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fun nights in 🗽 , thanks for the great vibes @lavony 🔑
My lavas 🤩🥂
Last night New York’s street lights illumined darkness with bold luster - bringing some color back into my life briefly. The lights can’t take all the credit however; the birthday 👑@_kleahy and these other lovely girls were catalysts too. 
Something about the city makes you feel alive again. It will exhilarate and vitalize all who are at the mercy of being a slave to it. 
Here the notion of time is warped - along with the basic necessities of life. It is more extravagant, yet probes you to revel in the simple things. A taxi ride at 5 am with the wind rustling your hair and the music blaring, a shy smile on the subway, and the warm glow of an orange street lamp. 🌃 💫💃🏻
Thank you for celebrating my birthday yesterday . So happy to have all three of you in my life ❤️ Love you
it’s aquarius seasonn
I was just casually scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw Steve Aoki posted a photo with me in it. After last night i have truly reached the peek of my existence, unreal experience thankyou @steveaoki
The most wonderful weekend with the most wonderful people—I love you all with all my heart 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @carawhit617 @alexasimos @laurenngaudett
Back where it all began ♥️
The best of times✨🖤
Party of 2
At 6:48pm ya girl entered her #kobeyear#bdaygirl 🥳🎈
Next time we go out in the city we’re gonna be alumni’s.... ew
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"I only drink champagne on two occasions; when I am in love and when I am not." — Coco Chanel 
In this instance I am in love with: Steph, Viv and Veuve
An accurate summation of our first holiday party together ❤️
New York Nights w @dantannasmalls  @a.g.mwe 📶📶
Happy Heidi Halloween! 
My dream came true! To be a ballerina in New York! 😅 🙌And that at the Heidi Klum Halloween party, what a woman! Dressed as Fiona! Amazing! Totally did not recognize the celebs! I think I stood on @bellahadid toe.. sorry again! 😐 And literally don’t think the @theweeknd could feel his face. 🤡 Thank you so much @dansisco Amazing evening! Thnx @heidiklum 
#heidihalloween2018 #heidihalloween #blackswan #heidiklumhalloween
Make-up artist for black swan: @runwaycoach 😂😅
They keep asking me..
“What  are you gonna be for Halloween ??” I say...
“High like an Astronaut “ 😎 🎃 👻 #nasa
Gonna run the game down there tho 😈
flautas de pollo