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Meatpacking District, Manhattan

Instagram photos and videos at Meatpacking District, Manhattan

Babygirl 💕✨
Bad Blood is SO WILD. It is written by the investigative reporter from the Wall Street Journal, John Carreyrou, who was instrumental in uncovering the fraud of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. If you haven’t read this book yet, pick it up immediately. Also, a movie is being made about this story, and I am SO OBSESSED that Jennifer Lawrence is playing Elizabeth. Brb, need to go start The Dropout podcast right now. 😱💉
orange has a special place in my heart 🧡 #nyc #sugarfactory #ootd #newyork
Real life Anna and Elsa
more film shot by me from december
Free cider donuts and apple cider at Patagonia in the Meatpacking District! Til 3:30!
succumbing to the social pressure of documenting class trips through subjectless self portraits since 2000
The 😈 made me do it...$20 for three coffees at the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery! #suchadeal
Mug shot
It’s a baguette not a bag 🥖 @fendi #fendibaguette
Um brinde aos bares escondidos dessa cidade #SpeakEasyLife
Packing Meat
hello New York 👋🏽
Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.
A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion !! #lifestyle #fashion #eathealthy .
✅ Order from 👇.
✅ @seamless.
✅ @grubhub .
✅ @ubereats ..
✅ @caviar .
✅ @postmates .
🐟: Mission Ceviche(@missionceviche )
📍: @gansevoortmarketnyc & @canalstreetmarket .
healthy eats !! #thehighline #meatpackingdistrict #nyc .
#foodnetwork #chefstalk #cheflife #chef  #seafood #foodies #healthy #chicken  #nokidhungry #missionceviche #ceviche #cevichepower #thebestcevicheinnewyork  #healtyfood #homecooking  #buzzfeast  #tastethisnext  #instafood #lovefood #eatfamous  #food #foodporn #yum  #zagat
... #printclash  in our Sydney silk maxi by @uliherznerofficial , worn by the amazing and talented @velvet_sugar also know as @taryndudleyphoto , photo by @madmavenstyle
My ankles are like a groundhog, when you see them spring’s around the corner! 🌱🌷
Dicen que NYC te ama y te trata bien o te odia y te escupe, yo definitivamente le caigo muy bien. #newyork 🗽🌆
chocolate. i’m looking edible.
so old it’s new 👌🏻
Bronx bb 🧢
A rare winter sighting 🧡🍦 @grownmeneatingicecreamcones
He’s quite a catch after all ♥️ #nyc
❄️ 🐻
I’m getting thick and I like it #beautyandessex
Sun! Where ya been!??
Dream neighborhood 🏙
I'm still winnin Pacquiana 💯 #MenLieWomenLie #NumbersDont
The New York winter we've been missing ❄️
📷: @iwyndt
skinny pants and some vans
call me Triple-A, get my advance in advance 🖍
what’s around?
Interesting how you can miss a city so much. I can remember the charm, why I fell in love, and how you continuously attract everyone who sets sight on you. Seeing your name or a photo of you is instant bitter sweet. I feel a quick jolt in my heart with lasting yearning. I'm instantly back in familiar surroundings, like I never left you. You are so colorful and all grey at the same time. //// Key here is that was the past - this past trip I realized that I have finally moved on, after 2 years of being away, I'm happier where I am now, at this stage of life - Chicago - Chicago is the present, where I have 5x the space of living, where I have made new friendships and developed my recent character. New York, I will always love you, but I am no longer in an emotional tug-of-war kind of in-love with you anymore.
#newyorklike #newyorklife #newyorkcitylife #newyorker #newyork_ig #nycityworld #nycblogger #nycdotgram
City nights🌃
Quem acompanhou nossos stories durante a última viagem sabe que a gente ama essas duas coisas:

Histórias e Comida!

Em NYC, buscamos viver um pouco dessas duas coisas conhecendo o Meatpacking District onde fica o Chelsea Market e o Highline Park com um tour único com a @likealocaltours !

Antes de ser escolhido como o “bairro mais elegante de Nova York” em 2004, o Meatpacking District era bem menos glamouroso. Era uma área industrial perigosa entre as décadas de 60 e 80, conhecida como epicentro do tráfico de drogas e prostituição. Alguns anos depois, no final dos anos 90, as coisas melhoraram. A transformação começou quando boutiques da moda, bares e boates abriram na área, dando uma nova cara ao bairro.

É no Meatpacking District que se encontram o Chelsea Market e o Highline Park.

Já visitou esses lugares? Vamos falar mais deles já já!
You are my sunshine #nyc
I do believe it’s time for new adventure. As always we’ve picked a new country this year😍 And we are heading to Greece - Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Please send me your tips and recommendations💋 #mood #motivation #ootd #revolveme
People are going to be intimidated by your confidence but don’t ever dim your light for nobody! Memba dat #teenamarie #teenamariedavis #nyc #newyork
The Trio 💥
forever a city girl🍕🍕🍕🍕
oh hey there👋🏻
me(not)packing #nomevoy
Shine bright like a diamond
And now, back to our regular scheduled programming: Targa sighting in NYC 🗽
#targa #porsche #latergram
if you walk in and the cannolis already filled... run away.
literally no one:
my nose: 🐦🐦🐦
“Fearlessly pursue your dreams. Embrace your ambitions.”
A Buddakan classic. // 📷: @jenmayphoto #buddakannyc
I Got Big Dreams And You See Me Making Big Moves On That Big Screen🤫💭
Fancy 🍷
Sac: lets have a girls night in! .... 5 hours later
sundays are for mimosas
*woman in the mirror my hero
likes long walks in the freezing cold
Perfect Spring top 💙
Hint of mint.
Just another Saturday @brookemarinovich
More wine plz
All smiles bc it’s basically patio weather in NYC
From A to B and back again -- taking a page from the Warhol exhibit here at the @whitneymuseum 📌 #nyc #andywarholexhibition #whitneymuseum
Keep That Same Energy 🗣‼️❣️
Adulting is pretty much drinking coffee and pretending you know what you’re doing ☕️
Why you gonn' act like you don't know💋
📸: @studio_uno - now i know why you made us take this picture. perfect for valentine’s day 😂 #permanentlypetruzzelli
Buen  V͟͟I͟͟E͟͟R͟͟N͟͟E͟͟S͟͟ ! 
Jean + jean + teddy bear 🧸 jacket !
what are those
Blending in...
“Happy Valentine’s Day, from Us to You”
All of my friends are getting a pet, a puppy, you name it. Well, I got myself a lilac fluffy bag and I’m taking it for a walk. So there✌🏻💜
You probably heard of me.
Prob thinking about how I can’t wait for our debut @weareflightschool single to drop in March 🤘🏽 with my bros @conorcutz @timnorthmusic @nickhenriques @djswivel @cvbzmvzic. Go time 🔥 #figureitout #weareflightschool
Manhattan in February. 
First on everyone’s travel list. 🙌🏼⛄️✨
See you soon,└A ☀️
Oh my cute quail!!!
Already borrowing mommy's coat~
구여운 내 메츄리새꾸...
엄마옷 벌써 탐내기야?
춥지만 더 놀고싶은 널위해!! 엄마가 쐇숴!!
#snowyday #엄마옷걸치고
Chloe's first steps on snow.
오늘 눈을 처음 밟아 본 클로이.
눈처럼 이렇게 깨끗하게 자라주렴.
#firststeps #onsnow #18monthsold
Feelin cute ✨ might delete later
If you don't have anything nice to say. Come sit by me and we will make fun of people together. 😸
📷 @ryanbyryanchua
kalau kat kedai kain, dua hari tak makan pon takpe
photo credit- @spencerkohn
Monday dining room crush 🔥 #designboom
Sparkly sweatpants are my brand. Also, this was a @paulmsqr approved outfit 😱🚨#fashionpaulice
✌🏾😇 bonito domingo!
decided to lighten up today.
testing out some new Methods
I want it to be spring... Peep the feathers on my shoes tho. #saturdays #wocfashtechbrunch #panelist
Before @longchamp snow
Highline, Chelsea Market & Buddakan with Cristobal (and always fun to run into @wassstevens and share our love of @vans) #ilovenewyork❤️ #kicks  #chile🇨🇱
City Style: Love how seamless the style choices are for many fashionable New Yorkers. From the streets to the runways and back again. Gotta love Fashion Week!
I didn’t come here to play. 🗞 💯
“I CaNt WaIt TiLl ItS cOlD oUt So I cAn ReAlLy StArT dReSsInG dReSsInG.”
New Alert 🌟 RH Rooftop and Restaurant - NYC
A gente para no meio da rua mesmo pra tirar foto 🙃😂 #tbt #meatpacking
💔mama always told me I was gon' break hearts💔
Today I’m in Meatpacking district aka 
One of My fave parts of NY❤️
Mix of food, shops, bars, hotels, nightlife is the best. Great place to get away from all the hustle and busle. People are relaxed and friendly :) Easy to get from here to anywhere in the city as the ACE and 123 subways are close by.
Average price for 1 bedroom rental in meatpacking is $3000 and for sale is $800,000
Hotel $250/night 
Places to visit:
•The Whitney museum •The high line •Milk studios •The Standard rooftop
•The Trippier bar 
and of course the •Chelsea market which I actually gonna visit today 💡⚖️ #meatpackingdistrict
60 degree ☀️ weather calls for a printed dress and lots of smiles! Grateful for this beautiful day filled with sunshine
is this thing on?
who said boys can’t have clear skin??? #noediting
My signature pose. Intentional. Sometimes controversial. It’s actually not what you think. Yes, I Know you see bum bum but I actually used to pose like this because I love mystery and Art. I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about my facial expressions etc because I’m one of those photographers that hates to be photographed. And people don’t take dope photos of me the way I take dope photos of them. I believe my signature pose is an art form. It’s gives the image more depth. I used to hesitate to post these because of judgement. But that care died along time ago. No be my fault I have a shape 🙈🤷🏽‍♀️. And it’s also what you choose to see. #EverythingNaArt 
This was actually a candid shot taken by my sister Catherine. @celizrecchia 😘🤗
Another fun fact. This wasn’t in a studio. This was on the streets of New York City. An artist was selling his art on the street and I stopped to look at it. Simplicity. #theMoreYouKnowTheLessYouSee
I know it’s 12pm on a Wednesday but is it wine time yet?
chrome to your dome🖤
I don’t wanna hype yah but you a lucky nigga if my mean ass like yah ‼️❣️ #nycnights
f*** sea world
I’ll just be here
these are a few of my favorite beans! 🥦🥂❤️
#newyork ...definitely a love/hate relationship
Looks can be deceiving 🔮

#purple #newyork
Thank you, kind stranger, for complimenting my post-gym look and offering to take this photo. 🍷
full glasses. full hearts.
🔶️About last night 🔶️🗽🗽🗽🗽😉ny is ny 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊😂
Com uma luz dessas quem precisa de filtro? 😍 E logo mais sai o #post sobre esse #roteiro maravilhoso no blog! E tem vários stories desse dia nos destaques “NYC ROLÊS” ✌🏻
it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood ⛅️
And She’s Around 🌉🖤
city of views
Love this shot! Look at the walker in the blue he is like what the F.... is going on! Jam packed meatpacking district NYC🗽 What can I say JL from the block is doing it again💃🏼👠📸🙈
bag move
Legitimately the only pictures I took on my phone during the awesome shit show that was NYC. Huge thanks to the amazing D & S for babysitting us. 💀
Running some errands
Intro (Difference)
Some people are just late to the party 🤷🏻‍♀️.... first pic of 2019
Lately I been Low-key but it’s hard not to notice me #SheaSlayDay🎊
idk if you heard but turtlenecks are in
Happy Birthday to this Human @leaveorromain an other example that everything is possible in life has soon has u work for it and keep a big heart towards others 🙏😊🍾
On this trip I bought a $53 package brunch that included bottomless bloody mary’s before ever trying a bloody mary. You can make your own conclusion while I remind you I’m a college student that can’t afford $53 meals. Needless to say this trip was full of bad decisions.
💦💦 SZN
When you’re still on vacay mode and the only thing you’ve been able to accomplish by 9am is getting the perfect blowout 💆🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ #hairflip #dontaskwhyidresslikecruelladeville
two of the least interesting people to look at
2 0 1 9 🖤
our goal for 2019 is to be this happy everyday ;)
Only 5’4” but I’m still looking up to him. Thanks for taking some time off to show me around your old stomping grounds
@1oaknyc showed us a good time last night 🍾🌃🌟 #nyny
HOE.........BUT FASHION ALL 2019 😈 #MermaidMafia 🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️
*plans low key night in*
Don't think to much. You'll create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place. 🔴
im sweating in places i didnt know could sweat
been a day and i already miss new york
And I just ordered that new Rolls Royce truck, ya dig!!! 👓🌃
have you been good this year @audpowell ?!
sunday vibes //
Kinda missed this view
Margot, Cocker Spaniel (4 y/o), Little W 12th & Washington St., New York, NY • “She never barks. She only barks if something extreme happens, then only one time.”
Late night strolls in the meatpacking district.....It’s starting to feel like Christmas!!🎄 🎶I’m living my best life, ain't going back and forth with you ginga’s🎶 ‼️#nycliving#exploring#lovingandlivinglife#deahhadmeouttoolate #dontknowhowigotup
winter came & I left ❄️
Alexa, skip all the niggas who tryna come back in my life. 
#FaceBeatByMeOkurrt 💁🏾‍♀️
📸: @miniisdaname
Photographed in New York, @charlott_cordes — Beauty by @tobimakeup @imgtalent, styled by @elizayerry #LOMBARDINIwomen
rule # 1: never leave a fellow crasher behind. crashers take care of their own. 🥂
They say “you are what you eat” 😩😭🤣🤣. I’m dressed like a m&m too 🤦🏾‍♂️. This was a dope pop-up🙏🏾 - -

#m&m #mandmworld #nycpopup
Rainy af
Weekend mood ON ❄️ Тази седмица имах гости и не бях много активна в #instastories, освен разбира се да ви държа в течение с всяка моя хапка - понички, кроасани, макарони, кафета и т.н ... от днес влизам обратно в режим и слагам край на сторитата с храна 😬✌🏻🤣 p.s. Днес позата ще е тази, но с кафе в ръка. ☕️
Can’t beat Christmas time in THE BIG CITY! Thank you Lord for yet another amazing trip to New York! All the praise and glory to you. #lukesawyerlive #travelblogger #NYC
eternal love for the city
Goofing around day!