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Wifeeeee🤤🤤🤤😩🖤 #hellalikes
My 3rd time performing @hamburgermarysjax  and I’m in love !!!! @theestallion #megantheestallion #bigolefreakchallenge 🗣GO TAG @theestallion
No matter the miles between us...Sunday brunch is still the same with these two chicks....(+ some good mimosas and a baby )🤪🤩🥂👶🏻👯‍♀️ #rideordie #bestfriends #besties #lifelongfriends . @jjfennell @courtneymsinclair .
Dress is linked! #liketkit
“Jeta mund të kuptohet vetëm duke pare mbrapa, por duhet të jetohet duke ecur përpara”!#sorenkierkegaard
We kept looking every two seconds to make sure the owner is not around 👀
more to come .
Made myself a boss, I ain’t punch in on a clock💰
wish u were here
Me n my niggas was broke🙅🏾‍♂️Buyin n sharin our clothes❤️Den Finnaly ran up da bands💵🥵#comment #dt
Jax waves made it March Mildness. Kentucky sux
kissing #sb2019 goodbye 😙
I ain’t got nuttin on me I gave it up dawg - @new_bghollyhood
Thank you Maryland Basketball for giving me the chance to cover an NCAA Tournament. It’s been the best 4 years 🐢🏀
Back to reality :’(
Salute Christopher 💪🏽🙌🏽💯🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡 ____
Reposted from @_invstr -  #repost #buytheblock #revitalizetheblock - #Hoodestates #NoSacrificeNoReward #investtobuildwealth #letsgetit
Shes ALIVE! It’s been a few weeks since I have been able to get down in the GSPOT 😈💃 I love traveling but I am happy to be home!! 🎶🎶 clap your hands - badjokes @badjokesdj 
#shuffle #practice #dance #yolo #cuttingshapesnetwork #cuttingshapes #shuffledance #shuffle_mood #makesyouvannadance #ecruzn #marygrace___ #livingmybestlife #bangenergyceo #model #athlete #npc #ifbb #prep #cardio
✈️✈️it’s been a minute
applied power squad ☀️
she so different .🤯 #comment
Jax -> Jax
Best city & best friend, what more could u ask for?
business is business
When #SundayFunday ends in too many #dranks and someone gets cranky 🤷🏻‍♀️.... please scroll for EPIC stills of the rage !!! #chihuahuasofinstagram #mdassurvivor #chihuahuasofinsta #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram #brunothesideeyeking #brunothechihuahua #sideeyeking #brunothesaltking
One of my favorite running accessories is my fuel belt especially in this FL heat! Best way to run with water imo! Easy 10 miler today! I’m getting super excited to run the Sand Bar half marathon in about a month & a half!! I’m hoping to get a PR but with recovering from an injury I’m just grateful to be able to compete. Low back is feeling good too 🙌🏻 #sundayrunday #goals #marathontraining
thanks @ncaa for at least sending us somewhere warm :)
Focusing on the goal - fanning the fire of desire. 🔥
I’m making each workout count, keeping my eyes peeled on the target, remembering why I have my goals - the personal meaning behind them, and the message I aim to share with others through them. 💙
I may not nail every goal I have, but there’s “beauty in the struggle.” Failure and lessons along the way keep me humble - humble and hungry. 👍
Got milk 🐮 💯
To all my Ohio friends, I really wish I could just pack up all this beautiful weather and take it home for you all. 🌞
thank you @ncaa for taking us to Jax for spring break☀️
the south did her well
“I like when that white on her toes. Picture me riding around in that Rolls” @gunna
Goodbye 18, hello 19! 🎂🎈
So we are out shopping and Eden just start saying the letters and then the word. Let’s me know that she pays attention. She loves pointing things, numbers and letters out. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤗🤗🤗
As long as he’s smiling, I’m smiling. #keishsaidit #journalmythoughts #motherhood #myprince
#Jacksonville #Florida #USA
This was before my sunburn
cindy tea 👑
Being on the court when LSU beat Maryland was UNREAL 🏀🐯#sweet16bound #geauxtigers
they used to play us, now they say we ain’t playing fair 🥵☺️
don’t even know how to act :)))
Glamour never takes a day off 💋 @allpro3 #AuditionSeason #NFL  #ProCheer
Ronnie🕊 @skynyrd
Lazy Sunday? Maybe for some people.....🤷🏼‍♀️ •
#HybridIsKickingMyButt #HappyHour #trainingday
I bought my dad this truck cause he said he wanted to work SOMETIME when he would make $1k he would come in... he made that before the sun went down... this truck has sooo many memories I’m so glad my friend is getting it- I know he’s gonna make my daddy proud..#TrustTheProcess#GodIsGood
Happy Sunday loves 💗 I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend so far! // obsessing over this casual pink romper that I wore today from @shopzealboutique 😍💕 use code kristin20 for 20% off! .
#pink #romper #weekendvibes #outfitpost #outfitinspo #ootdfashion #todayslook #whatiworetoday #mylook #livecolorfully #thatsdarling #whatimwearing #todayimwearing #currentlywearing #fashionpost #fashiondaily #styleinspo #bloggerstyle #hairgoals #realoutfitgram
“Breakfast at Wimbledon's" is a beautiful creation of @paulsmithguerinbell from @thevolsteadjax - downtown Jacksonville's premier speakeasy-style lounge
- @plymouthginus
- Pimm's No. 1
- Egg Whites
- Strawberry-Vanilla Shrub
- Cream
- Rose Water
Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are ready to embrace upcoming week!🥂❤️
Real stand up guy since day 1😎💯 @binkyblow2
Baddie w/ a bad attitude💥🥵. #yesterday
all the bday kisses 😽🦋🎂 @yourmanegirlcolleen
This little light of ours ...We’re going to keep her shining (on the inside for as long as we are here). 😘😘😘 #HappySunday 💜💜💜
WE GOT ANOTHER GIRL!! Can’t wait to spoil the mess outta you Katherine Vivian💖💖
Enjoying every moment
Never knew how close my dreams were until i found out i wasn’t asleep 🖤🎬
Double Trouble💜💞💜💞 Models: @cheyandchawn 
Photographed by @annapantarei 
Thank You to everyone involved in this shoot! I spent a lot of time trying to nail down this concept 😅 There were many trials and errors trying to make sure the vision in my head came to life. We actually shot the same concept a few weeks back (that I will post. I promise.) but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. With a few changes we were able to make it happen😍Hope you guys love it as much as I do. 
#beyondtheponytail #btconeshot19_upstyling #btconeshot #btconeshot19_braids #ghdeditorial2019 #cotyproelite2019 #SebastianCreates2019 #americansalon #modernsalon #briads
This house has been in our friend’s family for almost 60 years- It was originally built in 1872 by a Union Army officer. It’s outside is our price range otherwise I can promise you we’d be packing our bags. It’s one of those houses that I could see our children getting married at...and then our grandchildren. I would spend the next 10 years restoring every little detail. I could even see it as a bed and breakfast. Our guests could have breakfast on the porches and then go down the dock for a little canoe trip. There is plenty of room for a large kitchen garden and our chickens. Ugh 💔
𝔽𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕤 𝕠𝕣 𝔻𝕣𝕦𝕞𝕤??
#thelocaljax #wings
“Dang... that’s a whole lotta douchebags in one photo” 🤘🏽🤙🏽
🎾 keep on keeping on
My wedding date and I
wildcat vs wildcat... i could get used to this 👀 #wemadeittomarchmadness
This OLD SHIT STILL SNACKING, YALL FUCKIN WIT IT DROP SOME Ⓜ️’s or 🖤’s if you fuckin wit it 💯🤘🏾
Never panic, just manage
this that real life fairytale, binderella shit 🤯
Last spring break ever...that’s a joke right...because we’re sure laughing!?😅
Una como tú🎼 this song will be part of my Album Demo “DIFERENTE” coming out soon, déjame tu comentario con tu opinión ayudan mucho. What do you think bro IS IT ANY GOOD ?? #musicproducer #homestudio #flstudio #flstudiogang #garageband #music #beatmaker #rnblovers #rnb #trap. 🇨🇺100%🔥🔥
just really freaking happy you’re here 🥰
THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SWEETEST BIRTHDAY WISHES!! seriously don’t know how i deserve all of you amazing (internet) friends in my life WOW. also, how am i already 18? i still feel like i’m in middle school? ok
celebrating my birthday with a big glass of banana blueberry goodness 💜🍌 just blended up almond milk, frozen blueberries, frozen banana, maca powder, & blue spirulina 🤩 (tbh i made this yesterday but it’s pretty and i wanted to post it today ok? lol)
ALSO: I JUST (finally) UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! ANOTHER SENIOR YEAR VLOG (aka my fav video series EVER even tho they take a freaking year and a half to edit HAH) CHECK IT OUT! LINK IN BIO! ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽
This week has truly been a humbling experience, a great privilege, an a honor to be able to part take and serve along side one of the greatest, loving, God fearing, servants of God from @tscjax and my fellow classmates from @summitpa . 
I want to say thank you to @tscjax for just taking us all in, being hospitable, making us feel right at home, making us feel like family.

I enjoyed every moment and miss each one of y’alls! Thank you for the great memories. I am looking forward to coming back (home) one day and seeing y’alls again. 
May God bless each one of you! 
This isn’t a goodbye but a see ya later!!
Webster's dictionary defines wedding as "the fusing of two metals with a hot torch." 💍 😘Congrats Danielle and Scotty! We are so grateful when we get to attend weddings!!
My favorite artist of all time ! 🙏🏾 Lil bro @jwalkertheartist Go check him out and get art before the a mil a piece. MURAL GANG !!
it’s that season 🌞 
pic 1 or 2 🤔
My @ubereats driver took this pic. 🤙🏾😂. #fashionnovamen
Currently challenging myself to wear ALL of my clothes. I’ve had this dress for two years and I’ve worn it maybe twice. 2019 is about maximizing in all areas. Wardrobe included! ✨
PC: @amerikabstyleme
The Cats are #Sweet16 bound! 🐱
Momma say you a blessing in disguise Ian lying 🗣🙏🏻I’m finally on nigga now it’s game time 😈
iSsA sEMa TrOk 🤦🏻‍♂️ @americanforcewheels - 26x16 aka
@furyoffroadtires - 38x15.50 🐏
@mcgaughys - 9” kit 🍒
@ tjay_way - custom headlights 🔥
#chevysilverado #silveradonation #liftedchevy #lifted4x4 #26x16 #38x1550 #38s #fury #mcgaughys #americanforcewheels #fuelforged #bowtieswag #shiftedindustries #2inchspacers #skratepipes 👻🔥- scottyp16wides
👉🏼The face you make when (fill in the blank). ..
This is a rare moment for Noah as he never looks this serious. He has a mysterious and contemplating thing going on.  We were at the beach, which he absolutely loves so this was a little out of his element. ..
We hope you had a great weekend and ready to kick ass this new week! 💪🏼 ..
Leash by @rugersropes 💙❤️ ..
✔️ Follow @noah_and_lincoln if you ❤️ hippos ..
✔️ Use code HIPPO50 to get 50% off your first @superchewer box with a 6 or 12 month subscription. .
#bullieschangingthestereotype #sundayfun #beachdogs #WHPplayful
What a view ❤️ #adpiformal
I’ve been Dead Broke and Treated Unfairly, but it didn’t Break Me! 
#neverbreakme #Jeepwrangler #yeezy
#redjeep #pvo #Positive #Vibes #Only
everybody wanna be like me 🧩
😘😘 👖❤️🔥How you rocking yours ✨😈🙌🏾
Link in my bio for all shades of denim
 #detailsbrand✨ #Distress denim👖
✨✨✨ @detailsbrand1of1
This what y’all been waiting for ? Its our time to slimeeee 🤪🌷💚 #hallofprom #duvalprom #explore #like #share #ehsprom #prom2k19
Gunmetal grey for the days I just wanna blend in 🖤⁣
Leggings set by: @sporfits_official
There is no buddy like a brother 💙 •

After a week of Spring break fun today is going to be filled with laundry (🙄), church, relaxing, piano playing and dinosaurs. Not sure that relaxing and toddlers really go together but we are approaching nap time at full speed. 🙌 •

How are you spending your Sunday? 
Thank you @lilbrew for their super cute sign. 😘 
#budandbay  #chaoticduo
We spinin on blocks frl🤫🖤💯
@rundownn.lilalexx @yt_projectgator @chiefrixo @mr24x__ #swipe
I sneezed on the beach and the beach got sicker
Shad Khan for president!... parting shots from Duval... thx again 📸 @graffbykbm ... @sprayplanet #rei21 #nsf #fgs #msp #shadkhanforpresident #duval #mtn94 #mtnhardcore and all hashtags at the top part for @braggin_always 🤝
Jam session with my guy @_staavi today on the morning show
I think maybe I’ll just stay home a little longer 🐾
Cookies n Dough🍩
Happy Sunday Funday! ⛅️🦅 New look coming soon 👀 #jeep #trackhawk #mopar #moparornocar #bagged #stance #baggedandboosted #supercharged #velgenwheels
A good day for Good Dough, which is honestly every day. We heard that from all THREE of our weddings we catered yesterday, there’s a few special menu items out today. Maybe there was mention of Nutella Pretzel Bombs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Lattes? Head in to see if the store closest to you has these off menu items!
Autobahn was so much fun.  I beat Peanut 2/3 races 😁 Driving like a girl.  #autobahn #likeagirl #goingfast #rickybobby
Sunday Vibes ☀️
Marina in Winter 
Available @vaultat1930 ⠀⠀
Geauxing to the Sweet 16.
📷: @mattmarriottphoto
What happens in #jacksonville stays in Jacksonville ....and my IG😂😂😂 Thxs for coming to the show y’all!!
Ju uroj te gjitheve nje dite te kendshme miq!🖤✌️
🔥 PTS GT2 RS 🔥 What do we think of this rather unique PTS GT2 RS in ice green metallic⁉️⁉️ #porsche #gt2rs #911gt2rs #porschegt2rs #porsche911 #carporn #pts #ptsporsche #amazingcars 📸 @camdover
Todo por cojer el angulo perfecto.. 📽😎
Saludos..... 😎🔥📽
Thxs to @3rdpickcomedy and @doitagainandseewhathappens for performing this weekend and the fabulous host Bobby #comedyzone
Did somebody say it’s #NationalPuppyDay ?! Thank you for following along on my adventures !! 💕
Happier than a seagull with a french fry🤩
we could only afford the caesar salad tho
Jacksonville you’ve been good to me but I’ll see you in 2 weeks Daytona 🌞🌴 #nattyszn
ur local asian grandma on #springbreak2k19 📷 @mathis_josh1
Happy 25th to my boooo! 😻💫 I love you so much, let’s go take a shot now.
Look at that smile on @jemarlbakerjr’s face when his teammates start cheering for him. 💙💙💙
And she sexy... she got her features🥂🤤
Next Stop DC‼️
#BootUp #MarchMadness
Proud ✊
@ashton.hagans put ‘me on ⛸⛸⛸
the heavens are singing today #becomingaboyd !!!
Oh, you want me? Make me feel that shit I can be your everything 💎🥵 #dt
Circa 2005 🍒🎂
• #liketkit #LTKstyletip #LTKunder100
I Showed My Ass 🖤 For All The Times I Had To Struggle As A Kid 💰
how has ur weekend treated you so far?
“You trained for this. You’re built for this.” Coach Cal is addressing the team after the win over Wofford.
and another win for kentucky !!!
Survive AND Advance ... #Sweet16 | #DreamBIG
How about that 3-point defense today? And the rebounding was just as huge.

#Sweet16 | #DreamBIG
March madness with the homie. Thanks @mikeb__42 for the hookup on the tickets 💯 #marchmadness
#BootUp #MarchMadness
🍑 I swear I own other colors & pairs of workout leggings than this..(it’s just my favorite pair 😩). #NikeEpicLux #EpicLux #NikeWomen
#BootUp #MarchMadness
Hello Spring💐🌊☀️!!!! #favseason
#BootUp #MarchMadness
That was a true battle. We will never hang our heads.
I’m sorry, but I had to.... I’ve been waiting 7 YEARS to use that caption and it’s finally my turn! So anyway..... I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the love and birthday wishes! It seriously means the whole world to me! I used to imagine what my life would be like when I turned 22, where I would be, who I would be, etc... and let me just tell you I couldn’t have been more WRONG! The last year has been filled with some of the worst times and some of the absolute best times of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way! This time last year I was in a really low place and it seemed like I was getting hit with one bad thing after another and I really just wasn’t happy. NOW I can proudly say that I have worked through those hard times and I am in a much better place that I couldn’t have even imagined a year ago. Back in July I decided I was going to start something called Dance Trance ( @dancetrancejax )and that was the beginning of my uphill journey away from that low place I was at. I started putting my energy into something productive instead of just feeling sorry for myself and that’s really the moment my life took a turn. Then, as you guys know, I had a dream come true back in December when I had the pleasure of meeting my QUEEN @jaclynhill (and making out with her😜) and I know that is what brought so many of you guys to me! Since then I’ve connected with so many amazing people, gained SO MUCH confidence and I am TRULY a happy person now. And thanks to some AMAZING friends that I couldn’t have made it through the last year without @aliciaford13 @sallyannne @isabellagoria ! I love you guys so much❤️So thank you again to everyone that has shown your love and support towards me! Without you guys I don’t know where I would be today! (Sorry that got so DEEP lol wasn’t planning on that😂) Soooooo yeah! ILYSM❤️😘
Fair to say that hurt a lot. Was great to run a 4x400m with my training partners but think I’ll stick to the shorter sprints. 🙅‍♂️ Trying to pass the baton 20m from the line also doesn’t help! 😂
 #4x400 #lacticacid #nike #nopainnogain #tracknation #trackandfield
Gonna hang out up here with @the_angolan_bf 💪
Road comics ....learn how to do your own hair and make up...
The Terps have arrived! #FearTheTurtle
Watch me turn my dreams into reality 🌴⭐️💙🎥
So gay I travel with my rainbow umbrella. @visit_jax What should I see on my final day here? #onlyinjax #visitflorida #instagays #lesbiantravelers #gaytravelers #floridalesbians #gaytravel #lesbiantravel #lgbttravel .
Raise your hand if you are cheering for Kentucky today! We can’t wait to cheer for our Cats!😸🏀 #letsdance #marchmadness
I wonder how did I end up here, with happiness painting every day under this beautiful light in this beautiful space.
After being by my self raising a kid miles and miles away from home. There was something that made me believe, it all will be ok, even when things where very difficult in the beginning and still are sometimes.
This, what seems a though journey only took me closer to my faith, to a thankful heart, specially thankful for those challenging times. 
I keep believing, it doesn’t matter what it is, it all shall pass. 
All what I can do is show up every day and be thankful for what I do have, it fills me with joy. 
Thanks for reading 
Have a good weekend!
 #almaramirezart #art #studioscenes
Time to get the balls off the rack and get ready for today’s battle. #MarchMadness #DreamBIG
When you get a keeper before anyone is even in the water it's gonna be a good day. #seeyououtthere