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Lake Tahoe

Instagram photos and videos at Lake Tahoe

We found out Reggie has bone cancer a year ago and the doc said 2-4 months max...I guess that’s what living a happy life can do for you (she hates being picked up).
In honor of it officially feeling like summer today... throwback to my shoot with @toptierimages 💙🙌🏼
I promise to find hope through the heartache, to find joy through the sadness, to find strength through the incredible weakness, to love even when it’s hard, to live freely and bravely, even when I’m scared, to make the most of my live in a way that would make you proud! 👼🏼💕🌸 #makingchloeproud
Happy TOT😛
here’s a photo of me cleaning up one of my favorite places on earth :)
600lb Sledding. ❄️🛷
had to show some love for my favorite place on earth, the place i’m so lucky to call home🌎
I’ve listened to Lil Dicky‘s song at least 10 times today, it’s seriously time for you guys to start pulling your weight!!! 🌍 jk Earth Day is not just about listening to a song you thought was going to be WAY better than it actually is, it’s also about looking at how we can make small changes everyday! Today I made a list of 5 things I’m going to do moving forward to help our lil planet 😌 (will post on my story! ❤️)
loving this earth a little extra today!
Lake Tahoe is pretty cool.
happy 🌍 day
hey earth, I appreciate the heck outta you.
let’s celebrate our earf everyday 🌎✨
Já gostei de mim, depois passei a me adorar e agora não vivo sem me amar!
Como extraño este lugar 😪
“We love the Earth, it is our planet. We love the Earth, it is our home.” -Lil Dicky 🌎
This is thirty-two, y'all 👴🏼. Stimulating collagen production with @siobeauty face patches. They are made from medical grade silicone and are reusable up to 15x (compared to most brands that are only single-use 🙅🏻.....) Ahem, #EarthDay is tomorrow! 🌎 #SioForHim #sponsored
Training for the LA triathlon at 6000+ feet. 🏃🏻‍♂️ I’m proud to be a @brooksrunning ambassador because wherever possible, Brooks uses recycled materials in their shoeboxes, laces, fabrics, and hangtags. ♻️ #RunHappy
Último día ya como camarón 🦐 
Mañana a trabajar durísimo 
Abrazooooooo disfruten su domingo santo #SENATORE
Hee a long’n’leggee boyee, which is part of what makes him an exceptional climber/scrambler. Look at his fingers in picture two! (NOTE: Finn is not standing on the ledge of a cliff)
She decided long ago that life was a long journey. She would be strong, and she would be weak, and both would be okay.
Beautiful views with you ❤️ @samuelgarcias
This place is perfect. Every single hike we find is dog friendly. The views are insane. Now if only Finn could learn to cool off in the water... are there any swim training camps for dogs?? If not, there should be.
La luz que se ve reflejada atrás es la luz de la luna, la cual era tan brillante que veías todo el bosque sin necesidad de luz artificial.
Los atardeceres de Lake Tahoe son COLOR ROSA y les juro de los más bonitos que he visto! Todos los días hemos venido al muelle a ver el atardecer mientras escuchamos cómo todos los animalitos se van a dormir, es hermoso (perdonen lo cursi pero me da mucho sentimiento jaja) ✨💖
📸 gracias por la fotito tan linda bb @care_much
#visitcalifornia #tahoenorth
Lake Tahoe