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Hustling for those gains 🔥🥊
And always with @workitwithmg
Nafas sebentar, apa sih yang dikejar? .
📍Dromana Beach
#potd #exploreaustralia #travel #melbourne
Stopping every minute to read the historical information on each and every Victorian and Art Deco building in the city is the feature of a good trip with @william_snap_time
Tap twice🐾
Sufi music and Qawwalis in particular have played a huge part in my life ever since i first heard my first sufi song. The instant attraction to the Islamic music form came, not because of the melody but the soulfulness of the genre where the Spiritual Seeker is made aware of the Highest of Truths in the most simplest of ways. “Kun Faya Kun” by @arrahman makes one ponder, what existed when there was nothing? Before the Big Bang, before life as we know it to be. What actually existed? It is the Supreme Energy, which we as humans have divided and confined to various forms and created division amongst us by way of “religion”. Love is the only religion we need because that Supreme Energy existed, exists and will exist beyond time as Love. Peace out to Music ✌🏻 #sufi #qawwali #jams #arrahman #ThankSai
Terpandang jodoh pulak😂
Best Margarita bar setup at the first of many @ottway_thelabel cabin sessions today.  Congratulations @manu_lopezvelez @nerii_xx, we love your work! 👏👏👏
. . 
#fashion #melbourne #caravan #tequila
Kita single, bentar lagi ngeluarin album. Tenang aja😂😂
~Betulkan @nuraini_ayw (?)
Makin digeser makin ancur😂🙊
.#likeforlikes❤ #hijabfashion #followersaktifindo
Happy sunday👻
quiet place
Belajarlah untuk menggunakan otak sebelum bertindak.
Tidak ada seorang pun yang siap dengan perpisahaan, perpisahaan selalu saja menyisakan rongga kecil yang hilang di dalam hati🌠🌻🌈
Flash like I’m Wally West • 
Cp y?
Spent the last day in Australia with my new mates #kangaroo
Me: Thought I’d wear it out this year. 
Also Me: Where them #cocktails at?! #mood #whatvalentine

Tak pikir karo loading
I said i like it like that
Selamat malam, semoga mimpimu indah 💕
Jaman honeymoon & today 🤘
#Repost @fenton_and_fenton ・・・
We’re in love with our new Sicilian Head Vases! Designed by Giacomo Alessi, each one is handmade in the Sicilian town of Caltagirone 🇮🇹
A few newbies have just hit the online store... this guy is my fave, with his cute little moustache 🌸 🏺 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
📷 | @davekulesza 
Artwork | @aliwoodartist - tap for deets 
#fentonandfenton #giacomoalessi #ceramics #aliwood
Merry Australia Day one and all 🇦🇺
The dream lives on 💪🏼
39kg 😶
A year ago today I moved to Australia - the Australian Open was a perfect way to celebrate! 😊
Walking into the future ...😆🌟
Last time-2018
Sun kissed🌞
텀블러가 왜이리 싸죠...
#melbourne #starbucks #christmas
@commune_group 2018 Christmas Party with @lovebirds.official. Our staff party as hard as they work! Thanks everyone for a great year, we couldn’t have done it or enjoyed it with out all y’all 🥰🥰🥰
Just a couple of wild animals in their natural habitat
Room with a view. Melbourne, such a beautiful city. Thank you so much @revolverupstairs for the incredible vibes. Club was totally dark, almost impossible to record videos or take pictures, but thats the real rave spirit ! Who was there knows the amazing time we had together. Can’t wait to come back ⚔️🇦🇺 thank you!
@adidasoriginals — #australiatour
miss it <33
art is the weapon of tears
Pura-pura percaya ajalah, biar yang bohong senang:v
Selamat pagi
#janganlupabahagia #pagieya #cekulah:v
shafeeyah maroon with the blooming jacarandas in melbourne this summer.
Yuhuuuu gamis shafeeyah udah nyampe di melbourne australia.
Gamisnya udah jalan2 ke luar negri.
Mimin kapan? 😂
‘I watch more sunsets than Netflix’
We play at Howler for @liquid_architecture alongside brother @tzusing_ 
Tickets nearly gone for this one, be quick if you’re keen. Onstage 10:30pm 💄👹
Goose is back home gearing up for the Australian 10k National Championships in 9 days. ⚒ @jgus1500 
#debut 📽: @stanley.thesausage
@gaby.felicia nailed the surgery on that grape.
g’day 🤪
It was sooooo fun! 
#fff #f4f
White swan.. I mean Sam. How do you like outfits like these? 😎
Lets do quick 1-10 guys! 😊

Thanks @samwines_

follow @fashion_menstyles_ for more!
follow @fashion_menstyles_ for more!
follow @fashion_menstyles_ for more!
Fashion Designer Shayne Tino, Brunswick~2018.
Auch nach gelungener #OP: Nima und Dawa wollen im gleichen Bettchen bleiben. 👶🏻👶🏻 🇦🇺
Hey hey hey sanyo hey sanyo 🙋💃
"Mengharap dalam diam. Merenung dalam kesendirian"
Miss melbs and our new friends already :(
this was mmmmm like 1:30am post rocket launch but LOOK at that sky 🌌
hbd jess u lil sxc gurl hehe
We believe in faeries. Ola Cohn’s tree in the Fitzroy Gardens.
laughing is good medicine but if you laugh without reason you need medicine.
Grateful for where I’m at 🌷
i have no pumpkins.
Last night we made history at the inaugural #awmas @womeninmusicaus 🏆👸🏽 #australianwomeninmusicawards ! I was honored to be nominated, to perform with @therealkateceberano @sophiekohmusic @auntyzozo *creative leadership award winner #zoehauptmann * and co-host with the deadly tiddas @anuchristine !!! Thank you to @traceehutch @uniquetastemaker and all the legend mega badass babes who helped make it happen! And a big thank you to @kablooiestore for introducing me to @kenziecollective and their fab gold earrings 🏆once again @toni_maticevski frock mastery thank u gorgeous 🏆
🙌It's only 16 days away, the 2018 Hancock Prospecting Australian Short Course Championships.

The Dolphins will return to the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC) for the first time in over a decade for the fast and furious 25 metre short course format. 
See @mackhorton, Ariarne Titmus, @elliecoleswim and @kyle_chalmers3 PLUS @jesshansen__ , @ahmedmkelly and David Morgan in action.

See all the information via the link in our bio.
hidup harus berjalan, denganmu atau tanpamu.
Somewhat wishing the bags under my eyes were designer 👜👜
My little man is filling me with all the heart melting moments and whilst I begin to transition into this family of five business I’m finding my groove & some kind of routine.
I’m up, showered, pumping milk whilst preparing dinner all before 9am. This gives me a head start on the day and means if the remainder of the day falls in a heap (which it has this week) then at least I’ve accomplished three big goals before 10am.
Have you had a child with colic? Gosh it nearly killed me when Lady L had colic, for 4 straight months I didn’t sleep🙈
I don’t think we’re there yet, and you normally don’t know until the 4 week mark but Master M is having some serious wind issues and struggles to enjoy a feed by midday without the pain of wind causing him to take 4 hours to feed, calm and eventually sleep. I’ve been reading over my old blog post on Colic relief and researching what’s new in the last three years. I’m open to suggestions for relief of wind and gas, there are certainly a million options so hearing those that work would be wonderfully appreciated 🙏
Wearing •
• Demi shirt @featherandnoise (gifted) • Xander knit @featherandnoise (gifted) • Coated Jeans @asos_maternity • Sophie mesh sneaker @seedheritage
The past 2 weeks were magical 💞 much needed time together and every single moment was more than perfect 😘 thanking God everyday for placing you in my life, can’t wait to see you back home love 💞🙆🏿 #25/23
🚲🛴🛵 OR 😵🕳👋🏽 SINCE ‘14
Shine bright like a diamond
Fill your life with experiences, not things. Stories to tell and every moment matters if you just stop and see•
Ah this sea salt soft serve is genuinely the best!!!
Lil Mama in Green
ya bassike @halledodds_
خاطرات ملبورن محاله یادم بره.

توضیح در خصوص دو دختری که نوشته‌اند فمینیسم سرطان است: من با فمینیسمی که دنبال برابری واقعی باشد و مردها را دشمن نبیند و دنبال انتقام از مردها نباشد شخصاً مشکلی ندارم. ولی تمام قد جلوی فمینیسم انتقام‌جو و مرد ستیز ایستادم.
#StoppingMaleSuicide #SOSManDown #F4J #March4Men #MarchForMen
Faith makes all the things possible
Hope makes all things work
Love makes all things beautiful
May you have all of them
Happy Eid Al Adha
Tukang jepret @risckyrahmadani 
#ina_funky #iduladha2018 #iduladha1439h 
Terpaksa diulang, permintaan netizen soalny minta diterangi sampe hidung gk kliatan lagi bentukny
Metal magic. Was really cool to see Chris of @cycloretro bring the shine. Full feature on aluminium parts polishing now on @cyclingtips . #campagnolo #aluminumpolishing #custombikes #bikerestoration
الي تحب إضافرها تطول سريع تشرب حليب😌♥️
Target terliihat bersama pacar barunya
When in a relationship, a real man doesn’t make his woman jealous of others, he makes others jealous of his woman
#ina_funky #stevemaraboli
good friends don't let you do stupid things... alone.
Falling For You 🙆🏻‍♂️❤️
Genk rusuhh💛
Day 2
#ina_funky #eidmubarak
One fake friend can do more harm that 15 enemies.💯
3 sponsor shipments ready to leave for a special mission 😎😎
Contains goodies for 10 different riders!
You will never guess who they are 🤣🤣🤣
Hint: everything goes to Australia ...
Whatever you do, don't run back to what broke you.❤
#sunwolves #5beyond2019 #Awoooo
Saat ada orang yang bilang bahwa "semua perempuan itu sama", saat itulah saya langsung merasa mirip @raisa6690 ekwkwkwk

Dan saat ini saya akan dihujat☻
Teaching Billie how to ruin views 🐶 #australianshepherd
Duplicity in the face of reality, to cover up a sense of annoyance. ~Smile now Cry later~
Meongnya gemes 😍😍
Desi bandri valayti pose mare mundiyo😂🤪
Speaking on our foreign policy priorities in meeting the challenges and embracing the opportunities ahead @latrobeuni #melbourne // #ideasandsociety #newcolomboplan #fpwhitepaper 🌏
Late Easter Vibes - you gotta love Melbs 😋
"Kita luka hari ini, mereka luka selamanya".
We're not just a friend, but we're family.
Our invisible play pen, white ball pit, slide, teepee and birthday board styled beautifully by @luxecoutureevents at Amir’s first birthday party @dilarakarauzum 🌿🌿🌿
Photography @zbyzahrah
Props by @luxecoutureevents 
Balloons @moonshotballoons
Foliage on our Round wall @lillypadweddings
Cake and desserts by @taylor_made_gourmet
Childrens play collection @littlepartyplay 
Fairyfloss cart @eventsbyalysia
Kids table stationary
My dad had me resolve not to judge people too quickly, because it is only under extreme pressure that you see people’s true capabilities.
It isn't worth it, wasting your life over someone who can't see your worth.. .
what’s melbourne summer without taking the last sweet bit home 🌞 one more week of heat pls bring it on 🌞💃🏼💦🙏🏻
How much do you know about Melbourne’s Aboriginal heritage?
An app called Melbourne Dreaming maps the culturally important places people walk past every day.
Craig Ritchie from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies says it is important to share the stories with a new generation.
📷: ABC News Andie Noonan
#Aboriginal #history #Melbourne
Dan sejauh apapun kamu bersaba, hatimu tetap Indonesia.
Saya orang Indonesia yg berdarah Sunda, lahir dan dibesarkan dalam keluarga Sunda, maka dimanapun saya berada sekarang, tas Parupuyan Saba dari @arkaiss_bandung ini tidak hanya mengingatkan saya akan siapa saya, tempat saya berasal-tempat saya akan berpulang, namun juga menjadi bentuk rasa cinta saya terhadap bahasa Sunda dengan ikut melestarikan bahasa arkais Sunda.
Parupuyan Saba, nama tas ini, diambil dari bahasa arkais Sunda. 
Parupuyan berarti wadah yg digunakan untuk pembakaran kemenyan sebagai penghubung dunia manusia dan roh leluhur (a container for burning incence). Saba berarti berkelana. Parupuyan Saba adalah penanda jiwa orang yang senang berkelana (saba), mengembara, mencoba hal yang baru dan menyambut gemerlap mimpi.
Lalu, bagaimana saya tidak bangga membawa keindahan warisan budaya Indonesia berfilosofi tinggi sekaligus mengabdi? .
Selalu ada banyak cara untuk mencintai bangsa dan bahasa kita. Agaknya, saya sudah menemukan salah satunya. Semoga kamu juga.
Selamat hari bahasa ibu internasional!
Melbourne, 21 Februari 2018
📷: @verasumanta
Skrrt with @adelaidenorris
god i love my life + (my outfit)
super ready and excited to get back into dance classes this week! 💃🏻 thank you @stagelitstudios for these photos from @fydcomps nationals, i love them. ⭐️
Nulung lain ku loba, nalang lain ku rea, da geuning firtah hirup manusa mah silih tulung kanu butuh, silih nalang kanu susah, ngahudangkeun kanu labuh, ngajait kanu titeuleum. 
Hirup di dunya mah ukur samet roh di pisahkehn jeung raga. Urang silih ingetan bisi perkara dunya meubeut, meulit kana akherat.

Haturnuhun, Tim Suksesku ❤

Masih banyaaaaaak orangorang disampaing saya, yang membantu saya, sampai bisa dititik ini.
Satu titik dua koma,kamu cantik mempesonaツ
Loving Melbourne💕 Looking forward to competing tomorrow with @waimaramapt 🖤
NYE Las Vegas 🎭🎲
Fans are seriously the perfect summer accessory and I am loving the colourful tassel on this one! Keeping cool today with thanks to @carolinalifestylelabel 's shirt and fan #collab
"but i don't know where to look"
Nothing better than a hometown disco 🏡 
See you Saturday Melbourne! 👏🏼@anywayclub 📸