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🤸‍♂️ 2019 World Cup Gymnastics 💪🏼
🤸‍♀️ World Cup #2019 .
It was so cool to meet @oksana2016 who has competed at more Olympic Games than any other gymnast (7 games!!) and @domcunn who was amazing on floor last night placing third with only .066 in between 1st and 3rd! 🙌🙌🙌
@gymnasticsworldcup @gymaustralia #gymnasticsworldcup #melbwc19 #gymnastics #inspiration
Teve Brasil no pódio e tietagem! 🇧🇷 🏆🥉👊🏻 #gymnastics #worldcupgymnastics #melbourne #arthurzanetti
good time at the world cup💗
What a great floor final today. @domcunn continued to show he is a world class gymnast placing 3rd at the Melbourne World Cup.....another step closer to #toyko2020
World Cup 2019 Finals Day 1 complete. I love it at these events getting to watch so many great gymnasts. It is extra special this year with some of my friends competing. Day two tomorrow. •
#samrubygymnast #melbourne2019 #worldcupgymnastics #seniors #deltagymnastics #blueandwhite
Melbourne World Cup 2019 🏆#Melbourne #gymnastics #worldcup
2019 World Cup gymnastic😄👍
#worldcupgymnastics #melbourne #重心力調整メゾット
Eu queria chegar aos 43 assim! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #gymnastics #oksanachusovitina #worldcupgymnastics #melbourne
4e position! 
Une routine un peu retenue mais j'ai passé à travers sans chute et sans ereur majeur. Je suis satisfait et très content de mon expérience. Merci tout le monde pour votre support! 13,7

4th place!
A good fight but I managed to stay on it with not major mistake. I'm satisfied of my performance but I know I could have done better. Thanks everybody for the support! 13,7

So much fun!

Enjoy a close up of our faces 😂 #gymnasticsworldcup #melbwc19 @gymaustralia @gymnasticsworldcup @gymnasticsvictoriaofficial
not too many chips yea 🍟 @domcunn
That’s a wrap on the first day of Finals at @gymnasticsworldcup! 
Congratulations to Romi Brown scoring 12.500 on Uneven Bars, and to @georgia.rose.brown who came away with the Bronze Medal 🥉🇦🇺 #GymnasticsWorldCup #StartHereGoAnywhere
💫World Cup Uneven Bars Final💫
A lovely routine from Romi has seen her improve on her qualification score, posting a 12.500 tonight and finishing in 5th place!! 👏🏼
Well done Romi, we are super proud of you!! 🤩
#GymnasticsWorldCup #MelbWC19 #TeamAUS #TeamWaverley #TeamRomi #WaverleyGymnasticsCentre #StartHereGoAnywhere
Финал закончился👍🇺🇿💪 2 место!!! Спасибо всем кто за меня болел😘😘😘
#Discover Gymnastics- Building Strong Minds and Bodies Through the Discovery of Sport.
DFF-Changing Children's Lives Trough Gymnastics for All.
The Gymnastics World Cup is amazing! Oh and congratulations to @georgia.rose.brown on the bronze in uneven bars! @gymnasticsworldcup @gymnasticsvictoriaofficial @gymaustralia #gymnasticsworldcup #melbwc19 @alyraisman
Romi and John with Sweden’s Jonna Adlerteg and her coach Sebastian Melander in the lead up to tonight’s World Cup Uneven Bars final. 🇦🇺 🇸🇪
Good luck to both girls!!
#GymnasticsWorldCup #MelbWC19 #TeamAUS #TeamWaverley #TeamRomi #StartHereGoAnywhere #WaverleyGymnasticsCentre
Tonight’s performance of Ome Kayo at the 2019 Gymnastics World Cup!
#MELBWC19 🇦🇺🤸🏽‍♂️ Ready to cheer on @chrisremkes1, @georgia.rose.brown and @romib02 who are competing in finals tonight! The rest of us Aussies will be doing a meet and greet at 5:15pm! See you all there! 👀😌
Pretty solid day at the office last night. Absolutely amped about making finals with my guy @tys_bull🤜🏼🤛🏼 it’s going to be a stacked final so make sure you come along or stream the event on Kayo! #melbwc19
Pumped to qualify into Sunday’s World Cup finals with @middymorgs. We ready to send it and show out ! See you all there 🤘🏼👊🏼 #hbarsquad #melbwc19
When your world famous head coach is also a world famous judge... Peggy Liddick at the 2019 Gymnastics World Cup! #WAG #WAGcoach #FIG #gymnasticsworldcup
Melbourne’den herkese merhaba,
Sezonun ilk yarışması olan Dünya Kupası’nda yarıştığım iki alette de finallere kalmayı başardım. Cumartesi günü kulplu beygir, pazar günü ise paralel aletinde madalya mücadelesi vereceğim. Şans dileklerinizi ve dualarınızı eksik etmeyin. 🙏🏾🇹🇷
❤️🤸🏼‍♀️🙌🏻 #gymnastics #worldcupgymnastics #melbourne
De camiseta personalizada e tudo! 💕🤸🏼‍♀️ #gymnastics #worldcupgymnastics #melbourne
Want to know who qualified for the Sunday 24 Finals?! Today's competition was filled with High Bar, Beam and some wonderful gymnastics inbetween.💫 Find out by clicking the link in our BIO! ⤴️ #GymnasticsWorldCup #MelbWC19 #VisitVictoria #VisitMelbourne
Elemelerin son günü Paralel aletinde 1. olarak ve Barfiks aletinde hedeflediğim notu alarak finallere kalmayı başardım💪🏼Yarıştığım 5 aletin 3 ünde finale kaldım🙌🏼 İyi bir eleme yarışı geçirdim👏🏻 Yarın başlayacak final yarışmalarında umarım daha iyi sonuçlar alarak ülkemizi gururlandırırım🇹🇷
WOOOOO!! Smashed it landed both my vaults qualified in 2nd place! But that means nothing we start again from scratch for the final. But 2 out of 2 finals for me! @courtneytulloch has rings tomorrow and he did a good job on vault today 🙌🏼💪🏼 time to rest and get ready for floor tomorrow!! #lightwork
Kat KL basikal dh jadi pekasam... kat sini rajin plak nak kayuh... #seeaustralia

Gymnastics, teaching you to be as good on your hands as your feet // Insert mums “this could have been you” #sueme #worldcup #2019 #gymnastics
Day two ✌🏽
Worldcup Melbourne🇦🇺
Vault 🌪
MAG: Vault, Parallel Bars & Horizontal Bar
WAG: Balance Beam & Floor

Tonight out on the Melbourne Arena floor you will see multiple Olympians, the current World Champion on High Bar, International Debuts and just world class gymnastics! 💫

Get your tickets now by going to @ticketekaustralia! 
See you tonight!
#GymnasticsWorldCup #MelbWC19 #VisitVictoria #VisitMelbourne
🇦🇺 World cup Melbourne 🗺️🤗
5th place in qualifications 🇸🇮🙏🇦🇺
Finals in Saturday 23.2. at 18.00
High 5 @gymnasticsworldcup
#australia #melbourne #victoria #trip #worldcup #vault #competition #slovenian #gymnast #teamslovenia #sloveniaolympicteam #coach #ervysport #artisticgymnastics #ervy #btccity #gdzelenajama #telekomslovenije #triglav #sloveniangirl #satisfying #gimnasticnazvezaslovenije #pink #mojspirit
When the numbers already have holes in and you can’t put it on the way your OCD wants you to 😬
Qualifications are done and unfortunately I will not be competing in floor finals on Saturday night. Obviously this is definitely not the result I wanted or had hoped for, but I’m still extremely grateful for the opportunity I had in front of a home crowd. While it’s not an excuse, coming back from surgery has been a difficult process over the last 8 weeks. My preparation and fitness was not at where I wanted coming into my first World Cup, however, I am still proud of how I handled myself. I managed to compete my highest SV ever and hit a relatively clean routine (besides a few landings and an annoyingly short handstand). I’ll allow myself to reflect more on it all over the next fews days and really learn from the negatives and positives and use them to motivate me heading into this year. Thank you to everyone who came and supported me - I really do appreciate it. Congrats to @chrisremkes1 for making floor final and also to @michaeltone for a good competition. We have a few more Aussies competing tonight, so be sure to get behind them and cheer them on! Thank you again to everyone. It’s only onwards on upwards from here.
Belle performance en qualification aujourd'hui! J'ai du m'ajuster après avoir fait une petite erreur en début de routine mais j'ai terminé la routine en force. Félicitation à @flyinmcryan pour sa qualification en final aux anneaux!
2 canadiens sur 2 font les finals! 💪

Good performance in qualification today! I had to fight a little mistake at the beginning of the routin but I did finish it pretty nicely. Congrats to @flyinmcryan for your qualification on rings!

What an honour to meet Olympic champion @epkez and floor legend @bramverhofstad
Day 1 off
Secured the bag 💰floor final on saturday! Let’go ❤️❤️❤️ #gymnastics #floor #final #melbourne #australia
Confirmed! I made floor final in 6th place! Looking forwards to that! But tomorrow it’s vault qualification! So good night from me as it is now 22:03 here good night or good morning everyone 😂 📷 @dionpocklington
Day ☝🏾🇬🇧 @gymnasticsworldcup❗️
🗣 @domcunn
Dünya Kupası’nda elemelerin ilk günü Yer aletinde 1. oldum👍🏼 Finallerde ülkemizi temsil edecek olmanın gururunu yaşıyorum☺️🇹🇷Ayrıca Kulplu ve Halka Aleti’nde az farkla yedek finalist oldum🤷🏻‍♂️ Elemeler yarın diğer aletlerle devam edecek🙏🏼
Buenos días Argentina! 10mo lugar hoy para mi en la @gymnasticsworldcup
No fue la mejor serie, hay cosas para mejorar. El año recién comienza, a darle duro! 💪🏻🇦🇷 #WorldCupMelbourne #gymnastics #Australia
2019澳洲墨爾本世界盃奧運資格賽,恭喜 !中華隊李智凱,鞍馬14.90分,晉級八強決賽,明天跳馬曾為聖,單槓唐嘉鴻,洪仕東~預祝成功進入決賽,TPE.加油! 
Квалификация прошла💪🇺🇿, мы в финале ура😉😉😉
Glæsilegar gólfæfingar hjá Valgarði á Heimsbikarmótinu í Melbourne. Valgarð fékk einkunnina 12,788. Úrslit liggja ekki fyrir en þau má sjá inni á heimasíðu og fb síðu sambandsins að mótsdegi loknum. 
Seinni hluti undanúrslita fer fram á morgun þar sem @vallireinhardsson keppir á stökki, tvíslá og svifrá!
Áfram Ísland 🇮🇸
Podium session last night! Glad to have a swing on the comp equipment🙏 Now to iron out the wrinkles before comp tomorrow💪 #letsgo #pregame #melbwc19
Our U14.4 Ranger boys went out and dominated the @nbl Half-Time last week, putting on a superb display for fans at @melbunited vs. @cairnstaipans!

The boys went out and ran all their plays very well from all reports, with Coach Deanne wanting the Rangers to show what they've been working on to the large crowd at @melbournearena.

Great work boys, way to represent Dandenong on the big stage! #GoRangersGo
Hoy tenemos nuestra presentación en la @gymnasticsworldcup a las 18hs de 🇦🇺 (5am de 🇦🇷) y estamos listos para dar lo mejor en la primera competencia del año! Gracias a todos por el apoyo que nos brindan! Vamos Argentina!!! #worldcup #Melbourne #gymnastics
Ya estamos listos para la qualy en la @gymnasticsworldcup 2019
Desde las 18 hs de 🇦🇺 (5 am de 🇦🇷) lo pueden ver por @tycsportsplay 💪🏻
#VamosArgentina #gymnastics
Podium training done ✅ Ready to get out there on Friday and hit some more vaults like this 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 @gymnasticsworldcup @gymaustralia 
#Gymnastics #MelbourneWorldCup #MelbWC19 #Gymnast #Vault #6.0 #Australia #Fitness #GymnasticsHighlights
Decent podium training today, feeling ready for comp tomorrow 🙌

#teamAUS #melbwc19
Feels good✌️
Media day at @gymnasticsworldcup 😊🙌🏼🎥
Enjoy the ride 🇦🇷 🇦🇺 #WorldCupMelbourne #PodiumTraining
First day of training here at @gymnasticsworldcup, getting a feel for the training venue and the equipment, can’t wait to get back out there in the Green & Gold 🇦🇺
#MelbWc19 #GymnasticsWorldCup #Gymnastics #Melbourne #Australia
Jonna Adlerteg visar fin form inför världscupen i kvinnlig artistisk gymnastik på torsdag 🙌🏻 #gymnasticsworldcup #melbwc19 #svenskgymnastik
The trainings are going well! Can't wait to compete! 💪
So far, I like Australia so much! 
Les entraînements vont bien! J'ai très hâte de compétitionner! 💪
J'aime beaucoup l'Australie jusqu'à date! 
Congratulations to Victorian gymnasts Romi Brown and Tyson Bull who have been selected for the Australian @gymnasticsworldcup Team! 
We can’t wait to cheer them on this weekend 🇦🇺 #StartHereGoAnywhere #GymnasticsWorldCup
10 am del martes 19 en Melbourne 😳 #PrimerTurno #WorldCupMelbourne
@bigplaydj said in his postgame interview 👉🏾 “I wanted to come out and do whatever it took today to get a win...” .
Great night in MELBOURNE @franklin_graham lots of lives changed forever!
DJ43 😉 #OrangeArmy
Melbourne 6 and won and what a special experience it was. Sharing and enjoying the moment along side @kellobrien in front of family, friends and a home crowd is something special and something I won't ever forget. 
Thankyou to everyone who came and watched and supported us throughout the event, the riders who came from around the globe to compete and last but not least the fantastic @sixdaycycling group that are bringing back the essence of six day racing to its peak.
Time to reset, prepare for World Champs then onto the epic final in Brisbane!!! Hope to see you all there!!! @gettysport thankyou.

#sixdaymelbourne #melbourne #Trackcycling #winners #sixdays
MEBOURNE Six Day champions! Gotta Love winning with a home crowd😍 @sixdaycycling #sixdaysmelbourne #dreamville
Melbourne 6-Day Champions!! 😍😍😍 @alexandramanly #sixdaymelbourne #sixdaycycling 📸 @gettyimages
Competitors race during the Six Day Series at Melbourne Arena on Saturday. The Six Day Series or Six Day Cycling Series is an annual series of track cycling events featuring world class cyclists.
📷 @scottbarbourphotographer / @gettyimages
Kitted out here in Melbourne for the @sixdaycycling , with some sweet kit 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Good, hard racing at the @sixdaycycling Melbourne last night, happy to take the win in the Omnium! 2 big nights to go where we finally get stuck into some #Madison action 😍🙌🏼 #sixdaycycling #sixdaymelbourne 📸 @gettyimages
Great memories from the London @sixdaycycling 🍾 Keen to start racing the #melbournesixday tonight! I’ll be pairing up with my Tassie teammie @maceystewart 👭🚲Watch us race live on @channel7 🙃
Back on the boards tomorrow for @sixdaycycling Melbourne..fingers crossed I don’t start practicing my motoGP skills again🤦🏼‍♀️
The body might not be 100% race ready after the crash just yet but I just love the atmosphere of sixday racing so some pain won’t keep me away from some solid racing against some of the best ahead of the World Championships in 3weeks🥰🤙🇮🇪
MELBOURNE we’re coming for ya! Thursday - Saturday will see Melbourne’s version of @sixdaycycling down at @melbournearena. “Bikes, Beats, Beers”.. come down and check out what all the fuss is about... 💃🏼👊🏼 No #SalmonCannon this year.. this time I’ll be teaming up with my gurrrl @alexandramanly ❤️💛💙 #RadelaideRepresent #sixdaymelbourne #sixdaycycling 📸 @chronis71
AN OT WIN! It took a period of overtime, but we came out on top thanks to some MASSIVE plays down the stretch!
McCarron (25 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists) & Kennedy (23 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists) were IMMENSE!
Oh yeah, WE'VE BOOKED A FINALS TICKET! #WeAreMelbourne
It’s not too late to be at today’s game but we have less than 200 tickets remaining so get in quick! Doors open at 3pm, tip off at 5.20pm #WeAreMelbourne
Thanks for the party MELBOURNE 😍
Playing here in less than 4 hours and the place is starting to fill up - absolutely can’t wait!!
Gday @therealjbiz 😊 I can’t help but notice over the past 4 games you’ve had DOUBLE DOUBLES against quality CENTERS. You’ve STEPPED YOUR GAME UP and are in form at the right time for your team. 
HOWEVER... I have two words for you...👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
SHAWN LONG 👉🏾 @s_long21 .
Let’s see if you can shut him down. Because like every other BIG in the @nbl, your name is on his hitlist 💯 
#BattleOfTheBigs #Nbl19 #SeeIncredible
Definitely missed this shot, but dope pic! 👏🏻📸
How good was Wednesday night?! These snaps just go to show how INCREDIBLE open air hoops & our home games really are (we’re not biased or anything!!) 🏙 More pics on our Facebook page. Only 3 more scheduled home games this season so make sure you grab your tickets today so you don’t miss out on scenes like these! Head to Ticketek or click the link in our bio #WeAreMelbourne
Aus Open den #2
co vic chtit?? Nadal vs Novak🤩🤩
Dneska jsem si tu zapinkal taky, tak se snad ten kurt do nedele nepropadne hanbou🙈🤣🤣
A uz zitra @petra.kvitova vyhraje poprve #ausopen a dostane mimo jine sek od @kiamotorsworldwide jak 🐷ale hlavne pohar a nesmrtelnost. A o to tady bezi🏃‍♀️
#KiaSurpriseWeek #KiaTennis 🎾#fightlifepokracuje
Seguimos en este viaje por #Australia ¿Quien será el rival de Rafa Nadal? me encantaría que se enfrentara a Nole. por otro lado les cuento que hoy compartimos con 
Alicia Molik y  Mark Philippoussis GRACIAS!!! @kiamotorsworldwide @kiacolombia #AusOpen #KiaSurpriseWeek #powertosurprise
Junto al legendario @mphilippoussis (#regio), que quedó maravillado (?) con mi único golpe: el slice de derecha. Me dijo que tengo futuro como doblista (de VolleyBall). #kiatennis #kiasupriseweek #ausopen @kiachile
Con mi nuevo partner de dobles @mphilippoussis hacemos una dupla que dará que hablar #tenisenotradimensión #hayvídio
#honoringanna #ausopen #ao #inspirationalwomen @bazluhrmann 🇦🇺🦘👏👏💕
It’s was an absolute pleasure attending the @australianopen as a special guest of #LAVAZZA again this year. If you know me than you know I LOVE my coffee & of course enjoy watching the tennis so being able to combine the two made me one happy little mumma! 
A big thank you to the whole team for having me @lavazzaaus @katecopr 
I literally had a ball! 🎾💙🎾 #LavazzaAmbassador
LET THERE BE LIGHT... AND #NBL19⁠ ⁠🏀!! @melbunited 🆚 @illawarrahawks79 live on @foxsportsaus RN 👀
Locked In ✅ 🔥 1/4 on Wednesday ✌️🔥📸©️ @antoinecouvercelle
Australian open gozaderation 🎾 .
No alcanzo el billete para ver a Federer en persona ...ya empecé a ahorrar pal próximo!
australian open 2k19 ❤️🎾
Australia Open🎾 #AO #coopers
When you can still take a screamer and catch @grigordimitrov’s racket 👀🎾 #AusOpen
Proud moment for @bigfoe1998 reaching the quarters of @australianopen What a match. #keepitgoing #usta
YAAAAASSSSS!!! @bigfoe1998 up two sets to none 7-5, 7-6 over #Dimitrov @australianopen #usta #letsdothis
@australianopen 🎾
Aus open 2019 #australianopen #tennis #melbourne
Proudest GF ♥️ #Ausopen #lovilova
Grew up watching him play, read his book, followed his charity work and now I’m watching him coach. Legend @agassi 
#legend #agassi
Great hit to start a birthday ! 
Good luck @grigordimitrov 🇹🇩🇧🇬
No turning back.
After I asked the cute Channel Nine cameraman to move his damn camera. 🎥  #really #idid #getoutofmyshot #ausopen #swipe ⬅️
Still don’t understand tennis @k1ngkyrg1os 😍😍💍
Caught Dominic Thiems racquet
We are flap out today at the tennis 🎾 #ausopen #getflapped #emiratesplay @getflapped
This T-Rex was all tuckered out after an epic 5-setter from @johnnyhm #MillMania #9WWOS #AusOpen
#10yearchallenge guitar on stage edition #planetshakers #belman #yamaha
Johnnie Millman brings the house down sending it to a 5th set! #MillMania #9WWOS #AusOpen
Una pena no poder terminar el partido de hoy, mi compañero sufrió una lesión en la espalda en el 0-0 del segundo set, trató de seguir jugando pero fue empeorando y nos tuvimos q retirar... ahora esperar a q no sea nada grave para seguir adelante... seguiremos luchando.
Get well soon my friend @aisamqureshi
Murray 0 - 1 Hip Injury ... #ausopen #nomoremurray #410 #5sets
Some like it hot 💦🔥 Racing into round 2️⃣
Getting seated directly behind Andy Murray’s squad in potentially his last ever match in Aus, I think yes! #friendsinhighplaces #ausopen #andymurray #tennis
Keisuke recruited a new #mvfc supporter today 😉 #ourvictory @keinishikori
Last practice on a nice court before going back home 🎾☀️#australianopen
Compartiendo entrenamiento en el @australianopen con uno de mis  ídolos de la infancia @agassi 😬👌🎾
Putting in work down under! 💪🏽
Getting ready for the first slam of the year! @australianopen 💙💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🎾👫💕
💙Last practise before @australianopen qualis💙
😍💥Thank you @carowozniacki 💥😍
@australianopen #bigstadium #workinghard #bestpractise
Primer entrenamiento en melbourne!! Seguimos buscando buenas sensaciones 🎾🔥 #luckyskull #australiaopen #melbourne #hydrogen
Good shopping day ✔️😁 @australianopen
Probably one of the best moments from this year 🤝
Selecting the tracks for our #20Years set, we feel a little @nicchagall should be added as well, don't you think!? This is "Man On The Run (Nic Chagall Remix)" live at Godskitchen The Last Dance in #Melbourne. .
Tickets 20 Years Tour link in bio

@melbunited raised the roof with another epic open air Boxing Day clash, but it was the @adelaide36ers who stole the show, coming away with the 103-101 #NBL19 W
Incredible day for an Open Roof Game. The @NBL proving again and again why it’s the 2nd Best League in the World... .
#Nbl19 #SeeIncredible #BallIsLife
Not going to lie that was pretty cool 😎
Ware you at??? 👌🏽
Thank you @joelle_allas 😘 #MaBoy @c_warejr 🙌🏽
#wearemelbourne 🏀
@steph_chiocci just met her boy! 💪🏽🙈 Thank you @joelle_allas you are the best😍 #OpenRoof #WeAreMelbourne #MelbUnited #BoxingDay #MaBoy
No other league IN THE WORLD is doing this and I have the best seat in the house🔥🔥🔥 BACK TO BUSINESS @adelaide36ers vs @melbunited GRAND FINALS REMATCH TONIGHT
#BoxingDay #BallIsLife #Nbl19 #SeeIncredible
Ho Ho Ho swipe for a gun show 🎅🏼💪🏼 #rhymewithoutreason #melbunited #musclenation
Taking out the National Madison with Leigh was so special I had no words! Thanks for an unforgettable night 💚💛 📷 @richscriven @chronis71 #dreamville
Always a good time with my guy @John casey2880  We’re  ready for a BIG GAME 2night...
#Nbl19 #SeeIncredible #BallIsLife
It took me days to finally realize that we made it to the Melbourne Arena Stage. So happy to perform and introduce for the first time the Para Dancesport in Australia. A two-night standing ovation performance is beyond immeasurable😭😭😭. We felt so loved, proud and honored to have touched the hearts of everyone and become an inspiration to those who aspire to dance may it be on wheels and/or on dancing shoes. Thank you so much to all the great organizers of the @adsaustralian for the trust. 
One of our greatest year-enders 💃🏻🕺🏼♥️
What was your favourite moment during the 73rd Australian DanceSport Championship? We’d love to know, tell us in the comments!
The last competition  of the year already done ! 
Thank you to @adamgblakey For running such a fantastic event  and helping us get registerd to compete in the @adsaustralian 73rd Australian dancesport championships, we would like to also thank those who were there in support as we felt very welcomed walking onto the floor . 
Also thankyou to my sponsors  @paynetailors @costumeup @horner36 keeping me detailed .
No place I’d rather be on a Monday... .
@mattrussellfox #Nbl19 #SeeIncredible 
#ShoeGameOnFire @124shoes
We take a 5 point lead into the main break with Casper Ware (10 points & 4 assists) & the milestone man Alex Pledger (10 points & 6 rebounds) leading the way. Stay tuned for a big 2nd half!
What an incredible weekend competing at the Australian DanceSport Championship. This is a moment I have dreamed of since I was a kid. Absolutely mind blown to have placed 2nd in the Pro Am Adult/U21 Latin. @williams.jonny and @limelightdancestudios thank you so much for getting me here, we smashed it! #adsc18
Another incredible game from @melbunited and easily one of my favourite so far thanks to @pvmatt the legend!! ⛹🏽‍♂️🏀
🎥: @amie_64 
@nbl @melbunitedcheerleaders @ampd_up_australia #nbl2018 #mascot #tumble
Those referees are lucky I have good aerial awareness and wasn’t distracted by all the gorgeous cheerleaders 😍 @oscarhooke @melbunitedcheerleaders @melbunited @nbl @anne.marie.claire @ampd_up_australia @underarmour @underarmourau #work #tumble #mascot
#graceonthecourt 💃🏽📚
Full Time | Australia v South Africa | 50-20

Australia has put out a dominant performance in their last match before the play-offs.
Day one was so much fun! 🤩

Make sure you join us for day two - ticket link in our bio! See you then!
How great are these costumes! 😍 
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1 more sleep !! #swiperight #aliyahspretty #fast5worldseries #fast5
And it’s over. 8 months ago I became apart of this amazing cast for the Victorian state school spectacular, that was honestly like a family. I have met some of my favourite people in the world being apart of this. I loved spending my year annoying u all hehe, I love u all with my whole heart. Bring on the future let’s go! Also here is small amount of photos with my some of my fav people. Thanku for making my year special #vsss18 #spec2018 ♡