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Gramercy Square

Instagram photos and videos at Gramercy Square

waiting ... #timer #cam #flicks
SHE’S NOT EVEN FRENCH! SHE’S FROM CONNECTICUT! The gang is back together @alikolbert ⭐️ @marybethbarone & audio by @michellecheech & shot by the talented @rwb87 🎥
Do you know that the lucky residents at @gramercysquare have a private MNDFL in their building? Check out our latest collabo with @shell_sparks of @hyphenandco. Talk about a MNDFL amenity. Excuse us while we head to @streeteasy to learn more... 🔥🔥🔥 #MNDFL #glowbabyglow #regram
#Didyouknow, Gramercy Square has 20,000-square-feet of private outdoor space including a central courtyard, walking paths, and a rooftop terrace with outdoor kitchen. Visit our #Linkinbio now for details and availability. #DEDM #GramercySquare #NYCRealEstate
Shhhhh we can’t disturb the morning meditators..
But we also can’t contain our excitement! Good things are popping up soon but for now we’ll #tbt to @hellomarisaviola starting the day off with a meditation @gramercysquare! #mndflnyc 😏
Please curb your dog
Hi spring, Wya?
I never trust a narcissist but they love me
Aannnnd I’m back in New York doing my #AbbeyRoad impression.
i’m just getting started. HAPPY NEW YEAR 🍾🥂💫(i hate to say “swipe” but pls swipe)
Irving Pl ❄️❣️✨
clique✨ clique✨clique✨ clique✨ clique✨ #TeamStealYurman
happy fall 🍁
Spent some QT in my old NYC hood. Woah those pre-motherhood memories were ‼️❌🤗❌‼️ Nothing like #NYC nights in your 20’s ✨✨✨
Shana Tova to all who celebrate 🍯🍎. Wishing you all a very sweet new year. ✡️
I am looking ahead to a year filled with good health, happiness, opportunities and serious GOALZ - both mind & body - including: ⚡️ working on my love/hate relationship with my thicker legs (they take me places, right?) + to STOP COMPARING⚡️continuing a weight lifting program beyond BBG ⚡️getting more involved in the NYC fit community!

What are your goals?
#sweatandheels #hbgphotography
On set with @jimmychoo and their best team. Makeup @amychinbeauty
Look What My Mom Made Me Do
making my way downtown
Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.
This week I'm celebrating 10 years of living in NYC! New York can be a tough town sometimes, which is why people always say "I LOVE New York!" You have to love it here. It's too much work to exist here if you only just *like* it. That being said, I LOVE New York and Im proud to call it my home and be a humble citizen and devotee.
I'm proud to be one of the people being pushed aside on the street by some busy lady on her way to work. Im proud to stand on the subway platform and watch some guy urinate on the tracks. I'm proud to walk past the aisles and aisles of trash lined up on the streets every night. I'm also proud of the diversity, the edge, the drive, the beauty and the glamour of New York. For me, NYC is a daily open display of humanity and I'm constantly inspired, invigorated and humbled by this great city. . 
Come visit us sometime! Just make sure you check out the West Village, only go to Times Square at night and for god's sake, skip Bubba Gump Shrimp and eat some Italian food. 🗽⛲️🏟🚏🌆🏙 .
(photo by the nyc ambassador goddess @jillbream)
Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow
Facts on facts on facts on facts. #facts #cavapoosofny 📸: @sarahkaidanow
You're killin it today New York