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Majorca, Spain

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My ride or die baba. 💙
Where I would rather be x
🍩🌊 #tbt avec @leilamendes.evoeh
B I R T H D A Y G I RL 🎉🥳. 26 looking 21 😜. #GoodGenes. Thank you for all the birthday love and messages. Love ya ❤️
IEMANJA 💙✨ Muito respeito é pouco. #doisdefevereiro #iemanja #rainhadomar #turnbacktime #2018
An Unforgettable vacation🔥🇪🇸
Under The Spanish Sun 🌞
Gratitude issa must 🍬 #melanin
Feathers galore behind the scenes of our Fall/Winter 19 lookbook in Mallorca, Spain.
If you had a twin, I would still choose you
Memories 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🐠🐟🐳🐢🐡 #family #love #happy #beautiful #sea
Wczasy 💦🌴
Where design meets nature // Finca Sa Pedro by Italian designer Fabrizio Plessi
Отдыхаю только на лучших пляжах
One of the only times when falling off your route is almost as fun as the route itself. Sonnie Trotter (@sonnietrotter) enjoying some deep water soloing in sunny Majorca.
Finals mood
wishing i could go 3,265 miles back to this place with my crazies !!!
Can’t wait to be in Paris with my bestie 💜
My camp MVP! Thanks for dragging me round Majorca @rmckellar24 👯‍♀️ #15ina30
То, что сейчас надо 😋👌
Sometimes you just need a moment...
Lost ❓ 🎾
📸 @jayxcalvin
Stolen car 🚗
We’re not in Spain. We’re in Seattle. On our couch. In sweatpants.
Playing at the amazing wedding of my Dutch & Aussie friends in Majorca, Spain with a Sri Lankan singer and an Indian umbrella holder ☔️
2nd in an International competition 😏 #lesbicans #judas #camsanonce #willy #olliiieeeeeee
Exercising is the best way to relax! I like to swim and stretch myself!😜
#rest #swimming #sea #spain #majorca
I miss summer!☀️ I want to wear swimsuits and swim in the sea and lie in the sun!🌊 #sea #summer #summerseason #misssummer #beach
AS  E  DE  HOT 🔥 #officialdaayuurworldwide🎬❤️ #sweetlikecandy 🦋🦋
Wish everyone sunny weekend ☀️ #latergram such a paradise in #majorca #hollidays
💦 Crystal Clear 👉 FOLLOW @thecarlfirth
👉 FOLLOW @thecarlfirth
#travel #wanderlust
📸 @your_passage
If life give you lemons try make lemonade outa it#officialdaayuurworldwide🎬❤️ 🎬🤮
Нужно постоянно открывать для себя что-то новое. 
Вот и я сегодня открыла для себя новую баночку варенья.
Са Калобра - пляж, занявший 4 место в рейтинге пляжей Орла и Решки😍 
Там очень красиво и живописно 💙.
Я вот тут долго размышляла😂
Оооо, скажите Вы, где ты и где размышления🤣
Но нет, я думала...
Своих друзей, близких, знакомых, родных могу разделить на вида😂 (Да простят меня они)🤦‍♀️.
Так вот, есть люди, которые из года в год во время отпуска посещают одно и тоже место. Восхищаются им, отдыхают на полную катушку, находят отличия от прошлого пребывания в этом месте, сравнивают, узнают место с каждым разом все лучше и лучше.
А есть те, кто открывает новые места. Каждый отпуск - это что-то, что они еще не видели, неизведанное, непонятное, порой пугающее. Мысли только о том, чтобы такого найти интересного.
Я, кстати, отношусь ко второму подвиду 😂😂🤦‍♀️ и честно говоря, не очень понимаю первый подвид 😂😂🤦‍♀️
Может кто прояснит, поделится мыслями??? Жду)))
🇪🇸🏜chocolate skin colour got that melanin glow 🇪🇸♨️🇪🇸 #medgizzy  #medley #ukrap #dreams worth liveing
a small piece of my heart, see you soon ☀️ #maiorca #spain #endofseason  #iwillmissyou #thankyou
💫⭐️🌟✨ Don’t ever let anyone dim your glow! You were born to SHINE ✨🌟⭐️💫
✨✨Glow-getter bae @mariipvzz looks insanely good✨✨
Swimsuit deets: Nanis swimsuit from the Boho royale collection. Don’t forget to check out our amazing accessories on
🇪🇸 Brings back memories walking along here 💪🏽 #magaluf
take me back☀️💛
Thalassophile 💙
Away with the Joaquin travel towel in Majorca. As compact as a tee shirt in your luggage and highly absorbent.
p | @zakbush #theartofdryingoff #paradisefound
You always think we’re something that we’re not 🤷🏻‍♀️😘
I wanna say thank you Lord.
Thank you for every sunrise and sunset. Thank you that the world isn't black and white. Thank you for oatmilk cappuccinos with cacao powder on the top. Thank you for aperitivo and the livemusic in the streets of Milan after 6pm. Thank you for the cooling autumn air after a hot summer. Thank you that laughing is contagious. Thank you for 85% dark chocolate and also for hummus. Thank you for the wet kisses I get from my dogs when I arrive at home. Thank you for poetry slam and theatres. Thank you that I can feel my heart beating after a run. Thank you for every time when a burden fell off my back. Thank you for hammocks and lazy weekends. Thank you for the smell of freshly baked croissants and coffee which touches my nose when I walk through Paris. Thank you for the soft morningsun at the seaside of Mallorca and all the other moments which make me feel overwhelmed. Thank you for all these smaller and bigger things I'm able to enjoy.
Under the Majorcan sun: a loooove story
Happiest clam in the sea. Couldn't have asked for a better week diving at the Zoea Dive Center in Mallorca!
Thanks @redbullsweden for the fun week!
Which Fusion edit do you prefer? 🤔
Oh Shit! It’s Duncan being all artsy and shit🌟
nos encanta la playa 👣🇪🇸
Spain, Mallorca🇪🇸 October 2017😍
PsychoPatka jakaś
22 Years🎉, it's only God 🙏🏽.
В последнее время чертовски похолодало. Так, уже можно ныть про "лето, вернись"? #инстанытье
Summertime sadness Или самое время прощаться с этим летом 🌊 #архив
#majorka 💘
☀️ 🐠 🌼
Perfect outfit for a holiday☀️🌴✨
-CLAUDELLE Skirt from @rebelliousfashion 'ROSIE10' for money off💸 -Top from @misspap #misspapped #misspap 🦄 -shoes from my favourites @inthestyleuk 👠
Zawsze chciałam mieć zdjęcie z palmą. Oto ono. 🌴

#palm #holiday
The true deserving winners of love island 💗 #wereactuallyquitecompatible
"I see this life, like a swinging vine  Swing my heart across the line"
Nie daj życiu się ❤
Necesito una dosis de mar,
De tortilla de patata
De siestas en la hamaca de mi patio.
Y del olor a los óleos de mi padre
De arena en los pantalones,
De manos pringosas por todos los nísperos que robamos al vecino.
De felicidad por no saber lo que viene en un rato,
por los simpsons a las dos de la tarde,
Por mi roca de pensar, por mi cama,
por volver a sentirme en casa.
happy national brothers day brudder 😈😤✊🏻
DONT THROW SHADE.... launching this Friday 💙💦 #BTS #meganxmisspap
Had a lovely time in Majorca with the best friend! ☀️💕
I luv winter but I kinda wanna be sitting on a beach sipping cocktails in the sun😿👙
Loving life🌞🌞🌞
Rodney and Delboy
Missing this garden 💕🌸🌺🌸💕 #love #beautiful #garden
#travel #majorca
#majorca #‎Download‬ @wekhoapp and Look app There!.
George Best - Majorca, 1971. • Lockwood 'Super Slim' umbrellas coming soon •
#tb🔙 to holiday last year✌🏾️
Some time ago in Majorca 
He blinked first #TwoGoats #OnePic
Locals Only
Take me back ❤️💫💃🏻✨🍹🍦🍉🍍🍓☀️
Can't wait for Spain, want to be back in the sun☀️👙
There's nothing as surreal as reality 🍹#iamATraveler #lifewelltraveled
Lunch by the sea 🐠🐬 #happymondaze #instabliss😊
One whole year since I felt the Spanish sunshine... Less than a week until I can lap it up again ☀️🙏🏼❤️ #thrilled
laughing at the lames
Tata i małolata❤️❤️wszystkiego najlepszego Tatusiowie
This week's #OrangeWednesday is #Majorca, which has majorly awesome sunsets. 🙌 #Instatravel #Sunset #TakeMeThere
Miss holiday :((
We were so excited to learn that @edurnity will be a judge on the debut season of "Got Talent España" (Spain's Got Talent). #Eurovision #Eurovision2015 #esc #esc2015 #amanecer
But first let me take a selfíe @cami_li
My cousin is a Groovy Guy✌️
Last night, I fell in love with the Sky.
It's the weekend......Relax!!!! 😎 #Body
going to be here in just over a week and honestly I'm so excited it's unreal
“For me, the important qualities of a good cyclist…are persistence and perseverance in endeavour.” Mr Edmund Fowles. Join the architect and keen #cyclist in #Mallorca for a steep uphill climb in this week’s sport-themed #thejournal. 
#MRPORTERsport #SportPerformanceStyle