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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Best fans in the league. No doubt about it.

Hey Milwaukee you rocked our sockees! 🧦🧦 #woteworldtour2019 .
📸 @andreahunterphotography
gotta heal em all 🎀🏩
best friends since 4th grade and still doesn’t trust me enough to pick him up
Smooth Operating at the @chriscormierclassic yesterday!! Everyone was amazing thank you!!💪🏾❤ #classicstyle #sade #smoothoperator #4thedamnWIN #theblackswan
What a time🍾
Dracarys 🔥
his mono didn’t stop us from *almost* kissing
To my incredible sister, my biggest role model, and my favorite attorney - we couldn’t be more proud of you💛⚖️ YOU👏🏼DID👏🏼THAT👏🏼
here’s to blue and gold 🥺🎓💙💛
Before the graduation ceremony, my aunt pulled me aside and said “Nicole, I have something for you” she pulled out her wallet and took out a picture. She said “I wore this under my graduation cap when I graduated and now I am giving this to you for your graduation” this was a picture of my dad. Although he couldn’t be here to see one of the biggest accomplishments in my life, he was there in my heart and I was constantly reminded of that today. Thank you to all of my friends and family who have been with me through this journey and continue to stand by my side for the journeys ahead. I could not be more grateful.
my favorite, favorite boy
so so proud manigüis 💛
summer 2019 we are READY for uuuu
a beautiful night tonight was<3✨
me thinking about how Giannis would look with a finals MVP trophy in his hands
1st annual “Chris Cormier Classic” Fitness competition was the coolest. To support a solid dude along with my Olympia brothers was very special and memorable. @mrolympia08 and @breonma_  guest posing on stage at the same time with me was the coolest! Thanks @_chriscormier for giving us the privilege to participate in your first show as a promoter and being able to really give back to the sport of bodybuilding that has given us so much.
Can I take a nap now?
What feels like the end,
Is often the beginning ✨
prom with some pals!!
milwaukee 🖤 my blood’s been on the black side of this city since the 1940s, when my granddaddy n grandmommy moved up from the south to start a new story. they gotta be out there dancing in the cosmos to this. s/o my big cuz w my face on his chest lol n my auntie margaret, the milwaukee legend activist entrepreneur.. the original star. turnup was too real last night thanks y’all. KIN! 🙏🏾🖤🖤🖤
hehe traded glass slippers for gold crocs for a night
i want it, i got it 🖤
Putting on a PROMinent Display
Milwaukee!!!!!!!! Niggas see my barber skills too 📸 @blaynegretzky