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Come with me if you want to live...🤖
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LAX. 🧥👩‍✈️
Overheard by @alexsheakearns 📥
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Loving my new travel bag! Comment OMG as many times as you can!@omgaccessories Love you Guys!!
AH GUYS I HAVE SUCH A SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR Y’ALL IN 2 DAYS! I’ve been working on this for MONTHS! And I’m so happy I finally get to share with you guys ❤️❤️❤️ btw I did not place Lola there... she sat down herself 😂
my happy place ☀️
This is Micaela’s first tattoo! The Excitement is so real! Go big or go home 😉 I started off with my chest piece as my first tattoo as well! I was so excited the day after I turned 18 because I had won a diploma in school that gave me enough money to get my first tattoo at a good studio💪🏽⚡️ starting this chest piece really brought me back to that emotion! You did so well!!✨✨ Swipe to see the reference picture✨ #miryamlumpinitattoos #inprogress #egyptology
You got me runnin' all the red lights
Los Angeles-based dancer and choreographer Justin Valles’ (@justjet_) life changed when he started teaching #BodyControl to students with genetic debilitating conditions. “I realized I’m not just teaching dance. I’m teaching people how to regain control of their body,” says Justin, who grew up in New Jersey. “For me, Body Control is not a style, it’s a philosophy that can be applied to any dance. If you don’t understand your body, how can you control it?” ✊
Today on our story and IGTV channel, Justin proves that all the world’s a stage. Check it out.
Photo of @justjet_ by @djshakee
This man always gives me great advice on-cam, and off, when I see him! 🙌🏾 Thanks for having me back @IAmSteveHarveyTV! Check your local listings to catch our segment, airing today. 🙃
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@fashionnova swim 💋💋💋 #fashionnova
Backless // @nanushka top. @sabrinaslnyc earrings.
Been recently missing the time before I was banned from my apartment’s rooftop.
Which photo is your fav?
that time we were in the @gashi x @g_eazy My Year video for 3 seconds 🏆
The response to my post yesterday about intuitive eating / eating less was really amazing!
It’s not talked about a lot because it’s a sensitive subject but I think it’s important to open the conversation about it!
I didn’t have enough room in my caption to share how I apply the science into my own eating life so figured I’d touch on it today!
✖️ I practice IF (intermittent fasting) very loosely. What I mean by this is I don’t hold myself to any sort of time constraints. If I’m hungry I’ll eat.
I try to not eat past dinner time (I don’t put a time on this) and I don’t eat right away when I wake up in the morning.
I don’t find myself hungry in the morning and I wait to eat until I’m hungry. I have a coffee with collagen, coconut milk & MCT oil which usually holds me over until 1-2p and then I’ll eat lunch.
However if I find myself hungry in the morning I EAT! The point is to listen to your body, eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full, not starve yourself.
If I don’t eat anything past dinner time and don’t eat lunch until around 1p that equates to around 14 hours of fasting which gives my body a break to focus on other body processes. When you’re sleeping, if your cells aren’t having to focus on digesting, it gives them the opportunity to focus on repairing, filing and storing memories from the day, detoxing, making hormones and other bodily functions. This has been studied a lot and the studies are showing us that this is really important!
I listened to a brain surgeon speak on this & how it helps with repairing and protecting neural pathways in the brain!
✖️My meals consist of a lot of organic vegetables, moderate good fats (think 1/2 an avocado, 1-2 tbsp worth of nut butter, or 4 oz of salmon, etc), organic, pasture raised meats, and a small amount of carbs.
Carbs are not the enemy and I don’t believe they should be avoided, but personally I’ve found that my body does well on less. I crave way less sugar and my blood sugar levels stay more even throughout the day.
So I’ll swap out rice for cauliflower rice and I avoid oats and gluten (I have an allergy). I still eat bread (it has to be gluten free. I LOVE @honeyhi’s Gf sourdough). More below 👇🏻
swipe right for a surprise🤠
That ain't DaBaby that's my baby 🤤
Many options colors ✨Crocheted bikinis by Parsian brand
this was the first time we had ever seen one of our videos on the big screen, and damn, it was crazy. thank u so much for coming 🖤 @kwlsey
Desert Rainbows In July. A year and some change, my collection of 21 pieces in total finally complete. Today for the first time in my practice I start my search for a gallery to host my solo show. I’m extremely nervous to put myself and work out into the world but going to do it anyways. It’s pretty scary to pour so much of your vulnerable self into something, and have it be on display for all judgments and opinions. I know it comes with the territory, I guess I’m just hoping to be taken seriously and possibly make you feel something. I’d say it’s worthy of failure but so capable of success. Here we go. Thanks for all the love and support always, it truly ignites fires in me.
no one: ⁣