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Soo, little fact about us. We’re not really kid people. And I’m not saying we don’t want kids (Edmond wants 3, I’m like 😳). BUT, we decided to have an ✨adult only✨ wedding. Yep, totally kid free. 
x there weren’t any kids 😉 
x no crying babies in the middle of ceremony 👶🏻
x no parents chasing toddlers the whole night. 
x kid friendly music was not a concern 
x parents could solely focus on themselves and enjoy the night kid free. 
x CONS: 
x what do out-of-town families do with their kids for the night? (dm for what we did)
x You could be offending your family by not inviting their kids. 
x Parents that don’t have easy access to sitters don’t know what to do. 
Overall- some guests struggled with this concept, but, a lot of parents were thrilled to have a night off. We stuck to our gut and did exactly what we wanted to do. 
Anyone else not really ‘kid’ people?
A little rainy but still super beautiful!  #horsedisneyland #rainydays #greenmountains #bae
Ollie enjoying the grass after Thermal. #horsedisneyland #happyplace #salud
The best day of our lives ❤️
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you know you landed your punch line.
The RELIEF I felt when he laughed like this was enormous. I was so nervous none of my jokes were going to land and I would be embarrassing myself at my own wedding. Turns out, I’m pretty funny 🤣. And yes, that’s me dropping the mic at the end. No shame. 🎤 
Are you writing your own vows?
Is it just me, or did everyone also realize how addicted they are to Instagram yesterday? I couldn’t load activity, couldn’t share a story, couldn’t post a photo. I thought the world was ending 😉. After a while though it actually made me want to take a break from IG all together, because frankly, I didn’t like how obsessive I had become over this app. 
🙅🏻‍♀️ But let’s be real. I’m way too in love with the community here and the wonderful souls I get to interact with every day. That being said. Yesterday’s post is now today’s post as promised. I want to address a WEDDING question that I was asked a lot about: 💰MONEY SAVING TIPS 💰. Weddings are freking expensive guys. I definitely was one of those brides that knew the wedding industry was pricy, but still got suckered in and went over budget. When things started getting too tight, I adjusted and quickly became VERY decisive. 
x NO- we don’t need an engraved cake knife. 
x NO- we don’t need specialty drink stirrers. 
x NO- we don’t need “bride & groom” on the back of our chairs, I think everyone will know WHO WE ARE. 
x AND say NO to party favors. Who the heck came up with that idea anyway? 
Swipe to see some suggestions I shared in my story recently for ways to save money. Comment below with any specific items you’re questioning and I’ll let you know my thoughts!
Beautiful venue, @hummingbirdnestranch with lovely couple and awesome vendors!! Venue : @hummingbirdnestranch 
Planning & Coordinate : @velvetalleyevents 
Photographer : @chrisseidphotography 
Videography : @brandvideography 
Rental : @arentalconnection 
Catering : @24carrotscatering 
DJ : Jerry Gutierrez
MC/Host : Emcee Emi
Cake : @skiffscakes
Looking back on the past 6 months and it truly has been marital bliss! We traveled to Asia, moved into our home, and created the most precious blessing, a baby GIRL! 💕
I love you beyond measure @tjsica17 and thank God each day for you. Thank you for making all of my wildest dreams come true. 

#HeidAndSica #BabySica #091418
Hello Friend!! What a memory... an 🐘 at your wedding!!
🍽@arentalconnection @arcbob
Mom & Dad

Had the best time last night celebrating my beautiful friend @natashakashanian & Amir last night. Hands down best wedding ever. I love, love 💕
Nesting #natasha&amir
celebrating love 💕 #idocrew
I look like BAE 🔥💍🏆
Make your wedding experience YOUR OWN. 
x My bridesmaids wore white 
x Our best friend married us 
x We swapped cake for desserts 
x I DIDN’T have a bridal shower!
x Something old, something new -🙅🏻‍♀️ no thanks. 
x No snail mail. Guests RSVP’d on our website! It’s 2019 people. 
x No garter or bouquet toss 🙅🏻‍♀️
x Swapped guest book for a photo-booth! @mirmirphoto 
I learned through the process of planning that there are so many “traditional” wedding components that just didn’t resonate with me. This is even more true when you combine classic wedding traditions with religious or cultural customs. My best advice is to DO YOU. Keep the traditions that you love, and forego the ones you don’t. It’s your day. Make it your own. 
I’d love to dive deeper into any of the bullets I mentioned above. So let me know if you have q’s for me! 💋
This is what wedding dreams are made of. Sunset. Candlelight. Florals. A canopy of twinkling lights overhead. Good food and drinks. Perfect mood music. And guests gasping as they walk into this reception. All of my wedding dreams came true the moment @lauren_rote hired me on and shared her vision. Our aesthetic totally aligned and magic was made ✨ check out her feed for more of this dreamy day!! 📷 @jordanvoth
Time to throw it back to one of the most fun weekends I’ve had. Such an honor to officiate one of my favorite couple’s wedding. When’s the next person in this group getting married? Ready for round ✌🏻. #matchmadeinheavin #hummingbirdranch #wedding #lovelife #livelife
You guys voted for more wedding content. So let’s do it! (I could talk about my wedding forever, but I don’t want to bore you! Just ping me if it’s overkill). 😝
B r i d e Speech! How many of you gave your own speech at your wedding reception? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I LOVE that it’s becoming more & more popular for brides to give her own speech. It’s incredibly empowering & you feel like a bada$$. Does public speaking terrify the shit out of you? SAME 🙅🏻‍♀️. But I told myself, “Lauren, you’re doing this. Get your butt up there.” One of these days I’ll put my speech on YouTube so I can talk about how I structured it. ✨Snaps for this?✨
What do you think about giving your own speech? There’s a lot of brides that I’ve talked to recently on here, so tell me what you think!
Fun last lesson before we leave for the second half of Thermal! #teamstoria #happyplace #lovemyjob
Rustic meets Elegant! Very enchanting on the peppertree lawn at Sitting Bull
🍽@arentalconnection @arcbob @mtb_event_rentals @otisandpearl @rentalavenue
Event Designer @fancyfetela
New wedding video is up! Thank you @lovestylefilms! We love it! #wrightforeachother Full video:
Shades of grey. Ollie and Michelle are color coordinated with the sky. #shadesofgrey #horsedisneyland #happyplace #hunterjumpers
Happy Golden Birthday to this little unicorn!  #happybirthday #unicorn
Lake Storia featuring some ducks. #rainydays #horsedisneyland #happyplace
Welcome to Horse Disneyland perfect boy!  #glorydays #aohunter #newimport #horsedisneyland #lovemyjob
Tag your Galentines 💋
I remember the months and weeks leading up to this day. Having bridesmaids that were just as excited as me was the BEST thing ever. Anytime I got on the phone with them, they just kept saying how excited they were. It’s a great feeling as the bride to know that your best friends and family also can’t wait for this day to come. So, to all the bridesmaids out there, go show your bride the same love, and tag her below ❤️
Can we talk about this romantic dessert bar for @nazaninmandi and @miguel’s gorgeous wedding day? #cakegoodness 
Event Coordinator: @tdahlgrenevents 
Event planning, design, florals and invitations: @celebrateflorals 
Venue: @hummingbirdnestranch 
Rentals: @partyplacerentals 
Rentals: @arentalconnection
Rentals: @casadeperrin
Rentals: @chameleonchaircollection 
Sound: @sosentertainment
Cake: @cakegoodness 
Catering: @blvdcafecatering 
Hair: @eduardoponcehair 
Officiant: @yourcustomceremony 
Late night Catering: @Innout
Coffee @blankespresso @andrewharbour 
Dress: @moniquelhuillierbride
Graphic designer: @cdub7 
Menu Cards: @lavendandcompany 
Calligraphy: @lyndaeledge 
Photo booth: @mirmirphoto 
DJ: @mick 
Cannabis bar: @lifegarland
✨ G o l d e n H o u r
We got so damn lucky. This sunset was one for the books, and the weather was steady at 70 degrees the entire night. Nonetheless, I panicked for a year and a half about having an all outdoor wedding in November. The weather actually showed 50% chance of rain on our wedding day the week before. I cried. A lot. It didn’t rain. 🤷🏻‍♀️
It’s hard to miss some rides because of the rain! At least the green mountains make up for it. #horsedisneyland #happyplace #hunterjumpers #trailridesinparadise
Good Morning Hummingbird!  Our horses are so happy to finally get some grass and sunshine! #lovemyjob #horsedisneyland #happyplace #happyhorsesbettercourses
I guess it rained quit a bit while we were away at Thermal!  It’s still amazing to be home for a bit. #homesweethome #lovemyjob #hunterjumpers #river #prettysky
Let’s talk out p o s i n g.
I feel like this is something no one ever thinks about. And fair enough. There’s about a million others things to do when planning a wedding. But let’s be real, the photos are what you take home at the end of it all, and you want to NAIL them. 
Now.. I’m not saying focus on posing SO much that your photos look stiff. Truth be told, candid photos are kind of the best. But, natural, romantic poses make for some epic wedding shots too. Swipe -> to see what I mean. 
Your photographer or videographer should be good at directing you, but it doesn’t hurt to do some pre-wedding practice before the big day! Hope this was helpful!
You love sports. I hate sports. You can’t cook. Neither can I. You’re a night owl. I’m in bed by 10pm. We’re either doomed...or we’re a perfect match. 
Is “opposites attract” a real thing?
May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.
May fortune be your sidekick, and sorrow never find you.
May your achievements be larger than life, and ambitions even larger.
May your joys be colossal, and worries microscopic.
May your thoughts be the answers to tomorrow’s questions.

And, most of all, may you learn to say “Massi” before you learn “KJ.” #HappyBirthday #ShaanyTurnsOne! #WildOne
✨Caption this for me! 
Highlight moment of the night. We did a small two layer cake for the sake of the “cake cutting”. Honestly I almost scrapped this old school tradition all together, but last minute decided to keep it & I’m so glad I did. 
A. Because it made for this epic shot, and B. it was an opportunity for the two of us to share another special moment together during a BUSY night- between running around and trying to talk to all our guests. 
What do you guys think of cake cuttings? 👍🏼👎🏼🤷🏻‍♀️
#latenight shenanigans on set @lasfinesttv with animals 🐆🐅🐴🐥🐃🐾 hi @gabunion 🖤 📸 @sexi_lexxxi
lil’ booty. big dreams ✨🎬💖 cast as “hot bikini girl” little did I know I’d be slip n sliding for hours and now have bruises and scrapes all over :-)) officially adding “stunts” to my resume
The most picturesque of ceremonial settings!
finally getting around to sharing the details of our wedding on the blog! starting with our venue & decor 🌿
Great times celebrating @iwunderman & @janinimilet this weekend 🥳🎉🍻🕺🏽🇧🇷
Quando você reencontra sua amiga-irmã que não vê há anos na Califórnia 💓 #janiniandmichael
The natural progression of events at the @iwunderman wedding @markdavidnz @jonathanleslie83 @namdaed 🥂 🍾
Happy Anniversary to this beautiful couple 🥂
Venue @hummingbirdnestranch 
Planner @always_forever_events 
Photo @aesthetiica 
Rentals @arentalconnection
Music @voxdjs 
Food @commandperformancecatering 
Video @618studios
Took a trip to Havana for the night 💃🏼 #lovelulus #contest
Happiest day of my life #wedding #weddingday #luckyaf #blessed
POP of color to brighten up the 5 day forecast of clouds & rain💦 Not use to this in sunny So Cal☀️ #hummingbirdnestranch
Gorgeous garlands and candles for romantic guest tables ✨
Photos @jordanvoth 
Design @encore_eventdesign 
Rentals @arentalconnection 
Food @contemporarycatering 
Video @raynefilms 
Menus @beaumontinkstationery 
Venue @hummingbirdnestranch 
Flowers and candles @uniquefloraldesigns
Let’s talk bouquet....
Deceptively simple, this design required PERFECT garden roses with long stems. The effect was stunning and our Bride carried them well 🥂
Photos @jordanvoth 
So many stand out Events in 2018... We just had to start with this one....We created a 20ft flowerwall as a backdrop to this stunning ceremony...and repurposed it to the reception 🥂
Creative Team 
Show your p e r s o n a l i t y! 
This was one of the concepts I was MOST excited to see come to life. I really wanted our personality (ok, my personality) to come through in the details around the night. And let me tell you, SO many people came up to me with drink in hand like, “OMG Lauren the cocktail napkins!” I played it cool & casual- but inside I was jumping up and down like a little girl because mission accomplished. And then I walked away and brushed my shoulder off. 💃🏻
Beyhive! Let me see you! 🍯 .
#weddingdetails #weddingvibes #beyhive
Let’s talk about f l o w e r s. Are they worth it? 
Short answer: heck yes. 
Flowers are definitely a high ticket  item on the list and can be really hard to swallow, especially since they just die the next day. BUT I did learn some money saving tricks along the way. 
1. Repurpose- all the florals that we’re used in the ceremony area were moved to the reception to be enjoyed the entire night. 
2. Mix & Match- our flower Wall was actually a mixture of real and faux flowers. NO ONE will notice. & it gets the job done. 
3. Stick to Greens- In the areas where we felt were most important, we splurged on the flower placement. But when it came to the bars, the fountain, & signage areas we primarily stuck to greenery with some candles and called it a day. It was gorgeous and complimented the rest of the space perfectly. 
A good florist and/or wedding planner should recommend these tips to you. 💡If you have any more tips, let me know in the comments below!
headed back to LA this weekend and I’m so excited 🙌🏼 I’ve got some sessions lined up and I can’t wait to share! .
#losangelesweddingphotographer #socalphotographer #noblepresets #nashvilleweddingphotographer
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS GUY I CALL MY DAD!!! #myeverything 🎂🎂🎂❤️ 🎬credit: @diegostuartfilms
Happy birthday to the guy that’s always been by my side. I love you so much Dad 💛
B r i d e s m a i d s  o n p o i n t 💃💃
@marichuy86 @gwengwen25 #hummingbirdnest
Video: @covafilms
walking into 2019 like...
Tb to part 3 of 3 - the grand finale! Wishing you a happy honeymoon @pcalboy @lauren.hamzei 💕 #lavalove2018
Sky of diamonds
Grays for days!  Gotta love our grey group. #winterincali #horsedisneyland #greengrass #barnsofinstagram #happyplace
If you’re not laughing through your entire ceremony, you’re doing it wrong. IMO 😉
#TisTheSeasonToBeJolly Such an enchanting evening at The Hummingbird Nest..They brought the wintery wonderland to Cali! Thank you @tommyhoang01 @hummingbirdnestranch for the charming festivities!🎁 #christmastime #santa #frosty #andfriends 😆 ☃️🎅🏼🎄
Almost forgot to post some photos from our Holiday Party. Such a fun group!  #holidayparty #barnsofinstagram #horsedisneyland
Another dreamy head table💞
Photography @stewartuy 
Coordination @cclweddings  @tinalee721
Venue @hummingbirdnestranch
Videography @kapsuleco
Catering @hungrybearcatering
Floral @artwithnature
Rentals @arentalconnection @latavolalinen 
Bar @bearandstone 
Hair and Makeup @studiommb 
Dessert @eatwanderlust
Cake @mcakessweets 
DJ @voxdjs
One month down 💋
HEY EVERYONE,  come see how good we look!!
Stunning photos of my people from the #herestohanrahan wedding last month! 
Congrats again @hanerpants and @kristina_hanrahan
Kelley’s beautiful dress against the luscious backdrop at @hummingbirdnestranch 😍 📷: @_esthersun
Still jumping for joy to see this feature on @caratsandcake today!

When your couple dates for 10 years, every one wants to know about their journey! A beautiful watercolor backdrop and an illustrated timeline of their love story. Escort cards were gold tins filled with the couple's favorite tea. 10 years later and still plen-tea of love!

Photo by @perpixelphoto
11.17.2018 was the most magical day. Thank you @jbarrett89 for choosing me as your forever ✨💕
One month since my favorite day EVER! 🥂 #herestohanrahan
Little sneak peek into our soon to be wedding video! Thanks for the teaser! @takeheartfilms #slowmoaction #hummingbirdnestranch #hexterlastinglove
This is one of my favorite moments from our wedding day. After we said “I do” and it was just the two of us and our families (and @katieshuler of course) inside of our reception tent 💛 THANK YOU to our amazing team of vendors that brought this vision to still feels like a dream! ✨  Coordination: @orangeblossomspecialevents 
Venue: @hummingbirdnestranch 
Photography: @katieshuler 
Videography: @raynefilms 
Rentals: @arentalconnection 
Florals: @peonyandplum 
Hair & Makeup: @cheektocheekartistry 
DJ: @voxdjs 
Catering: @commandperformancecatering 
Cake: @frostitcakery 
Signage & Day-Of Details: @pirouettepapercompany 
Additional Signage: @klpcalligraphy 
Bridal Gown: @pebblesbridal
So many of you have expressed a ton of excitement around this wedding! Link in BIO for the album on my site, ahh!!⁣

Planning- @championeventproductions ⁣
Makeup- @felicialatour
Hair- @joanemanuelsalon
I wish I’ve known you for all your 40 years. I love you so much. Happy birthday mama GOAT! #sexywife
It’s been one hell of a journey with you ladies ..... we def made it out alive! 😂🤪❤️🥰 love you guys so much ... we’re the only group of people that can roast one another ... yet, we don’t cry about it we just laugh our asses off. 😂 #goodtimes #bridesmaids #glamourwheels just missing naz in these pics ... oh wait cuz she was the bride! Shoutout to my mua : @dianashin and hair @eduardoponcehair ... thanks for hiding my greys 😂😂😂
whats the name of our girl group? 😂♌️♈️♈️ #firesigngang #Nayonceandthem #callmeMichelle
Best day of my life, exactly three weeks ago today ✨ I can relive this day everyday (and then relive the last month too haha) #matchmadeinheavin💍  Photographer: @aubreymoffitphoto 
Video: @newrevmedia 
Planning: @perfectlypoised_events 
Floral: @mysunandstarsflowerco 
Rentals & lighting: @coast_party_rentals 
Vintage Rentals: @sundrop_vintage 
Rustic Rentals: @irontimberco 
Cake + Sweets: @littlelulus_cc 
Catering: @californiafresh_catering 
Bar: @mias.martini 
Signage: @doubledippedcalligraphy 
DJ & Photo Booth: @voxdjs 
Hair & Makeup: @thecolourattic 
Dress: @maggiesotterodesigns via @mariposabride 
Shoes: @stevemadden 
Bridesmaids: @shopendlesssummer 
Menswear: @friartux 
Venue: @hummingbirdnestranch
“Golden Hour”
A wedding story by me, starring the homies.
Few more pics from the wedding: pictured 1st with my future ex-girlfriend @bearblanca ...thanks @nazaninmandi for the intro 😂😂😂😂. And then with my homie @drumac.
Family. (Ps. Isn’t my baby bro So handsome?!) #112418
That there is the smile of a happily married woman🤗 @nazaninmandi 👰🏼. The others in this series here including myself have no ring on the correct finger 😂 @iamjillyt @darlabeez
Last set of pics from the beautiful wedding!  Love these ladies and gents so much! ❤️❤️🎉🎉
@etienneortega & @jesushair Slaaaayed me to death!!! (Sorry Jesus I forgot to take the pins outta my hair🤦🏽‍♀️) Thank you to the most AMAZING glam squad for coming through and making us all feel like a million bucks! Everyone looked incredible. 
Shoutout to the rest of the team: 
@eduardoponcehair @veronica_nunez
Tans by: @airbrushbyalexandra 
Hair color & extensions: @tiffany__blue 
Thank you for your beautiful work and beautiful energy✨
#mua #hairstylist #weddingglam #oldhollywood #glamwaves
Excuse the pic flood... we had a magical time🧚🏽‍♂️😂❤️
I could not get one photo of myself without getting photo bombed on 😤😤 omar!!!!! #rehearsaldinner #hummingbirdnestranch #rehearsals
still reminiscing on such a beautiful weekend. pls excuse the coming flood 🌊🖤 #thepimentelwedding #rehearsaldinner #112418
Loved working with Kelley & Adrian on their wedding! Last minute addition of the fruits really tied everything together 😍
Photography: @_esthersun 
Florals: @poppydesignco 
Planning: @cclweddings 
Design: @sarahparkevents 
Rentals: @premiere_rents 
Linen: @latavolalinen
Venue: @hummingbirdnestranch
11.24.18. Truly one of the most special moments I have ever witnessed in my life. I will never forget the beautiful Love that surrounded all of us that day. The clouds were painted in orange and pink and wrapped us all in a warm glow...the genuine smiles on everyone’s faces looking up at the two of was as if time stood still in this moment & it was nothing short of magic, pure magic. Watching the two of you gaze into each other’s eyes so lovingly brings tears to my eyes just thinking of it...I will forever hold this moment so dear to my heart. I love you both so deeply and I thank you for allowing me to be apart of this incredible moment in your lives. 
#thepimentels #112418 #family #love
It was an absolute honor to not only witness true love being professed so beautifully, but to have been chosen to stand beside & support my family.
Nazanin- I KNOW I’m a pain in your butt but I love you so incredibly much. Your beauty isn’t just exterior; it shines from within. You show ALL of us what self love is & how to obtain it. Your take on life, your ability to set goals and reach them, and your drive is unmatched. Everything you have in your life is the perfect example of dedication, positivity & plain hard fucking work. There are not enough words to describe how truly proud I am of you.
Miguel- Thank you for everything you have done for me, my family & my cousin. You spoil us beeyyoonndd! We’re officially family- you’re stuck with me now, sorry bout it lol
@nazaninmandi @miguel @vogue @saraloblaphotographer .
#aboutdamntime #Pimentelwedding #hummingbirdnestranch #vogue #novemberwedding
Congratulations @nazaninmandi @miguel 11.24.18! Such a Beautiful Ceremony and awesome reception! I’ve known these two for a bit now and it’s been nothing short of amazing to witness the growth in them over the years as individuals and also as a solid team:)They are both talented, dedicated, driven, successful and kind beings:) Love and Blessings to the Pimentel’s! #couplesgoals #miguel #nazaninmandi
@nazaninmandi @miguel last chance 6am bootcamp at the wedding venue on their WEDDING DAY 👰🏼 🤵🏽! Do you have that kind of dedication?  Straight up #beastmode!! It was a pleasure and an honor to be part of it:) also at the bootcamp was her MOH - @nadiamoham_beauty his best man - @nonchalant_savant and @e_scizorhands
Much much much congrats and good luck to friends @nazaninmandi and @miguel on their marriage this past weekend!! It was definitely a one of a kind experience.  @missmarshel and I wish y’all nothing but much continued health, wealth, love, happiness and a house full of bay bay’s!! 😝😋 Btw I’m still full from all the food, multiple dessert tables aaand the In-N-Out truck at the end! 🤣🥳🍔🎉 Congrats Mr🤵& Mrs👰 Pimentel!!
I had the honor of witnessing two of my favorite people get married this past weekend. It was fairytale af! Lol. I absolutely adore y’all! They say, The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. So hang on tight! Oh, and congratulations, you may now update your Facebook status...
Migs and Naz, I just want to wish you guys all the best! May your lives be filled with love, continued growth, and many more rad times! (not to mention fastfood for the hangovers)
Photos in loving courtesy of yours truly... polaroids and film on their way, as promised!
So glad I could be a part of one of the best weddings with such beautiful energy!  @nazaninmandi x @miguel Felicidades! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
11.24.XX18 Meet the Pimentels. 🥂🍾 Saturday was nothing but love and for my dear friends | Truly one of the best moments in life is seeing two people commit their love and union in front of friends and family. Thank you @nazaninmandi @miguel for allowing us to share in that moment and dance the night away | Congratulations 🍾🥂
I got a call a few months ago from my homie @miguel.  He said “what are you doing Thanksgiving weekend?”
My mind immediately realized I would be on the couch feeling itis’d out from all the yams and pie.
He said “I need you in LA - it’s a very special day for @nazaninmandi and I, and we trust you to provide the soundtrack.”
Fast forward to November 24, and we witnessed the party of a lifetime.
I have NEVER seen a wedding where we had a raging dance floor BEFORE the bride and groom even arrived.  Truly epic vibes.
I have also never deejayed a wedding where I was playing Nas album tracks (an ode to @salaamremi), Marvin Gaye outtakes, Biggie remixes (since @bystormpitts was there), and Travis Scott collabs all back to back.
FYI to all event planners reading this: my NYE is still open. Lol.
Congrats to the beautiful couple on their new life together.  I was truly honored.  Maybe I need to DJ more weddings. Lol.
Shout to @voguemagazine for the mention as well!
Congrats to @nazaninmandi x @miguel on your wedding 💍 I can’t express how happy I am for you two!  Love wins! ❤️ Wishing you a beautiful marriage that lasts forever!
I just love ❤️ love ........ It was so special to witness this commitment. So amazingly beautiful @nazaninmandi and @miguel
Celebrating the Pimentel’s
Congratulations @nazaninmandi & @miguel !!!! Y’all are beautiful, glad to be a part of your love and Familia #DoddiCocoaApproved
The bridal baddies ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 💫💫💫💫💀💀💕🧚🏾‍♂️🧚🏾‍♂️🧚🏾‍♂️ photos courtesy of @saraloblaphotographer
I still am buzzing from this past weekends wedding! Celebrating love for my two friends I have grown with over the last 13 years!! I cried the night before just reminiscing on so many old ass memories ! Your journey has taught me so much about love & sacrifice.. you guys did the damn thing! I’m very proud of you both for your acceptance to hold one another down throughout the good, the bad, the hard times, the great times ... it’s really been a true testament of what true love is! I thank you for teaching me and the world what you can do if you just remain strong together! Love you guys so much 😭💕 @miguel  @nazaninmandi photos courtesy of @saraloblaphotographer
When every last detail is perfectly cohesive - from the florals on the cake to the florals on the cocktail tables - the wedding design make such a bigger impact. A little #wedding101 tidbit for you. Photographed flawlessly by @_esthersun - swipe right + full wedding link in bio! . . . . . 
Photography: @_esthersun
Planning: @cclweddings
Floral: @poppydesignco
Cake: @mcakessweets 
Event Design: @sarahparkevents
Venue: @Hummingbirdnestranch 
Hair & Make Up: @kellyzhangstudio  Cocktail: @bearandstone
Ceremony Musician: @jasonsulkinmusic
Catering: @littlenellyla 
DJ: @voxdjs 
Rental Company: @premiere_rents
Photobooth: @flipbooth
congratulations to my family's newest addition, Mr. & Mrs. Pimentel. you share more than just a name, you share a bond of spirit, of love &the blessing of continuing the legacy that our grandparents began. #bestman #maidofhonor
congratulations to my family's newest addition, Mr. & Mrs. Pimentel. you share more than just a name, you share a bond of spirit, of love &the blessing of continuing the legacy that our grandparents began.
Truly a wedding to remember. Honored to share this day with @nazaninmandi & @miguel. Thank you for being the definition of Love in the flesh. #thePimentels
love & loyalty 🖤 Nick and I are honored to support you two in your life together. Love you both!! Congratulations Mr + Mrs Miguel Pimentel. 💍💍
Lovely feature of Kelley & Adrian’s wedding on @stylemepretty today with @_esthersun, @customcrafted @poppydesignco and @cclweddings 😍 #wedding #calligraphy #weddinginvitations #spestyling #stylmepretty
I just delivered this lovely album, and I’m very proud of’s a fun one!

Event Planner- @championeventproductions 
Florals- @foxglovesandfolly
Winslow Wedding 
#justwinslow #justjess
A tipsy me loving a pensive JB 💕 
Fanning myself, I’m stanning  myself
It was like a dream.  The sun set the way it beautifully did that day, because @lauren_rote asked it to... from top to bottom, the most amazing day.  Love it all.  Love them so much.
"So this is love, so this is what makes life divine" -Cinderella

#love #marriage #life
Sweetheart tables we would want to sit at ♡
What a wedding season! Last weekend was amazing & the official end of our season.... we have a few more in December but our back to back events are complete. 
This perfectly captured image says it all 🥂
Photo @valoriedarling 
Planner @encore_eventdesign 
Venue @hummingbirdnestranch 
Beauty @cheektocheekartistry
Stationary @emilydevittdesigns
I was low-key stressed at this wedding because the post-ceremony timeline was pretty tight trying to fit in wedding party, family and photos of the couple (no first look) all before sunset. We had about 50 or so minutes to make it happen. Thankfully it went off without a hitch and we got one incredible sunset! Here’s a frame of Lauren looking all angelic in her @galialahav dress & veil. 🙌🏻
Also, check out my story to get more info about a new camera harness my good friend, @indiaearl, is coming out with. It’s in-freaking-credible. Don’t miss out.
Doostan in ham az video #aramesh ke hamin Alan too @radiojavan Mitoonid bebinid. In video dar shabe aroosimoon zabt shode. Omidvaram ke doost dashte bashid.  @morvaridv #eddieattar 
Directed by the very talented: @ambient_films
a magical night I’ll never forget ✨
When your wedding reception looks like it’s in space and all the stars are out in attendance as well. 😍🙌🏻
That time I ugly cried down the aisle.
Feels like it was yesterday that this happened 💕 I finally got to marry the best man I know on 11.11.2018. Being surrounded by hundreds of people we love from the bottom of our heart to support and celebrate our new journey was a feeling I will never forget. Love you all!!! The “Heavin’s” xoxo #matchmadeinheavin💍
I never knew it was possible to feel as happy as I do right now. Yesterday was the best day of our lives and our wedding was an absolute DREAM come true! Somebody pinch me...I get to finally call @hanerpants my HUSBAND! 💕
One of three & then it’s YOU & ME 🤗
My very cute husband (!) and very cute poodle on THE BEST DAY EVER.
#TBT to this beautiful wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch! 📷: @beccarillo
Xoxo The Youash’s
Let me introduce you to my husband.
Yesterday was magical. 💕
Thank you @lauren_rote and @edmond23 for allowing us to be a part of your special day. Lauren, you truly were the most beautiful bride. I love you endlessly!
What a way to end the year. It’s been such an incredible year of weddings with the best clients but holy smokes does time fly. Yesterday was one for the books. Congrats Lauren + Edmond!! Thanks to all the vendors who made this one so so awesome!
Venue: @hummingbirdnestranch 
Planning: @encore_eventdesign 
Florals: @uniquefloraldesigns 
Rentals: @arentalconnection 
Photography: @jordanvoth 
Assistants: @derekcopenhaver & @trentonmichael 
Videography: @raynefilms 
Dress: @galialahav
Hair: @carlyxhair
Makeup: @makeupbyhaileyhoff
Congrats to the happy couple @allie_seb and Max! Love the Sebahar’s and so grateful to be a marry-in! #domching #alliemaxedout #theclampetts
Last night at this magical place celebrating LOVE! Congrats @lauren_rote and Edmond on your wedding and for such a beautiful night!❤️
it was an absolutely gorgeous evening for an absolutely gorgeous couple! congratulations edmond and lo! love you guys!✨✨✨
today she becomes a wifey 💍 congratulations, sweet lauren! thank you for having me be apart of such a special day. you are an angel bride with the most beautiful heart. love you!  @lauren_rote @carlyxhair #makeupbyhaileyhoff
I rarely post reception photos, but this was one of my favorite reception photos I’ve taken. Heather and Ben danced while all their guests held sparklers in a huge circle around them. it was simply magical ✨
The beginning of the most special/magical/perfect/amazing/everything day. And I only got happier as the night went on. #justjess #justwinslow
That feeling when one of your best friends has found her partner for the rest of her life- her 10/10. Such a wonderful few days celebrating their love for each other. We love you both so much @tpkinla and @nicolecanread ❤️ #readagreed
Ooo ya burnt! #justjess
Weddings are fun. 🕺🏻
My love. We weird. ✌🏼 #justjess
Amazing time celebrating Nicole and Tom! So happy to be a part of this glorious day! Love you guys! 😘🤗 #readagreed
Here's a bright idea. 💡 Skip the status quo and use a mix of round and rectangle tables for a dynamic reception layout. #theknot 📷: @brdsofafeather | Venue: @Hummingbirdnestranch
The most important thing I’ve ever had, a wife @sophie_talasazan
Our Wedding was an absolute dream! 👰🏻🤵🏻 We’re so happy we got to share it with our closest friends and family. Thank you for making it such a perfect day! ❤️ #wrightforeachother #nicedayforawrightwedding #mrwright #mrswright.
My dear Sophie and Mayer! ..and Sherry and Tony! Thank you so very much for including and sharing such an amazing, and special Day with me! 😊🙏💞 I can’t believe our girls started first grade in school together! Now both married))) Wish them all the happiness in the world! 💖💖💖 @sherrytalasazan
..finally I’ve got to wear gift to me from my @the_canadian_gal 🙏☺️ (shoes and earrings) and gift to myself when I visited Aus 🇦🇺 6 months ago (Camilla silk 👗) Wedding was in a magical, surreal surroundings, how appropriately named - Hummingbird Nest 💚💚💚
Sophie and Mayer! Now husband and wife! Love and Happiness for looong and beautiful life together! 🤗💖👰🏼🎩🎂🥂🎉
two years ago i said in my vows that in addition to calling you my best friend, soul mate and husband, i couldn’t wait to one day call you the father of our kids too. turns out that ‘one day’ is happening in a couple of months! happy two, @johnnyyang24. i can’t wait for our next adventure. 👶🏻 #johnnyandvy
#writghtforeachother so much fun celebrating Nicolette and John tie the knot!
Raise your hand if your closet is also full of black 🙋🏼‍♀️ #eventplanner
You, you, you and me could move a mountain.
Familia Morales ❤️
Mr. & Mrs. Swaim 💕💕 9.29.2018
Alen & Shantel Wedding  10/05/2018
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Congrats to my little sister @morales_allie and Hilario, it was a beautiful event dedicated to love ❤️
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Minkler!! So honored to be a part of your special day! Love you two! ❣️ #minklerknowsbest
Hey handsome 👋🏼😘
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful bestie for life @danielle_wth
Gorgeous, heartfelt, rager of a wedding! Iowa + New Hampshire = perfection #whitneyandlogan @hummingbirdnestranch @marksgarden
Little details ✨@sitcatering
About Friday night...✨🥂 Celebrating Nicole & Joss was a dream! Congrats to the newlyweds!❣️
my favorite rushee I got to recruit 🌟⚓️💛
Congratulations Kelley & Adrian! 😍
Photography: @_esthersun 
Styling: @sarahparkevents 
Planning: @cclweddings 
Florals: @poppydesignco 
Stationary: @customcrafted 
Catering: @littlenellyla 
Rentals: @premiere_rents
Hair & MUA: @kellyzhangstudio
Backdrop: @irongracerentals 
Lasercut Sign: @letterstou 
Videography: @thecubteam 
Photo Booth: @flipbooth
Venue: @hummingbirdnestranch
Sunday repost from @tessalynevents 
repost via @instarepost20 from @tessalynevents Get ready to see a million beautiful photos of this wedding 😯 this sweetheart table was 🙌🏼 Planner @tessalynevents 
Photography @jodeedebesphoto 
Floral @lotusandlilyfloral 
Rentals/Lighting @arentalconnection
Music @soundwavepros @joshvietti 
Catering: @commandperformancecatering Venue: @hummingbirdnestranch
Beauty: @designvisage 
Videography: @maiomedia 
Cake: @crushcakescafe 
Lounge: @prettyvintagerentals 
Stationery @twinravenspress 
Calligraphy: @fawnlettering 
Sweetheart linen @latavolalinen
Celebrating love💕 N&M #weddingseason
This weekend I got to celebrate the most beautiful couple (inside and out) - @ashleymehrdad + @tylermecca thanks for an incredible wedding I'll never forget!! ❤️