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Join us at the @hollywoodbowl 31th of July #MichaelMcDonald & I 💋🎼🎹
Summer hits the sweet spot with Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan, bringing their soulful voices and so many hit songs to the Bowl for one night of memorable music, July 31! 🎤🌟 #ChakaKhan 💜
Amazing experience celebrating Little Mermaid’s 30th Year! Live-to-Film concert with Live Orchestra (most who played in the original film), Lea Michele as Little Mermaid, Harvey Fierstein, Ken Page, and many more artists. Had the chance to listen to Alan Menken (the composer) sing Part of Your me chills. The concert not only includes songs from the original Disney film but songs from Little Mermaid Broadway as well. Love it!
Disney’s Little Mermaid Live to Film.
@leamichele performing as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” at the Hollywood Bowl wearing gowns by @csiriano & @paolo_sebastian styled by me & @daniela_viviana 🧜🏻‍♀️
it’s Glee’s 10 year anniversary, so seeing @leamichele live felt like the right way to celebrate ✨
Mini @galavantabc reunion at the @hollywoodbowl last night to see #littlemermaidliveinconcert with an amazing cast and musicians, the spectacular @michaelkosarin and @alanmenken 🙌🏾 Such a magical evening - no amount of rain could dampen our childlike wonder and awe. Love you @klikkonthis and @hobergtime ❤️🙏🏾 Thank you @lilyandnora for taking our group photos! 😘❤️ SWIPE right and you’ll find a musical treat at the end! 🎶😉
There are moments in life that feel magical beyond reality.  This weekend was one of them. Thankful to the entire cast, crew, audience, my family and friends for making this weekend a #dreamcometrue
My Person. Rain or Shine.
Saw “The Little Mermaid” at the @hollywoodbowl last night with @_justinegarcia and it was truly immersive! It was raining and it could not have been more fun! Incredible cast, and honestly if Lea Michele doesn’t play Ariel in the live action movie, I’d be incredibly shocked. Cudos to everyone!
Ursula as the voice inside our head yelling: “Keep singing!” #TheLittleMermaid
We had so much fun last night watching The Little Mermaid at The Hollywood Bowl. The last time I was here was when they showed The Little Mermaid 3 years ago and let me tell you, last nights show did not disappoint. Thanks so much @livenation, @disney, and @thedisneybound for the chance to experience this beautiful night.⠀
I know I’m dressed like prince Eric here but if I were to be any character I know it would be Flounder. Now tell me, if you could be any little mermaid character who would you be? #littlemermaid30th #hollywoodfishbowl
Good times had by all at Little Mermaid tonight with my girls and our minis. Thank you @allilocker for spoiling us so and @cristacordeiro and @kgarciaparra for another night of fun - love you ladies. Even in plastic ponchos. In the rain. 👧🏼👧🏽👧🏼💕💕💕🧜‍♀️
Tonight we’re at the @hollywoodbowl for a “dive in movie” experience of The Little Mermaid LIVE in concert! It’s Cadence’s first concert, and what an epic venue for it! She’s loving watching the movie and the live performances are so much fun! It’s intermission right now and unexpectedly raining, so now we’re really feeling under the sea 😂 #littlemermaid30th #hollywoodfishbowl #hollywoodbowl #disneyfamily
little mermaid at the hollywood *fish* bowl w the cuz
When underwater worlds come together. Tonight we’re supporting our fellow mermaid, Ariel, at the @HollywoodBowl. And we even spotted Ryn.
Mrs Flounder is diving into this fishbowl and ready to sing her heart out celebrating the 30th anniversary of @disneylittlemermaid tonight at the live concert experience here at the @hollywoodbowl 🐠💜🎉 #littlemermaid30th
Excited for tonight’s @hollywoodbowl performance of @disneylittlemermaid!
DisneyBounding King Triton for the occasion! 🧜‍♂️
#littlemermaid30 #hollywoodfishbowl #disneybound #kingtriton
So excited for my first visit to @hollywoodbowl for the #LittleMermaid concert! 
I put together an impromptu #PrinceEric #Disneybound for tonight. 📷 by @mikafalciola
Excited to go unda da sea with #TheLittleMermaid at the Hollywood Bowl! 🐠🦀🐟🧜‍♂️🧜‍♀️
Me after devouring my vegan burrito🌱
mer-made for each other 🧜🏻‍♀️❣️🧜🏻‍♂️ we had the pleasure of diving-in to the #hollywoodfishbowl last night for #littlemermaid30th, sporting our queen athena and king triton @thedisneybound looks! 🌊🎶🦀🐚🐠 are any of you swimming over to the @hollywoodbowl see it tonight? 💙
Ariel and Princess Erica on their way to @hollywoodbowl for the 30th anniversary of The Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️🐠
What a great show last night! 🐟🔱🧜🏼‍♂️ @hollywoodbowl There’s one more show tonight! 🎉🙌#littlemermaid30th #hollywoodbowl
TONIGHT! ✨ Join us under the sea for night two of the immersive, live-to-film concert experience of @disneylittlemermaid at the @hollywoodbowl by swiping up on our Story!! 🧜‍♀️🎶🌊 And check out our IG Story for a BTS look at last night's show! ✨
“I think I’m gonna like it here “ Just feeling happy .. ever have that kind of day . 🤗 let’s all say something nice to our selfs today . - I feel strong- xoox
Had so much fun at the dress rehearsal of @disneylittlemermaid at the Hollywood Bowl tonight, I can’t wait to see it with a full audience tomorrow!! Who will be there either tomorrow or Saturday!? You guys are in for so much fun! Can anyone guess what I will be wearing? #disneylittlemermaid #littlemermaid30th #hollywoodfishbowl #mermaidlife
When Josh Brolin said hello to me backstage at the Holllywood Bowl “Nightmare” show a few years ago, I obviously had no idea who I was talking to … until I recognized the voice, which was unmistakably his.
Looking at old polaroids and thinking... where did I put that hat? 🍧Thanks @jakeryanmiller for reminding me i need to find this hat 💕
Jumping Jellyfish! Anyone else excited about #thelittlemermaid at @hollywoodbowl this weekend? .
#littlemermaidhollywoodbowl #thelittlemermaid #hollywoodbowl #ariel #disney @disney @disneylittlemermaid