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Going to Lake Tahoe today ⛷🎿 hope to get there on time 🏎💨 ❄️❄️
Hot kisses and tea)) ☕️🧡☺️
My view this weekend 😍😍 #suddenlyhaveasthma #mybreathbeentaken
Today was a good day.
𝚆𝚎 𝚍𝚘𝚗’𝚝 𝚐𝚛𝚘𝚠 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚢. 𝚆𝚎 𝚐𝚛𝚘𝚠 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚠𝚎 𝚏𝚊𝚌𝚎 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚜. ♡
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About a week ago ❄️ first of many trips to come 🚗
main squeeze 🍋🧡👯‍♀️ !
Hi Hi Hi ❄️
won’t stay away even if it takes 12 hours
Made it to Tahoe! 7.5hrs from San Fran. Beast of a car so fun. 🎉🎿🍺
There’s no other person I’d rather build a snowman with. I love you ❤️#tahoe2019
❄️ Winter storm warning ❄️
up in the Sierras 🐾
Thanks for the birthday trip. 🐋
With fresh snow and more on the way Lake Tahoe is the place to be! | 🌊
Tag @laketahoe.official ☺ for a feature!! 📷
Photo Credit:
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snow pants or no pants!!!
Lake Tahoe
📸: @sofmgm
Ermahgerd Sner! #powpow #tahoe #corgisofinstagram
Your fav crew is back! Two years after South Africa rocked our worlds we’ve reunited in South Lake Tahoe. Our day on Friday began with a lovely WFA day out of the google office. Everyone enjoyed some lamb shawarma and hummus and the myriad of snacks. Next we made our way to Kates house where her mom cooked us some incredible vegetarian chili and corn bread. We even had a cameo from Liz! Then we made the long trek through the tundra to get to Tahoe. Kate braved the roads as Taylor manned the music and me Elana and Zoe enjoyed more hummus and chips. The next morning we made our way to south lake at the ripe time of 10am. Kate led the way again as we drove through complete white out. She has officially mastered the 40 point turn. Upon arrival to the lake house our snow leopard of a car got trapped and we had to dig it out of mountains of snow. But it was all worth it to enter the incredible home, get views of the lake, and eat more hummus. Highlights of the house include: lake views, old photos, and a letter from Barbara bush. More updates to come
All smiles here after a 12 hour drive through a blizzard 🙃🥶
Finally, somewhere where I blend in ❄️
Temperatures are low, but morale is high 🥂
spent 15 hours driving together yesterday and we’re still friends so i think we’re doing something right
Doing my best 🌨
I want to wish @trey_wilson20 @kayjay234 for the engagement. You 2 are perfect for each other.
It’s a whiteout ❄️❄️
Winter wonderland 🌲
a goddess 👑 ☀️
Let the adventures begin
Reframing is a powerful tool that I use when coaching my clients. We don't realize the power that the stories we tell ourselves has on our mindset and emotions. We can positively reframe a story about our past, present or future and change the way we think and feel.
Happy 50 to the best dad out there! Thank you for all that you do ❤️
🤳 w/ @liz__williamson .
We ❤️ selfies! Be sure to always tag us, dm, or email us your pics to be featured! The world could always use more 🤳 .
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Having SUCH an amazing time!! ❄️
betcha thought there were only two of us
Psyched to have spent the past three days learning all about avalanche hazards and rescue in my AIARE 1 course. Snow science is so fascinating and I can't wait to continue the learning process alongside many more adventures in the mountains 🏔
#avalanchecourse #pitdigging #snowscience #backcountryskiing #yaymountains
summer come sooner!
Why do we post on Instagram?
What is your *intention* with this platform?
Is it a way to express yourself? Is it to market your business? Is it to fill a void? To make others envious? To make people laugh? To update friends and family?
I’ve been asking myself similar questions recently, as there are days, maybe even weeks, I have no inspiration to post a photo or write. 
Sometimes I feel pressure to show up regularly, because algorithms they say, when I just can’t. 
Why would I post when it’s forced?
There are days where I numbingly scroll. 
There are days I compare myself to others to the point where I honestly feel like shit!
And there are days where I feel so inspired by this app and so grateful for the beauty and the information I’m taking in.
For me, this platform is extremely powerful. I mean, some people have become “influencers” but how are they actually influencing?
I’ve realized my main intention on here is to yes, aid me on this entrepreneurial journey I am embarking on, but above all I want to express myself through images and I want to inspire/educate others (and myself) through my written word.
I just want to help humans feel better and make the world a slightly better place, because I know what it feels like to feel down and out. And I see the planet suffering. 
So, what is your intention? 
What we share is more powerful than we even know.
We are all making an impact in one way or another.
Such a great family vacation with these people
My Valentines 💝
I was trying to make myself helpful by shoveling up the snow but my dumb ass fell on my butt lol.
Off to #idaho through the snow #newadventures awaits 🦌 @bigrock_littlerock
Crystal clear ✨
Great views, better stories. #hubbahubba #rudy #tahoethebear
Parents driveway yesterday! ❄️ Got ~2 more feet last night haha. Duuuude. 🤤 
#snowmageddon #tahoenationalforest #tahoenorth #northlaketahoe
Fitz having a blast in the snow! #ckcs
ma, what in the world is this powdery stuff?! ☃️ #firsttime
@decepticon4x4 bashing through DEEP pow in Tahoe. When the slopes are closed Bc of avalanche precautions the next best thing is to get some snow wheeling in! ❄️☃️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#Built2Wander | #Decepticon4x4 | #DeepPow | #PowderHounds | #SnowWheeling | #LakeTahoe | #snowmageddon | #Jeep | #Offroad | #Outdoorlifestyle | #OptOutside | #NemesisIndustries | #TeraflexSuspension | #Rubicon
My 7:30am arrival has slowly been turning into noon, but I’m not upset #kirkwood
NEW FRIENDS👯‍♂️🕺🏽💃🏻#tahoe #gambling #burlesque
my favorite thing is when i say something like “do you want to kick water/tackle/throw snow/be generally aggressive” with my clients and i see the pure excitement on one of their faces (it’s usually never on both of their faces lmfao)
...with black curtains near the station. 🤯  #tahoe #california 📷 by @jimmyhopper from 🎥 by @j_nielsen
#home #madeit. #shoveltime
Snow Bunnies ❄️☃️
Can you spot the little yellow cottage? 💛
and sometimes you find yourself there. 3ft overnight and still filling in
wheres jon snow
Spent this snowy day editing and eating baked goods... it’s was a good day to say the least✨

#engagedlife #belovedstories
Shaun White we’re coming for you #winterolympics
The mountains are calling
Gentlemen, don’t let an 11 hour traffic jam stop you from expressing your love for your lady.
Beautiful Lake Tahoe! 🌲
Do you know a second language? Which one has been most useful to you? 📚
Currently studying French 🥖
My girl needs a snorkel
No better time or place to explore with your best friend! 📷 @savannahhanslovan 🐶 @yogi_theadventuredog 
Have a wonderful weekend!!
My drug of choice is white powder ❄️
Over the course of last weekend we encountered a staggering 5 feet of fresh snow in Lake Tahoe. Probably should have packed our snorkels... ⛷: @jacksonlebsack // @skicom @epicpass @northstar_california @kirkwoodmtn @skiheavenly
Nic’s caption idea: “They should call this place Lake TahSNOW.” I’ll take it. 💕 #laketahoe
Pow beautiful is this
People are dying, Kim
From the beach to the snow! Adventures with my loves @caseycourter @oliviacourter
Tahoe, you were a treat 💙❄️
Снегопад, перекрыли все дороги....⛔️
Хоть фото на фоне снега и ёлок сделал))
#Sacramento #laketahoe #california
snow bunniezz
didn’t see Olaf but i still had the time of my life // thank u @doteshopping 📸: @jessicaspohr
Stop 9 of @skicom’s #EpicDreamJob was a 3-for-1 adventure. @jacksonlebsack headed to Lake Tahoe to explore @northstar_california, @kirkwoodmtn, and @skiheavenly. Next stop: @pcski! #LakeTahoe #California
Snow days are the BEST days! ❄️❄️ #LakeTahoe you are always a dream ✨✨
∙ #liketkit #LTKshoecrush #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100
Some top Tahoe moments this week. Love all the crazy people in my life. Hope everyone is enjoying some great fluffy pow this weekend! #wewillbeback #tahome
❄️☃️❄️ #laketahoe #snow #white #vacationmode #selflove
I want to recreate this picture. But in swimmies instead of sweaters. #tahoe #imstillthawingout #summervibes
It’s powder hour at Lake Tahoe. #DestinationFriday ❄️❄️❄️ According to crewmember Christine H., “Lake Tahoe is gorgeous! If you are a photographer, it is a must see.”
This photo was featured in an article on @housebeautiful yesterday! It is so exciting to see my work shared by companies that I love! 
Design by @alicelanehome 
Photo by @lindsay_salazar_photography
These last few years have been filled with so many amazing memories but this one is BY FAR my favorite! I LOVE YOU & I can not wait to be your WIFE!!💕 #engaged
my kind of morning 🌨🌨🌨
My pain in the butt/best friend/love of my life rolled in to one 🙃 Happy Valentine’s Day 💕
He proposed... and I said YES!!!! 💍❤️❄️😍#forevermyvalentine #engaged #LakeTahoe #amazingproposal #loveyou
This right here is what keeps me going. I love you, and I don’t know what I’d do without my goofball. You are truly amazing and everything I could have ever asked for #vday #sendit #love #sunnyskiesweride
I guess you're pretty neat. Happy 6th Valentine's Day or something.
hi. i love snow ❄️😍 #takemeback
Otro 14F con esta flaca🐒❤️ (Pero ahora en el Lago Tajo encerrados en una tormenta)
Te amo infitino 😽❤️
Un #Tbt bien lindo.
Happy birthday to this double-fisting-slurpee mountain goon. It only took 7 years for us to figure it out buuuut we here. Thankful for you, adventures past and many to come🤗 (Last photo from 2013 when we were tiny babies in Mallorca and I camped for the first time😬)
I Love You Like Tahoe Loves Snow ☃️🌬💕#Valentines #LakeTahoe #Tahoe #WoodArt
How lucky I am to love you🌹‼️
I was shy in this photo because I liked him a lot. Happy Valentine’s Day all the way from California. ❤️
All this rain has been making me wish I was back at Tahoe in the snow! 🏔❄️🌲🌨
I’m hopefully headed to big bear tomorrow🏂
(Also happy Valentine’s Day everyone❤️)
Ale Tahoe, Road to the presentation, welcome to Signature Gallery in South Lake Tahoe
My lio Valentine loved his first SN❄️W trip! He was so into it & kept complaining every time we’d go inside! 😂 Can’t wait until he’s old enough to ski and snowboard! 🎿🏂 #1stsnowtrip
❤️❤️❤️ @tomrowls
I lost my virginity when I was 12 years old. (I don’t think my Mom even knows this yet)

And I’m now almost 8 years abstinent….. Well February 22nd will be 8 years.

This post is going to be a little bit different than the ones you’ve seen today about Valentines Day.

I’ve never talked about this openly. I just wanted to share this because I am not perfect. I’ve gone to many extremes in my life to get to the point where I am today.

I could write a whole novel on the dynamics that happened from 12 years old till today and why I went to such extremes.

But I wouldn’t trade any of it.

I’m not sure why I lost my virginity at 12 years old. It kinda just happened.

But what happened after was my friends reaction to it and then that became the currency at which I would gauge the game of life.

I was voted as the “The Biggest Flirt” for my High School Superlative.

So from 12-19 years old I had found a game I was really good at.

My friends would say, “Hey, you can’t get her.” Then the game would begin.

And I also want to preface, I was never an asshole.

The girls excuse was always, “Well it’s Zach.”
I was seen or saw myself as the “Player.”
But something happened right after I turned 20.

I was asked the question from a priest mentor of mine: “What would your future wife and daughter think of what you are doing right now?”
It made me sick to my stomach to think about. I couldn’t sleep that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So at the point, I made a decision that I was going to go abstinent.

That it was something that I needed to do in order to truly prepare myself to be the best potential Husband/Dad I could possibly be.

Not because being “abstinent” in and of itself for everyone will yield that result.

But for me, an extreme case, it needed to happen.

And as a result, making that decision resulted in a ripple effect on my whole life.

I read a book a week for 4 years straight.

I freed up soo much time to start asking myself better questions on what I wanted to do in this life.

I’m not saying it was all great. I sacrificed a lot.

I stopped partying as much.

I became very anti social.

I stopped going on dates.

Continued in Comments 👇🏻
Universe must have my back. ❤️
my valentine 💙
Lake Tahoe in the winter ❤️✨ ¡Nos divertimos mucho con tanta nieveeeeee! Snowboard, hot tub, guerras de nieve, y muuucha paleada jajaja! Esta temporada me tocó vivir 3 “épocas” navideñas🙈😬 estoy reconsiderando mi postura de que no me guste🤔 #sirenamexicana #orgullosamenteMexicana // #tb We had lots of fun with the snow last week! Many activities including shoveling day and night to avoid getting buried by the snow😂😍 I had three “Christmasy” seasons this winter, I may start considering my dislike for this holiday jeje! #happywinter #caribbeangirlinthesnow #southlaketahoe
Cant remember how 2 love another human being so im jst gonna ski for 4 days straight or whatever
Blue Valentine 💙 #pairofpereas | 📸: @deeandkris #keeptahoeblue
Chose my skis as my Valentine this year. Lot less demanding... 🎿💝 #timetoplay #powtown #laketahoe @salomonfreeski @rockstarenergy @rockstarenergycanada @blankcollectivefilms pc: @jankyhazen
5 time Valentine! 💞
Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever valentine @lseverin ♥️ #tbt to Lake Tahoe
Obrigado por terem feito dessa viagem a melhor! 🤘🏻❤️
4 meses de Gucci y Prada💛
[santacosta por aí] @duduparapente experimentando outro esporte durante sua viagem para lake tahoe, california. ✌🏽 #santacosta #laketahoe #california #newadventures
The beauty of a Nosepress // @thehaust #rbi19submission @redbullillume
Crazy how time flys by. Super thankful I was able to be Varsity Cheer Captain for my last year cheering with my team. I am so thankful for everyone I’ve have met and created friendships with. I will cherish all the crazy adventures and memories for a lifetime. 💚💛🎀
brb stuck for the 6th time in the last 2 days
Happy birthday to my second mom & to one of the sweetest most loving person I know! 💗 #loveher #75thbirthday #motherinlaw
In anticipation of a very busy Valentine’s Day, here is the most cringe-worthy-lovey-dovey photo I could find ❤️ @lukebender
Mais uma, porque não é todo dia que a gente vê a neve! ❄️✋🏻
Snowboarding update: I still suck 🤷‍♀️ 😂 this pic was actually taken in front of our Airbnb on the second day of our Tahoe trip. We were snowed in and couldn’t get to the slopes that day. Instead of carving on the slopes for 5 hours before driving home (jk I can’t carve yet), we spent 5 hours digging a path out of the driveway for our cars and then digging our sedan out of the snow when it inevitably got stuck on the snow-covered road 🤦‍♀️ swipe to watch us struggle with the snow machine!
Can’t get over how clear the water is 😍 I need to try this (Via @everchanginghorizon @jess.wandering)
Just another pretty picture in a world of pretty pictures. Here’s an interesting question. What photos matter to you? Has the attainability to quality, saturated instagram with beautiful images? What kind of photography do you enjoy? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
why is the snow almost taller than me🤩
It’s time to catch ❄️ on your 😝. Brave the elements on your hike through #EmeraldStatePark and make sure to get a shot of scenic #LakeTahoe while you’re at it. Click the link in our bio to learn more – and be sure to follow @theplanetd on TripAdvisor to discover more adventures like these. 
#Hike #Lake #Snow #California
Snow is not just a natural event, it is also an event that fills us with infinite magic! 🌨 ❄️ ☃️🌲
#Snow #love #startover #fairytale #tahoe
Crystal clear days 💎(📷: @everchanginghorizon)

Follow @devinepictures for more!!!
Follow @devinepictures for more!!!
Follow @devinepictures for more!!!
Tahoe vibesss ❄️🌊#yessir
Head in the clouds, but my gravity’s centered....
i’m (s)mitten ⛄️
sister sips ☕️
sister secret tings
Tennis bracelet from @saintmidas_  check out their jewelry #icy ❄️
Frothing material right here 🤤 Tahoe delivers the goods once again. Local guide @joshdaiek has got his backyard very dialled. #timetoplay #laketahoe @blankcollectivefilms @salomonfreeski @rockstarenergy @rockstarenergycanada
One of my favorite trips thus far 🏂❄️☕️🔥
Amazing weekend with this dude @carter.1515  glad I was able to spend your 13th birthday with you ! Fun fact this day I was wearing jeans and slides everyone around was starring at me like a weirdo 😂 #tvps #peepgameltd  #laketahoe  #takemeback
Only took us 9 hours to get back but it’s fine! Everything is fine 🔥🔥🔥
missing norcal & my girl❤️
Strawberries & Vanilla..My fav😘 
Yes... @theivyshowroom 
No problem with flat landings when you have 3ft of fresh pow. 🔥 #tahoe #timetoplay @blankcollectivefilms @salomonfreeski @rockstarenergy @rockstarenergycanada
Celebrating my beautiful cuzzo @cka4life on the slopes! 🏂🎿⛷ 🎉🎂 It was my very 1st time skiing!! We all had so much fun! Live life guys!! #happybdayChan #chanbdaytrip #laketahoe
IN LOVE!! ❄️
falling in love with this weather... a little too literally⛸🌨
paradise doesn’t have to be tropical ❄️ #laketahoe
thank you jenner/kardashians for making it acceptable to wear bikinis in the snow & thank you @doteshopping for an amazing weekend 💕
Ski ready!! 💜🎿⛷
tried to take pictures during a blizzard. A for effort?
Tahoe 💫
woohoo! snow! fun! I’m cold.
great friends great food and... apparently not so great aim🤷🏻‍♀️ #teamtahoe @doteshopping
Blood in the snow
ditched my jacket for the pics...#instagramer
💜Living my best Life💜 Who else loves the snow as much as I do? Comment with below ⬇️ with❄️❄️❄️ if you do! @doteshopping #teamtahoe
gOoD MoRniNg TaHoE❄️
I kinda wanna go ski again 🌚 I’m not sore anymore 
Sometimes you just have to get away from all the noise and have some fun! ⛷ Which outfit do you like more? #Beavis&Butthead or #Merica 🇺🇸
be like snow, beautiful but cold 🥶
A little dirty yes, but we’ve never been cleaner. 📸@lazton #AMG #GLS #MercedesBenz #Mercedes #SkiiTrip
201 DAYS 👙💪🏼💕
Much love for these people 🖤 SEND IT🤘🏽🏁
Such an amazing weekend.  Not sure what I’d do without these babes.  @fearlesslotus @krissypeterson13 @dpeterson1332 I love you ladies so much it’s ridiculous.  #🦆