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Idk my kitten is literally wicked pretty and I needed to share. Pls DM for bookings. Serious inquiries only.
Final day to sign up for Monday’s clinic!! Register online at or email to get your spot! Excited to see everyone there! #WithUs
Anythin to get to you💫  PC📸: @moneybagcedric
A year with my best friend! You water me, I’ll water you - let’s see how this love continues to grow 🌱💜
PC: @luxuryofmind .
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Welcome to the show 🍿
“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.” @nike
Throwback de quando eu era redneck wife beater.

Passam-se já quando virem o link na bio.
A festa foi dela mais o presente foi nosso 🥰 Pastora Renata @pr_bel  obrigada por cuidar de mim nos momentos que mais precisei você e uma joia preciosa em nossas vidas . Happy birthday 🎈 🎂 🥳 #happyday #happybirthday #princess👑 #thaksgod🙏
📍USA 🇺🇸....... 🍭 more serious stuff resumes on ~MONdaY~ but now available for delayed reactions 🔫
Just having some fun #24vcummins #5speed @cummins__nation
What’s your Friday morning looking like? 
#sponsored I’m taking a few minutes to myself to relax and cozy up on this cold morning with a book, some blankets and my @lacolombecoffee. ☕️ I may just stay here until spring! 🌱 #CozyWithColombe
Weekends are for Chocolate Waffles with a sprinkle of pixie dust🧚🏻‍♂️!!!
Made with coconut flour, coconut cream & paleo protein powder, these waffles are Gluten-Free & Paleo friendly ... but you don’t have to share that tidbit with the picky eaters at the breakfast table🤫😬!!! Happy Friday y’all😘
✨P.S. Pixie dust = crushed pistachios✨
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so it’s been a tradition for a minute now, my mother and I are always each other’s valentines❤️🥰 so much love for my moms, happy v-day. spread the love, bless.
The politicians aren’t representative of America.... the many many great everyday people who live here do 🇺🇸. Lt James McCue landed at Normandy and earned 5 battle stars great to see complete strangers make sure his contributions didn’t go unnoticed #greatestgeneration #america#wwii #massachusetts
Happy birthday to my main man! I’m so happy we met and cant wait to see where we go. Love you to pieces 🥳🥰❤️
Silence is golden........
Unless you have kids. 
Then silence is just suspicious 🤔 .
This time they didn’t get up to to much trouble. Just playing Nintendo and having a few pieces of candy. Can’t say I blame them but, it was my secret stash of chocolate 🍫. Now, I need to find a new hiding spot 🤪.
Anyone else hide candy? I have a candy obsession but, I keep it in check for the most part 🤫🤭. What’s your favorite?
#ourhappyplace #farmhousehappy #brothersforlife
Que ela me liga de noite querendo ser minha,Doida.
We hope everyone has a good weekend! (Featured Hammock is the New 4Season Explorer Zip) For more information check out  #hennessyhammock #hammockcamping #winterhammocking #camping #hammocklife #hammockliving #adventure #nature
The past 8 months of life have been some of the most challenging i’ve had in my 36 years.  If you had told me when i came to Mass that i would face a quick downfall of my grandfathers dementia, and that his death would come quickly after. (His hand and heart pictured) My Nana’s benign skin cancer would spread through her cheek under her eye and require massive radiation therapy and her confidence and mood shaken so much.  My dad would have a triple bypass and have to make a few extra kind of scary hospital stays along the way. That I would be separate from my partner and friends and alone most days, and i would have to see more friends die from afar from unforeseen and terrible circumstances, and i would see friends dealing with depression, addiction, and loneliness but not able to shoot over and bring a cup of coffee and a smile to them. If you had told me these things, i don't honestly know if i would have had the strength to make it. 
What started as an at most 3 month stay has become just shy of a year in a place I’ve not spent more than a month or so in since i was 9 years old.  All told though, i don’t think i would have changed a thing within my control.  I’m blessed and lucky to be able to be here at times of hardship within my little family.  My family has always been kind of small.  An only child of an only child with no one really near my age. And in the past 5 years it has gotten even smaller.  Which in a sense, just makes the love we have for one another even more intense.  Things will feel stronger and heavier.  And i am lucky to have that. 
At the end of next week, i will be making the trip back home.  My time here has come to an end.  I don’t know for how long, and i don’t even have an idea for sure of what plans i will have to make for more time here in the coming months and years.  There’s still a lot to figure out.  But I’m thankful.  For the lessons and the hardships and for the small family proper and larger family of friends, brothers, sisters and comrades all over.  Y’all are truly my favorites.  And i can’t wait to see all your faces as soon as time and space allow.  Mourn for the past and fight like hell for the future.  #keepgoing
Sometimes the snow gets stuck to my lady beard... how embarrassing!!
February 15, the kindness of strangers is so beautiful! 
There’s one thing that I marvel over time and again, and that’s the kindness of strangers. Two days ago I had lunch with a sweet friend who handed me a bag of beautiful vintage Barbie clothes that her mother had taken in at her thrift store and saved for me. Now, that’s amazing in itself but even better- I’ve never met her mom! She’s seen my  pictures here on Instagram and wanted to support me. I have been salivating over this gorgeous Suburban shopper #969 outfit on EBay and- there it was. Pristine condition, so perfect and look how beautiful my Silkstone Barbie looks in it! This lovely woman gave me a precious gift, and I’d done nothing to deserve it. I’m humbled and so grateful. There was plenty more in the bag that I promise to show you, but I couldn’t wait on this- I had to say thank you. So today- I’ll be passing love on, and hope you will too for the joy this gift gave me was beyond measure! Happy Friday to you all and to Liz’s  mom- thank you from my heart! .
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Happy Valentine's day, don't forget to love yourself 💝
❤️happy love day❤️
Sensitive but not soft👼🏼 #myvalentine
Love you adventure buddy ❤️
Guess I had to run away from home to realize there’s no place like home.
Compartilhando momentos... 💘 #Valentinesday #quenoite #todafrancesinhaela
1. @jayrhindphotography
Location: #TheBerkshires 
2. @jesscdy
Location: #BostonCommon 
3. @adventureswithmacandray
Location: #QuincyMA
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#massachusetts #mass #ma ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊
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Together let's celebrate the beauty of our  Commonwealth of Massachusetts!
February 14, 2019
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🌹 from my favorite person ever!
Thank you my sweets🥰, Happy Valentines Day😘💕
💝my valentines 💝Hope your day was full of all the sweets, people and treats alike! My favorite valentine treat has got to be iced sugar cookies. What’s yours?
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Happy Valentine’s Day❣️
A lot of kisses for you❤️ #love #snow #kisses
Feeling real nonchalant about this love holiday today, anybody else 🤨
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you !!beyond thankful for you guys & you’re continued support! May you’re night be filled with lots of love, chocolate, ice cream, & (ROSE’)s 🌹🍷♥️ Cant wait to come home from school & Binge Netflix with my bag of Lindt chocolates & my @scoutandcellar rose’ 🙌🏼 .
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I Don’t Need No Help
I’ll probably have this same smile on my face Sunday when I go to @fusebistro for a little VDay brunch with @m_digiovanni 💕🤷🏻‍♀️
Appreciate the little things ✨
Sabe quando você tem alguém que te apoia? Sabe quando você tem alguém sempre pronta a embarcar numa aventura qualquer? Sabe aquela pessoa que é com quem você conta sempre? Você é assim, eu tenho você na vida integralmente. Todos os dias ao acordar e ao me deitar. Sei que posso te contar minhas dores a aflições. Sei que posso contar com você pra qualquer plano doido que eu tenha. E eu acho isso tudo maravilhoso. Pra mim você sempre será minha eterna namorada. Apesar de hoje em dia ocupar um cargo muito mais relevante que esse. Você é minha esposa. Te amo demais e nunca na sua vida duvide disso. Love you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️😍🎁
Na estrada 1h30 rumo a uma ministração em outra cidade, deu tempo de celebrarmos nosso primeiro Valentine’s Day aqui nos U.S.A. #familiadesucesso #diadosnamorados #valentineday 😀❤️❤️❤️
Burkasaurus Rex 💪🏻
Mudança radical de estação 🇺🇸 🥶 ⛄️🇺🇸 #cold #instagood #snowday
Let’s avo-cuddle 🥑💕. Another #loveandlettering post for this month. Happy valentine’s day to all. •
Quality of life always starts with balance. Work hard but still make time to enjoy life’s experiences. I work hard so I can eat what I want. Every true reward requires some kind of commitment. #FitGuys #FitFam #AlexWilright
Thinks he runs things!! Smh out wid my youngest general #amalgreen @gang_of_greens
Wishing a Happy Valentines Day to my ray of sunshine!! Also wishing @vermont would stop being so selfish and give her back to me. These pics clearly prove she’s happier here🤫🤫
i hate valentine’s day, but here ya go
Newly signed DB Al-Louis Jean breaks down why he signed with the Pirates and some of the aspects of his game that he'll be bringing to our secondary in the latest edition of our player spotlight series.
Natural backyard pool, converted from an old limestone quarry 💦Designed by Aqua Pool & Patio, Inc.
Located in Massachusetts, USA.
Welcome to @architectureoskar (500K+) ! Your daily inspiration ~ Tag a Friend !
#pool #heated #limestone #quarry #massachusetts
Happy Valentine’s Day ya schmuck thanks for tolerating my infatuation with sporks and Peruvian aquaculture
Furever my Valentine ❤️ @avonsamoyed
📸: @burnashburn (the best maw in law)
São Tiago nos exorta: “orai uns pelos outros para serdes curados. A  oração do justo tem grande eficácia.” Em julho 2017 estive em missão nos  Estados Unidos e me reuni com o povo brasileiro que lá reside. Quantas bênçãos, quanta intercessão.  #tbt
Fotos: Sérgio Murilo Almeida
Peguei o ursinho da neve 🥰
💘 / vday vibe / 💘
💓 / details / 💓
primer / @tatcha silk canvas 🖤
foundation / @maccosmetics studio fix fluid 
concealer / @fentybeauty pro filt’r ⚡️
brows / @anastasiabeverlyhills soft brown brow wiz + clear brow gel 💥
eyeshadow / @jeffreestarcosmetics blood sugar palette 💉
lashes / @tattilashes tl6 💯
hearts / @makeupforever flash palette 💕
lip / @jeffreestar rose matter 🌹 & #anastasiabeverlyhills doll house gloss ✨
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Gentle x Giant reminders ♥️
Love is in the air, for yourself and for others ❤️ tag your FICTIONAL valentine! Hellloooo Jamie Fraser!!!!
Happy Valentines Day ❤️ tag someone you love in the comments ❤️
@colourpopcosmetics No Filter Loose Setting Powder (Translucent)
@anastasiabeverlyhills Amrezy Highlighter & Liquid Lipstick (Stripped)
@lillylashes In style Miami
“Will you (still) be my Valentine?” Yes! #loveyoutoo #valentineiseveryday
Focus, strength and faith 🙏🏻❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a hot chocolate in heart shaped mugs 💕 kind of day! I bought these mugs a few weeks ago @joann_stores and I’ve been successfully (meaning without dribbling 🤤) having my morning coffee in them! #winning
But since coffee is not as fun to 📸as hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles😊 Hot Chocolate it is! Now who wants to come over to drink it??🤣
Hope your day is filled with 🥰!! Enjoy!
#valentineshotchocolate #valentinedecor
#tablefortwo #februaryfeels #hobbylobby #homegoods #tuesdaymorning
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just waiting for my valentine...
Valentines will be EVERY day for me, very soon!❤️
Happy Valentines day to all those who are working on themselves, loving themselves and learning to love themselves!
I can't stress enough how important self love and acceptance is!
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, see it as a blessing, a chance to get to know YOU and what YOU want out of life ❤️
Breaking: Pirates ink former Chicago Bears DB and Brockton, Ma. native Al Louis-Jean. The rangy corner continued his collegiate career playing at Boston College before declaring for the draft ultimately signing with the Chicago Bears. Louis-Jean appeared in 9 games as a rookie and would later spend time with the Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins. Welcome back home Al! 
For more on this signing follow the link 👇
Romantic vibes all day long 💕

Hair: Maricruz Hairstyles - @maricruzhairstyles 
Makeup: Nikki Roth - @makeupnikki
Styling: The Romanticist Studios - @theromanticiststudios
Venue: Village Loft Studio - @villageworksloft
Photographer: Stephanie Vegliante Photography - @stephanievegliante
Calligraphy: Molly Grace Makes - @mollygracemakes
Gowns: L’Elite Bridal - @lelitebridal
Designers: Monique Lhuillier - @moniquelhuillierbride / @moniquelhuillier
Furniture Rentals: Kadeema Rentals - @kadeemarentals
Florals: Wild Dahlia - @wilddahlia_
Model: Cassie Jekanoski- @jardnassac
Waiting for #myvalentine ❤ #happyvalentineday #latina #blondegirl
👶🏽♥️VALENTINE SURPRISE!!♥️👶🏽 Baby Mandarà coming in early September!! We are sooo stoked (& a bit surprised ourselves 😆) about our new addition to the family! Ready or we goooooo!!!! 💙💝 #happyvalentinesday #valentinesbaby
Beautiful shot of Sacred Heart Church in Springfield's North End⛪
[📸: John Phelan]
HAPPY V DAY! 💋🥰 Performing w my @thelalas tonight xxxxx tb to short n’ bleached 😝
So happy with my little crazy bug♥️
Should I make her an Instagram?! #bengalcat
You walk into your house and see your valentine with this guy, wyd?
Retro Whips: Stealth Godzilla 🔰
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. And more (Tag the others) .
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You fill up my senses
Like a night in a forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again

Come let me love you
Let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter
Let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you
Let me always be with you
Come let me love you
Come love me again
Happy Valentine’s Day to my gorgeous bby 🖤 #audifan #valentines #2k19
Happy Valentine's Day to Gianna. I love you very much and look forward to many more lovely days like the ones above.
Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️🙈
Here’s to a man that started drinking coffee because he knew I liked it so much, vacuums the house every day because 1. He’s psycho 2. He knows I hate it. A man that lets me follow my dreams and doesn’t get in my way, doesn’t complain (too much) when he comes home to 10 @amazon boxes at the front door every day 😊 and is always down for all - if not most - of my wild unfathomable ideas like moving the house furniture around once a month. Thanks for lighting my incense before I get home, making me coffee every morning to get me out of bed, and being the ONLY one in this house who will ever shovel the god awful substance humans call snow. I love you and appreciate you forever + always 💕✨ #happyvalentinesday
In honor of Valentines Day I thought I would share my sweet tribe. These are the people I get to love on everyday.♥️ .
My hubby is a huge part of all the projects I share on here and my blog. He is always willing to help me with my crazy design ideas. And my sweet doodle Cooper is always along for the ride 🐶
I hope you all get to love on your tribes today! Happy Valentines Day friends! 💕
📷 @legacyphotoltm
Happy Valentine’s Day friends!!! We are baking the morning away (again!) and getting ready for parties and candy and sugar overloads! Good thing the babysitter is coming  later and I can sneak out to an exciting trip to @mgmspringfield with my husband 🤪 exciting news today - THE BLOG IS LIVE!!!! (With amazing thanks to @scarlett_scarberry ) I’d love to for you all to head over there and follow me along at Link will be in bio as well! Have an amazing Valentines Day with your significant others and give out some extra hugs today! .
.#modernfarmhouse #decorhomestyle #farmhouseinspired #homestyle #lifestyleblogger #bloggermom #momdiy #diyer #diyblog #bloglife #blogger #kidsinthekitchen #kidscooking #pillsbury
When does Hibernation start? Because... I can commit 100% to that! Or my other option is to fly to “Saint Somewhere” as Jimmy Buffett sings. 
Okay, reality just hit and that’s not a real option today but, a girl can dream. 
If you could travel anywhere right now. Where would you go?

And Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. 
Hugs and squishes ~Julie
Happy Valentine’s Day from me to YOU! Sending you lots of love!!! ❤️
So much colors! Do you like fall🍁?
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👇 Tag your co driver - like - save😉
I love this crooked chimney but I also love my crazy kiddos. So I've gotta come up with 15 more reasons why they have my heart all squished in a ball to write on this garland. It's not quite as hard as they make it seem sometimes tho 😏
Happy Valentine's Day
Break up with your boyfriend, I’m kinda bored 😒 #gayverson
You can glitch a night witch behind the tombstone & it won’t move until tombstone dies 🤪
Happy Wednesday! 💘What are your Valentine plans tomorrow? We’ll be mostly doing the normal stuff around here tomorrow, just wearing more red and pink of course! We’ll have a nice, quiet, romantical dinner at home (with a 1 year old😝). I wouldn’t have it any other way! 💝 Finn made a special little valentine for his daddy tonight, all the sweets! I hope you day will be filled with with all the wonderful feels and your people (and candy) 🥰💝😍💘
Naturally I’m a neutral girl through and through, with maybe an earth tone thrown in there when I’m feeling adventurous but this month always has me pulling out the reds and pinks. In fact, I have one pink sweater that I try to wear religiously on Valentine’s Day 💕😌because it’s the only pink thing I own 🙆🏻‍♀️. On an even worse noted, I own absolutely nothing fully purple, oops. Any stylish readers out there have advice for spicing up your wardrobe with color? If so I’d love to hear it below #newengland
It’s an #onwednesdayswewearpink Valentine’s week edition! ❤️💕 .
This was Addie’s Valentine’s Day dress from last year. Made with love by @semarihandmade. I’m so happy that she can wear it as a top this year! .
#sweetpeasco #semarihandmade #wildfirewater #starryknightdesign #threadandrose #target #candidslumber #valentinesday #valentine #bemyvalentine #fashioninspo #outfitinspo #babyfashion #toddlerfashion #love #babylove #clickinmoms #motherofdaughters #beautyforpics
The living room is finally complete! With the help of some paint, a new couch, and curtains, we’ve changed this space from a dark bachelor pad room to an inviting, bright space that I can’t wait to relax in! @raymourflanigan helped me create a couch that I am absolutely in love with, with the options of custom fabrics and colors, I was able to get exactly what I wanted for my space. I could not be more thrilled with how it came out. (Details on the couch can be found on the blog in my bio. Be sure to check it out tomorrow when it goes live!).
#raymourflanigan_partner #livingroomstyle #farmhousestyle #livingroomgoals #modernfarmhouse #neutraldecor #myhomestyle #couchstyle #mycountrystyle #countrycottagestyle #mybhg #bhghome #neutraldecorstyle #farmhouse #countrylivingmag #americanfarmhousestyle #decorhomestyle #thedesigntwinslove #foreverfarmhouselovesdecor
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It’s not fried chicken but it’s still a pretty good wing 
#evo8 #evogram #jdmgram #modifiedsociety #boosted_cars
Our player spotlight series focuses on our latest signing DE Dajaun Drennon. Drennon caught up with our very own Mick Moninghoff and discusses how having the mental edge on your opponent can separate you from your competition.
Talking about this Stephanotis plant up in stories. Stephanotis (my name sake 💁🏼‍♀️) is one of my favorites and reminds me of my floral designer days 🌸 one sniff and I’m back at my work bench making a beautiful bridal bouquet! 💐I’m often asked if I miss designing for weddings - my standard answer is yes, but I don’t miss some of the brides, lol 👹😳
What is your favorite flower??
Stephanotis plant @wegmans
Pot @homegoods
Riser and candle @laurelgrove
#stephanotis #weddingbouquet #chalkboard #candle #farmhouse #mybhg #countrylivingmag #farmhouse #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle #goodhousekeeping #houseandhome #housebeautiful #hgtv
Mon petit bout de sucre, nechouf yetla3li le moral. 
#cat #catlover
Hey Loves💕 Passando pra da uma super dica. Recebi esse secador da @haibeautyconcepts #HAIBeautyConceptsgiftedme e estou AMANDO muito! Ele é super potente e bem levinho, toda vez que escovo o cabelo parece que fui até no salão 😅 Tá salvando a minha vida com esse cabelão! ⚠️ Ahhhh quem tiver dúvidas sobre como estou cuidado do meu Loiro, só deixar aqui nos comentários 👇🏻
#HAIonhair #HAIbeautyconcepts #OctolyFamily
When your snow day is over and you remember you have to go back to normal life tomorrow😭❄️
Que paraíso! 💦. Piscina natural construída sobre uma pedreira de calcário berkshires, ainda inclui uma cachoeira de dezesseis metros. Incrível!.
#decorcriative #decoreinteriores.
Follow {@diacriativo}.
Design boy Aqua Pool & Pátio.
📍 #Sheffield #massachusetts
I'm so f*cking grateful for life and everything it has taught me so far, now I'm so amazing 🤗🤗🤗🤗 #gratefulheart 
Me desculpa Jay Z queria ser você,minha vida tá chata queria enriquecer 🎼💸
Transparency 🤷🏽‍♂️😌🔑. I know some of you are on the explore page , fwm❗️
Breaking: Pirates ink Defensive End Dajaun Drennon out of UNC. Drennon was a contributor for the Tar Heels immediately following his red shirt year and started 34 of the 43 games he appeared in. The very active defensive lineman finished his career with 125 tackles, 5 sacks and 15.5 tackles for loss. In 2018 Drennon was signed by the NY Giants attending training camp with the NFC East ball club. His most recent stint was with the Atlanta Legends of the AAF. Welcome to Mass. Dajaun! 
For more on this signing follow the link 👇
The only thing I miss in the left photo is my boobs.
I honestly don’t know what to say. My face says it all. I’ve never been more happy and healthy in my LIFE!
On the left, I was balling my eyes out because I hated my body. The place I was at in that photo was dark (yes it was dark out, but mentally it was dark too lol). I was depressed and lost.
I took this picture in hopes to getting my shit together. I didn’t. I had no idea how and didn’t know what to do besides make myself throw up, take laxatives and starve.
My journey lead me to learning. I learned so much. Nutrition, fitness, self development, love, worth, happiness, relationships.
Bro, I’m speechless.
I wanted to put words on the photos describing what made the difference, but I honestly cannot pin point it to one thing.
Today I am:
🏆Prepping for a bikini competition
💧Drinking a gallon + in water
🖍Counting macros
💛Happily in love with @bryanfranciosi
🍩Eating yummy foods
🍊Taking my vitamins
🧠Mentally in an amazing spot
🥰Loving my body and mind
💭Following my dreams
Like shit dude, I’m so happy.
rain drops are washing away the remains of yesterday’s storm revealing the still green ground beneath- but for a brief moment yesterday afternoon the world was quiet and calm and incredibly white. It all seemed more dreamlike than lifelike
And this view of our beautiful old barn in its element, standing as it’s always done through each season for the last two hundred years, it never gets old. And, I swear I can see it smiling when those flakes begin to fly .
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Using the @planoly app to automatically post to my feed!! Yup that’s right, I didn’t post this real time! I prepared this post days ago and now #Planoly is posting it for me so I don’t even have to pick up my phone! Thank you to @sherylguarniero for the amazing time and energy saving suggestion! Now I’m off to celebrate my big 3️⃣0️⃣! 🧚🏻‍♀️ #notanad⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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ART 🖼 📸 
Thank you for capturing this valuable Memory 🙌
New VLOG now available on my YouTube channel ! Make sure to go check it out !
S/o 📸
S/o @concertcrave 👄
S/o @stereopleasurerecords 📀
This is one of my favorite flavors of Protein Crisps: Barbeque. We have many other flavors 😋

Rebound faster XS Protein Crisps combine real ingredients for a simple, savory and guilt-free snack that provides a good source of protein derived from peas. Non-genetically modified organisms and naturally flavored, with no artificial colors, so you can recharge with confidence. Dig in and push your limits with XS Protein Crisps. #XsNation #XsperienceMore #XsCaption
Happy Birthday to me! 3️⃣0️⃣ 🧚🏻‍♀️
Kicking off #day1 of my new personal creative challenge #intuitiveflow365 as a way to celebrate 30 years on this planet! 🌎 Earnings from the challenge will be put towards #operationdreamhome2020 🏡 Each day I will post a new 5x7” original piece to my feed and it will be available for sale once posted. Pieces come properly varnished and ready to pop in your favorite frame for only $20 +shipping. Worldwide shipping available. You have the option to have the piece mounted to Birchwood with resin for an additional $25. 🧞‍♀️
This magical 5x7” piece on @legionpaper Yupo paper is ᗩᐯᗩIᒪᗩᗷᒪE. $20+shipping. $45 with resin. Dm to claim 👩🏻‍🎨
Coucou 😍

Ça faisait un moment que je n'avais pas posté une photo de @disneylandparis et pour cause je suis à plus de 5500km 😂

La semaine prochaine les enfants sont en vacances et pour celles qui me demandent non nous n'irons pas à @waltdisneyworld car c'est un énorme budget. Peut-être un jour mais pour le moment nous avons d'autres prioritées.

Et vous vous avez prévu d'aller à Disney pendant les vacances? 
Quelle est votre prochaine destination?

Bonne journée 💗

Le concours funko se termine demain 💗

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Hey l’m Phil @philgiarusso Im 16 and I live in Worcester, Massachusetts. Music is my passion I play piano and guitar and I’m also a songwriter. I’m currently studying welding as a sophomore in high school. HMU I love talking to and meeting new people :)))
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Dizus craist olha o que a Kendall me obriga a fazer 😅❄️ 4° galera🤘🏻FUCK!!! IT’S COLD
#AD We recently discovered and their awesome subscription boxes! I don’t have to run out for diapers anymore and now I have the convenience of receiving a box of diapers and wipes on my doorstep every month. The diapers are soft and we haven’t had any leaks and the wipes are gentle on sensitive skin. They have fun diaper patterns to choose from too. This one is Addie’s favorite! #abbyandfin #diaperaday #betterdiaperbetterworld
Happy Wednesday! 
Today on the blog I am sharing this cute printable “Lets Stay Home”! If you been around a bit you know that I would consider myself a home body. I love staying home in comfy clothes with my sweet fam! 👫🐶
You can get this print for FREE today and use it in your own home! All of my email subscribers will be sent this printable along with 3 other farmhouse inspired prints! Check out the blog—link is in my bio ♥️ I hope you love it as much as I do!
Hello, my name is Christian . I’m 16 and I’m from Massachusetts, United States. I love all types of art, specially drawing and painting. I’m also really friendly, so feel free so hit me up
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Do you think I look extra cute in my new bow collar from @preppy_pet ?! I’m all dressed up for Valentine’s Day!! 💖💝💗
If my great, great, great, great grandmother had a cell phone and took a photo of her baby on Valentine’s week... ♥️ 🤔 📸  #oldfashionisthenewfashion .
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Today was brought to you by the color white. ❄️❄️❄️The white moved in and covered all the things. I grabbed the babe from daycare and headed home from work early as the road conditions were deteriorating. What a shuffle. I hope your day was safe and warm wherever you are!
Summertime madness! LETS DRIFT!!! A little clip of my personal life 🎥: @ben.gilooly 
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Só Ele pra fazer algo tão perfeito. 
Sensação incríveeeel ❄️🥰
✌🏼➕♥️. •
Paper: Canson XL Marker Paper
Markers: Tombow Dual Brush Pens
I tried to play fetch in the snow, but it was too cold and I couldn’t find my ball 😕🎾🥶 #winter #snow #dog #brusselsgriffon #petitbrabancon
❄️ snow ❄️
I. Ain't never been Afraid
Como tá os preparativos para o Valentine’s Day? Vocês pediram uma maquiagem rosinha na Vibe mais “Clean” 🎀 Marque aí uma amiga vai arrasar o coração do Boy com essa Make! Deixem nos comentários qual o estilo de make devo fazer no próximo vídeo 👇🏻
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Barbie’s Crease 💘
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“Northern Lights” 2019 🌌 This 16” cradled Birchwood round is a collaborative piece with my husband @kby_421 this piece captures the essence of the auroras once the lights are turned out. Swipe left to see the Phosphorescence in action.🧞‍♀️ This piece is available and comes with a matching 4” Birchwood coaster as shown in the video if you swipe left. The piece is $275+shipping. Payment can be broken up into three installments. *not included in the Birthday sale. DM to claim this incredible piece but you might just have to rip it from my fingertips 😃😘
This snow storm in the North East has me eager to head south again! ❄️☀️ What would you rather: a snowstorm in the North East or a rain storm down south?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Let me know in the comments! Also swipe for a fun little video! @mollyjswim #mollyjswim -
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Sketches: prepping for Tomorrow night’s snow painting demonstration at the Wellesley Library. I like to do several together like this, to figure out which ones jump out at me. Come to the demo tomorrow to see which one I chose! Or… You could just wait till I post it here :-) At the Wellesley library tomorrow night, 7 PM, Wellesley Massachusetts.
Our Best Slow Cooker Macaroni & Cheese!!! 💖 Cheesy and Delicious!!! Visit 👈 for this recipe or type this url into your browser 👇👇👇
A serenidade no olhar de quem tem uma mãe super fotógrafa ❤️
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You can’t imagine how I miss them...💔😫
Я держала это в секрете очень долго... но некоторые уже знают, кто-то догадался, а кто- нет, тот уже спросил в Директ или у знакомых... где дети?
Уля и Мирослав чуть меньше месяца в России с моими родителями. У меня было очень много вопросов, проблем и непонимания с местными американскими педиатрами...и я решилась, отправить их в Нижний, чтобы их посмотрели наши-русские доктора...
Сейчас, по истечении небольшого срока, я вижу ОГРОМНЕЙШИЙ прогресс у своих малышей! Как много упустили местные американские врачи и как вовремя мы занялись этим вопросом в России.
Спасибо русской медицине, кто бы и что бы про неё не говорил, моих детей она буквально спасла !!
К сожалению я не могу сейчас уехать на несколько месяцев чтобы быть с ними, но вопрос здоровья был важнее.
И давайте без лишних расспросов пожалуйста⠀
So you’re telling me people have to wake up this early 5 days a week....nah not about it thanks😴
Cornsilk 🌽🌾 I feel like this hits both warm and cool tones so Ima let 
@behindthechair_com decide 🤷🏼‍♀️🥰
#btconeshot19_warmbalayage #btconeshot19_coolbalayage
Looks like we’ll have a few  snowy days ahead of us ❄️⛄️! Honestly I feel like @mattcraig15 and I have gotten so lucky with this mild winter; as we start to head into the final few weeks of our home renovation 👷🏻‍♀️❤️. All and all so looking forward to next year when we can experience a snow day in our little home, but until then let the demo videos continue 🙌🏼🏠. #newengland
Ready to Go out for my Birthday 🍰Thank You to Everyone for the birthday Wishes! Too many DMs to respond but God Bless & love y’all ❤️❤️❤️
Atravessei mares escuros e profundos com corais lindos e coloridos,
montanhas íngremes, colhendo deliciosos frutos e com visao panorâmica do Vale ,
conheci vários dialetos e línguas 
em diferentes partes do mundo,
Por mais que tentei, 
não consegui encontra uma palavra que possa representar o meu sentimento por você, 
nem entre os  poemas de Shakespeare 
ou a sutileza do francês 
Ou o calor do amor latino  agora se tornou  simples  o " I love you " Ou " eu te amo "!!!
Eu te quero bem sempre bem meu filho Apolo.
Me online versus me in person 😂🤟🏼😑 #redbullcrashedice #givesyouwings #borf
Mondays 😒🐶 #shihtzu #shihtzuofinstagram