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Longsheng Rice Terrace

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A misty day at Dragon's Backbone. ⠀
For rice terraces that sparkle like mirrors, visit Guangxi in the spring from mid-April to late June. | 📸: @michellechoiphotography: ⠀
. ⠀
. ⠀
. ⠀
. ⠀
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An infrared of the Longji (Dragon’s Backbone 🐉) Rice Terraces in Longsheng, Guangxi, China 🇨🇳
Ascended the Dragon’s Backbone to visit a small village with a rich history of rice terraces over 650 years old 🐉
The soul of China
Zhuang minority vrouw aan het werk in de rijstterrassen van Ping’an 🇨🇳
Walking in the clouds ☁️ Ping’an 🇨🇳
This is me missing China💔
j’ai bien riz
“Umm, excuse me, could I actually get some vinegar?” 🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟🥟
(Swipe till the end to see a photo of a dude posing for a pic after he took pics of me)
Terrazas de arroz en China
Мы уже 10 дней путешествуем по Китаю.
Вчера ночным поездом приехали в четвертый пункт нашей программы, которая постоянно претерпевает изменения (а я-то составляла табличку, где дотошно расписала всё остановки по дням и часам, ха-ха )).
Расскажу о том, чего мы пока здесь не видели:
1. Нормальной европейской еды. Даже в КФС. Серёга в печали, мне пока интересно, Сашке плевать. Меня много кто спрашивал, чем я буду кормить ребенка в Китае. Ох, лучше вам не знать ответ )))
2. Центрального отопления. Это прям боль. Вокруг нас от +5 до +15. Отопление есть только на севере страны, а на юге помещения обогреваются кондерами. Все общепиты холодные, в лучших вам под стол поставят конвектор или жаровню с углями. На нашей улице в Яншо после 8 вечера китайцы собирались кучками и жгли костры. Но мы тепло одеты и не отчаиваемся.
3. Толп китайцев. Я не знаю как на Хайнани, возможно проверим в конце отпуска, но в тех местах, где мы бываем, лютый несезон, людей очень мало. На фото мы в деревне Dazhai на рисовых террасах Лонгшена. Перлись в гору с вещами целый сука час по мокрым гранитным ступенькам. Наш хостел был единственным открытым на горе, и открылся-то собственно ради нас. В конце приехал ещё один чокнутый сицилиец из Австралии.
4. Русских. Или русскоговорящих. Ни одного. По-английски тоже нечасто. 
Веселье продолжается!

#adventuretime #большоепутешествиедлямаленьких #china #китай #longsheng
byeee 2018 thanks for all the cool mems
When SAS finally made it to China (apparently a large crane was standing in the way?), I decided I would be spending half my time with my best friends (Shanghai/Beijing/the Great Wall) and the other half completely alone (Guilin/ hiking rice terraces). I have always loved traveling alone and knew it was the perfect time to reflect on everywhere that I had been/what I had experienced over the previous 3 months. I’m so grateful for the 3 days I spent completely solo hiking the Longsheng Rice Terraces and exploring the city of Guilin. I met some of the most beautiful people and challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone. •••
My time in China reminded me of how fiercely independent I am and the importance of taking time to yourself. I learned that stepping outside of large cities to see natural beauty, is so incredibly rewarding. •••
I found a little piece of myself in China, and for that I am forever grateful.
'These are the last 3 days of 2018 😱
It’s been such a whirlwind year for us 
We’d like to share our top 3 favorite moments
over the next couple days 
and would love to hear
what yours have been 
Longji Terraces, Guilin, China 
This was on our second day on the terraces. On the first we decided to tackle the long hike up and saw hands down the most breath taking views (we didn’t take any pix on this day). We were so sore the next morning and really wanted to do route 1 again but decided to see the other side of the terraces and this is what we found 🙌🏽 so basically there are NO bad viewpoints at linking terraces '

insider: @searchingforus 
Nike Werbung
Chili peppers laying out to dry in a village in Guangxi, China.
Day 4~ 6 😌
Uno de los paisajes más originales y bellos que puedes ver en China, las Terrazas de Longsheng (Jinkeng) de la Etnia Yao, en Guilin, provincia de Guangxi, construidas hace mas de 600 años.
spinam włosy i lecę w świat!🍒
His love roared louder than her demons
The Uggs were perfect for the hike 👌
#tbt #china #guilin #longshengriceterraces not so long ago - 30 September 2018
Her çinli biraz pirinçtir #tbt🔙
La mayoría de los perros saben lo que son... A diferencia de los humanos.
Rice terraces tb
-| Flow Upwards |-
[A river flowing upwards from a deep and dark grave ;  I will sing through the shadows my song of ascent] ~ HillsongUnited 
#Longsheng #Guilin China 🇨🇳
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 16-35mm f2.8
F8.0 | 1/30 sec| ISO 100
Filter : Nisi V5 Pro 
Instagram : @tony.irving
#runtowardstheLight ✝🏃
runninglightphotography©®™ 2018
'Moga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam'
Meet John. John is the bestest model and the happiest dog I’ve ever met at 5:30am.
With brave heart anything is possible🤗
Views 😱🙌🏻
Mon plus beau souvenir de #govoyageuse  est cette randonnee au milieu des rizieres de Pingan, dans le sud de la Chine. Nous avons pu tester notre drone pour la premiere fois afin de pouvoir capter ce moment innoubliable en amoureux. Quelle sensation de liberte, l'amour flotte dans l'air, nous sommes seuls au monde et nous profitons de ce moment unique.
@go_voyages @airaustral @alexvizeo
I just feel that I love you more and more everyday
Beautiful, rainy day in the Rice Terraces 🌾💧
La tête dans les rizières 🎋
👩🏽‍🌾 #china
"The grass is greener on my side". | Rice Terraces | CHINA |.
🌱 #natureaddict #tbt
undulating rows of rice five days before harvest 🍚
龙胜梯田 // Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terrace
loved the rice terraces so much thought I’d get in
Rice fields 🍚🍙
Culture is worth a little risk. In this case, it was the colour contrast of the outfit. Definitely worth the risk ❤️ #longhairvillage #exploreguilin #guilin #traveldiaries
Human mind is really something immense. 🌌
#china #guilinchina #guilin #longshengriceterrace #longjiriceterraces these rice terraces were built 650 years ago...better than the one in Bali, was there in January (my good followers remember) :) i love nature ♥️🌲🌳🌿🍁spring is coming :)
Avvistata una baby me (+ beloved room mates) tra campi di riso cinesi: fantastico☀️
Insane view 🌾 #Longsheng #China #exchangelife
Okay, so I never wanted to be one of those people that had an instagram and never updated it, but can you really blame me? 😂

It has been a theme of learning in my life that things I tend to think are feelings are actually choices. Thankfulness I don't think is any different. So I'm going to be thankful.

Sibuk lah jerawat ni.. nak ikut holiday juga 😂
Este é o querido Sr. 潘玉福. Com 96 anos se arrumou todo hoje para aparecer nas fotos. Esta China interior é magnífica. Uma mistura da atmosfera dos anos 30 com um país renovado e sempre olhando para o futuro. Para saber mais fique atento às novas expedições em #ericohiller #onelapsebr #china
One fever 🌡 and a car crash later it’s time to head home! #yangshuo #longsheng
In search of the rice origin! 🍚🇨🇳#longshengriceterraces #shortescape #backtoreallife #midautumnfestival
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going 🌾🇨🇳 #Longsheng #China #exchangelife
I love being here bc the only thing I worry about is what I’m gonna eat next
Tiantzouhai / Terraços de arroz - Com essa fofuraaa ❤️🌿
Little performation for my landlords in here!

Cultivos de arroz en terraza #Guilin #China
Habiamos ido a las terrazas de arroz sin saber que el último colectivo era a las 6 de la tarde mismo colectivo en el que nosotras llegamos. Decidimos que no ibamos a volvernos despues de haber viajado por 3horas, pagar el colectivo y las entradas. Nadie salía a la ruta después de las 7pm ya que era un viaje largo y la ruta es bastante peligrosa, tiene muchas curvas y en algunos lugares solo pasa un auto con un precipicio de un lado y una pared de piedra del otro. No pensábamos que quedaba tan lejos supuestamente quedaba a solo 45minutos de la ciudad (claro, despues habia que viajar dos horas en otra ciudad). No habiamos llevado tanta plata por que suponiamos seria un viaje corto.
En fin, decidimos tomar el teleférico hasta la punta por que ya iba a anochecer. Pudimos ver todo el atardecer desde la punta de las terrazas (es un sueño y un paraiso de lo hermoso y tranquilo). Llego un momento en el que otra vez tuvimos que empezar a pensar que ibamos a hacer. No podíamos bajar a la base y mucho menos volver a nuestro hostel en la ciudad. Vimos que había un tipo de hotel con comedor (donde disfrutamos un exquisito arroz de las terrazas). Nos preguntaron si queríamos un cuarto nos tocó contarle toda la situación a la chica ya que era obvio que no ibamos a  bajar de la punta, por suerte sabía un poquito de inglés. Le pedimos que nos dejará quedarnos en el comedor, mientras tuviésemos enchufe para cargar los celus estabamos bien. Por suerte la gente aca es super amable y la chica al comentarle a la mamá nuestra situación nos dejó quedarnos en un cuarto por el precio que pudiesemos pagar total ellos decían que iba a estar vacío de todas formas. A la mañana siguiente no podíamos esperar a que abrieran los teleféricos ya que perderíamos el primer colectivo de la mañana y ya no teníamos tanto dinero, bajamos caminando, hacia calor pero podias sentir el aire fresco y puro. Me sentí sumamente feliz, no necesitaba nada más, sólo respirar y disfrutar. Ese día Guilin nos regaló un inspirador y renovador amanecer para acompañarnos la 1.30hs que estuvimos caminando y en serio que para mi fue simplemente hermoso.
בוקר טוב גם לכם שדות אורז
La spina dorsale del drago
Rice terraces in Longsheng, Guangxi 🇨🇳
Today was a really good day 💛 #nohomo #actuallyyeshomobutnottogether 😂💚
"Sinds am rede? Oder sinds am striite? Oder gebeds irgendwelchi lebenswichtigi Infos?" // "Betted mer eifach es ish kei Hund..." // "WO SIND MIR?!" // "Du hesch eh Drüfaltigkeit am Arsch" // "Ich han so Hunger, ich empfind sho gar kei Hunger meh." - Es paar Zitat vom hütige Tag 🤗⛰🌙 #lebeamlimit
•oggi contadina nelle risaie•👩🏼‍🌾
Fantastic sunset Rice Terrace! 🤩 #iphone #guilin #riceterrace #day1 #panorama
Volgende keer gewoon een koffer hoor
T'was a beautiful morning in Guilin's Longsheng rice terraces. We woke up at 4 am to get a good view of the sunrise, only to realize that the sun peaked closer to 7 am. 🤦I think I might do a couple more of these China shots. ❗Oh, and tonight I'm flying to NY - Literally can't wait!
Use my tag for a feature #jumpingmountains 
Привет! Кто со мной в Гонконг?🇭🇰
Объявляю о своем втором туре. Совсем скоро постараюсь сделать сайт и там буду размещать все свои планы на поездки по Азии☀️ С 2 по 9 ноября у вас есть возможность отправиться со мной в ГОНКОНГ И МАКАО. Это специальные административные районы Китая, где совсем другая жизнь. Виза в эти районы не нужна👌🏼 Прилететь можно из любой точки мира.
Что вас ждет? Прогулка по городу, посещение смотровой площадки, откуда открывается вид на весь Гонконг, поездка к Большому Будде на канатной дороге со стеклянным дном, поездка с ночевкой в Макао, посещение храмов и монастырей, вкусная еда, целый день в парке развлечений, выезд на природу, море, пляж и многое другое.
В стоимость входит: консультация по покупке билетов, сопровождение на весь период тура, трансферы на весь период тура, билеты на общественный транспорт, билеты в Макао туда-обратно, проживание в 4* отелях, завтраки, все активности по программе (подъем на Пик Виктория, канатная дорогая к Большому Будде, билеты в храм, парк аттракционов, поездка на море и так далее). В стоимость не входит: билеты до Гонконга из вашего города (из Москвы около 30 000 - 40 000 в оба конца), обеды/ужины. Цена тура: 1650$ (сначала оплачивается 50%, а потом за 10 дней до поездки вторая часть).
По всем вопросам пишите в личку. Всем желающим отправлю подробный маршрут на почту😉
Middle of nowhere 🌾#ricefields #china
Valencianos por el mundo. Arrosset 🌿
Последний пункт нашего путешествия - рисовые террасы🌾 Они находятся в четырёх часах езды от Яншо. Мы заказали отдельно трансфер, а так можно в любом туристическом агенстве купить билет на автобус или купить тур с ночевкой🚌 #вгостяхуМао
Étape 5- Guilin 🥡🥡
Longji rice fields #中国 #龙脊梯田
Okay repost. Cuz these dinosaur teeth gangs look cuter😂😂😂 The traditional costume at Long Ji village in Longsheng county.
Yasss it’s freakingly cheap, - 10RMB/Yuan : RM6 per pax 
All of us ladies wore these (once in a lifetime right 😝 kasi can ah jadi orang cina jap)
Long Ji Terrace Field in Longshen♥️♥️♥️ #nolitteringlol #orangramaigilosss #linecamciputsikit
Before, during, after and een foto van het uitzicht #liceflieds #somszweetplekken #somsschaduwplekken #vooralzweet
Meet my new friend Curious George 🐶
Yesterday I hiked the tallest peak of the mountain that the village i'm staying in is situated on. It was a sweaty and rambling hike through the tree line, with a broken flip flop and 30c sun. When I reached the top, I was welcomed by two puppies to enjoy the view and play with. They enjoyed my company so much, they decided then to follow me back down the mountain for a while (till I George think realised 'shit Barry, we're far from home - lets turn back!'. Being alone for my birthday this year has worked wonders ... it has made me realise how much I crave being around those I love on the day. But more significantly, that when you choose what YOU want to do, WHEN you want to do it. You can achieve ANYTHING!
Ohne Fleiß kein Leis☝🏻🍚 #rice#guilin#china#travel#neverstopexploring
Hiking these rise terraces was a dream 😍🇨🇳
Solo travelling
Het uitzicht van de rijstvelden is very rice #niceandrice
Memorable views 🌾✨
Relax mode 💮🏞
"Lets just take one very instagrammy picture" #china
Never stop chasing your dreams!
I always wanted to live in Asia and now I can say that dream became real 😄
Nunca dejes de seguir tus sueños! Siempre quise vivir en Asia y ahora puedo decir que ese sueño se hizo realidad 😄
📷 @envy4lens
The rolling hills and rice terraces of Longji, near Guilin, China 🇨🇳 #longji #chinattravel #instadaily #traveltheworld
Schoon leven in 🍚⛰
Ping’an, un pueblo al sur de 🇨🇳 famoso por sus terrazas de arroz 💚
if you want your mind blown, this is the place to go
CHINA you’re a beautiful mess!! Aaaand guuurls guess who’s back in TOWN? WHÆæÆ!!!
On top of the rice 👀 #rijstgenoeg #longsheng #china
#offroad #explore #adventure #龍脊梯田🦖
Most representative pic of me of all times 
#middlefingerup #china
3,000 ft high
"what are you doing with your hands? why are you like this????" -my long-suffering mother // got to stay at dad's li-an lodge (it me) and get a view of this terrace called 七星伴月 (seven stars accompanying the moon); obvi when i show up, they need to make it 八星伴月 🌟 lmao jkjk #china #travel
•GUILIN• day 5 ⛰
Bir kat yukari cikmak icin asansor kullanan adam bugun bu manzarayi gormek icin 53 dakika merdiven tirmandi.
I never go hiking but I did in china! 
And got bit by many mosquitoes along the way 🙃
Pretty much a professional rice farmer and sunrise chaser now ✌️
Longsheng #china #riceterraces
516 days in my lifetime
All up on these terraces! #rice #guilin
Picturesque rice terraces outside Guilin 📸: @guoni
Nine Dragons and five Tigers rice terrace #unkut
2 clowns, 1 rice terrace 🌱
🍙🍙 zotto
龙脊瑶寨的春天。Springtime in Longji Yao's Village.
Luke’s bag strap makes this picture 🌈
Rice rice baby
This beautiful @leandre_gardiner wearing my off the shoulder one-piece short all the way from China 🙌🏽❤️
Longing for the views of Longsheng. #tlpicks courtesy of @lagatamama
Exploring China
Via @anna_fgc -  That kind of landscape 😍 #IESEGAbroad #IESEGExperience #ChinaStyle
Rice terraces #freakingcold #keepmoving 🚄
wanderer above the sea of fog, chelsea grace kiew hui ting, 2017, colourised
The most beautiful day in China. We visited the village of Longji and saw the amazing terraced rice fields. They have been there for nearly a millennium and they are still working them today. It was incredible to visit with the villagers and learn about their history. In the States, we’re not use to having something as old as this, so it was so cool to see them take care of this area so well for so long. #pandaparty17
My best friend @rachbennett and I hiking to the top of the world through 700yr old rice terraces in #pingan #China #longsheng
📸 @jaredmecham #TheOhanaAdventure #PandaParty17
These rice terraces are pretty sweet and totally worth the voyage even though we had at least 6 near death experiences on the way (sorry mom)