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"I'm a cool mom" 😘
😂😂😂😂 What’s the name of this movie ?
“Take a pic with ur waifu”
Comedy level 1000....!!#arresteddevelopment
Yeah I done been through it all
Every brick in the wall
Got a bitch I'mma call when I'm tryna fuck
You ain't shit to the God, need to get you a job
'Cause you live in the mall, bills pile up
I'mma chill in the spot, with a spliff I been lifted a lot
But I'm still not high enough


Since I came in the game they been sour
I'm the plug, get your motherfuckin' power up
Mind your business, you in my office
And I go get it, I need all it
I stay lifted, smoking, sipping
Fixes fixing all my problems

#514 #MTL
don't you hate it when you break your G string
Take a shot every time some girl from Temecula dyes their hair pink and thinks it suddenly makes them interesting.