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Instagram photos and videos at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

When you’re pictured on a poster outside of the historic @hollywoodpantagestheatre and you’re trying to send that pic of yourself to your mama 😂 Thanks to everyone who came to our shows in LA! In one phrase, what would you say sums up the central message of the show?
This week has been filled with So. Much. Love! I am so grateful to all of these beautiful friends (who are my family!) for coming and supporting me in LA this week! Tour life (I’m learning) is no easy task, however it’s these little moments that make it all worth it. Thank you @the_metropolitan_hair_co for flying from AUSTRALIA to see me do what I love, you will never understand what that kind of love and sacrifice means to me. In this life we are nothing without the people that come into our stories for a reason, to help make us better people. This week has reminded me about my favorite thing about this crazy career and that is...bringing people together! This show is the biggest blessing that changes my life more and more with each passing day! ❤️❤️❤️
my girls, my guys, and everyone who hasn’t made their mind up yet 👠
Celebrated @blair_in_pieces on his birthday with dinner at @gmweho and then saw an incredible performance of @kinkybootsontour at the @hollywoodpantagestheatre ! 🥳 happy birthday! 🎁🎉🎂🎈
Be beautiful!!! #kinkyboots #pantagestheatre
Ladies, gentlemen and those who have yet to make up your minds, this was a great musical💋💃🏻👠#kinkyboots
Date Day!! My birthday gift (a few months later) from Doug. Loved seeing Kinky Boots!
What a great show! Must see every time it’s in town! Please come back ASAP! 😍😍💃🏿👠 #kinkyboots #kinkybootstour #kinkybootsus
Enjoying a fun girls day out! Brunch and Kinky boots! 👠
Gimme Jimmy Choo Choo Choo Choo Choo Shoes New York, Paris, Hong Kong ... 🎶. - from “The Sex is in the Heel” from Kinky Boots #kinkyboots
One of the highlights of our trip to LA this February break was seeing a national tour performance of Kinky Boots at the Hollywood Pantages. So great getting to see such skilled dancing and technical aspects!
Eu luto diariamente para um dia meu nome estar reconhecido entre as estrelas do meu esporte! 
Jiu Jitsu arte suave !
wicked 🕸 > the wizard of oz
Back at the Pantages with my theater buddy.
About to sit down to watch Kinky Boots with the always awesome @teenyweenymartini
One of the things on my bucket list is to watch more theater. Now i can say I watched this one 🥰 #kinkyboots #redboots #pantagestheatre #priceandsonshoes #queens
The best feeling in the world is seeing your friends live out their dreams so getting to see this beauty shine on stage last night in Kinky Boots was a dream. Bravo Kirby.💙⭐️
For the queen of break up songs she inspires a lot of love. #robyn
#Robyn knows how to pack the house!
When you both show up wearing knee high boots to see @kinkybootsontour — major nerd alert 🤓🚨😍
Frank Sinatra backstage at the 27th annual Academy Awards in 1955
Kickin’ It With My #kinkyboots....Minus The Stilettos🙄
#dancedancedance #performerslife 
Thanks for taking me @katyana.spruth!!! What a great show.  Awesome music by
@cyndilauper!!! Wow!
❝ I’ve been up and down in my life more than a roller coaster on the Fourth of July. At 38 years old, I was a has-been. Sitting at a phone that wouldn’t ring. Wondering what happened to all the friends who grew invisible when the music stopped. Finding out fast how tough it is to borrow money when you’re all washed up. My only collateral was a dream. A dream to end my nightmare. And what a dream it was. It began when I read an absolutely fascinating book written by a giant, James Jones. More than a book, it was a portrait of people I knew, understood and could feel, and in it I saw myself as clearly as I see myself every morning when I shave. I was Maggio. No matter who said what, I would prove it, no matter how many tests I was asked to make, no matter what the money. I was going to become Maggio if it was the last thing I ever did. 
It was Mercedes McCambridge who woke me out of the dream. I’ll thank her eternally for saying, “And the winner is Frank Sinatra for From Here to Eternity.” Talk about being born again. I couldn’t even share it with another human being. I ducked the party, lost the crowds, and took a walk. Just me and Oscar. I think I relived my entire life as I walked up and down the streets of Beverly Hills. Since that night, the roller coaster has evened out, and every day is the Fourth of July. I started out the decade as “the man least likely” and close it out as a grateful human being given a second shot at life. ❞.
Hello Dolly! Well, Hello Dolly... It's so nice to have you back where you belong! ✨💫💥✨ #HelloDolly
Kinky Boots
REEEEEEEED ✨ #thesexisintheheel
Always love seeing a show at the  #Pantages 🎭  #kinkyboots 👢such a great show! 👌🏼👏🏼🙌🏼 this time with #amiga @brigitte_briones  thank you for my #xmaspresent  chica 👯‍♀️🎁 💝
We got our KINKY BOOTS on!! I wish this musical was in town for longer. I’d tell you to not walk.... but RUN to go see it!! @missgemmabemma @kinkybootsbway @kinkybootsontour @hollywoodpantagestheatre
“Ladies, Gentlemen, and those who have yet to make up their minds. As people all over the world clamor for Kinky Boots” 👠👞👢💃❤️
𝔹𝕠𝕠𝕥𝕤! I think this is one of my top favorites! 💃👠
#pantages #kinkyboots #hollywood #gayboy #gays #homoaf #lgbt #gaylatino #gay #weho #walkoffame
Girls night out seeing such an amazing show!!!! Easily in my top 5. But where?  Hmmm.....
kinky! (👢)
The 👌🏻 Friday evening 🎭!!! Finally got to see this show, not going to lie I do wish @markballas & @jpq22 were up on stage tonight 👊🏼 Great Show  #kinkyboots 👢
The most beautiful thing in the world ❤️
"You change the world when you change your mind..."
@cailbabe @hollywoodpantagestheatre @kinkybootsontour @kinkybootsbway
Date night!
Oh what a night💃🏽 DL seeing Kinky Boots!!👠🏙
@myk_drop pregaming before he goes kinky tonight!
These two are now season ticket holders for @hollywoodpantagestheatre! Thank you @miss_gianna for tonight’s tickets! ❤️ you! @kinkybootsontour #kinkyboots
“Just be who you wanna be, never let them tell you who you oughta be!” ❤️👠💋✨
Had such a blast seeing #KinkyBoots with @thecarlocruz last night! And seeing a friend rock some giant heels on the #Pantages stage was freaking awesome! So proud of @stephenvol4life! You’re a Star! Thanks for making this theater nerds day and bringing us backstage and on stage!
Lots of fun captions for this, but I’ll stick to the more obvious.. lol “Another great musical in the books w/ these ladies!” 😌👏🏽 So happy we got to squeeze this in last minute! // 022119
#kinkyboots had a fantastic time at the show! #pantagestheatre #theater
JUST BE! 🌟🌟🌟 Bravo to @hollywoodpantagestheatre for dancing along with us! ❤️ @lyndamonsterr @juknowjuloveme
Saw #KinkyBoots with the bestie @disnerdeddie at the Pantages tonight and got to go on stage and backstage! ❤️ #pantagestheatre
Kincky Boots and after show snack.
There I was. Enjoying the show. Minding my own damn business, when Mother Nature decided to kick down the Pantages theatre doors with her own red ass boots to deliver her shitty ass gift.
Thanks to a hand warmer I had, the cramps weren’t so bad the rest of the show, but once it was done, they had no mercy on me. I couldn’t stand up straight anymore, I was crying, it was hard to breath, and I felt like I was going to fall over with every step I took. But now I’m home, feeling way better sitting on the floor next to my heater and eating In N Out 💁🏻‍♀️
“Accept someone just as they are.” 👠❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #kinkyboots was such a GREAT show!!!
3rd show of 2019 #KinkyBoots 👠
A series of trying to take a photo. #kinkyboots #pantagestheatre
It was awesome time for me. I met real broadway actress who is my professor’ student. she was nice in stage. I never forget today. I want to gain there and I want to watch the musical all about in Hollywood.👠
"the sex is in the heel"
Kinky boots!!!! Omg I had the best girls night tonight with these beauties! #kinkyboots
Happy cried and woo'd some real fierce boots
I’ve never wanted to dress in drag as much as right now #kinkyboots #kinkyme #pantagestheatre
“Everybody say YA!!”
#kinkyboots #hollywoodpantages #pantagestheatre
Swipe to see what my coworkers have labeled “doing the Tina”.
2nd time is the charm to see Act 1. #kinkyboots #pantagestheatre #la #hollywood #theatre
On a school night? What? #KinkyBoots at #Pantages Theatre.
been waiting for this for three months! eeeeeee! #broadwaybaby #ilovemarquees
the fact that i could barely walk in these shoes for a couple of hours and the @kinkybootsbway cast does it 8 shows a week blows my mind ✨👠
Super fun night last night at the Pantages Theatre seeing Kinky Boots! @hollywoodpantagestheatre @kinkybootsbway #kinkyboots #musical #theatre
💃🏽 Incredible night last night! Will admit I may have worn the wrong shoes 👠 
#kinkyboots #pantages #melissasfirstmusical
I’m so glad I finally got to see my buddy slay in Kinky Boots! Andrew, I don’t want to say I’m proud, cause I’ve told you that already but, I will say I’m so grateful of your genuine and uplifting friendship. I’m so glad we’re here at the same time! Ahhhhh! Much continued success and can’t wait until we get a chance to do something together ! 🙌🏾
#Kinkyboots #losangeles #friends #slay
More pics! Everyone was so incredible on stage...and after! ❤️
Almost 59 years ago, SPARTACUS premiered here! Would you look at that marquee? 😱 #tbt
Kinky Boots!
Some days you hang by a thread and on others you can swing on the chandelier. Last night was a chandelier night @littlebabyjlover @tylermarshallmusic #littlebabyj #lillatke #peacelovepositivity
I had so much fun watching Kinky Boots @hollywoodpantagestheatre !! 🥰👠👠 #kinkyboots #pantagestheatre #musical #averiwhite #bestdayever
Let love shine 🎭 -#kinkybootsbroadway
Had the BEST time seeing @ashleymarienorth kill it in Kinky Boots!!! Perfect Xmas present from @thejoaquindead2114 #kinkyboots #joaquins2ndmusical #moretocome
“If you hit the dust, Let me Raise You Up” 👠💋💄
I just love when things get kinky. 👠 
John's having too much fun at our much needed date night. #kinkyboots #datenight #tothetheatre #peopleperson #meninbootswelcomed
Just call me the “Show Watcher”
#tonightsagenda #kinkybootstour
I am so excited to see the Live Acton of Aladdin this year with Will Smith as Genie!! Aladdin is my second favorite Disney movie after Beauty and the Beast
I’m always thrilled by the Pantages Theater in LA! ❤️🤩 📸 @anorlen
It’s a pretty cool place to work. 🎟
One of the many perks of being in LA for a week is getting to catch up with these lovely ladies. Super thankful for Mark, Ashley, Charlette, and all of the wonderful people at KMR talent! It meant the world to me to have you in the audience last night!
Kinky Boots!👢💕
How cute is my mom♥️🌹
I’m so fluffy, I’m gonna die. lol ☁️☁️
DOUBLE TAP if you want to hug me. ❤️
#piperrockelle #piperinstagram #josefapacheco
Tonight’s View! Celebrating client @actkenmos as the fabulous Lola/Simon with so many @fsetalent in @kinkybootsontour. #raiseyouup #whenyourglitterrusts #actor #agent #LAlife
Tonight was a total dream come true! LA, you are pretty damn special❤️ (and I got myself all settled in for the week, surrounded by love!😍) This is bliss! I. Love. My. Job! 👠
“You change the world when you change your mind” 
Phenomenal show .
Kinky booooots👠💄💋
The best decision I made in 2018 was to get season tix to @hollywoodpantagestheatre. First up @kinkybootsontour. The only show @jimmyjameslong requested we see. #pantagestheatre #kinkyboots #theatre
One of my favorite things about being on tour is getting to see so many incredible places. And this theater is definitely a dream come true. 💫 Thank you @hollywoodpantagestheatre #foofgetskinky #kinkybootstour #kinkyboots #hollywood #pantages
The Los Angeles clouds parted and the ANGELS have arrived!
Tomorrow we open at the historic @hollywoodpantagestheatre I am so excited! #kinkybootsus
What an amazing day yesterday was! Seeing @hellodollybway and saying hello to this stunning, brilliant and incredibly gracious legend! @blbuckley ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Spooky times at the Pantages 😈😂☠️. But like, thanks @bittybohn for the smoothie. @whitcoops #hellodollyontour 🎥cred: @kylesamuelnyc
There you have it! Thank you LA and @hollywoodpantagestheatre for hosting @hellodollybway! Onto the next one! #sanfrancisco
INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER // Tomorrow, @jarchibald_nyc (Angel/Ensemble) will be taking over Instagram Stories! Follow along for a glamorous behind-the-scenes look at opening night in LA! 🌟🌟🌟
#kinkyboots #kinkybootsus #kinkybootstour #hollywoodpantages
Last night in The Pantages 🌤♥️
#hellodollyontour #pantages #hollywood #LA #nevermarkyourjoy
Tʜᴇᴀᴛʀᴇ 🎭 ɪɴ Hᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅ 
#hollywood #theatre
Me keeping my cool in the lobby after a musical vs me exactly three feet out the door, already planning which song to replay one thousand and eight times on the car ride home.
“holy cabooses” i love the theater🤩🥰🤠
nothing like a sunday show!
It Only Takes A Moment
#AudreyHepburn and #GraceKelly backstage at the 28th Annual Academy Awards which took place in the RKO Pantages Theatre on March 21, 1956.
✨This is pure, classic, elegant Hollywood. Look at those dresses!
Grace presented Best Actor to Ernest Borgnine for “Marty,” and Audrey presented Best Picture for the same film.
The year before that, Audrey Hepburn won the best actress Oscar in “Roman Holiday” (1954).
📸The photos here were taken by @life magazine photographer Allan Grant.
Flew down from Vancouver to see my sister Betty Buckley in #HelloDolly tonight. She was great and I was moved. It was great spending time with my friends as well.
SO MUCH FRIEND PRIDE! There’s nothing like seeing people you know and love THRIVE. Didn’t realize how many beautiful friends I had in the Hello Dolly tour, but I couldn’t be more thrilled for all of them! ⁣
@kylesamuelnyc I love you. I am so proud of you. You deserve all the incredible things that come your way. You are joy and light and fun and I’m honored to know you. ⁣
@davis_wayne your talent is ridiculous and you shine on stage and off. You’ve the sweetest heart and I’m very grateful for how you bore with & encouraged me during Xanadu 😂⁣
My Poppins peeps! @garretthawe & Elizabeth.broadhurst Can you believe it’s been TEN years!? What an honor to know you both and see you still kicking butt at what you love! You both KILLED IT! You too @jessicasheridannyc!! Missed you! 😘⁣
Hello, Dolly! @hollywoodpantagestheatre was soo good last night!!❤️🧡💛 Merde to @kylesamuelnyc and @davis_wayne!! You both were great yesterday and you will be amazing tonight!
Got to see @madeapl in Hello Dolly last night! You are beautiful in this show my friend—you truly shine. So proud of you! #hellodolly #talentedfriends
Billy got me tickets to my 1st Broadway show for one of my Valentine’s gifts & I sobbed uncontrollably when he gave them to me. Chief called & you’re definitely it, brother #Dollystagram 🎼❤️
My eyes messed up my pics sometimes, probably because I was born on Friday 13😈or I'm half a cat 😼😁🤦🏼‍♀️ #hellodolly #theatrelover
It only takes a moment🌹
At opening for @rubenrojas with skippy? The dog!
sittin pretty....not really I have a broken tailbone and can’t sit properly lol
Great things never come from Comfort zones
Only 4 more months until @scpadance2 can say “so long dearie” to #timesthree
NAME your favorite musical you’ve seen live! GO! I think I found my new POWER outfit ✨ a night at the theatre is my favorite kind of night tbqh #bathroomselfie #fatfashion #ladyboss #latheatre
Lets just say I’ve admired this beautiful woman  for a very, very long time. Seeing @blbuckley in @hellodollybway tonight was a dream come true. A true legend in her own time. ❤️
at the Thea-tahh
About 👏🏽 Last 👏🏽Night 👏🏽 OPENING NIGHT of #HelloDolly at @hollywoodpantagestheatre 🎭 with the BEST DATE! ❤️ Brought back sooo many memories of playing the role of Ermengarde in my high school’s production of Dolly! Also, BETTY BUCKLEY IS A STAR ⭐️ @blbuckley 👏🏽
@lea_thompson keeps me weird, swipe over for proof
I saw the most glorious production of Hello Dolly imaginable tonight. My beautiful friend @blbuckley was beyond resplendent (And frankly, the new quintessential Dolly for me) Stellar cast. The show looked like it was painted by Leyendecker, peppered with Gibson girls. Everything theatre could ever hope to be... @hollywoodpantagestheatre thank you Benny and the whole #broadwayla family.
Well...Hello Dolly 🤗! Hello @blbuckley 😍 FABULOUS @hellodollybway Opening Night with @bdavidpaul @johnnynicoloro 👍 #hellodolly #pantagestheatre #hollywood
Dorothy would def have opted for pink #manolos if she’d had the option. #judygarland #wicked #hollywoodstars #theresnoplacelikehome
Being a California girl since November has been kinda fun, but I’m ready to trade the palm trees for the snow. Thanks LA for all of the wonderful memories. Until next time, xoxo #wickedthemusical
Took a #Wicked trip to Emerald City 💚 #RIPNessarose #ウィキッド
2018 me: Musicals are trash!!!
2019 me: ‘Wicked’ engulfs you as though you are worthwhile to receive this gift of quality talent. 
Thx for the Xmas gift @typicallauren!
Surprised my bestie @missa458 and showed up for her surprise birthday  @wicked_musical ! I saw this show when I was real little but I don’t really remember, so I’m so excited to see it again! Love the music, the message and everything about this show. Happy early birthday, BecBee. Love you to the moon and back.
(2/2) ...that I decided that I had to go back. Last night I did! @kellymargaretewing @whataboutbobs @lastguerilla_54
A night at the theater. Wicked at The Pantages. Viva took the last pic of us.
Opened our wicked Christmas gift from the kids tonight!
Flying high into our final weekend in LA! Thanks for defying our expectations, city of stars! 📸: Joan Marcus #elphaba #losangeles #witchesofinstagram #wicked
Last night was my first official night in Oz! My heart couldn’t be fuller. I fall more in love with this show each day and couldn’t be luckier to be supported by the most gracious and kind company who held my hand and cheered me on through the whole thing. There is simply no place like home and I am so lucky that I’ve found a new one here in Munchkinland, with this beautiful, talented, and inspiring new family I’ve inherited. The cherry on top was having my best friend in the audience, making the night extra special. It seems happy is in fact what happens when your dreams come true. Thank freaking goodness for last night - let’s do it again and again and again. 💚💕💚
No one morns the wicked.  Great night with the @eastside_cc team. #wicked #pantages  #hollywood #theater
✨ It’s just life, so keep dancing through ✨
what can i say it was a pretty wicked night with my mum♥️
#throwbackthursday to when I saw Wicked like 2 weeks ago 💚 1/6/19

Listening to the soundtrack between my classes, and remembering how beautiful it was!
HAPPY NATIONAL PIE DAY!! Here is a video of one of my first rehearsals desperately trying to remember words, props, which empty pie tin is what....and failing. #nationalpieday #dwyeratthediner #sugarbutterdwyer #sugarbutterfail @maxkumangai is the best though. 🥧♥️😊
I don’t know if I’ve been changed for the better, but because I knew you, I have been changed for g o o d 💚🖤 #WickedTheMusical #HollywoodPantagesTheater
yes hello my bright idea of taking a picture with the stage as the backdrop clearly worked out
theatre isn’t Noah’s favorite thing in the world so it means so much that he took me to see Wicked tonight! this show just doesn’t get old for me, regardless of how “overrated” it is. 7th time seeing it and I’ll continue to every time it’s in town. I still get alllll the goosebumps.
I couldn’t care less about most musicals... Found out Wicked isn’t most musicals 👏🏼
#wicked #pantagestheatre #la #hollywood #musical
Spent my 24th birthday with the cast of Wicked 💚 There's no place like HOME 💚 (21st show with a STELLAR cast!) #wickedmusical #hollywoodpantages #pantagestheatre
It's been a wild ride and a wicked time
A new leedle witch was shown how to defy gravity today. Time to take the training wheels off her broomstick.  #ifeelwicked #babywitchintraining #forgood
Vivienne got to meet The Wonderful Wizard of Oz last night!  The amazing @jasongraae1 was nothing but brilliant, and we had a lovely pre show date with the beautiful @kapostolina 
#luckygirl #wickedthemusical #thepantages #culturedarlingculture
When nini figures out the camera vs when she has it confused with the video. Lmao
 Photo cred AND video cred to @jenine_kriscasia 
Had the best time with my babies yesterday night. SO blessed to get to share these experiences with the ones I love most.
This musical is gonna be Wicked💚
#tbt to a fun afternoon seeing @wicked_musical with @reaganfernandez over Christmas break.  I think my favorite musicals are Wicked and Annie. What are yours?
After 15 years of marriage and 3 kids, we still try to carve out time for date night.  My man looked so handsome 😍 @wicked_musical was every bit as “wonderful” as I hoped for. @ivandeleonsr I love you for upgrading our seats so we could be closer to the stage 😘
Hollywood glam💋
This show was Wicked (I’m so sorry I had to do it 😬)
“To those who ground me, take a message back from me.” Thank you to @karalindsay1 for the backstage tour, I’ll never forget it. #Wicked
Today is a hard day.  It’s my mom’s (Avi’s grammy’s) 5 year angel-versary.  We all miss her everyday!  But we do things to honor her & make us feel close to her.  Like last night❤️ Avi’s grandpa & Grammy saw @wicked_musical for the first time in this exact theatre many years ago.  I couldn’t think of a better tribute to my mom.  Thank you so much @ellagross for letting me take the girls last night.  I will cherish this memory❤️ Love you mom, I miss you everyday.
Wickedly surprised to come across this star on our way to the theatre. #noahthijs #wickedthemusical #excitementalloverhim #thestarofmylife
I think I have some green on my face...#wicked #elphaba #witchesofinstagram #losangeles #twoshowday
Yesterday was amazing, I actually wanted to cry. Also we saw Michael Bublé's star and it was amazing , Vincent calls him Mr. Bubble though. Thank you guys for such an amazing gift I loved every moment of it ❤️ @mlr67 @_bleedsblue_ . As you can tell my vocabulary is limited as shown by my over use of the word amazing because I don't know any other synonyms 👍🏽
Got to see wicked tonight and visit the amazing @micccccmart! Thank you for the tour love! So good to see @philipdeanlightstone and @autumncrockettcooper onstage!
10 years ago, my mom took me to see the show that she'd been playing in the car since I was tiny: Wicked. One of my only vivid memories from that night was sobbing as everyone bowed because I didn't want it to be over (which I MAY have done again... lol). What I didn't know was what an impact that experience would leave on my life. 5 years later, I auditioned for my first show: Fame Jr. And since then, I knew I wanted to keep going. Wicked was my first ever experience with theater, and it introduced me to a community and career that I would fall in love with. 10 years later, I got to see it again, and it honestly felt unreal. Wicked has always and will always have a very special place in my heart. #Wicked @karalindsay1 @jackieburnsnyc @sillymili @wicked_musical
I saw Wicked tonight with some friends and it was SUCH a good time, I need to go to the theatre more ✨ can you recommended any shows I should go see next?
Had a wonderful birthday celebration today and over the past week which included 2 birthday cakes 🎂 🎂! Saw WICKED at Pantages with @keith__longo today 🖤  Thank you to my family, in-laws and husband who made it so special and to everyone who reached out😊 #cheers #birthday #30 #life
As a kid, my favorite game was dress up. As an adult, I could play everyday ☺️😍
Had the best time seeing #Wicked last night!!! Love a night at the theatre!!! #defyinggravity
It's undeniable, that the routines and traditions we expose our kids to, (good and bad) determine what kind of person they become in the long run. •

Jr and I have always loved to sing, mostly In the car... but when she was 7 years old, we went to @wicked_musical for the first time, and that was the first year she performed at her school's talent show, which I'm almost sure had everything to do with that night. •

Since then, she's sung at family events, performed at her high school's musicals, and through her childhood, instead of expensive clothes and things she would probably forget soon after, most of her birthday and Christmas gifts consisted of concert or musical tickets, which have become a tradition for us (#concertswithjr). •

She's now in college, with a major in business, but our musical nights always take us back to the years she insisted she would be on broadway one day. 🎶✨

I sometimes look around during a concert at all the kids that are there with their parents and think about all the different life opportunities they have just by being exposed to experiences rather than things. 💕 #wickedthemusical #wicked #losangeles
No matter how old I get— Wicked remains my favorite musical of all time. 💚✨ #Wicked #Unlimited
💚When I’m with you, I defy gravity💚 #wicked
This show is magical! I loved everything! @traemallari & the whole cast is amazingly talented! Thank you for the backstage tour ❤️ #WICKED