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What a great Team @angie.kerber @alexzverev123 ❤️☺️🎾
Caption this 😂⬇️
It’s always that time of year where almost everyone catches the tennis bug and here I am entering the new year being surrounded by so many hard working people (including you @rogerfederer 😉) starting off the year feeling so inspired that I want to bring the Cup home with me lol 🏆
Best Mixed Doubles we have seen in a while 🔥🙌🎾@hopmancup 
Enjoy these two points from the tiebreak! 😎
#tennis #federer #bencic #kerber #zverev
Via: @juniortennispros
🇬🇷🎾💪🏼 @hopmancup | #hopmancup
WHAT. A. WEEK!!!! 🎾😊 it was so much fun but also fairly nerve-racking at times, commentating matches and interviewing the players on-court 🤪🌟 I am extremely grateful to Todd and Fitzy, two of the best broadcasters helping me all week and guiding me through this media gig while I’m still learning 👊 back home in Sydney now and super excited see my family ❤️ #hopmancup #perth #summeroftennis #backatittomorrow #igottointerviewroger #somethingtoshowbabywhenitsborn
Spotted: courtside of the Mastercard @hopmancup. Here's to another year of legends on and off the court. #hopmancup
Roger on press conference: "I love this beginning of the season" ♥️♥️♥️
An incredible week in Perth for the Hopman Cup 🏆🇨🇭☀️😃
#hopmancup #anotherdayinwa #stats
WIN is a result of being hard trained! Is not easy
🏆 CAMPEÕES 🇨🇭! Com show de Roger Federer a Suíça bateu a Alemanha e conseguiu o bi da Copa Hopman. Federer jogou muito contra Zverev, e depois de ver Kerber bater Belinda Bencic, o suíço foi peça fundamental na vitória nas duplas mistas. #SET #SomosTenis #HopmanCup
YESSSS! THEY DID IT! Roger and Beli defeat Germany on a tremendous battle. The final score was 4-0/1-4/4-3(4)
ALLEZ 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭
Boys got their dream of performing at the Hopman Cup in front of thousands 😂 #hopmancup #tennis #ymca @hopmancup
Riparte la stagione di Alexander Zverev con la Hopman Cup, dove Sascha, insieme ad Angelique Kerber, ha difeso i colori della propria nazione. Dopo aver disputato un grande torneo, i tedeschi devono purtroppo arrendersi in finale alla Svizzera. Sascha in singolare ha battuto Ferrer, Pouille ed Ebden mentre è stato sconfitto da Federer 🎾💪🏻
The mixdouble decisive for the title will start in a few minutes! Let’s go BENDERER!! - - - Follow us for news photos and videos of the GOAT. #federer #rogerfederer #tennis #goat
Un Federer super brilliant batte Zverev 6-4 6-2  e vince la sua 22esima partita consecutiva in terra Australiana. 
Va assolutamente tenuto conto che è un torneo di esibizione, e i giocatori sono alle prime partite dell’anno, ma questo Federer - almeno in termini di condizioni fisiche - non deve temere il confronto con nessuno. 
Sarà davvero interessante vedere cosa riuscirà a tirar fuori dal cilindro il Re a 37 anni suonati. 
Hopman Cup Final 🎾🏆 Switzerland 🇨🇭 V Germany 🇩🇪 #hopmancup
Not Garbi’s best performances this week, but despite that, it was a great week! Also her match against Cornet was really good en her doubles matches with Ferrer were really fun to watch! We we’re taking positive things with us to Syndey next week! Hope she play well there! Love u❤️ #garbinemuguruza #hopmancup #hopmancup2019 #davidferrer
🇩🇪 REVANCHE? 🇨🇭 A Alemanha terá a chance de revanche na Copa Hopman. Isso porque Alexander Zverev e Angelique Kerber conseguiram boas vitórias e classificaram os germânicos para enfrentar a Suíça de Roger Federer. No ano passado, os helvéticos levaram a melhor. #hopmancup #somostenis #SET
What a week at the Hopman Cup! Fantastic event and a ton of fun helping team Greece get a cheeky win over Roger “🐐” Federer. @hopmancup #Team🐍 🇬🇷🔥🎾 #gettyimages
Mad week at the #hopmancup 
#2019 is already 🔥
Unreal sharing a court with the 🐐 @rogerfederer
📂 Bucket list items
└📂 2019
└📂 Hopman Cup
└✅ Share the court with freaking Roger Federer
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What an unforgettable night!
So much fun watching the tennis tonight! #teamgreece🇬🇷 #hopmancup #lululemonausnz
Still can’t get a good photo. #bestbitch #gobacktomelbournealready
A night watching the #goat @rogerfederer #baselboy 🇨🇭#hopmancup
What a privilege to be sharing the court with @serenawilliams today. She was one of the reasons I started playing tennis, and has been an inspiration to me throughout my whole career. 🙏🏼
Federer batte Tsitsipas con un doppio tiebreak e consegna il punto alla sua Svizzera. Bella partita, con scambi molto pesanti da fondo ed un paio di magie sotto rete del maestro che valgono il prezzo del biglietto. Federer sembra in ottima condizione(come di consueto nelle ultime stagioni). Il foot work è quello dei tempi migliori, il dritto è tornato a schioccare con un impatto ben centrato ed il servizio sembra essere tornato un vero fattore. Torneo d’esibizione è vero, ma l’avversario odierno aveva le armi per mettere in difficoltà Roger, che, se dovesse restare in tali condizioni, potrà disputare un ottimo AO. #iostoconroger 
Il vostro admin Tommaso Lella
Great job @katiecboulter and @norriee 😊 Victory over the Team USA!! 🏆
So premium @lululemonausnz i love my seats!!! #hopmancup #switzerland🇨🇭 #greece🇬🇷
With @olympiaohanian, @alexisohanian and @realqaiqai cheering in the stands, @serenawilliams improves her singles record to 3-0 at #HopmanCup. ❤😘 #serenawilliams #realqaiqai #alexisohanian #olympiaohanian
🤳 Le plus grand selfie de l’histoire du tennis, un selfie à 43 victoires en grand chelem...
Two matches @hopmancup. And two straight-sets wins for @ashbar96. 
#HopmanCup #AshBarty #Perth #tennis #backhand #Australia #GoAussies
Buon 2019 Rogeriani! #iostoconroger
Fly in day 🤗 mini vacay to Esperance in T-minus 12hrs and Hopman Cup 🙌🏼 great start to 2019 ✌🏼
Roger Federer’s wish has finally been granted – he got the chance to return Serena William’s powerful serve. The tennis legends, who have won 43 grand slam singles titles between them, met on court for the first time in a Hopman Cup mixed doubles match between Switzerland and the United States on New Year's Day in Perth.
Tickets to the match sold out quickly, and afterwards @rogerfederer and @serenawilliams were full of praise for one another, and even took a selfie to commemorate their first ever encounter across the net from each other on Tuesday. Click through to their profiles to see the results of this selfie, which they both posted on their own accounts. "🐐vs 🐐. The 🐐 won," wrote Serena Williams.
🇨🇭ENCONTRO DE GIGANTES 🇺🇸 Mais uma grande partida de Roger Federer na Hopman Cup! O suíço venceu bem o norte-americano Frances Tiafoe com 6/4 e 6/1. Depois Federer viu Serena bater Belinda Bencic com  4/6, 6/4 e 6/3. E no tão esperado duelo entre Roger e Serena, melhor para o suíço com 4/2 e 4/3 (5-3). #somostenis #SET
Just brilliant to watch two of the best last night play together on such a historic occasion @hopmancup @rogerfederer @serenawilliams #lovetennis #favouritetimeofyear
Williams, playing for the United States alongside Frances Tiafoe, went head to head with Federer, representing his home county of Switzerland alongside Belinda Benic. The Swiss pair won 2-1. 🐐🐐 🎾 (📸: Getty Images)
Federer fa doppietta anche oggi in quel di Perth. Lo svizzero prima sconfigge Tiafoe per 6-4 6-1, successivamente batte, insieme alla Bencic, la coppia S.Williams - Tiafoe nel doppio misto. #iostoconroger
Serena Williams on Roger #Federer: "The guy is great. He’s the greatest of all time to be honest. Both on the court and off the court, he has such charisma. There’s a reason he’s the greatest. I watch him all the time but I never knew how great he was!" #rogerfederer #serenawilliams #hopmancup
Roger #Federer on Serena Williams: "Great champion, you can see how determined and focused she is – I love that about her. People talk about her serve so much and I see why it’s such a wonderful serve – you just can’t read it." #hopmancup #rogerfederer #serenawilliams
Selfie da 43 Slam! 😱🎾📱#federer #williams #hopmancup #tennis #selfie #rogerserena #federerwilliams
Oh what a night🎾🔥 @serenawilliams
She is back with a win 🦋👑 in Perth- @hopmancup ! On Dec. 31st USA 🇺🇸 (Serena) defeated GREECE 🇬🇷 (Maria Sakkari) in straight sets. She made a bit more errors than expected, but she stayed focused and stated that it was normal since its was her first match in a while 👍🏾 Right now she is playing against SWITZERLAND 🇨🇭 (Belinda Bencic) so make sure to WATCH! 🎾
#serenawilliams #serena #williams #perth #hopmancup #roundrobin #hopman #cup #usa #swiss #greece #mariasakkiri #belindabencic #bencic #belinda #switzerland #australia #tennis #wta #justdoitserena #nike #queen
Hoje na foi dia de Serena Williams na Hopman Cup, a norte-americana abriu o dia da competição ao bater a grega Maria Sakkari com parciais de 7/6 (7-3) e 6/2. Mas os gregos viraram com grande atuação de Stefanos Tsitsipas que bateu Frances Tiafoe e jogou muito bem nas mistas. #somostenis #SET
Parte con una vittoria in doppio  il 2019 di Roger Federer. Lo svizzero, insieme a Belinda Bencic, hanno sconfitto la coppia Norrie - Butler. 
Chi ben comincia... #iostoconroger
Last minute decision to go to the Hopman Cup to see my woman Serena 😍🇺🇸🎾
tennis tinngss P.S. HNY :))
🏆 CAMPEÕES ON FIRE 🇨🇭! Bom começo para os atuais campeões da Copa Hopman. Roger Federer e Belinda Bencic venceram os três duelos contra os britânicos Katie Boulter e Cameron Norrie. Destaque para o ex-número 1 que precisou de apenas 54 para marcar um duplo 6-1 contra Norrie. #somostenis #SET
No primeiro duelo deste domingo na Copa Hopman, a equipe alemã de Angelique Kerber e Alexander Zverev não deu chances aos espanhóis Garbiñe Muguruza e David Ferrer, vencendo as duas partidas de simples e também a de duplas mistas, garantindo assim a liderança do Grupo A. #somostenis #SET
That moment you take a catch from @rogerfederer 👏🤲
#Tennis #HopmanCup
@rogerfederer atropela @norriee por duplo 6/1 e a Suíça bate a Grã-Bretanha na @hopmancup #Perth #RogerFederer #Federer #HopmanCup #peRFect
Sweet passing shot set point for @davidferrer1982 against @alexzverev123 at @hopmancup
#tennis #tenis #hopmancup #ferrer
🎥 @pavelliam and all credits to @hopmancup
Hopman Cup 🎾🌏
@alexzverev123 venceu @davidferrer1982 por 6/4 4/6 7/6 e garantiu a vitória da Alemanha contra a Espanha #Zverev #HopmanCup #Perth #Germany
Garbi lost her first official match of the 2019 season😞 from Angie Kerber 2-6, 6-3, 3-6. But it was a great fight! Next match 🔜 mixed doubles with Ferrer againt Kerber/Zverev! 
#garbinemuguruza #hopmancup #hopmancup2019
After 701 days, we can officially say it: @serenawilliams is back playing tennis in Australia 🙏
Winners are grinners 😁 Australia d France 2-1 to begin their @hopmancup campaign.
#barty #ebden #perth #hopmancup #australia #goaussies #ashbarty #mattebden
Roger no solo te acepta la selfie 🤳🏼 el mismo te la saca.
🇬🇧 SHOW BRITÂNICO 🇬🇧! Na abertura da @hopmancup a equipe formada por Katie Boulter e Cameron Norrie levaram a melhor sobre os gregos Maria Sakkari e Stefanos Tsitsipas, 2 a 1. Veja como foram os jogos no APP 📲(link na BIO). #SET #SomosTenis
Today was funnn. It’sss a day one GB win 🇬🇧💪🏼🤪
Katie lost to M. Sakkari but she and C. Norrie beat Team Greece. ❤ Let's go Team GB!! 🇬🇧 Sakkari vs Boulter 6/0 4/6 6/2

Sakkari and Tsitsipas vs Boulter and Norrie 3/4 4/3 3/4
Net coverage from @stefanostsitsipas98 at the @hopmancup ⚡️
So happy meeting my idol today!!🤩
We want you to enjoy less this summer! Less FOMO, less sweat, less queues and less bank. Which is why we'll be at the Mastercard @hopmancup 🎾 serving up seat upgrades, fans, sweat bands and more. #BankLessSummer
Subject to availability. T&Cs apply.
Naomi’s first tournament of 2018 was Hopman Cup where she represented her country with Yuichi Sugita🎌 #teamnaomi#throwback
Are you excited? @serenawilliams and @rogerfederer are set for a New Year’s Day match-up at Mastercard #HopmanCup 2019.
The tennis family is sad to hear of the passing of Lucy Hopman at the age of 98. An amazing life dedicated to promoting the sport she loved and the legacy of her legendary husband Harry. Condolences to her family and friends.
Where's the ball!? 😂😂❤ #NoleAna #tb #love #HopmanCup
What a hit. Our Friday started sweating it out on the practice courts of Perth Arena before the pros took the courts at the Mastercard @hopmancup yesterday. Led by ambassadors @katackroyd, @erin_arnol and legacy ambassador @_d_o_n_n_a_b we hosted a group of 40 on the courts, and were joined by the talented @maddyinglis.
Little did we know that we would be watching the Perth local, Maddy play on the court only hours after, filling in mixed doubles to face the worlds best male and female players again. Catch our story highlight for more of our Mastercard @hopman cup highlights. #mindsweatmatch⠀
Featured: @maddyinglis wearing the 'perfect match': Sculpt Tank II, Fast Paced Run Visor and the Circuit Breaker Skirt. Available in select stores.
Allez Les Suisses! 🇨🇭 Watching the finals with the legend @rogerfederer WINNING the Hopman Cup was epic. 🎾🥇 #wearethechampions #rogerfederer #hopmancup #hopmancup2018
Sealed with a Swiss kiss 😘 🏆🇨🇭 #HopmanCup #7Tennis #Federer #Bencic #TeamSwitzerland
Cheering on @rogerfederer at the #hopmancup #hewon
Сборная Швейцарии по теннису в составе Роджера Федерера и Белинды Бенчич одержала победу над командой Германии в финале Кубка Хопмана, проходившего в Австралии. 
Подробнее -
Well done Switzerland 🇨🇭 @hopmancup
Tennis Finals - Makes me feel like playing tennis again! Go Federer! 👊
She is on fire!🔥Angie has taken down Bencic 6-4 6-1🎉great to see her in such a good form👍she has been playing fantastic all #hopmancup the mixed doubles here we go!
Thanks @hopmancup for such a great event and experience!Enjoyed every moment of it!👏🏻🙌🏻 Off to Auckland ✈️ #TeamRussia @nastia_pav
Super tennis umpire and super cool dude, Carlos Ramos, decided to challenge Arden to some table tennis backstage at @hopmancup 
Needless to say, they both gave eachother some lessons that day...😉🤘
@hopmancup #tennis #goodtimes!
After dropping the first set to World No. 4 Zverev in the @hopmancup final, Roger Federer produces a masterpiece to win 6-7, 6-0, 6-2. Comment with a 🇨🇭if you think he and @belindabencic will give Switzerland their first title here in 16 years! (📸: @rogerfederer)

actually me bc it’s so hot today. 🌞
Collage of Naomi playing at #hopman cup cos why not. ☝️
Naomi has been drawn Yulia Putinseva in R1 of Hobart. 🐨🇦🇺
Angie and Sascha are into the Hopman Cup final #wta #teamangie #angiekerber #angeliquekerber
Poor Sascha ! 😂😂😂 @alexzverev123 @belindabencic @hopmancup #hopmancup2017 #service #tennis 🎾🎾
RҒ - He might have just won Switzerland 🇨🇭 a place in the finals for the @Hopman Cup on Saturday. 
But on Thursday, World number two, Rᴏɢᴇʀ Fᴇᴅᴇʀᴇʀ, 36, cut a relaxed figure in a preppy-style outfit as he walked from Perth‘s Crown Towers, after beating out competitor Jack Sock in front of a record crowd at the tournament.

The handsome tennis star walked casually as he left the complex, dressed in a pair of Nike-branded blue tennis shorts, a patterned T-shirt and his signature lilac-coloured sports jacket. 😊

#Swaggerer 😎
I'll take 1 Fed express with Swiss cheese on top please 😍🧀 🎾#hopmancup #2018 #tennis #rogerfederer #greatest
Cheers to Coopers for the awesome box seats 🎾🍻
Noite mágica em #Perth ✨🇦🇺🎾
14.029 fãs foram assistir a vitória de @RogerFederer e @BelindaBencic, que garantiram vaga na final da @HomanCup. Novo recorde de público do torneio!
Hopman cup with this little cutie 🎾 🇨🇭 🇺🇸
When you realize you're in the finals on Saturday😁😎💥 #hopmancup #switzerland #benderer @belindabencic
We get by with a little help from our friends.
Invicto na @HopmanCup! 🇨🇭💪🏻🎾
@RogerFederer começou o ano voando e venceu nesta quinta sua terceira partida seguida, em Perth, contra Jack Sock. Quem segura o maestro?
Sunset negronis 🌅
#negronis #perthisok #ezrapound #sunset #missthis
In case i haven't made my stance clear- @rogerfederer is King 👑
Thanks @lululemonausnz @lululemon for the amazing seats! #mindsweatmatch #hopmancup
“It’s like my real second dream come true!”
🙋🏼🙋🏽‍♂️Hands up if meeting @rogerfederer would be a dream come true for you?! •
#7Tennis #HopmanCup #RogerFederer #RF #Federer #DreamComeTrue
not so baby sis 🍼
a cutie smile to brighten up your day😍heres some pictures of Angie's training today☀
photos taken by @garrysoetanto thanks a lot😘
#angeliquekerber #teamangie #hopmancup
Congrats to Elise Mertens and David Goffin for the 3:0 win over Australia! It was a very hard fight and a good match from both! Big congrats💪💪 and let's go against Canada!😊😊
Flashing lights.
Perth Hopman Cup🇦🇺
a doubles full of laughter and only one of many aces #hopmancup @angie.kerber @alexzverev123 @geniebouchard @vasek.pospisil
Just one hour!🔥Angie defeated Genie Bouchard 6-1 6-3 and gives #teamgermany a 1-0 lead. Stay tuned for the doubles✌🏻
#angeliquekerber #teamangie #hopmancup
Evidence @rogerfederer is not only the greatest on earth - of would seem otherworldly creatures feedback his press conferences too!
#7Tennis #HopmanCup #AusOpen #Roger #Federer #RogerFederer #GOAT #PressConference #Aliens #StarWars #WeComeInPeace
Just watching some Federer guy 🤔🎾
All smiles as #Benderer complete the sweep 4-3(1) 3-4(3) 4-1 for #TeamSwitzerland in the mixed doubles 🤗 #HopmanCup
Belinda 👏👏👏 @Regranned from @hopmancup -  A blistering performance from @belindabencic, getting the job done 6-1 and looking ever-dangerous out there on @pertharena. #HopmanCup - #regrann  #EMPIRETennisAcademy #tcempiretrnava #tennis
Love the @hopmancup? 🎾 The @aperolspritzau Pop Up Garden is on again at the @pertharena during the games! 👏🏼🌈 Stop by for noms + a thirst quencher before heading in 👊🏼✨ #PERTHGRUB #MELBGRUB #AperolSpritzAu #HopmanCup #PerthArena
🇨🇭Today, a childhood dream came true🇨🇭#kingfed #fedexpress #hopmancup  @rogerfederer
LIfe is better when you're laughing 💞#TBT @hopmancup 2013👑 #NoleAna #lovelove
#ActualidadESPNTenis #Tenis 👏🏼👏🏼 @rogerfederer. ¡Triunfo suizo 6-3 y 7-6 (8) ante @karenkhachanov en su segunda presentación en la Copa #Hopman! Por ahora, 2018 peRFecto para Su Majestad. 👑🔮 #TENISxESPN
It was fun being on the same side today 🇺🇸🇦🇺 @therealpatcash
#ActualidadESPNTenis #Tenis ¡Yo a vos te conozco! Lesionado Jack #Sock, un tal Pat #Cash volvió a las canchas: la leyenda australiana formó pareja con Coco #Vanderweghe para enfrentar a #Japón por la Copa #Hopman. ¿El resultado? Derrota 0-4, 4-3 (2) y 4-0 ante Maddison #Inglis y Yuichi #Sugita. Anecdótico. Lo lindo es ver en escena a estos genios del tenis... 🔮🔝🙌🏼 #TENISxESPN
Hopman Cup 🎾 with @victoriapayne_
Angie won her singles match against Mertens in straight sets. She and Sascha won their mixed doubles match as well 📸ratedrhero on Twitter #wta #angiekerber #angeliquekerber #teamangie
Elise lost with Team Belgium🇧🇪 and David Goffin against Germany 1:2, first it was a very close match between Elise and Kerber, she lost 2 times in Tiebreak 6-7 6-7. Then David Goffin beat Zverev 6-3 6-3, and in the final Mixed doubles Elise and David lost after a great fight 2-4 and 3-4. It was a lost, but still much experience for Elise! Congrats for that, it could also had gone the other way today!
Good luck in the next matches against Australia and Canada @mertenselise and  @david__goffin !💪💪😄
Team 🇷🇺 last night ✨🕺🏼@hopmancup
I love Naomi and Yuichi as a team. 💓🎾
strike a fierce pose @naomiosakatennis at the Hopman Cup new years party event. 🎊
how exciting was Naomi’s mixed doubles match partnered with Sugita against Fed & Bencic? 🇯🇵 V 🇨🇭
happy new year @naomiosakatennis ! I wish you will hit many more aces this 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣! 😉
Angie and Sascha at a Hopman Cup event #wta #angiekerber #angeliquekerber #teamangie
Don't miss our fearless #HopmanCup predictions that are up on the site. 100% accuracy guaranteed. 🎆🥂
#ActualidadESPNTenis #Tenis Una de cal y una de arena para @the_kokk1 en su estreno en la Copa #Hopman. El joven local superó 6-4, 3-6 y 6-3 a @vasek.pospisil y perdió en el dobles, junto a @daria_gav, 4-3 (1) y 4-3 (4). 🇦🇺💪🏼 #TENISxESPN
#ActualidadESPNTenis #Tenis ¡Siempre él! Quien sea que esté jugando, las cámaras siempre van a tener un lugar reservado para Roger Federer. 📹👑🔝 #TENISxESPN
Team #Benderer for the @hopmancup title? @rogerfederer and @belindabencic scored singles wins over Sugita and Osaka to defeat Japan 3-0. Send this Swiss pair a 🏆 if you think they can start the 2018 season with a title!

👊🏽| This is Noami slaying Roger Federer, I can’t stop watching this oml. @naomiosakatennis
Tennis got me glowing 🎾
Team @rogerfederer
Service - volley peRFectly done by @RogerFederer recorded by @performancepilates 📽️
Send us your videos for a feature! #AusOpen #hopmancup
First win of the 2018 season 💪🏻 @hopmancup #TeamUSA #TeamYonex #TeamEbix #TeamAsics #TeamMasimo
Can you hear those wins from Australia? @cocovandey and @jacksock open up the  @hopmancup with singles victories over Pavlyuchenkova and Khachanov to defeat Russia 2-1. Send these Top 10 Americans a 🏆 if you think they can start the 2018 season with a title!

My week at the tennis starts today 🎾Back at the @hopmancup playing for @aperolspritzau from today - January 5th 2018
#spotoftennis #daydjing #aperolspritz #hopmancup
Great view for #federer v @the_kokk1 during yesterday's practice session @hopmancup
#tennis #tenis #hopmancup
Credit to @davidfallon86
Repost from @ausopentv
Building some team chemistry💪🇨🇭
Arrived in Perth 🇦🇺@hopmancup !Good practice with @david__goffin today👍🏻#HopmanCup
Roger Federer in peRFect action 🍇
#AusOpen #australianopen #AusOpenseries 📽️ Recorded by @redundant_k
#tbt Hopman Cup 2013: Adore these two @anaivanovic @djokernole ❤🙌✨#NoleAna #lovelove
Genie and Vasek will team up once again and represent Canada @hopmancup in January! 😁 #Bouchard #pospisil #HopmanCup #Perth
A shot of espresso, @serenawilliams? Team @lavazzaaus are happy to serve ☕️ #InternationalCoffeeDay @hopmancup
Newest Australian doubles team pre-game @aperolspritzau #clubaperol #summerinaglass #deucemate