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National Institute of Technology, Raipur

Instagram photos and videos at National Institute of Technology, Raipur

EDM night 💝💗💗💗❣️❣️
Eclectika 2k19
Hey! that's me😜
Pic credit : @rachna_1698 ❤
Ajeeb dastur h jindgi ka,
Ruth koi jata h or tut koi jata h
Everything has beauty #Drops
Too Scaryyy
The only thing I couldn't learn yet is posing for selfies.. 🙄🙄🙄 But am I not looking pretty in black..? Styled by @amitadixit9 😍❤
It's all about today's fun in face painting competition at clg
Moments 🙌
#beat breakers crew🤙🤙🔥🔥
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson
Candle march for.... Black day (14 Feb)...
sense of calm in the chaos that defines my day
Pétillant 💎💫
HäR #GhâR🏠 Më Èk #KâHäÑìí Hâï
ÂüR PàTá Ñï #DüÑîYâ💖 K KóÑSé😍 #GhäR🏠 Mé HmäRîï #RáÑîí Haï🌹🧡
Samajh m aya kyaa 😁
Krump section 😊😊😍😍
Shoot for TVF 
Got 1st prize at nit dance championship ... @the_eloquence07 
Mtlb sence khatam sab ka 🐺
RepublicDay 😊
I don't know what made all these assholes assemble at once...😅😅 @i_nithinreddy all India crush competition winner...❤❤😂
@bhargavpraneeth please mark his face...he's going to be the gate topper of 2020...btw he is stylish star too...😅😅
@nikhilkuchana one🍾
@saisanjeevareddy these words are from @shyamelidandi l***a p***a Sanjeev....😅😅
@ravindra_kumar_majji janasena...upsc aspirant..🎖😅
@sandeeplolla hey mingey bey...asshole...😂
@chauhansreenivas hardcore lover...😅😅
Missing our wifey...only girl in my entire hostel...@shyamelidandi shyam
Geomilap... Alumini function..
Happie birthday ra chotu ga
Brother ❤️
God bless you.
भीड़ से अलग निकलना ही जिंदगी है!
Post-workout pic.🔥🔥.
Enough stories to tell, enough memories to dwell. This place and these people ❤️ #nitraipur #nitrr #convo #convocation
After a long time... ❤
The picture now feels COMPLETE!!😍😘
@rohitagarwal05 You made it this year😁🤗 #throwbackthursday
C O N V O C A T E D !
Thanks a lot #nitrr taught me a lot😎💚
The one with the ladies.
Thank you for being so patient around the ever annoying me.
Warning- Emotional Crap Ahead:

Asgard is not a place, it's a people - Odin

Same goes for NIT Raipur, at least for me, as Convocation was never about getting a degree on a piece of paper which I won't ever use. No
It was about revisiting the most cherished memories with my family like friends who might no more be beside me today, but will forever be in my heart!

You take away all the brick & mortar, classes & exams, the no good seminars and everything in between but my friends and you get what my college life was all about!

On a separate note I'd like to thank whoever invented WikiPedia & Cut, Copy, Paste. My degree is half yours.
Convocation waale photos 😌
Happily Graduated 😊
With some conflicting emotions, Convocation Concludes. .
Not into writing long captions but the people and this place is 42 ♥️
#convocation #nitrr
At last this journey ends.
It's always about the journey not the destination.
This was hell of a ride with ups and down and I'll relive it the same way million time.

This is just the reflection if combined efforts of many people.

Thank you!
We'll meet again someday surely.

#convocated #nitrr
Convocated.miss you baba 💖
#bestchapterofmylife #collegelife
Wearing this Tshirt was easy but justifying the tag was really difficult 😅
#SAMARXtreme #emotions #finalyeardiaries #overall #teamwork
Dhokke😈😈 aise he nahi milte 🙁bhala Karna padta hai logon ka
Make Your Own Kingdom where no body rule over you.... ♥♥
From a li'l spark, may burst a flame!💣 Happiest Diwali Peeps💋
Got till here, will go on.✌
HNLU football team - A team to learn a lot from❤, runner's up ,central India's biggest sports fest.
This place ..this city ..taugh me so many thing.......i have seen so much up much.....few month are left...😐enjoy n feel every moment of it
अगर हारने से दर लगता है तो, जितने की इच्छा कभी मत रखना !!
#dandiyanight #fullmje
Unveiling the small light called HoPe in the darkness...#traditionalday2k18
As an entertainer, my job is to help people have fun.😍😍😍 #nitraipur
#old memories
Imp. Ingredient in the recipe of LIFE...
Best Days Spent... Shruti'18❤
Feel the music🎵🎶
- K H U L A - A A S M A -
Being in an engineering college, I learned more about music than I did about engineering. It's not just another club though. It's a family full of passionate people. All you do here is laugh and learn. 
You simply don't expect to find such proficient musicians to be in the same place as you are. 
Well, what are the odds? 
Awwww ❤️❤️❤️ #placed #anuaishu😁
Kyuki hm college padhne thodi jaate hai ,🙌
When you are presenting something but click is necessary 😂😂😂#presentation#welcomeparty#randomshots📷#necessaryclick📷 #2k18
Welcome party #2k18
Ensemble on welcome party😍😄
Common crow butterfly

Clicked in campus of NIT RAIPUR
During photography workshop by @clickclubnitrr

#wildlifephotography #butterfly
A day which was full of joy......and really it was zabardast!!!!!😎😎
Thanku so much team Rajbhasha!!!😍😍
Are we still rolling ?
Say Yes, because the testing scenes are going all fine 🔥
Placement process be like...
Not so sorry for the field we ruined. 😛
This is insane !!omg✌️✌️
Jai hind ❤ 🇮🇳
I don't have an apartment of my own, but share a lifetime space in country's finest intellectual hubs.
#nitraipur #nitraipur😋
To the sundayest Wednesday ever.
Also, I turn photographer for really few.
Okay, @vaishnavi__nayak?
PC @man_of_vows Thenks.
Happy Birthday Shivvvviiiiiii ❤❤❤
We made it😎
#Partition wall
मैंने माली की तरह सींचा था उस को जैसे

फूल तोड़ने वाले अब उस बाग को संवारेगे कैसे...... #alfaaz #alfaaz_maire #qutoesoftheday #poetry #instagramquotes

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One day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember! 😎✌️
Freaks and Geeks of EED.⚡⚡⚡
Team Technocracy💙 
People I will miss forever.. working with u all is the best thing happened with me ever.. we all made AAVARTAN'17 a success.. Love u all😍♥️💙!!
📷 Some day.
She 😍
"Smile, because it confuses people. Smile, because it's easier than explaining what is killing you inside." Joker Act
End of Day 3 in Eclectika.
Official End of Eclectika 2018.
Without these 5...nothing in this would have been possible...after the unfortunate turn of events😐
#CelebNite #Eclectika18 #mypeople😍😘 #Grataitude😊😚
P.S: @panchajanya_pjrockzzz You missed the first second pic is solely dedicated to you😂😀
Thank you @eclectika_nitrr for a fabulous night! We had an incredible time performing for y’all.

#SalimSulaimanLive this past weekend in #Raipur - 25.2.2018
#eclectika18#nitraipur  EDM NIGHT 😍😎
👉🏻" My Every Status Is A Silent Message To Someone"...😊😊😊
#ME 🔥 🔥 🔥
" I , Tushar Mehrotra , an Insomniac , 
who remains awake all night Fantasizing and Pondering over the Goals and Dreams that actually don't let me sleep . 
Mostly I go to sleep in the morning by 5-6 am when most of the gentry is getting up . I strongly believe that this is the only time when my Efficiency is at its Peak and I get to work upon my Goals without any hindrance/interference .

And today I want to clear one thing , 
that Insomnia isn't a Disorder , it's just a different way of Living . 
That's it !

Being an Insomniac since long , 
I've effectively managed to score 
95.8 % in 10th (ICSE / Science) ,
94.8 % in 12th (CBSE / PCMB) , 
qualified IIT , and now I'm pursuing 
B.Tech (3rd Yr) from NIT Raipur . 
So it really does work being an Insomniac
and if you're one , don't be ashamed of it ! 
Unless you're being productive , 
nothing else really matters !
Be fond of it , Be Proud of it ! "

Spread the Message ,
Share the Screenshots and mention us !
Also tag your insomniac friends
share your views in Comments ! - Tushar
Finally....The Day is here!! Codeutsava 2.0 begins Today😍😘
Proud to be the part of this work 😍😍 #archifest18 #baithak
They see me Rollin they Hatin 🌈🔥#sehatmandi #bollyaerobics #Funtime #Madness #funtime
Video credits - @rupayanganguly Ty mate for recording my madness 😂
Mom, because of you, I am what I am today.
Officially Graduated
All about convocation. My Pillars of Strength. 
@tarun.kaushik @sumit3662 you were missed.
Time passes by and everyday we inscribe the moments in our books of life, but some chapters; some pages are just special.

With the Official After movie lets revisit those wonderful days, all the memories we created, our cruise to ecstasy, ECLECTIKA'17.

As awesome as it is, hope our journey continues and we promise a bigger and better upcoming edition of Eclectika.

Credits: InsideMe click'ography


Work with your whole heart, and you will succeed
#aquarobo #avishkar2k17 
PC:- @kash12442 📷
How truth can be veiled beautifully..💫
I don't know who's behind the camera but THANKYOU for this click !!❤
Glimpse of the musical evening..
Cheers to the amazing experience❤ #NITraipur #workshop #bottlepainting #shoedesigning👠 ..
Scrap ...😎😎
©RKS Photography
Bast buddy...
Redesigned gate.
Lst_NE_grup_clik!! AwesOm_thEy, bEst_amonG_alL..
#Seniurs #Final_prEsentatiOn!! #groupwork #architecture
....कॉलेज में टिक-टिकी लगाए बैठे ये गार्ड किसी फ़ौजी से कम नहीं। #throwback #convocation #guard #safety #_soi
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Thanks Rinku :*
Boys have SWAG ... Gentleman have CLASS... 😎