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And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had
Felt cute might delete later ☺️
How I like my weekends ❄️💞
O corpo ideal é aquele que cabe uma alma cheia de luz dentro dele. 🔋
Let’s go somewhere, together 😜🌺
Неважно сколько между вами километров и времени, важен взгляд, с которым вы встречаете друг друга 💕🐾
Baby, I’m fragile
Четвертый пост за утро 🙀 #яумамыблоггер #somewhereinprimorye
i just need you and some sunsets✨💗 🌅
Quien quiere tener mas piquete que papi todo aquel que inventa se la busca de gratis 🔥😈🤫!! #lastking #austinbby #arcangel
can I get another vacation ‼️
Привет :)
min fine bestevenn og soon to be roomie blir 21år i dag❤️ ingen er så god som deg baby!
Welcome the newest to my family, Corona! Also, she’s the first pet @asap.neal68 and I have ever individually owned, gotta get used to having something to bother me when I’m trying to sleep at night. I’m happy to finally have a pet I can call my own
Cant u see my hands r full?
Le pido perdón a los que mas quiero 
por llevar esta vida de bandolero 
mi alma de flamenco y mi mente de rockero 
perro malo, mal cerebro...
#Flow #Sinlimites 😉👌