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National Institute of Technology, Raipur

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We were building memories that'd be cherished for years to come by.

College life has been stark- made stellar with amazing experiences, unforeseen situations and ultimately, people who stood by.

From the best times at Hostel E in 1st year to amazing opportunities that came with joining Nrityam; chance encounters with the most precious of beings and the best ever people of CodeUtsava's first Deco Team.

College life sure teaches one a lot- from falling out with the most valued people at the very last moment, to finding the most surreal bonds that'd be marked for life- college life definitely teaches one a lot.

So a toast to the plethora of memories- bitter and sweet. Godspeed.
The phase has passed.
But the nostalgia retains.
cOz of uu Pupil😌
i lOff a liTtle aRder😝
Cry A Little Less n😭
sMilE a lOt moRe ...😁
#friendzone ❤️
#lastworkingday 🙌
#Official _Signing _off
It's not the end , Just Beginning of  New Era .
Class of 2019: Mining Engineering

Traditions! ❤️
when you realise that your college life is getting over ☹️ rare pic of me n my sidekick @rickdale777 
#lastdays #mixedfeeling #candid #collegediaries
Last year, a senior told me that Artists are magicians. That this place is the Room of Requirement for Artists. That all the Broken things in college are thrown here. That before every fest, Artists come here to find instruments for Performing Magic. And these Broken things wait for the Artists to come here, and get selected; To become something better or complete or special. Or Unbroken? Maybe Healed?

I feel that we too, in a parallel universe, after breaking down, wait for some magicians, to come and to heal us.  Our time will also come. 
Do you feel the same? 🦋
RepublicDay 😊
The one with the ladies.
Thank you for being so patient around the ever annoying me.
Happily Graduated 😊
Nakli masoomiyat.. xD
One day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember! 😎✌️
Everything's so #Blurry, Everyone's so Fake.. 🎼🎵🎶
Hello Everyone!

I’ll be speaking at TEDxNITRaipur on 17thMarch. And again, I’m going to perform a play with @prateek_sharma_1991,a close friend and a brilliant actor & @uditrajsomani, one of the finest scriptwriter you’ll ever see.
Please come and be a part of it. Iss baar ka play aur talk kaafi achha hoga.

Aaiye fir, maze karte hain. “Zindagi Behatreen Hai, Maze karo.”
Thank you @eclectika_nitrr for a fabulous night! We had an incredible time performing for y’all.

#SalimSulaimanLive this past weekend in #Raipur - 25.2.2018
A Sea of Memories... Down The Empty Corridor 🎼🎵🎶
Finally achieved something in college.Thank You and congratulations... @shreyansh_s7
And @siddharth_chandra ....#2ND #Vigyaan
Pre-Diwali celebration #2
-Fun It Was.
Sunny_daE!! 😎
Fir pot diye gaye.. XD