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Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

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Representing Reloaderz NJ at the Morris County Police Chiefs Association Comedy Night
#reloaderznj #firingrange #morriscounty #morriscountynj #waynenj
Feels like spring
Happy Valentine’s Day to my Husband 💕 #husbandandhusband
getting ready for shipment!!
buy boxes today !!💙💙
After leopard, snake print is one of my faves! This season it’s been a huge trend and I can’t help myself from getting more of it 🤦🏻‍♀️. This @freepeople top is on sale, but going fast, so don’t wait. Shop my daily looks by following me on the app #liketkit #LTKunder50 #snakeprint #snakeprintskirt #ootd #whatiworetoday #styleinspo #njfashionblogger #fashionblog #freepeople #zara #fashionismypassion
may not be 10s but we clean up nice
Grateful for these gals (and for Jägerbombs)
Before and after! My dreary powder room was in much need of a redo but I didn’t want to pick out new tile. It has been several years that I have known I needed to do something. I kept going with a light paint thinking that it would lighten the room but that didn’t work. The solution was an eye catching wallpaper with a bold blue and just the smallest hint of green in the dragonfly to bring in the handmade tile border! Even though the background is a deep blue white in the dragonflies brighten the whole room. SWIPE◀️◀️ I’m happy with this quick update and my paperhanger , Joe, was fantastic! His website is #beforeandafter #powderroomwallpaper  #harlequinwallpaper #wallpaperwednesday
No shoes with a fur on lakes in mountain lakes
Our first normal, smiling, not kissy face photo together.... EVER & it’s our first one with princess V 👑💕😽 #WCW #MILF #AuntShann
fer the jersey kids
Happy 4th Birthday to this crazy girl of ours! A day late because we were having so much fun yesterday!
Happy Birthday to my special brave little boy 💙you are so loved. Thank you to all our friends and family who made today so special
There are 39 public school districts in Morris County. MLHS is one of two schools that does not have Martin Luther King Jr. Day off.

As a high school with a black population that you can count on your fingers, this doesn’t come as a surprise to most. However, after the many sacrifices the black community has made in the name of equality, it’s disheartening to see that MLK Day is the first holiday Mountain Lakes is willing to ignore. 
Mountain Lakes has President’s Day off, Veteran’s Day too. Why is it that the one holiday devoted to the world’s most influential Civil Rights leader is swept under the rug?

On account of the fact that school will continue today, one can only hope that teachers will take it upon themselves to reinforce the significance of the Civil Rights Movement. However, this often is not the case. Last year, many students could only remember Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory being carried out through a community art project and nothing more. 
Mountain Lakes’ BOE seems to pride itself on its attentiveness to diversity and inclusivity, but by failing to give ML students the opportunity to recognize appreciate Dr. King’s legacy, the Board contradicts itself. 
Written by Lina Petronino
Thankful for silly pictures with this one
Had a blast today! Swimmers, parents, coaches and all volunteers! You are all the best ! 💕#polarplunge
Huge thanks to Mountain Lakes High School and Marc Lore for pushing me to my very first (and maybe last 😂) Polar Plunge. Proud to help raise over 20k!! 👍🏼💪🏼 #madeittothechest #socold #polarplunge #stilldefrosting
Are we in the North Pole? Cause we’re sleighing🦵
Can’t believe this amazing day has come and gone as quick as it did. I married this beautiful woman; the love of my life and my best friend. What a wonderful group of family and friends that celebrated these special moments with us. We loved sharing these unforgettable memories with those who mean the most. Thank you to those who’ve played an integral part in our day and to all those whom have traveled far, those who’ve helped put all this together and those whom came out to see us. We will never forget these memories and will continue to reflect on just how much this meant to us. I love you, Briana, my wife! This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come! #TeamThomson
Caught up in my lately weekend mood watching the best Amazon series of all @jackryanamazon. Can’t get out of this couch, I think I am going to cook here as well 😂! For those who loves @johnkrasinski, you’re going to love him even more! Can’t wait for season 2...check out Jack Ryan on Amazon, link on my bio. #hbtsp #hbtjackryan #jackryan #ad
Why you always group chattin’ wit then 🦅 bitches?🤔
16 🧸
@ ml
Break on through to the other side! 2018 was a tough year, in all honesty, you could say it beat the absolute shit out of me. But I found the edge and came back feeling awakened. I couldn’t be more stoked to turn the page, not because I want to forget this year, but because 2019 is a complete blank canvas of opportunity and possibility. So to that I say LET’S FUCKING GOOO!!!!
📷: @mountainmanjoe
Let’s do this 2019!!
Incase you were wondering where I get it from... 😉
Isn’t she the most beautiful bride you’ve ever seen?! #obsessed I love you so much!!
First week of my freshman year at CU, I sat on a cactus. I very literally sat down on a cactus and had spines all over my tushy. Michelle, who I met that day, spent hours taking out every individual spine from my bare ass. Since then, we have become roommates, best friends, wives, and much much more. I found my soulmate at CU Boulder, her name is Michelle and today she turns 21. I love you, my sweet turmeric muffin.
—> 14 years later 
We have grown into an aspiring lawyer, plant breeder and engineer. But Summer 🐶 is the real inspiration. #siblings
my girl, george. 💕
Every year Manny goes out of his way to step on all of our presents. This year we finally have proof. 🎁
picture says it all🎅🏼🎄🥰
Made it home to this 💕
Christmas Eve Family fun #family #xmas #christmas❤️
‘Twas the night before Christmas 🎄🎅🏼☃️
don’t get your tinsel in a tangle
is this how u huji ? what’s a huji ?¿
It's good to be back
My oldest girl gang 🎄
there’s snow place like home
I’M BACK BETCHES- haven’t posted any of my food in awhile because I’ve been so busy with life at school + finals:/ buttttt, here’s one of the first meals I made while home for winter break😍 kept it super simple this AM with fresh avo on a slice of toasted rye bread topped with a scrambled egg and @traderjoes ebb seasoning.. ugh so easy yet so delicious #healthyfatsarecool
congrats to @l_annuzzi and Angelo—such a gem of a wedding
You wish we were on your holiday cards😊
laughing at the fact that i post too much🙃✨
Fun over edit .
Anheuser-Busch Christmas Party with my love !
Next Chapter: 🏡Home Sweet Home🏡

#ourfirsthome #lakers 
What am I going to do next year without youuu?¿
szn 2 complete with my tuck buddy!!
happy adoptaversary to this beautiful little muppet! ❤️
My wedding date 💙 Congrats to @frickmasterflex & @melappels!!! Dress by @shoppinkblush 🤰🏻#shoppinkblush
Thanksgiving. Break was awesome and I’m really sorry I couldn’t come to Cali but winter break is two weeks away sowegoodgoodgood. Just some pics of me being a dork and a really cool video of ice breaking on ice.
She’s taught me love, she’s taught me patience, and she handles pain, for that I’ll say thank u sis❤️
When you’ve eaten so many potatoes that you start to look like one
Happy thanksgiving 🦃 #thankful #happy
Some heinous winds out there today #thankfulforweather
Especially thankful today for my wonderful husband... and @drowe13 for harassing the poor people who owned this bridge into letting us on take pictures on it 📷
خواستم جادوت کنم نشد :)⚡
Flew back to NJ this weekend to spend time with my family and reset before I start making up for lost travel time. To my surprise, I was greeted with perfect early season Smigelski Snow Bowl conditions. A storm this early in the season would have had myself, my brother, and all my friends around town STOKED. We’d drop in from here and build kickers/features throughout the front yard. My dad built us a small hockey rink behind the deck, and the woods behind that we’d call the “backcountry.” I know I’ve changed a lot over the years, but when I really think about it, maybe not all that much. If my leg was in good enough shape.. I probably would have been doing the exact same things.
Had an amazing week💕💕 love you
Out with my sexy mini boss! @ifbbpro_miniboss I love you!Highly recommend Barka for Mediterranean /Greek food in mountain lakes!
Sylvia and the rest of the girls are ready to roll!
Incredibly happy for the beautifull couple! A long awaited celebration 🙌🏽💯. Love you @tequilacupcakes @joeparreno #parrenospromiseforever
I have a good feeling about 26 ✨
Personalized Harry Potter Mugs!
Link in bio 😊
A Study in Yellow. This is some beauty in a flooded low lying forest in New Jersey. Swipe to see pre “Impressionist” crop. #longexposure #njphotographer
Betcha wish you could wife me #housewife
halloween ain’t over yet🕷🖤 #hallowknd
It’s like I’m seeing autumn for the first time. Last year during this time I begged my mom to walk around the yard and send me pictures of the changing leaves. It was so cute. She got all artistic and sent me pics. I remember looking at them as an afternoon sun-shower passed through, welling up with emotion. All of the sudden, my soul was craving to connect with the wisdom of the seasons, which I didn’t fully experience on Maui for 3 years (NOT COMPLAINING, lol). I never understood the fall season craze before. You know, the pumpkinspice lattes and things that make it ppls fav season. Honestly, I must’ve been blind to this beauty. The world is changing technicolor right before my eyes like nothing I’ve ever seen. Except, I have seen this before. Nothing too drastic has changed about fall being fall. But I’ve changed; drastically. My capacity to perceive beauty, expanded. I’ve delved deep into the dark corners of my soul, “digging the well”, and in direct proportion I am able to house more light and beauty. Also, Maui did it. She was so beautiful that she expanded my edges for beauty and everywhere I went thereafter, even a city subway, I was in the same amount of awe as I was when I was basking in her mountains, oceans, rainbow skies.
During my last visit home, I remember petting Pepper and being able to feel her chakras for the first time. The moment I touched her, I was taken aback by the depth and beauty of her energy field; ::woah::, wondering how I never felt *this* before. Her field spoke to me in a “new language”, that must’ve existed before but I wasn’t tuned into. She told precisely me how she wished to be touched, and I put my hand on her 💓 chakra and it felt exactly like butterfly🦋kisses from heaven. Oh, my heavens. A new world. There’s nothing like coming back to a familiar place, season, etc and noticing how different it feels, how much more depth&beauty exists that must’ve been there before but wasn’t recognized, to remind us how much we’ve grown. To remind us of the depth that’s been carved within. To remind us how much closer to our own Source we’ve gravitated. The capacity to perceive beauty is just that- a gravitating closer to our Source,⬇️
📍Voodoo Dolls 📍
🌮 🔔 #HappyHalloweenie
The underdogs?? I guess🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ #42-14 #conferencechamps🏆
Kisses from the bitches 💋
wouldn’t want it any other way😊 #conferencechamps #mlfh2018
@mlhs heard you didn’t have a disco ball- i got u covered 😜
Wedding season....and I have the best date of all, my beautiful Momma ❤️
A Beauti-Fall weekend with my people 🍁🍂🎃 (sorry for the pun, but not actually though)
“Pass Me The Ball Water Splash” headass🤦‍♂️🏀💯💪🏽
The view is great but the ice cream sundae bar is better
In the Mountains #metAugust
lake day 💞🦋☀️
The four best dancers want to congratulate Jess & Zach on their marriage. Glad we got to celebrate your special day with you.
sometime in june, taken w my moms old camera
Can It be fall already?? 🍂 I want cozy sweater and warm latte weather back 😩
#almostfall #warmlattes #hapgoods #lustingbites #caramelmacchiato
Shine all summer 📸: @alisha_8p
#SwimAfterDark #theJoeXperience #bartender
Not gonna be smiling like this in 8 days #byetri
Breakfast or Lunch or is it Brunch? #hapgoods 🥓☕️
Just because 😭
Yeah, I’m not too sure who let us graduate either!!
Messin’ around (found a frog)
It’s a pizza baby! 👼🏼👶🏼🍕 #preggo #babyBarryLarry #babyshower
Congrats to the newly weds, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas D’Aloia! Thank you for having us, we all had such a great time✨🥂#FeelingDAlove2018

Thank you @pauliloveshair for the new color & trim! ♥️
She has me HOOKED on #AVEDA products now! 🍒✂️
Dream Team.
Home of the free, because of the brave 🇺🇸💙❤️ #4thofjuly #happy4th #mountainlakes #newjersey #merica
Follow @ryanfrawley for style inspo and tips on how to be a legend!! Hehe thanks for showin me around 🏔lakes #lancnext #happygab
down for you always
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for JOEY
out here respectin’ women and stuff
Can't really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you #neeshi2018
young, dumb, broke h̶i̶g̶h̶ ̶s̶c̶h̶o̶o̶l̶ ̶k̶i̶d̶s̶ #classof2018 🎓✨
(Part 3)
My third and last prom. Thank you guys for a great night❤️✨
honorary party animal  #prahm2k18
Well despite getting stabbed by pins, Prom was fun #prom2k18 #table15
just a guy and his flamingo #prom
never thought I’d actually do it, but here we are #100hits
Tag a friend who needs to see this @lamborghini with a concept key from @bat.not.bad •
#terzomillennio #lamborghini #lamborghiniterzomillennio
hometown glory📍
one year💜 #may6th
Mountain Lakes poster child.
happy bday to my sista T!!! 💕 love you endlessly💋☀️🌈🤟🏼
The water helped heal my battle wounds
La familia #familygoals
Congrats to Phil on the huge D1 Tower win. Enjoy the free bagel.
Happy New Years 2018 from the LoBos!!!! #nye2018
Perfect winter day ❄️⛸
Happy Birthday to Davis. (Only ever picture of me in a bsc lacrosse uniform). Davis is a great sentinel and an even better herdsman.#clickclackofthecleats#gateissecure
Grateful and thankful to be home safe for the holidays after a crazy month or two! Hoping everyone is having a great week with family and friends. 🍻🥂🎄❄️☃️🍕#beers
"You must really not have a life if all you do is post pictures of your shitty Honda Civic." #UGHLEEBOIZ
My uncle calls this outfit Juniper’s “whimsical pumpkin pirate” shirt 😆 Love my little pumpkin 💕 Hope you’re all having a good day with your families #juniperlyons | Psssttt... we have some big Black Friday plans for tonight/tomorrow/this weekend. Stay tuned!!
It's official! 365 days until I get to marry this man 👫 #crazyzuppelove
A beautiful baby shower set up for Maria! Cake made by @lakeviewbakery 💞💞💞
Cheesin' bc I resisted the urge to caption this pic with a Katy Perry quote #growth
As long as there is life, there is hope!!👍🏾 @ntoma_everything @ntoma_everything @ntoma_everything ..
But first, brunch
Jersey Boys 🇯🇪
Congrats to @mcurcio3188 and instaless Chris on their wedding!! #happilyeverkrasnick
Sincerely yours, the Sasquatch 4 (turn the sound on!!)