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Indianapolis, Indiana

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A chance to advance. Today at 1:00 ET
🔥 Game 4 style 🔥
A battle this afternoon to stay alive in the Playoffs. #GoldDontQuit
🎀🐰Which Mr Bunny tryna fertilise these Easter eggs?😜🐰
Im workin, I love u all. Let’s continue to make ourselves proud today. I want to build a team around me of people who have the same ambitions and hustle, grind mentality. Real earners, be restless towards your dreams and things that make u happy. Thank you, y’all inspire me me, Like I inspire u, it is not a one way street. #HustleGod #discipline
another picture with abby and hunter? shocker ;-)
Because I realized I got me, myself and I💖💕💓💝💞💗💘
Hits for dayyyyzzzz @joenichols
Wishing everyone a happy Easter❤️ Here is a clip of our junior large group to “You Say” by the amazing @lauren_daigle 😊  only one week until we perform this one again on stage!! So excited ❤️ average age 11
My beautiful sissers and cousins 💗
Awhh... My Best Fran D.A. goes to PROM 2019!!!! *Swipe* ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thx for being my date and eating lots of pizza with me @claregratzphotography 😛 love ya long time!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Bringing back home some hardware for my first Npc bikini show!!!! 3rd in novice AND FIRST PLACE IN OPEN CLASS B. Now I can finally enjoy my @clebrownieco brownies that I have been staring at in my freezer for the past 3 weeks.
Hitting #MostMuscularMonday early with @lukesandoe💪🏽
📸: @w_wittmannphoto
#MakeBodybuildingGreatAgain #Bodybuilding #BuiltInAmerica
Thug holiday 🙏🏾 miss you kiddo 👶🏾 wish I could trade myself just to have you back ! 😘 Appreciate everyone that came out for the balloon release‼️ #rihkyky😘👶🏽 4/20🙏🏾
“yes, my boyfriend is the DJ”
cheers to finally being 21 🥂 thanks for all the love today ❤️
Happy birthday and dads' day and Easter and any other holiday that happens to be today. Thanks for coming around and always inspiring me to want to go fast 🏎🏁
my face before & then after i realize makena is wearing heelys that light up
Looking at my future like...😍 House Hunting trip was successful, now the grind continues to finish up with @georgetownsim_ in 13 days! Then 54 days until I officially move to Indy and begin my dream job in @ncaa Championships!
We good boo 😝✨
Pretty sure I picked the SAFEST place to sit and watch Game 3 thanks to my guy in back. 🤷🏼‍♀️😳🤔 .
. .
Thanks again to my faves @veronicabeard for yet another amazing jacket and perfect silk tank. You guys never cease to make me FEEL like a boss. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. ♥️ #nbaplayoffs2019 #Celtics at #Pacers on #NBAonTNT & #NBATV
Happy Passover 🍕
photo by @pellisonphoto
Rising Together 🙌
Flashback to last year and @thatsamsmith behind the wheel of Nigel Mansell’s 1989 Ferrari 640 Formula 1 car. Sadly it was ultimately only driven for photography - the gearbox busted the next day. No story as planned. But damn it’s pretty. #fbf #ferrari #f1 #ferrari640