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Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Instagram photos and videos at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

In honor of the birthday of one @heatonjoseph #lego @lesmizus
AAHHHH I got to meet the incredible @taikawaititi for the FYC Event for @theshadowsfx and the cast was so friendly and kind!! I love this show! #whatwedointheshadows 🧛🏻‍♂️🕷🕸🐀🦇🖤
Moo and I got to see Les Miserables last night. It was a great night. I got a night with my best friend and seeing one of my favorite shows. the cast was great! #besties
"In my life I am no longer a child and I yearn for..."
A. The things that you know
B. A life of adventure
C. The truth that you know
D. The chance to go out and live
The first national tour cast of @thebandsvisit have officially started rehearsals! 🎉
Low-quality photo, high-quality date. ❤️ Stayed out far past our usual bedtime last night to watch Les Mis! Awesome production.
Red Carpet for our month in Hollywood 🇫🇷 @lesmizus
team petit gavroche 😭🇫🇷 #lesmiserables
Great musical ❤️ Les Misérables
Another day in LA
Blessed to be in the presence of true QUEENS. The foundation of my family 💕👑 #womenstrong #familystrong #aladdinpremiere
Seeing Les Miserables with the Master Of The House!  #birthdayweek 🎂
Make way for the New Princess 🎀 💕 #naomiscott #aladdinmovie #aladdin #princessjasmine
No big deal, just got to meet a comedic hero of mine after the show. He wasn’t wearing khaki booty shorts, but pretty sure they were under his jeans. So awesome to have met you @thomaspatricklennon !! I’m not sure who was more excited! Can’t tell you how many times you’ve made me laugh. @lesmizus #amazing #lucky #comedy #bucketlist #youneverknow
I love this photo. #lesmizus
All time fave. This show. And him.❤️ Thank you, @voicechick !! We will relish this for Jim and Bernie.

#lesmiserable @tobymeuli
• “To love another person is to see the face of God” • 
Les Miserables holds almost as deep a place in my heart as the people I’m seeing it with. #lesmiserables #pantagestheatre
Enjoy this cool video by Getty Images on the Red Carpet of “ LES MISERABLES “ ❤️🙏🏽 @gettyimages @gettyentertainment
Les Misérables was anything but miserable 😍 #lesmis #lesmiserables
"One evening the King will say ‘Oh, Liza, old thing, I want all of England your praises to sing. Next week on the twentieth of May, I proclaim Liza Doolittle Day’." - @MyFairLadyBway 
Producer Cameron Mackintosh talks about his spectacular new production of @phantomtour! The show arrives here in TWO weeks! Tickets are still available at
I was so excited to meet Josh Davis, amazing Javert in @lesmizus , that I turned into a character called Pinchy Birdfaceman
Давно меня не было в платье)) Как вам такая опера? 🌹 мне прям очень нравится!
Cinderella leaves the party🌹 @catwalk_connection
Rate my dress from 1 to 10 💋
Well! ❤
The Angel of Music and #PhantomUSTour are coming to the City of Angels. Until then, revisit @latelateshow giving Phantom the Crosswalk Musical treatment. @JKCorden. Link in bio for full video.
Took my mom to see Fiddler on the Roof 🎻
Daddy daughter date night at Charlie and the chocolate factory #dadgoals #girlsrule
Curtain up