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I’m exactly too old and too young to be in #Follies right now... but dammit every time I see it I understand a lyric or line in a deeper way than the last. And it wrecks me. What an extraordinary production. @nationaltheatre #ImStillHere #TheRoadYouDidntTake #Sondheim
Truly one for the archive. 🤗 #follies
No filter needed - sunny days on the South Bank #nationaltheatre #southbank #waterloo #queenswalk #bfi
London at night, Piccadilly Circus and Follies at the National Theater. Also managed to find Phantom. Of course I did.
Ahir vaig fer marató sondheim amb un doblete a london dels dos dels musicals que més m’entusiasmen i que em sé de memòria. Tot per carregar les piles pels assaigs de #jacuzzi, el musical de cambra que d’aquí a un mes estrenem amb la @clarapeya a la @salaflyhard El #dobletedeórdago ha anat així: Mattinee amb la producció de #follies al @nationaltheatre ... com sempre, amb aquest musical el petitburgès que hi ha en mi va estar plorant durant tota la primera hora i no va plorar en la segona perquè ja jo havia donat tot a la primera... després a la nit #company amb una #pattilupone amb el sarcasme afilat i l’aplom de qui se sap una star... i amb una interessantíssima versió en clau de gènere en què bobby es torna bobbie (wow, #rosaliecraig !) i una de les parelles de happilly married és gay... no vaig donar abast de tants #realclassicstogether i en tant poc temps: #losingmymind #imstillhere #couldileaveyou #beatifulgirls #themirrorsong #whosthatwoman #broadwaybaby #youregonnalovetomorrow #beingalive #theladieswholunch #anotherhundredpeople #barcelona maremeuta, quin dia! Quanta intensitat! Avui, expo de #martinparr a la @nationalportraitgallery i una micona de #matilda (també ploraré) ... i sí, sí, sí... crec que tornaré amb les piles carregades... aquesta nit no he pogut acluclar ull de tanta excitació
I can't just see one thing in a day can I? Hahaha! This evening I saw FOLLIES at the National Theatre and wow, what a show. The cast were so wildly talented, they were jaw dropping to watch but what blew me away were the costumes and the set. There are literally no words to describe how dreamy the production was. 
The show told the story of a reunion of people who worked at Weisman's Follies, a club in New York. I didn't know the songs or the story prior to being on the audience but I quickly learnt how the story of the past and the present was being told. It truly was a triumph, the standing ovation was massively deserved! Go and see it if you can!!!
There’s nothing like a bit of Sondheim to make life better🥰
Another week comes to a close. I love my job 🥰 happy rest day Follies Cast. @nationaltheatre #healthybodyandmind #follies #musicaltheatre #grateful #aussieinlondon #mirrormirror #whosthatwoman
Broken tooth comb @gothmos thanks, Jang.
Beneath the glamorous veneer, regret, desire, and resentment lurk. Sondheim is the Shakespeare of the musical theatre world. #follies #nationaltheatre
Hello, old friends #Follies
The National is my happy place 👌
My big ‘ed on a big stage 🎭 brill day yesterday and learned so so much, now I’m tired and hanging and lying on the floor help x
“Follies” at The National on Stephen Sondheim’s Birthday... How Stagey can you get 🤷🏽‍♀️
LIT🔥 Day with the guys❤ schedule for the next nandos trip😊
Loved recording some songs for Jennifer Whyte (Associate MD on  Follies) today for her musical Underworld.  Keep an eye and ear out folks it’s a sexy and jazzy piece of work!
Got to perform on the Olivia today lolz
This journey is both beautiful and eye opening. Over the last year I've been blessed to build a digital marketing and creative production agency as well as a label promoting undiscovered talent. It's beautiful to work with so many creatives and visionaries on a daily basis but it's eye opening to see the barriers a lot of people chasing dreams face.

Whether it's mental health, financial troubles, family troubles, self doubt, the list goes on and on, if there's one thing I've learnt it's to hate the sin, not the sinner because we are all going through so much, we let so little out and often we fall onto destructive support mechanisms. 
I'm excited to be releasing new projects with the whole team featured along with some new faces we've picked up later this year. New visuals from @diamandamusic and @yungferino looking too good. For now, stay hungry and stay blessed. ❤️
A dream come true ❤️
I told them to do their best theatrical pose. She chose Hamlet. I think he’s doing The MFer With the Hat.
In honor of Sondheim’s birthday, I’m seeing Follies. And tomorrow @pcooke114 arrives and we’ll see Company #sondheim #nationaltheatre #london
Mirror Mirror..... watch the full making of video here:
The Sea of Ice (Casper David Friedrich, 1923/4).
The National Theatre.
Friday night #brutalism #totastemaker
Mirror, mirror... How do you create a showstopping routine like the mirror number from #Follies? We spoke to Olivier Award-winning choreographer Bill Deamer and actor Stella Deems to find out. Full film at link in bio.
#actor #actorslife #musicals #nationaltheatre #britishtheatre #musicaltheatre #musical #musicaltheatrelife #tap #tapdance #tapdancers #choreography #choreographer #billdeamer #dawnhope #sondheim #stephensondheim
Bumping into pals at Follies. Evening made 🤓❤️👏🏼
The BAIA 1st year students visited the National Theatre yesterday where we observed its history, structural composition and material detailing. Built in 1976 with predominantly concrete and rare African wenge dark wood. .
.#royal #national #theatre #bold #architecture
Showgirls ✨ go and see this beautiful show
| the national theatre | this is only the second photo I’ve ever posted in black and white | one of my biggest photographic regrets is not taking photos of the Tricon in Portsmouth. Back then I was more interested in talking about taking photos than I was taking them | last Sunday as I wondered around the Thames trying to capture the landmarks of London I realised that it was a harder job than I first anticipated. Photographing the sea is a lot easier as I’ve had more practise, however London is a bigger, different ball game all together |
Happy Opening Downstate @nationaltheatre .

Thanks to #PamMackinnon and #BruceNorris and to all my collaborators.
Je suis ton père 🖤 #fuckyeahbrutalism
Sitting right now in the lobby of the National Theatre in London. 14 years ago, while studying abroad, I saw every play here. And now my work is on their stage! #nationaltheatre #dreamscometrue
Stella Adler Studio is back in London and ready to kick off three days of auditions! Mike and @ryanchittaphong can’t wait to meet all you wonderful actors! #stellaadler #londonauditions
Big star 🌟
brutalism love affair
For every time I have doubted the career path I have chosen, for every time I thought my passion for my art died, a moment in this place has reignited it for me... and it’s only day 2. Thank you London ❤️🇬🇧#london
From the capital of brutalism with love, March 2019. [Royal National Theatre / Denys Lasdun / London]
#brutalist #nationaltheatre #denyslasdun
G56 Took The Olivier Stage Today.
Shakespeare speeches @ the national ✅
This is so  awsome and also so wird for me! 😁#cmn #nevus
brutalism in the city
Nothing like watching a musical about aging divas to mark the passing of another year 🤣🤩. Bravo @nationaltheatre for a kick-ass production and thanks to @mrfgoetzen for the 📸 #imstillhere #follies
Yesterday matinee we played with this Broadway Baby @kchenoweth #follies #broadway #wicked #nationaltheatre #stephensondheim
reunion with the girls @bvonenoch @studiofashionhorses
Best version of #Follies I’ve ever seen. New York should snatch it up. @nationaltheatre #NationalTheatre
FOLLIES!  #follies #nationaltheatre
Let’s Go, London!!
Trunk show 🧳
The @nationaltheatre's revival of classic musical 'Follies' gets a full 5⭐s in our glowing review: "Great shows are rare; flawless ones happen only under a blue moon... 'Follies' is both". Read the full report online now. [📷: Johan Persson]
Such a wonderful opportunity to perform at the National Theatre for the Up Next Gala. Couldn’t have wished for anyone better to share the stage with, thank you @geelizzi ♥️
So good to share the stage again with these beauties 💗 
Huge thanks to @geelizzi 🙌🏽✨
Queen Cate ✨❤️#cateblanchett wears the #gold and #diamond Temple #earrings to the @nationaltheatre gala Supernature #collection
Haven’t done a London appreciation post in a while 😍💖🔥
Follies at The National. .
@nationaltheatre #follies
AD | hoping the sun sticks around but my squint lines don't @diesel #dieseldenim
دیشب فیلم #طعم_گیلاس رو برای بار دوم دیدم. بار اول همون سالی بود که ساخته شد. ۹ سالم بود و هیچی ازش یادم نبود.
اول از همه میخوام از هرکی این فیلمو ندیده یا مثل من فیلم و پیامش رو فراموش کرده، #خواهش کنم! تکرار میکنم! خواهششش کنم که وقتی پیدا کنه و تماشاش کنه، چرا که روح منو تازه کرد. میخوام این اتفاق برای شما هم بیفته.❤️
بعدش هم اینکه اونایی که دیدید و فیلم رو یادتونه، برام بنویسید برداشتتون چی بوده‌ ازش (طبق معمول اگر حوصله دارید البته😘). .

پ.ن: اگر نقدی دارید هم بنویسید.
‌کاملا محترمه نظرتون. اما من از الان بگم که نخونده و نشنیده مخالفم🙈🤪 (مرغم هم یه پا داره!)
بوس 💋

#کیارستمی #طعم_گیلاس
Thank you to @richardjwoodford for taking me to see the most fabulous production! ❤️ if you haven’t seen it, please go! A masterclass in musical theatre
• 288. rolling stone. •
Home is never far away. ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Tartuffe hands @nationaltheatre
My heritage foundation and culture in one play 🇯🇲 thank you @ninenightplay nothing but ❤️ #NineNight #NatashaGordon
Roland Mouret FW19  Thank you for having me! 🖤
Suited and booted. 📷 🌹 @connielolastyling
More beautiful work on Tartuffe from the National Theatre workshops.. #throughthereddoor #scenicdesign #stagescenery #richwallcolour
brutally dreamy @roland_mouret @nationaltheatre
This building never gets old.
Thank you for having us to your beautiful show today Roland! ❤️ @roland_mouret #LFW
Wearing all @roland_mouret today for their show 🍒💋❤️ make-up @mollyjanemakeup_ 🥰
Lasdun’s NT 💞
beaituful day beautiful location beautiful show @roland_mouret #lfw 
guys check our stories for a chance to win a VIP shopping experience at Roland Mouret’s store in Mayfair - ends tonight. love you and good luck💕
Worrying is like walking with an umbrella waiting for it to rain ☔ so stop with it! @selinabagnulo 📸: @charlesowu @cc.prints
So fun! Thanks for having me @roland_mouret and congratulations on an amazing show.
Today like this right before the @roland_mouret show 🎟 #LFW #BOYSWITHBAGS #IMEANBUSINESS
Nice light yesterday
On this day of love, I want to celebrate this incredible group of humans who stole my heart for 4 months. This show ignited my soul with it’s music and story and sharing it with all of these people is what made it so special. So here’s to them!! ❤️
#love #friendship #hadestown
Solo date to the theatre for a bit of #Steve. #follies
The more you weight the harder you are to kidnap.
Stay save, eat pizza. 📸: @cc.prints @charlesowu
Sunglasses: allowing to stare at people without getting caught. It's like Instagram in real life. 📸: @cc.prints @charlesowu
Beautiful Brenda. My model agent is a model herself, goals much??? POTD 038.
Meeting Cate Blanchett ✔️. #cateblanchett #london
Downstate Illinois... .
Four men convicted of sex crimes against minors share a group home where they live out their lives in the shadow of the offences they committed. A man shows up to confront his childhood abuser — but does he want closure or retribution?
This provocative new play zeroes in on the limits of our compassion and what happens when society deems anyone beyond forgiveness.
#Downstate #Steppenwolf #SteppenwolfTheatre #Theatre #AmericanTheatre
Moonwalking into next week! We start performances for William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale at the Dorfman Theatre. Lots of fun to be had! 📸: Ellie Kurttz
30.01.2019 • Visit to @nationaltheatre • The National Theatre is one of four patronages that Meghan initially announced earlier this month – and this one was handed down to her by Queen Elizabeth • As part of the Duchess of Sussex’s visit to London’s National Theatre on Wednesday, she caught a five-minute performance inspired by the play War Horse presented by young thespians from the Edith Neville Primary School who are working with the theater’s elementary school program. The performance was created to mark the centenary of Armistice Day. • The children sat on the floor gathered around Meghan. Kensington Palace shared a sweet photo of one school boy with an ear-to-ear smile and his chin propped up by his hands gazing up at the royal, clearly starstruck – and perhaps a bit smitten! Meghan, with a hand placed on her growing baby bump, returns the grin. • The mom-to-be confessed to the children that she had seen them perform before – when she snuck into their show in December. “You guys did an amazing job when I saw you perform right before Christmas,” she told them. “I snuck in and watched. It was great, I didn’t want to leave.” She continued, “So this will be like a take two. But you’re much quieter than when I was last here!”• The children knew they’d be performing for a “VIP,” but they were shocked to find out it was Meghan. “I thought maybe it was the Duke of Edinburgh or George Ezra. But then when they said it was a female VIP I thought, ‘Yes! Rita Ora!’ ” said Kroni Pacolli, 10. “I never thought I’d perform in front of the royal family and meet a royal! I’ve only ever seen her on TV. I’m speechless.” Pacolli added, “She came and shook my hand and I’m never going to wash this hand again!” His classmate Tahmina Begum, 10, told reporters, “We didn’t know Meghan was coming, I thought it was maybe another actress – Emma Watson.” She added, “Meghan knows how it feels for us as she used to be an actress, so I hope she was impressed by what she saw.” • #meghanmarkle #meganmarkle #duchessmeghan #duchessofsussex #nationaltheatre
Fact: #MeghanMarkle's maternity style is unmatched. ✨Tap the #linkinbio to see more of the #DuchessofSussex’s best looks. (📷 @gettyentertainment)
The Duchess of Sussex visits the National Theatre for the first time as its Patron, 30th January 2019. 
The Duchess has an affinity with the National Theatre after spending a decade as an actress before becoming a member of the Royal Family, notably in the American TV drama, Suits, portraying paralegal-turned-lawyer Rachel Zane. 
The former actress joined community actors and watched as people from neighbourhoods across London took part in a workshop in a rehearsal space. 
Nude A-line dress and matching blazer by Brandon Maxwell
Clutch bag by Caroline Herrera 
Lace up shoes by @aquazzura, the same shoes she wore to her engagement photocall. 
#meghanduchessofsussex #nationaltheatre #royalpatron
مگان مارکل، عروس دربار سلطنتی بریتانیا روز چهارشنبه (سی ژانویه) از تئآتر ملی انگلستان در لندن دیدن کرد؛ مگان که قرارست فرزندش را در دومین هفته فصل بهار بدنیا آورد، به عنوان رئیس تشریفاتی تئآتر ملی، جانشین ملکه بریتانیا شده که سال‌ها این سِمت را برعهده داشت...
دربار سلطنتی بریتانیا اعلام کرد که فرزند مگان مارکل، دوشس ساسکس و همسر پرنس هری، هفته دوم بهار بدنیا می‌آید اما از اینکه بچه‌ی مگان پسر است یا دختر هنوز خبری منتشر نشده و گویا این خواسته‌ی مگان مارکل، بازیگر سابق سریال‌های تلویزیونی هالیوود و عروس دربار انگلستان است که جنسیت فرزندش در زمان تولد سورپرایز باشد!
At the @NationalTheatre The Duchess of Sussex meets Blessing, aged 13, who performed in the NT’s first Public Arts production of Pericles in 2018. Blessing is passionate about inspiring others through storytelling — her first NT Public Acts experience allowed her to ‘discover more about what she could do and gain more confidence’. The National Theatre’s Public Arts initiative sees them work with arts and community organisations across the UK to create ambitious new works of participatory theatre.

At the NT The Duchess also met current and former apprentices from its apprenticeship and trainee programme, and saw a fantastic performance inspired by War Horse by schoolchildren from Edith Neville Primary School in Camden, which was created to mark the centenary of Armistice Day. As part of their work with Primary Schools, the @NationalTheatre invited primary schools to see their productions of War Horse, and in partnership with @imperialwarmuseums take part in a creative programme to enrich children’s understanding of the First World War.
Как мне нравятся женщины готовящиеся стать матерью💕 последую примеру Королевы Елизаветы II и отныне буду именно так называть  беременных женщин)) звучит и правда более благородно👌😄 #meghanmarkle #duchessofsussex #cam_mood
The Duchess of Sussex paid a visit to the National Theatre this afternoon, her first official visit as patron of the institution. She met with Rufus Norris, the director of the National Theatre.
📸Yui Mok/PA
#meghanmarkle #duchessofsussex #nationaltheatre #royal
The Duchess of Sussex, new patron the the @nationaltheatre today on the Southbank #nationaltheatre #meghanmarkle #duchessofsussex
The Duchess of Sussex has returned to her acting roots, visiting the National Theatre in her first official visit to the institution since becoming its patron, having taken over from the Queen. Click the link in bio for the full story.
Meghan Markle just wore colour blocking blush to attend the @nationaltheatre and now we want to wear colour blocking blush
‘and they’re gonna sing it again’ 
on broadway starting march 22nd 👹🏭
@hadestown #castingby @stewartwhitley
Younger blonde twin finished! Both wigs completed in under 9 days, a new record I think!!
it’s an old tale from way back when 
it’s an old song
but we’re gonna sing it again 👹🏭
@hadestown closes tonight @nationaltheatre in london, & opens on broadway on april 17
#castingby @stewartwhitley
I’m really not ready to say goodbye to these people and this gem of a show. Hadestown has been an incredible experience from beginning to end - honestly never felt like this at the end of a contract. “We’re gonna sing it again” - one last time tonight before it heads to #Broadway 🌹 #Hadestown #NationalTheatre #MusicalTheatre
[국립 극장]
우리나란 언제쯤?
이런 작업 환경을?
#london #uk
Glad I got to see @hadestown tonight before it’s off to Broadway! Beautiful show.
What an honour it is to be printed in this incredible play 🎭 #MartinCrimp #WhenWeHaveSufficientlyTorturedEachother #PressNight
Last one 🎭
Steady Eddie @tanfrance giving the queer eye to @adambaidawi and @britishgq, rebranding masculinity (Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat) @queereye #tanfrance #queereye
“Don’t sell your future to buy your present” #motivationalmodays #protectyourenergy2019
• Sharp •
Parachuting into the Props Department ...#sculpting #propsculpting #scenicart #setbuilding
Link up yesterday 🔥 @_aiofficial @cj.clinton / freestyles 🤘🏽 #dance#dancewear#dancechallenge
Follies returns!

It's four weeks until first preview and we are unspeakably excited. Are you coming?
#follies #sondheim #stephensondheim #nationaltheatre #theatre
Beautiful work in progress by the brilliant National Theatre Workshops.. #scenicdesign #setbuilding #sculpting #scenicart
Trying to deal with the fact that the cover run for Pinocchio was a whole year ago!
Uh-oh. It’s getting real....
Ready to learn from the legends Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo!
When ur trying to read a book but the back of ur mind is yelling about hadestown // thanks for the pic @dimitridare !!
just some light reading about the simulation
London tonight, Broadway soon! @hadestown @reevecarney @livevamaria @pagepatrick @anaismitchell
Cant express the fire in my artistic soul this hallowed ground has ignited. The greats that have passed through here ❤🔥. I will perform here one day... #Theatre #Stage #WestEnd #Broadway  #MondayMotivation
Welcome to my new obsession. #hadestown #nationaltheatre #london #broadwaygetready @andre_deshields is blowing my mind!
Peace and quiet on the South Bank. ‘Not a creature was stirring...’ #nofilter
Brutal Royalty @nationaltheatre #thisbrutalhouse
Skaters gonna skate ✨💗 our first video with @annasndl what do you guys think? || edit @igorfain
Drunk on the night bus crossing the Thames since 1999. Mash in hair @lagrottaices 💋
1st day of rehearsals for Tartuffe. Took my usual long walk this morning and then had to hustle to get to the National for a 10:00 am call. Nervous. What if they made a mistake in casting me? Blinding sun on the bridge actually calmed me down. Felt nerdy taking a pic of the building but then thought, “No—do it”
Misaligned mind
Just three men trying to make it in the big smoke @bulgariofficial
Love this family soooo much! #years #friendship #goodeggs #theaterlovers @hadestown
།༎ ᔗ  Back In Town  ᔚ །༎ .
#paseitorico #miraquebien #peachestate

Previews from 12 February, booking until 6 April 2019
After a sold-out run, Follies returns to the NT in 2019. Stephen Sondheim’s legendary musical includes such classic songs as ‘Broadway Baby’, ‘I’m Still Here’ and ‘Losing My Mind’. Featuring a cast of 40 and an orchestra of 21, Follies is directed by Dominic Cooke. Tracie Bennett, Janie Dee and Peter Forbes return to reprise their roles, with Alexander Hanson and Joanna Riding joining the cast as Ben and Sally.
The Follies 2019 cast includes Julie Armstrong (Christine Donovan), Lindsay Atherton (Young Carlotta), Josephine Barstow (Heidi Schiller from mid-April until the end of the run), Rosanna Bates (Young Emily), Jeremy Batt (Young Theodore), Tracie Bennett (Carlotta Campion), Billy Boyle (Theodore Whitman), Kaye Brown (Ensemble), Janie Dee (Phyllis Rogers Stone), Anouska Eaton (Young Deedee), Liz Ewing (Ensemble), Vanessa Fisher (Young Stella), Caroline Fitzgerald (Sandra Crane),Geraldine Fitzgerald (Solange LaFitte), Peter Forbes (Buddy Plummer), Bruce Graham (Roscoe), Adrian Grove (Sam Deems), Alexander Hanson (Ben Stone), Alyn Hawke (Ensemble), Harry Hepple (Young Buddy), Aimee Hodnett (Young Sandra), Dawn Hope (Stella Deems), Liz Izen (Deedee West), Jasmine Kerr (Ensemble), Alison Langer (Young Heidi), Felicity Lott (Heidi Schiller from 22 February until mid-April), Sarah-Marie Maxwell (Young Solange), Ian McIntosh (Young Ben), Ian McLarnon(Ensemble), Claire Moore (Hattie Walker), Tom Partridge (Ensemble), Gary Raymond (Dimitri Weismann), Michael Remick (Ensemble), Rohan Richards (Kevin), Joanna Riding (Sally Durant Plummer), Lisa Ritchie (Young Hattie), Myra Sands (Emily Whitman), Gemma Sutton (Young Sally), Monica Swayne (Young Christine), Christine Tucker (Young Phyllis) and Liam Wrate (Chorus/Swing).
Follies is designed by Vicki Mortimer, with choreography by Bill Deamer, musical supervision by Nicholas Skilbeck, orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick, additional orchestrations by Josh Clayton, musical director Nigel Lilley, lighting design by Paule Constable and sound designer by Paul Groothuis.

#londontheatre #londontheatrereviews #follies
When it’s not raining winter in London can be pretty nice. It’s raining now but I took these 2 weeks ago. ☂️🌤
Twinning @emily.j.odonnell by @ayrom.ebadi
Steps. The steps at the National Theatre to be precise. Love this building and the infinite photo possibilities here. Wanted to get a photo of these for ages, but was never right. I really like this image though. Mission accomplished...
All I’ve ever known is how to hold my own. But now I want to hold you, too. 🔥❤️
#london #theatre #westend
before the wine vs after 💫
Orpheus and Eurydice wore matching outfits and they’re having an awful awful time @hadestown. 🖤 @liachangphotography
Some #Afterparty #OrpheusAndEurydice action on the #OpeningNight of @hadestown here @nationaltheatre in #London!! 😍💯🙌🏻 📸 by @liachangphotography 😎
🇬🇧opening night of @hadestown @rachel.chavkin & @anaismitchell’s poetic labor of love @nationaltheatre. Audiences’ visceral response to this important work (from NY @nytw79 to Edmonton @citadeltheatreyeg to London) underscores the kinetic power of the theatre to move us. Thank you Dale Franzen and Mara Isaacs and the entire cast and creative team.
Familia ties🧜🏾‍♂️
Contemplating some new work in #London.
Thanks for being my London dose of SE Asia ❤️ #burberry
I don’t often post a this, but this shot is from the Directors Box (in Britain, the director gets a box!). Tonight is 1st preview for @hadestown @nationaltheatre which I’ve had the honor to work with @anaismitchell on since 2013. I can’t believe we’re here, I’m aflame and a ghost and so so in love with this show and company, and the promise that spring might come again. Love & gratitude to the company offstage and on, and to every person who helped build this show, past and present.
Regramming @miss_gloria_onitiri here— our lady of the underground sleeping off tech— first preview of @hadestown at @nationaltheatre is tonight! Love and juju to our glorious company
If you learn to land and be soft then concrete ain't all that hard
Photography: @deji.visuals
Our first preview is in less than 2 weeks!! 😍 Can’t wait!... 😊🌬🎩❤️ If you don’t yet have your tickets, go get em! 🌹@nationaltheatre @hadestown #Hadestown
Apparently it’s #IceCreamThursday here @hadestown @nationaltheatre
I missed most of the brightest and warmest london October day for the past ten years because I was working in a theatre (fortunately Nina Raine’s new play “Stories” that has its first preview tonight at the National is superb so that softened the blow a little), but I was glad when I finally emerged, for the brief window before the five hour edit began, that there was one last glorious sun blazon drenching the Southbank before the hazy sunset. Waterloo bridge was also spectacular but I was driving and that wouldn’t have been particularly safe for photos.. #leicam10 #35mmsummicron
And sometimes you rehearse and learn new verses in a dressing room... 😊 #Repost @rachel.chavkin 😊😎@hadestown @nationaltheatre @anaismitchell
And sometimes you rehearse and learn new verses in the dressing room... @anaismitchell @reevecarney @hadestown
Dreamy @roland_mouret  show this afternoon 💙💙💙💙💙💙 @thevalgarland @sammcknight1