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On my bad days I seek you,on my good days I thank you,on my great days I praise you,but everyday I need you.
Thank you god for always being here for me❤❤
if ur man isn’t willing to die for ur sins, is he really ur man¿?
Merry Christmas! Remember to love on your family and eat lots of mac n cheese on this wonderful Christmas DAY! Also remember that Jesus ROCKS and he is seriously the reason for the season!!!!! Love that for us! #Jesus #wisemen #babygod ❤️
Merry Chrysler to everyone🎄💓
"Berbahagialah mata yang melihat apa yang kamu lihat." Karena aku berkata kepadamu: Banyak nabi dan raja ingin melihat apa yang kamu lihat,tetapi tidak melihatnya,dan ingin mendengar apa yang kamu dengar,tetapi tidak mendengarnya. Lukas 10:23-24
Und wenn ihr euch noch so viel sorgt, könnt ihr doch euer Leben um keinen Augenblick verlängern. ~ Matthäus 6, 27 🌝✝️
Happy Sunday 💒
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭143:10‬ ‭🌿
"Karena Bagiku Hidup Adalah Kristus Dan Mati Adalah Keuntungan" -Filipi 1: 21 ❤❤✌
#latepost #katolikindonesia #bontang #legas #captions
Dein Herz ist dort, wo deine Schätze sind.
Taking 2million photos and 6million videos because it was the first time I’ve had a front camera in 10 months an these are the only ones I like #ItsShez_NotHope #VloggerNow
Me and @hannah.lizziee always be shouting!!
I will never cease to be grateful to GOD Almighty, no matter how hard the society today make that act seem cliche.

My boldness and access with confidence by the faith is solely of HIM, through Jesus Christ my King.

Cc: HAA — @HomeAdvantageAfrica
Mantra ✔️✔️
night bus to morning after ⛪✝️🙏📿
i actually have no words right now — Jesus loving friends are the best.
▪wır sınd umgeben von mıllıonen von menschen , doch sınd nur von eınen abhängıg▪
Sad to inform you
How great is our God 😭😭😭
~ “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “Plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future 🙏🏽💙💯 ~ Jeremiah 29:11
ching waa
Let's hope the job I want in the future doesn't require chemistry - taggin ones who made school more bearable
Thanks for having us @tlemco @prohbtd 💚
This is an upcoming prospect Travis. He has found his love for the sport of the Lank through the support of the community. It is very challenging to find a Lank who has the same love for the game as Travis does. We applaud him for this. 
Height: 6’1

Lank Level: 65%

Strengths: climbing, flirting, hand holding, girls falling for him, strength in Jesus, spike ball saves, highlight plays. 
Weaknesses: marriage, Jesus, the devil, saving for, sucking fingers, dating 2’s, abstinence, after prom.
a happy heart, makes the face cheerful
proverbs 15:13 🙏🏼💗
i live on earth, but my heart belongs in heaven ✝️💟 #explore #explorepage
[Conscience] vs (Me) [Conscience: why do you try to please everybody!!] (Me: I dont know!! I just want things to work out in my life no matter the context.) [Conscience: Well you need to only please 1 person.] (Me: what you mean.?) [Conscience: Jesus] (Me: word.) [Conscience: Your whole life has not been consistent because you try to please people instead of him. Period.] (Me: Man.) [Conscience: he isn't done with you yet though.] (Me: Amen.)
《Mesmo dando a Deus incontáveis razões pra não nos amar, nenhuma delas têm sido forte o suficiente para mudá-lo.》 ✔Ele nos ama! ❤ Com #ousadoamor Ele se rendeu lá na cruz e faria tudo outra vez... por mim e por você! ✝ = ♡
♡ Música: Ousado Amor - Versão : @jullianysouza ♡
daily doodles #bealight 🔆🌼✨🌙⭐️
i’ve made a promise to God that from now on i would only say positive and encouraging things about myself, other people, life etc. we live in a world that thinks it’s cool to bring other people down, always bring up the negative, and complain about certain qualities that’s makes you , you & me , me. i know that i am child of The King.  The Bible tells us how God made each & everyone of us perfectly in His image. Instead of wanting to be like the girl on instagram or the sports athlete on tv, how about we try to be more like Jesus. How loving and forgiving He was. I’ve started a clean slate for this year, and my goal is to recognize 5 blessings each night before bed and pray for how thankful i am no matter how big or small it is. And by writing positive somethings on my body, whenever i look down it reminds me to look up. Jesus once again has called a lost girl found. Life begins with You. My challenge for y’all is to see the brighter side of life, the goodness He provides each n everyday! #thepath #day1
Me pushing the devil out of my life
They wondering why? And how 😂Its God and my wife for life😚 youll got my secret haters😂ill live for eternity 💙
the best kownslrs in canada
"I can do all things through him who strengthens me."
- ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭
Best of Travels to Westlake’s real Internationally imported MVP. Best travels buddy love ya mate. 🇮🇹 x 🇩🇪
“The LORD is my Shepherd, I lack nothing” Psalms 23:1 #LastRide
Jeremiah 29:11 ✝ = ❤ 
Tudo me é permitido, mas nem tudo convém 💫
Friends with benefits? Hell yeah!
UTK SYPS 2k18 ❤
throwback Such a life changing day ❤️💙 God is so good i’ve had so many blessings recently all the glory to him!
En sjuhelsikes färd
There's a point and time where you got to let your Soul be controlled by Jesus if you want to continue your life in a prosperous way. That's what has to happen. now i am not talking about that Prosperity Gospel that some people take out lf context. but I'm saying if you want to elevate you got to sit down and just take a ride with the one who created you.
The Most Important Person is Jesus and The Important Thing is To Love Jesus... ✌💙
Siapa yang lebih bodoh? Si bodoh? Atau orang bodoh yang mempercayai si bodoh?
නුඹලා මා සොයන්නහු ය. නුඹලා මුළු සිතින් මා සොයන කල මා නුඹලාට සම්බ වනු ඇත.
ජෙරමියා 29:13.//❤🙏✝️
දෙවි සමිඳාණන් වහන්සේට ඔබේ මුළු හෘදයෙන් ද ඔබේ මුළු ආත්මයෙන් ද ඔබේ මුළු වීර්යයෙන් ද ප්‍රේම කළ යුතු ය.
ද්විතීය නීති සංග්‍රහය 6:5.//❤️🙏
Current mood - cheesy grin because I know the Lord loves me just the way I am . Even when I mess up or look like a plum fool or dance really embarrassingly, He’s cheering me on going “ yeah she’s MINE and I love her” 😱
I have the most incredible friend, comforter, protector and inspirational God ever 💕➕
Inacarditável, família Bóçe 🙌
#TamesJuntes #RumeAoMilhãum #BóçesGonnaBóçeite 
Postade do meu aifone
Hør vores nye bøssesang... Link i bio
Ψυχη μου..αγαπη μου..φωνουλα μου😍 Ησουν πραγματικα οτι καλυτερο!! Να ξερεις οτι λειπεις..λειπεις πολυ και ακομα και αυτο το μικρο κομματι που σε ειδαμε μας θυμισες πολλα...μας ξανα ειπες με τον δικο σου τροπο ολα αυτα που με λογια δεν μπορει να κανεις❤ Ησουν, εισαι και θα εισαι για παντα στην καρδια μας...απλα αγγελος...τα λογια περιττα για εσενα Αγγελε μου🙏 Εισαι ενα διαμαντι😻 Με ενα χαμογελο στα χειλη παντα!! @official_mariospriamos #ForeverMarios #Only_you #Priamers
hanya merasakan rasa🌝
моя любовь🍑
 @martinaconz @eleonora.bernard
me rajaste los ojos papafrita
Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is brave , strong and emboldened because of who Christ is in her.❤️✨😘
Picture Credits : My Twinniiee❤️ @nishthas583
itzzz Easter(((im so eggggg-cited)))⭐,,,,HE IS RISEN. wE found this wall and i luvvvv it,,,it remindz me of how God has a plan and it may seem like a sloOpyy mess but its beaUtifUL when u let him take the wheel/////he is truly so RADICAL🆒️⬆️⬆️p.s....i went to b-dubz on sat. and the carrotz were qualityyyyYy¡¡¡!!!
«Despreciado y desechado entre los hombres, varón de dolores, experimentado en quebranto; y como que escondimos de él el rostro, fue menospreciado, y no lo estimamos. Ciertamente llevó él nuestras enfermedades, y sufrió nuestros dolores; y nosotros le tuvimos por azotado, por herido de Dios y abatido. Mas él herido fue por nuestras rebeliones, molido por nuestros pecados; el castigo de nuestra paz fue sobre él, y por su llaga fuimos nosotros curados.» 👑❤ Isaías 53:3‭-‬5 #MiRey #MiSeñor #ReyDeReyes #Jesús #PerfectLove
"Thank you Jesus for died on the cross for us😭😭💙💙You was bruce for our iniquety ...u was in pain 😭😭❤we love u Jesus...nobody can be like you ur child ...i love you Jesus u my father ...plz forgive my sins 😭💙❤
I GOT OUT THAT WATER SAYING WOOO YES JESUS!!! Sorry not sorry for the double post 😝
We are Star Show Choir🎄🎄
God bless you😘
Shake 'n Bake
Poszłam w plener a co xdd
Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring.
تركتلكم العشق و عشقت هيدا الصليب✝💓
2018 Goal is to start with God, stay with God, and end with God
Merry Chrysler
Merry chrimbo from ur fave mess 🎄✨ and swipe for a photo of my cousin roasting me for being single bc isn’t that what Christmas is all about?
Feeling blessed #wedding things #Xmas mood _merry xmas y all friends #Jesus d #savior💪 his name is #Emmanuel. Enfant unique; ma fierté💪
Hey guys, Sean here. 
Hard to believe its been a year since this miracle was brought into my life. I'm lucky enough to go through the same emotional ride in just 2 weeks with my brothers shame for the birth of our debut album 'Songs of Praise'. Peace and love to all.

The link to eternal happiness is in our bio. 
Photo by @jennfive
Spencer hates matching w/ people so I made sure we matched 😉🤗
Pjs + my girls = b e s t Christmas Eve !! (plus my pig slippers of course)
Happy holidays
What did Adam say the day before Christmas? ‣It’s Christmas, Eve
Ready to Jingle.
Matching 💎
💥my car is up for sale💥

Message me for details if interested. 

#porsche #cayanne #matteblack
Current mood #peace 
Stolen from @thriftstoreart  again !!😁
A good liar has previously forged one's lies:) 💫
Cork hat By: @risenapparel 
just because i let you go doesn’t mean i wanted you to.
lil devil
senior picnic 🍴