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Nashville, Tennessee

Instagram photos and videos at Nashville, Tennessee

took our show down the old town road
⏱ We’re (almost) on the clock! Day 1 of the #NFLDraft has finally arrived. #Skol
Tune in to the NFL Draft from ‪April 25th‬ to 27th on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network and online at ‪‬
Nashville is ready for the Draft. Daniel Jeremiah, Charles Davis, Steve Mariucci and whole bunch others will join me, David Shaw, Kurt Warner and Steve Smith tonight on NFL Network for Night One on Broadway. Join us!
In honor of Nashville’s big night tonight. #tbt

Hey @titans_trac, keep your paws to yourself. 🐾 
#NFLDraft #Nashville #615
i’m a good mom, and they are good kids, but yesterday was hard. this morning was even worse. i can’t believe the things I said to my kids. they definitely were not pretty choices. i guess we all hit a breaking point, today was mine. i dropped them off with a pit in my stomach and tears in my eyes. parenting is hard and no one ever really prepares you for this ride. i’m pretty sure this won’t be the best day for any of us. i’ll attempt to give myself grace for the rest of the day, so we can start fresh tomorrow.  momming is hard 😭♥️ i can only imagine you’ve felt this way. #livingwithlandyn #therealreel #momlife
Fam!!! You absolutely CRUSHED it yesterday!! You have made my new album “Love & Whiskey” the #3 most Pre-Ordered record in Country Music and #18 in the world!!! Words can’t express how much this means to me.. y’all change my life and help me live my dream every day! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 If you think there might be a few more family members that don’t know the albums out for Pre-Order do me a favor and tag them in this to help spread the word 🙏🏼 the link is in my bio ❤️ LOVE YALL!!!
#TheSingleLife || Give me a ❤️ if you’re single and about this life!
Let’s do this 😏

new acoustic single ‘bipolar’ out tomorrow ☀️🌧
Define business casual
Awesome night celebrating the #NFLDraft coming to town with @kirkherbstreit and @recedavis at @lukes32bridge #draftville @collegegameday @nfl
📸 @probablyshannonford
phi mu is ~BACK~ and better than ever 🤠
el sol me hace feliz
It’s going down tomorrow
captures of a very special Tuesday night in Nashville...meeting kindred-spirit twitter friends (who coincidentally soundtracked years of your life) IRL & singing with them for lots of lovely people. thank you @garysnowpatrol @snowpatrol for letting me hang & sing with you ❤️❤️❤️ my heart is so full of joy watching these videos back xx
Whoever out there is fighting those demons.. please don’t give up! We love y’all and need you. Rest Easy Chula. #fuckaddiction
This picture does not accurately represent how I feel about her leaving me after next weekend
I promise this jump suit was ironed when the day started. 
What a whirlwind these past few days have been. For those of you who don’t know, I am not going to college next year and I have some amazing music opportunities (by the grace of God) that I’m pursuing. I’ve been in Nashville these past few days Co-writing with some crazy talented people. At the beginning of the week I was very VERY fearful of what was to come. Actually I’ve been fearful of pretty much everything for the last few months. The enemy has put lies in my head over and over again saying things like “you’re not good enough” “why are you trying” “what if THEY say you’re not good enough” etc...This is how I know the LORD is about to do something big. This week (at times) I let the fear get to me during the Co-writes. BUT when the fear felt overwhelming I learned to do it afraid. I’ve been having to do that a lot lately and I don’t really like it. It’s not fun getting out of my comfort zone. (Maybe that’s why I haven’t posted a long post like this is a while) I’ve learned and have been learning to stay out of my comfort zone and do what the LORD has placed on my heart in order for Him to be gloried and to spread the Gospel. I encourage you to do the same. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. The end.
URGENT: this sweet boy is King and we have 5 days to find him a home. He unfortunately lost his human a month ago and his fill in pawrents are no longer allowed to have him. He’s a 10 year old red head with a beautiful smile and the biggest, best heart. Great with kids, crate trained and good with other doggos after a quick sniff. If you’re interested in him, please DM me or contact @whittlz for more info
“Suits and ties yelling out "pay the guys.” #DraftWeek #Blessed
You & Tequlia
woo hoo trojys :)
Special thanks to @nfl and @influential_co for flying my dad and I out to Nashville for the draft! Special thanks to my dad for being a best friend, the best father, and for raising me to be the man I am today. Happy birthday dude @adamkolansky #nfl #nfldraft
poppin off w my boys