 💥
New products coming soon @bleach.skateboards
Äiti ja nuoruuden kotiovi, ikävä ❤️
cool pic i took today
“It’s a lucky color!” “...yeah, if you’re an envelope” 🤭💃🏻
“i’m a creator i just create a lot of stuff if you know what i’m saying” -guy standing behind me waiting to cross the street
just really into these pants and Bowie
sup 😎✌🏻#stooplife #nyc
#Didyouknow, Gramercy Square has 20,000-square-feet of private outdoor space including a central courtyard, walking paths, and a rooftop terrace with outdoor kitchen. Visit our #Linkinbio now for details and availability. #DEDM #GramercySquare #NYCRealEstate
Live fireworks from nyc! 🎇🎆 Happy 4th of July!! 🇺🇸💯❤️
#independenceday #fireworks #nyc
Truly living my best life.
Contrast of times #oldtimes #nyclife #gramercypark #shootingdays
Shhhhh we can’t disturb the morning meditators..
But we also can’t contain our excitement! Good things are popping up soon but for now we’ll #tbt to @hellomarisaviola starting the day off with a meditation @gramercysquare! #mndflnyc 😏
Life without a dog is joyless. @luiginyc #mine #bazzi #ilovemydogs #ballers #nycstreetstyle
Please curb your dog
#DEPR stopped by our gorgeous showroom to learn more about #gramercysquare #dedm #douglaselliman
Best thing about NY besides bagels? Flowers on nearly every street corner 🥀
It’s going to be tough to keep her off the table if @stefanypaige keeps feeding her salmon off of it. #salmonthief #dukesrules #spoiledcat #taylorswift
And girls they wanna have fun
#bestfriends #sisters #sabwemissedyou
I never trust a narcissist but they love me
Architecture magic✨
Aannnnd I’m back in New York doing my #AbbeyRoad impression.
У кого-то ещё веночки на дверях висят, а кто-то всё рождественское убранство уже выбросил на улицу NY.
Интересно, есть тут такие, кто до июня держит 🎄, как в России некоторые 🙈😬
Few things better than sisters 🖤
JessKa got GOODIES! 🎁🛍🎊 🎥 @jonfuentastic 
#heyguys #goodies #nyc #gifts #xmas #jesska
But the prettiest sight to see, is the holly that will be, on your own front door 🎄
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 🎄✨❄️
Let it snow 🌨☃️
nighttime 😴🌒
old stopping grounds
happy fall 🍁
Got caught modeling at the Gramercy Square launch event. Find me in a real estate publication near you.
#mortgagelending #mortgagemodel #networking #citizensbank #nycrealestate
#Gramercy never misses a chance to persuade you to break your lease… 🏡
Spent some QT in my old NYC hood. Woah those pre-motherhood memories were ‼️❌🤗❌‼️ Nothing like #NYC nights in your 20’s ✨✨✨
Back at it in NYC, previewing a few projects for a customer 😍🏙 #NewPartnerships #MiamiToNewYork #DouglasElliman #ItsTimeForElliman #GramercySquare
🏳🏳 14 🌻✨ #newyorker #home #views ⭐️⭐️⭐️
The real sleepy hollow... #pumpkinmania #halloweenfun 🕸🕸
Successful day in the city! Working and playing in #plaid #tkcstyle
Picture perfect
Keepin it cozy 👌🏻(📷 by @escaperealife)
makes my heart go pitter-patter
Another hot day in the city! 🏙 #newyork #nyc #gramercy #stillsummer
Can't get away from the Kohn's 🤷🏽‍♀️
gramercy charm 🍃
14 years in this city and my first time on the other side of these gates #gramercypark #nyc #bloused
Shana Tova to all who celebrate 🍯🍎. Wishing you all a very sweet new year. ✡️
I am looking ahead to a year filled with good health, happiness, opportunities and serious GOALZ - both mind & body - including: ⚡️ working on my love/hate relationship with my thicker legs (they take me places, right?) + to STOP COMPARING⚡️continuing a weight lifting program beyond BBG ⚡️getting more involved in the NYC fit community!

What are your goals?
#sweatandheels #hbgphotography
she's here ✨
Fitness center completed.
Will need roughly 12 of these today
Buy high, sell low.
Coffee in one hand and forever trying to feel limitless. ✨ This t-shirt says it all and is my #PowerWithin. #PowerWithin is all about that spark, that thing, that inspiration that gives you confidence, makes you feel unstoppable and empowers you. What's your power within? @t3micro #ad
hold up, they don't love you like I love you 🌺
new york moment 🗽
On set with @jimmychoo and their best team. Makeup @amychinbeauty
Life outside your apartment 🌼
Ring King 💎
#vscocam #gramercypark #mensjewelry #rings #nyc
Doggy Site Visit...
#Sunday/Workday #DouglasElliman #GramercySquare #PetFriendly
Just a recent ivy obsession. #house #goals
Found my next apartment!!
saturday 🖤👀
making my way downtown
Mixed media, mixed emotions ▪️💬▪️
Friday snapshot. #nyc #manhattan #friday
apt goalz
The Tower’s penthouse at #GramercySquare boasts exceptional exposure to sunlight and iconic skyline views. #Gramercy #DEDM ⠀
Props to the guy doing pull ups on the street pole
dressing for spring 💚
A parent let their kid cut me because they didn't think I wanted a pic. Clearly I had a deprived childhood.
One day I'll live here and get the keys to inside the park, but for now I'll enjoy the outside views 🌸
When you're 26, living in Manhattan, an independent woman, but for the life of you can't build a shelf or hang a mirror😭 #hiring #help #independentwoman #girlboss
This week I'm celebrating 10 years of living in NYC! New York can be a tough town sometimes, which is why people always say "I LOVE New York!" You have to love it here. It's too much work to exist here if you only just *like* it. That being said, I LOVE New York and Im proud to call it my home and be a humble citizen and devotee.
I'm proud to be one of the people being pushed aside on the street by some busy lady on her way to work. Im proud to stand on the subway platform and watch some guy urinate on the tracks. I'm proud to walk past the aisles and aisles of trash lined up on the streets every night. I'm also proud of the diversity, the edge, the drive, the beauty and the glamour of New York. For me, NYC is a daily open display of humanity and I'm constantly inspired, invigorated and humbled by this great city. . 
Come visit us sometime! Just make sure you check out the West Village, only go to Times Square at night and for god's sake, skip Bubba Gump Shrimp and eat some Italian food. 🗽⛲️🏟🚏🌆🏙 .
(photo by the nyc ambassador goddess @jillbream)
come and knock on my door 🤺
It was too beautiful to stay inside working! ☀️
Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow
rain or shine || im still in love with you, new york.
Elevated basics and obsessed with @lnaclothing  tops they add a little ✨ to your look! Shop my favs here: #liketkit #LTKStyleTip #LTKUnder100
Housing Goals 🏰
contemplating how to break into gramercy park 🙃
love stumbling on a moody nyc block... gimme those grey-blues + somber neutrals exteriors any day 🏙 • snapped in Gramercy, NYC
good morning from heck !!!!
Snow bae
Sunday Strolls..🌳☃️🏙
It was 60 degrees yesterday.
Sunday stroll
Silence within the chaos.
Due to the lack of quality material, I haven't posted to IG in over a month.. guess I'll #tbt it to that time I tried to be a model in Manhattan 💅🏻
Those who mind don't matte(r)🖤
Sunday stroll w/ @baillietherescue @ayabaillie #NewYork 🗽❄️
BK's very own: SiddyintheSity!!! Saying goodbye to the single digit and welcoming the #10! Dream BIG BabyGirl!!!!' And, work smart towards making it all a reality...! Love you!!!!
Sunday in my old building  with Mies, then lunch @unionsquarecafe #donotenter @velvasheen @stevenalan
The pinching of her skirt is a sign of "i'm over this!" She would never tell me this, but I observe her so much that these are the little things I know just by watching. She was hungry at that point, probably a bit aggravated. We stop and headed to grab something to eat.... #parenting #mindfulness #conciousness #siddyinthesity
love u more than 4 lamb chops and a skillet full of pasta 🌹
It took a 40 block walk and a 20 min pit stop to get this pic
my 1st snow day was cool
Nightly walks back from the office ❄️ Don't worry dad, I have my alarm keychain #safetyfirst #nyc
blinded by the white 🌫
Manhattan is a city unique as they come. One minute you're surrounded by skyscrapers and the next you're strolling down a residential street with architecture reminiscent of early America.
The jacket says it all 🤚🏼
Apparently Bob Dylan did some things on this stoop #highway61revisited #deserttrip
Idk another day another stoop @coach
#ad #Coach #CoachDinky #CoachPreSpring2017 #Coach1941
u wanna B on ur feet or u cool w/bein' a leach?😸
u make me egg-cited 🍳
New York for me tomorrow (with all my Winter clothes packed) 📷@circehamilton
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - freedom is achieved by trusting you are enough... #snowdays #bicycles
A n g e l i c @goosebump_soup
Classic Gramercy Park #snowglobe #nyc @jimmyfallon
Gramercy ✨
just wondering why i don't live in nyc 🌉
Finally on the inside where I belong. 💲
It's raining cats and dogs, but that's not going to stop me from going on my nightly walk! Also, there's nothing worse than wet paws 🐾 #nyc #dogstagram #GreyNY
*Sponsored by Swiss Miss ☕️#passtheschnapps
Personalized cappuccino from my favorite NY barista to start my Monday. Excited for a great week ahead. 💜❤️ #NYC #play2win
Guys how many times can I wear this hat before it gets old #favoritethings
Denim, honey.
Do something every day to remind this city  why the hell you're here 📍 #rooftop #manhattanview #manhattan
this #shakshuka is #bigly on flavor
bottomless (and topless) brunch feat. @goodfuntime's homemade gravlax