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Special shoutout to @scott_mathison_ for coming through MusclePharm HQ and providing us with a look into his workouts! Starting off with none other than chest! Be on the lookout as he takes over the weekly workouts this week! Checkout his page for a look into his type of training and videos! 
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Honestly speaking the word “health” used to mean something completely different to me 5 years ago to what it does today. 5 years ago it used to mean looking a certain way but today it means feeling a certain way. 
Health means happiness to me. It means that I’m becoming more and more confident in my ability, my own skin and my own body. It’s about going to the gym because it makes me feel good not because I have to! Because I feel powerful and stronger not because I need to have a constant six pack all year round. 
I remember thinking I needed to eat less in order to look better. Now I realise that nourishing my body is what I’ve always needed NOT DEPRIVING. Don’t get me wrong I have so many days I feel like shit but I remember that this is a lifestyle and my journey will never be linear it will be one big mess.... but I mess I love. 
So remember to embrace your journey because you’re doing great!

Here I am flexing and messing around because well why not! Let’s flex and sweat  together 
@toneandsculptapp 💙
If you’ve been around us you know how much we go back and forth 😂 he will find any reason to piss me off 😑 sad thing is i fall for it every time 📸 @christianbondad
“What do you do during the off season?” #travel
I swear i have the best job in the world! Love this time of year 😤📸 @christianbondad
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I’ve been none stop since being in LA so a quick upper body session is a must. If you’re busy or train 3-4 times a week definitely give this a go.

Oh and that’s all sweat right there I was dying 😩😩!!! METHOD:

1️⃣ Dumbbell Push Ups: 5 Sets Till Failure. If you struggle doing a push up you can do them kneeling.
2️⃣ SUPERSET: Thumbs Down Side Raises 10 Reps followed by Single Arm Rear Delt Flies 10 Reps each arm. 3 Sets
3️⃣ Bent Over Kick Backs: 8 Reps with 5 second hold. 3 Sets 
4️⃣ SUPERSET: Bicep Curls 10 Reps followed by Single Bicep Curl 10 Reps 3 Sets

Song: 50 Cent / Hustlers Ambition
It isn’t a full week of workouts without a leg workout! Tag your workout partner below and let them know it’s time to put in work! Don’t forget to tag us and @gainsbygaines if you’re working out with us today. 
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331lbs 3 sets of 5 Not your typical normal bench here. Teaching myself proper bar path and staying tight .. The bands and kettlebells you see take on a whole new meaning to bench, the stability effort it puts you in is insane and the progress from it is incredible.. it’s those smaller things that if we can focus on, it can make much of a difference. Doing this really helps me especially have a really sturdy tight bench. Again working those minor areas along with the big takes you that much further. Don’t just think bench, bench, bench, think of the a accessory work to help get that weight up and make benching easier for you. #fitness #bench #benchmore #progress
DO NOT ATTEMPT... Was doing ladder drills and decided to up the difficulty To Son Of Sparda .. who’s on that new @capcomusa #devilmaycry5 ?? That game was fire 🔥🔥 -
@twitch stream today at 6pm pst come through link in bio
such a joy shooting with @perbernalphoto! We decided to collaborate on a fun fitness shoot together because we really wanted to highlight how being strong and healthy is where it’s at. 🍑 .
HMU @mickeywaynemakeup
probably photoshopped
Camp MVP 2K19
Dab lookin so sharp @omar.bolden needed a helmet 🤷‍♀️ @musclepharm
glove work