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Sippe hennessy und kein bacardi ~@sevvenup,@fairydrink
Why you maddddd b‼️❤️
Nehovorím že ťa nenávidím, ale keby ťa prešiel autobus tak ho určite šoférujem ja 😉💕
🤪💗 iedereen krijgt tag wie wil x vorige was opeens verwijderd dus hier is ie weer x
Loving is easy,
You had me fucked up,
It used to be so hard to see,
When everything’s perfect,
Please don’t change a single little thing for me ☺️❤️
just posting because I love you. sorry (not really) to my followers who are probably sick of cheesy posts
Life without you will be like going to sleep and never having sweet dreams✨
 love you kanda💖
Life becomes easier when you delete negativity people from it 👌🤔😉
No body is perfect, until you fall in love with them.
When you meet the right person, don’t let them go. The ones who criticise me now will someday realise that when you meet that person, you’ll be willing to work through anything because life without them wouldn’t really be a life at all. My mum always told me ‘be with someone who compliments your life not complicates it’. Everyone faces challenges, but when someone makes life truly worth living, they’re worth the risk. I’ve stoppped myself writing a huge post since I met this man but I can’t anymore, because the truth is, when you find the person you genuinely want to share your life with, you want to tell the world because you thought the day would never come. Many people settle because they’re afraid of loneliness. Sometimes people find themselves with someone, but they don’t see themselves being with them forever. Some people are just stepping stones. I’ve experienced this and no, maybe it’s not nice, but it’s life. So when you find someone who gives you a reason to wake up, to get out of bed, to make an effort - someone you see yourself sharing a future with and making memories with - you feel like it’s too good to be true. It’s the most beautiful thing but it can also be scary knowing your whole world has been crafted into one person and they’re right in front of you. ‘She’s only known him so long she’ll learn’ ‘she’s young’ time doesn’t matter when your souls click from the first time you meet. You feel like you’ve been waiting for them forever. Maybe I am young, it doesn’t mean I can’t love.
Nekass nav to vērts, ja tas nedara TEVI laimīgu.🧸🦋
📸- @__kikka.__ 😏 ❤️
words unnecessarily ❤️
P.S. thank you for being with me @alexkamchadal41
Baby you're my everything❤️
I love you!!💓
Ily a mili🌟
V day stuff
#25weeks 💜
Married to the game how could I ever cheat on you ❤️🏈#3way #Leekway👼🏾 (check out the location^^)
my favorite hello but my saddest goodbye♡
استخيـر و القا الخيـر بس ماني بخيـر الا معـك.🚶🏼‍♂️💙
🃏오늘 처음 만났었고 우린 낯설었고
언제 그랬냐는 듯 껴안은 채🃏
(If u want the translation dm me cuz instagtam translate is wrong)
ι ℓσνє нιм.😽
Everything about this girl amazes me! ❤️ ily
Most of us say, ‘I wish I could find a good guy,’ but that’s because we always surround ourselves with challenging and dangerous ones that keep us engaged and wondering ‘what happens next,’ and some of us come from backgrounds that only know the ‘bad’ man type. But in order to find that good guy, you have to break the cycle. You have to dip your toes into the ‘safe’ waters, because who knows... maybe he could end up being the guy you fall in love with. 🥰
Pure beauty.
Stay with yourself❤️💋
آهنگ لجباز از سامان جلیلی عزیز❤

ça c bae ❤️🔐💍
.الهی این نور تا همیشه بتابه رو زندگیت نور چشمم،
 الهی این لبخند مهمون همیشگی صورتت باشه پاره تنم، الهی تو روزهای باد و بوران دلت آروم باشه جان مادر.👑😻🙏
👯💫👑😻 #aniya_aghajanpour
 #babylove#babygirl#babiesofinstagram#baby#bebes#babies#kids#bebe#babyclothes#babycute#babysleeping#babyfashion#babystyle #bebeksekeri#igbabies#instababy#justbaby #cutebaby#videojustbaby#babyvideo#bachekhordani#bonsaist#vorujaka
#زندگیم  #عشقم #عمرم #زندگی #دخترم_زندگیم💫
Was echt top in Den Haag 
Hoje esse #tbt vai pra um cara incrível!  Chegou na minha vida não pedindo, mas exigindo seu lugar nela! Com seu jeito tão carinhoso, atencioso de cuidar de mim... e dos “nosso” meninos agora! Rsrs me fez sentir a mulher mais amada do mundo! Companheiro pra todas as horas, dono de uma família ímpar pela qual sou apaixonada 🥰 só posso te pedir desculpas por qualquer coisa é te pedir que nunca pare de me amar! Vou estar do seu lado sempre! Nunca duvide disso meu amor! 💙🖤 😘 @thiagofreis
Forever is a long time make sure to spend iT with someone that makes you laugh ♥️
For once in my life, I don’t have to try to be happy. When I’m with you, it just happens
.#cute #loveline #lover #loves #likeforlikes #wmk #tbt #bestfriendgoals #bf #gf #likeforfollow #r #inspirationalquotes #instagram #instagramers #hashtag
Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile! 😊❤️
Be Yourself; everyone else is taken.😐
“Dear Human:
You've got it all wrong. You didn't come here to master unconditional love. This is where you came from and where you'll return.
You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty Love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling. Demonstrated through the beauty of messing up. Often.
You didn't come here to be perfect, you already are. You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous. And rising again into remembering. But unconditional love? Stop telling that story.
Love in truth doesn't need any adjectives. It doesn't require modifiers. It doesn't require the condition of perfection.
It only asks you to show up. And do your best. That you stay present and feel fully. That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU. Its enough. It's Plenty.”
― Courtney A. Walsh 📷: @kh.chris #onlylove #smile #gratitude @strafeouterwear #athomeinthemountains @zealoptics @astismittens #staywarmstaypositive @prethelmets #ComeToLife @corbeaux_clothing @surfgravity #surfgravity
qué hermoso es ser feliz😍👸💗❣😈🤤🖤🔝🧟‍♀️
||tag||@raluka__412 @_vlad_09._ @antonia._.o @andra_nicoleta1 @patricia._.fhh2007 @_.catalin._.n @_.davidzz._ (Ca vine ziua ta😂❣)@ale._.smk
you make me feel like the happiest person alive
"When I close my eyes all the stars align and you are by my side"⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀
👉🏻 Jumper by @petsunitedus ⁣⠀
👉🏻 Matching bandana + bracelet by @pawfectpalsau ⁣⠀
#agirlandherdog ⁣⁣⁣#4funnotlikes⠀
Do you all remember the photo that mum took of me with my kale ears ❓⠀
Check out my story if you can't because it is on mum's @petsunitedus jumper.⁣⠀
Now mum and I have worked with @petsunitedus before when they made us an incredibly cool phone case with my handsome face on it.⁣⠀
So when they contacted us to help promote their new product, we were extremely excited and couldn't wait to get involved.⁣⠀
And we knew exactly what shot to choose.⁣⠀
We absolutely love working with them.  They are so easy to work with and we are extremely impressed with both the quality of the phone case + now jumper.⁣⠀
Mum also is useless with design and only just managed to select which colour jumper she wanted, let alone the design. Thank goodness @petsunitedus took care of that.⁣⠀
You simply upload the shot, select your jumper colour and any design ideas.⁣⠀
Then they work their magic.⁣⠀
They always show you a preview to make sure that you are happy with the product before they make it. ⠀
Once it arrives, you become the most stylish and coolest dog mum in town, as my mum now feels.⁣⠀
And me, well I'm extremely embarrassed with the number of items she now has with my face on it.⁣⠀
The price of being loved and adored so very very much ⁣😂⠀
My furever family ⁣❤️⠀
We highly recommend checking out @petsunitedus for a gift for yourself, family or any furry lover❗️⠀
You will also note the gorgeous bandana I have on and mums matching bracelet by @pawfectpalsau ⁣👉🏻code MYPALAMOS ⠀
Happy Thursday⁣⠀
But get ready to PAAAAWTY tomorrow with me and @baylei_and_bandit ⁣⠀
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Dear Mama, I know you won't see this BUT I have some surprises in store for you to show my love and appreciation... Thank You! #mama 

#motivational #lifestyleblogger #influencer #ambition 

Like ❤, Follow 👑 @kingdobson, Comment 🌟, Tag someone who needs to get this work! You going to get this work on my page! 👊🏽
Valentine’s Day is over for this year but loving yourself should be everyday 🥰
📸 @thelensfantastic
#ailen gets mad
#butt up
@jesusortizpazfr @fuerzaregidaoficial 
A través del vaso 💗💗
Love your self 💛
Stay positive loves 💓💓
#vivetuvida #jesusortizpaz
If Love is a Crime,
my ride or die
Happy half a year (185 days). As long as the ocean has no end & the tides are timeless, my love for you will forever be endless🦋  Thanks for being uniquely, perfectly imperfect, insanely goofy & undeniably you. I love every small detail about you🌷.
Us three forever❤️👨‍👩‍👧
So what are you waiting for 💘 #wcw
my arm was there bc i had to tickle him to get him to smile 😤
hbd sammie. ur the best person ive ever met n everyone should be more like u - then the world would be a better place!!!!! LOVE U FOREVER SISTA
I cut my own hair but in bigger better news who’s ur favorite rascal flat
happy to live for you, blessed to love you❤️
Happy belated valentines! Also known as heart-shaped pancake day in my house🥞
Nothing better than pancakes with my love @riley_machine
#heartshapedpancakes #aesthetic #valentinesday #cutecouple
Nothing is important ,but the love we have is impotant
#my gurl
#iloveyou 😘💕💓💖💝💞💞😭
“Love is an open door to happiness”
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Anna tiivad unistustele- ära karda lennata!💞
Toi et toi seul...❤
Joo o kyllä näin on!😝
Can’t wait for the special day ❤️ #countingdays
Hey!!😨🙆💛💛💕, I just wanted to let you know that You're bigger than your problems and you're Amazing 💛💛💕
I'm obsessed with "Con Calma' by Daddy Yankee ft. Snow" 😩 
Anyways I cant sleep 🙄😭
@mayaxlucia r u gonna make me take this down
It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, I feel good, and no one’s gonna stop me now -Freddie Mercury. Thank you to the entire dance team for making my freshman year so amazing. I wish that this wasn’t my only year with you seniors, as I have gotten close with each and every one of you. Can’t wait to crush it at Nationals ❤️ #nationals2019
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I’m happy af y’all
"Jika orang diluar sana selalu menilai diri kita tidak baik, satu perkara kita kena ingat bahawa langit tidak perlu menjelaskan bahawa dirinya tinggi"😉🤸
الكتب هي لمن يريدون التواجد في مكان آخر ⁦❤️⁩ books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.❤️
love these people almost as much as I love snow days #rushfilmseries
Sea sickness? Not at all up in here 💊
Enjoy this moment 🌞
mis chicas favoritas ;) 💕
We were born to be wild, till about 9 o’clock then you can find us finnessin’ at home watching @botchedtv with #tacos
baby is coming
Do I need to color it with watercolor or not?
quit hitting my dm because im snitchin. ;) thx for everything drake. love u sugar 🍭
Untuk membantu, juga membuat oranglain bahagia. Kamu tidak harus jadi kaya raya.
. Love untuk para PJ Patenku💛
. Love untuk divisi Storytellingku💛
. Love untuk divisi Gamesku💛
. Love untuk semua yang ada di divisi lainnya💛
Happy Birthday to my #1, my teammate, partner in crime, my love, my rock, pet loving sweet toothing, card gaming, music lovin’, kick buttin Wife! ❤️ Throwback to our first picture we took together and also to our wedding day exactly 6 months ago. Thanks for being so dang amazing! I love you babe
В предыдущих 2-х постах мы познакомились с 10 ошибками мышления, которые не дают нам быть счастливыми. Теперь давайте попробуем понять, где и когда мы теряем права на жизнь, на счастье, на благополучие, и как мы обрастаем проблемами.
У каждого из нас есть образ жизни — какой она должна быть по мнению каждого из нас. И этот образ порождает наши убеждения и ограничения.
Например, в твоём представлении о себе — ты всегда должна быть первой, всегда быть победителем.
И из этого представления о себе рождается убеждение — у меня нет права на ошибку.
Идём дальше — раз я не имею права ошибаться, то я лучше НИЧЕГО не буду делать, или делать только то, что гарантированно 100% принесёт успех, чтобы не совершать ошибок.
А если ты ничего не делаешь, и эти 100% тебе не встречаются, то, как ты окажешься первой? Пришли в тупик — образ не соответствует действительности. Результат — общая неудовлетворенность жизнью.
Наше ограничение «ничего не буду делать, или делать только то, где гарантированный 100% успех» сформировалось из нашего же убеждения «у меня нет права на ошибку».
Исследуем дальше. Получается, что образ «всегда должна быть первой, всегда победителем» — это то, как мы хотим видеть нашу жизнь.
Из этого вытекает, что меняя мышление, например, с «у меня нет права на ошибку» на «ошибка — это ОПЫТ, который приведет меня к вершине», наше ограничение нас не связывает и мы можем что-то изменить в своей жизни, а именно — сделать ее более счастливой и удачной.
Меняем убеждение «я сам все знаю» на «я знаю многое», ограничение растворяется, проблемы с общением решаются, так как ты уже готова что-то и принять, а не только отдавать навязывая.
Перемещаем внимание с внешнего — образ себя, на то, что происходит у тебя внутри — неудовлетворенность жизнью и собой, ты берёшь ответственность за свою жизнь и получаешь ключ к ней, находя решения, которые тебе помогают меняться, а не ограничивают.
1/Пиши в комментариях «согласна!» или «ошибка — это опыт, который приведёт меня к вершине».
2/Напиши одно убеждение, которое тебя ограничивает и попробуй его изменить.
I need u😩🙏🏽❤️🥰
i got mad at @kendall._.h because i thought she was going to steal my food >:(
also happy #15th birthday, simone 🥳🥰💕
u make my heart go 💖🤤😳🤩👅🤯❤️🤪💓💗🧡😎
♥ Quand je suis loin de toi, c’est une partie de moi qui meurt chaque jour ♥
the sun rises so i can see you
Absolute favourites🦋💋x
🙊" oh sweetie u can't unlove me . "👅❤
He liked it so he put a ring on it. (Btw out of all of my fingers, this one is now my favorite) #ImObsessed #BestGiftEver
Знаешь в чем заключается идеальность? 
В том, чтобы быть всегда одинаково правильным и скучным. Это ведь неинтересно. Когда ты не идёшь на риск, а все время обдумываешь свои поступки, потому что статус идеального человека идёт впереди тебя.

Может пора перестать прятаться за этими масками и может стоит хоть на секунду забыть о правильности твоих действий,  забыть о том, что подумают люди. Это твоя жизнь, которую жить тебе, а не твоим родителям и друзьям. 
Если кого-то не устраивает твоя родинка на шее или же смешной голос, то убирай этих людей из своей жизни. Они тебя хорошему не научат, ведь любящий будет восхищаться твоими недостатками и вовсе их таковыми не считать.

Мы слишком многое вкладываем в общественной мнение. Если нам скажут о каком-то изъяне, то мы можем закрыться в себе и постараться скрыть его и не показывать. И я говорю не только о внешности, но и о твоём внутренним «Я». Конечно, зачастую и я осуждаю других людей за внешность, за поступки, но тем не менее пытаюсь это искоренить. Критика всегда имеет место быть.

Но стоит понять одно: что бы ты не сделал, ты всегда будешь плохим, потому что менталитет нынешнего общества довольно непонятен. И угодить ему просто невозможно. 
Просто знай, что в этом мире «либо ты, либо тебя»...
🥀🥀🥀 Фотограф: @_egorovaaaa_ ❤️❤️❤️
بـــــۆ ژوانـــت دـــڵĎ پـــــەرــــــۆشـــــە💍❣🕊
Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.
sideline watching⛈
a year went by and nothing changed (except you got EVEN taller and I basically shrunk) #bathroomtiktoks #reunited #verycold #awholelottalove #dumbhashtags
I miss you already🥰❣️
My 5ever valentine❤️
wishing you the happiest trip around the sun, my angel😇⭐️ sending all my love to you today and everyday, wish i could be there!!!! here are some of my favorite moments together, enjoy🙃
* junker o the hart
missin’ our favorite 𝑔𝒶𝓁
اِشتِباهاتَم اِنتِخاباتَم رَفتارَم وَ دَر کُل زِندِگیِ مَن بِه هیچکی رَبطی نَدارِه!🌸💜🍃💫💥
- you love it
𝒥𝑒 𝓉’𝒶𝒾𝓂𝑒 ❤️
• I know I’m a handful but that’s why you got two hands @brendxn_zxdies
♥ No matter what, you will always be my lady, my queen, my life, my everything. I deeply love you!💝💝
When you gonna be down with me,
I'm always smokin' a blunt of weed.
Coming free with me baby,
I bring they blottle oh Hennessy.🌹
everyday is valentine’s day with you!❣️ #vday
sum of my favorite parts
it's not u it's me
دوستت دارم ...
و این سه نقطه ی ریزِ تهِ حرفهایم
نه اینک ابهام باشد،

من و تو و دوست داشتن ،
که دور دور شدیم

آنقدر دور...
تا دست هیچ کسی
به ما نرسد
Valentine's day #2 in the books friends, and let's just say he did amazing 😋❤️
мой алый барбарис @_.__korona_.__ 💗🍬
-Swipe➡️💫 {💕}
Nema tog zakona koji može da me od tebe otera❤️🌎😋🖤😉💚
only want my kind of love - 
it only took 30 years for me to feel genuine self-love!!! imagine the greatest love u ever felt... but towards urself!!! endless love + thanks to @lastnamelorde for this lil project ♥️
Тоня, спасибо!🖤
Все будет,как должно быть
ياقُرة العِين،ياسيّدة المُحبين💙.
location says it all💞
Not sure why those hearts are blurry. My content is strictly PG! Anyways congrats to Hannah! Also yesterday was Thursday.
i rlly do have the best valentine❥
they say women who wear 𝗯𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗸 
live ✰ colorful ✰ lives
kisses to cupid for sending this ray of sunshine in my life ❤️ love you tons @fababb21
Laska a take veci 😍❤️❤️
#joemazzello #thepacific
nothing but him✨
tak pandai senyum boh😩🤭
خداوندا روزت مبارك ... 💝 
روز عشق را فقط به تو مي توان تبريك گفت...
تو كه عشقت آسمانيست...
و ثمره ي عشقت آرامش است...
تو كه رنگ و بوي عشقت فرق ميكند...
تو عشقت خالص و ناب است...
تو بي حساب ميدهي...
بي دليل توبه ميپذيري..
بي توقع بركت ميدهي...
و بي منت ياري ميكني ...
واقعا كه تنها تو سزاوار كلمه ي عاشق هستي...
عشقي كه خالصانه به بنده ات تقديم ميكني...
دوست داشتنهاي ما بوي نياز ميدهد...
عشقمان از روي هوس است تا محبت...
دوست داشتنمان براي دل خودمان است...
و توقع،زيربناي عشقمان است...
#happy_valentine 🎁🎊😘🤩
#happy_valentine 💑

صدا می کنم تو را
این “جانی” که می گویی
جانم را می گیرد
نزن این حرف ها را
دل من جنبه ندارد ***** .

من برای تو
تو برای من
ما برای هم
چقدر قشنگ است این عشق من و تو ****** .

پ ن؛عزیزترینم ولنتاینمون مبارک خیییلی عاشقتم میلی😘💑❤ .

پ ن2؛ولنتاینو ب تک تکتون تبریک میگم ایشالا شماهم دلتون پیش اونی ک باهاش شادوخوشبخته باشه😚

Boleh juga tuh yg lewat 🤤
A weekend of true love 💕Congrats Soph and Kev you beauts!! Xo 😍💖🍾
Happy Valentine’s Day to the girl I love the most !!!! #selflovematters 💋❣️🌹
happy valentine’s day my loves. ♥️
Happy Valentine’s Day 🥰
happy vday! ily❤️
feirer 💝kjærligheten💝
med 🍭kjærlighet🍭
My one ☝in a million Jessica ❤😘 💃💃💃💃
Undiluted beauty😍💓
Epitome of perfection 💯❤
On her behalf the basket full of chocolate is being shared in the comment section 🍬🍭🍫
..... Drop whatever you wish to pack it with 🍰🍧🍭🍹🍸
I love you all 😘
Thanks for being part of my success story ❤😘
......Management will bless you all 🙏
Feliz San Valentín para Todos ..!!! Que abunde amor en sus corazones chicos ❤️ #WHP ————————————— .
#todpeluche #losamipets #lamanadadogs
Вокруг ещё зима круууужит 😊🌪🌨
Слышала, верю, поддерживаю ✌
Тепленького в ленту от Валентина:
👼💘целуются все💕💏!
Khushi ke mare dance nikl Gaya 😂😂😁 #mahadevkideewani #mahadev🙏 #lovemyself