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#pursuit .
here’s some tb pictures from NY.
One out of many more trips with this guy❤️
little me in the big apple 🍎, welcome to new york city 🌃.
One of the best parts of an APW course is the friends you make ❤️ Tag a friend you met during your APW class!
Best. Vacation. Ever. I cant wait to visit NYC again and we haven’t even left yet. #911memorial #timessquare #centralpark #brooklynbridge #statueofliberty
シンプル // #instagood #explorepage
🇺🇸アメリカ横断旅行🇺🇸 #day1→10
Positive thoughts can come naturally to some, but it can also be learned and cultivated, change your thoughts and you will change your world.
Reuni kayaknya
My view 🌇
A REMINDER that you can get baguettes in NYC.. and you needn’t be in Paris 😩
Living my dream ❤️
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I ♥️ NY
Taking over one city at a time 😘 I love you @NewYork & all the amazing people, photographers, models and crowd. So empowering and artistic💚 #CoutureFashionWeek #NYFW19 #NYC #TaxiPhotography
Last pics 😛
I sat down with @davidmeltzer this week in NYC.
We're both working together to make this world a better place!
It was also a pleasure getting to know superstars @erikcoleman, @buurdley & @justinpugh
Follow @aarongentrymedia for more.
finally home in Denver after almost two months on the road ⚡️
So thankful for the opportunities to travel with the love of my life and visit amazing friends in amazing places 💕
Best quote I’ve heard this trip “I’m so hungover it’s disgusting” -random guy running
Living my best life in New York but #myfeethurt  #walkingeverywhere #NYC #NewYork
[ 29th december ]
With Fashion Week Officially Over let’s recap to some of my favorite shows / moments . Starting off with Jeremy Scott 🖤
😋 Henny wings
Jika kau gagal jadi laki laki tampan setidaknya jadilah cowok mapan 🤨
ahora hay que vivir hasta quemarse👯‍♀️
#Repost @thediamondsgirl (@get_repost)
I’VE OPENED MANY BOXES, BUT NOT MANY HAVE A 50 CARAT DIAMOND INSIDE!!! 😱👌🏻 Seen at @yafasignedjewels , this #DavidWebb 50 carat emerald cut diamond ring is life!!! See it today, Monday and Tuesday at the Palm Beach Antique and Jewelry Show, or contact @yafasignedjewels for details! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #thediamondsgirl #thediamondsgirlxyafa #yafasignedjewels #emeraldcut #wow #diamond #diamondring #mysize #sundayfunday #whatsinthebox #mystyle #luxury #ring #rings #ringsofinstagram #instasize
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▪️ту, что не по зубам, едят глазами▪️

#Newyork #manhattan #skyscrapers
Congratulations !! Beautiful pic !! You have created a masterpiece !
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madness and only madness😎
Aí pai para 🦁
God I love New York!
Skyroom Penthouse. Beautiful New York, cannot stop coming back here🖤#lovelife
I love New York 🗽, even though it isn’t mine the way something has to be, a tree or a house. Something. Anyways, either way , it BELONGS to me because I BELONG TO IT 
Ph: @haleleephoto
징글징글해👻 #newyork
I’m on top of the f*cking world people!
Today was cool uwu 🤧❤
New York, Manhattan🇺🇸🗽 次はMLBシーズンの暖かい時にでも🥶
❤️🇺🇸 Пока не успела понять, что в НЙ... но я уже здесь 2ой день 😂🚀
missing my fav concrete jungle
I could easily get used to this😬
i am so obsessed with the sky
New York you make me crazy 🌇 #newyork #love #happy #travel #potd
“Salvaje como amazona’, no existe quien me doma”

M.U.A.  @nel.moncada para Mac
Dirección @nel.moncada 
Peinado @nel.moncada 
Nail Artist @naslymoncada 
Fotografía @monolitio 
Edición @cata_tv
I ❤️ NY
Dt 😚😚❤️
“ I’m only traveling through this world” 💯Good Night 🙌💨 #vapefriends#gavaperwave 🤗🤗 .

Únete al movimiento; Haz tu pedido 🛒💥🙌DM📲
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city livin 💫
#Repost @vechler
Tough choice this morning!!! 🤔🤔🤔 Do You Prefer A Step Cut or An Old Mine Cut?! 💎 I Seriously Cannot Decide This Time! ✨ #FinestDiamondsOutThere by @gemma_finejewelry & @vechler
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#Repost @nicole_mera__
Brilliantly In Love 💋 || Start your Forever with a custom Nicole Mera Engagement Ring; a ring that is completely unique just for your love || This colorless beauty was one of the special pieces I had the pleasure of bringing to life in 2018 #NicoleMera #FineJewelry #Swoon #CustomEngagementRing •
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Just a regular day with my baby love 💕
Did someone just say endless mimosas? We're ready.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
📸: @eldaw⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🕶: #BC571
Bluefin Tartare/ fennel/ uni gochujang/ avocado butter/ kaffir lime oil. #bluefintuna #bobbyflay
New York 🏙 🇺🇸
2 things I like; coffee and gym clothes ☕️ back to training after taking a few days off coming back from trials in Cali (and being a little sick). In other news I am now I’m on my way to go see my first musical play in New York City watching Frozen!! 💃🏻🤓
🌍📌Where: #NewYork #NY #USA 🇺🇸
Passing people in Manhattan ( and the Joker)

Shot with @sonyalpha #visualofearth 💥
#WhoTheFuckIsFrenzBeps (?)
#photooftheday | #joker | #manhattan | #humansofnewyork | #skyline
City boys
Всем привет! 🖐 Как вы? Я нашёл формулу счастья 💎
Вот она! : 🔻«Уже есть» ⚖️ «ещё нет»🔻
🏄‍♂️ Счастье - это соотношение между «уже есть и ещё нет» и оно должно быть 50/50
🏄‍♂️ «Уже есть». Наслаждаемся тем, что есть - своим положением, результатами🥈, едой🍏, солнцу☀️. Искренне этому радуемся!!!
🏄‍♂️ «Ещё нет». То, к чему мы стремимся: лучших результатов🥇, новых поездок 🛫, лучших отношений❤️, прокачки всех сфер жизни💪
🏄‍♂️ Держи баланс и не будешь расслабляться от того, что «уже есть» и впадать в депрессию по-поводу того, чего «ещё нет».
#ravilir #мысли #ethno #mylife
¡Happy birthday to me!
NY City 🇺🇸🖤😻
Em New York tem sido assim, agenda seguida de agenda, muita caminhada e muito networking. Não estar conectado impossibilitaria aproveitar todas essas atividades!
Assim que recebi o e-mail da Youth Assembly, comecei a me preparar para participar da conferência, primeira coisa que me preocupei, foi com o serviço de telefonia e dados. Como vocês sabem, estamos com a maior delegação de Jovens, o que nos dá uma responsabilidade de oferecer suporte para todos os delegados Brasileiros, por isso busquei empresas Brasileiras que forneciam serviço de dados e telefonia. Fizemos pesquisas e contatos, prontamente a @travelmobile se disponibilizou e forneceu chips para Embaixadores do @inspirandojovens!
Aproveito para agradecer a empresa e ao Rogério que tem nos orientado desde o Brasil!
Como funciona? Recebemos os Chips em casa, quando cheguei em New York, coloquei no meu celular e já funcionou, simples assim!
O sinal é ótimo, tudo o que tenho postado aqui é usando plano de dados da companhia. Está mais que aprovado✌🏻 Quem estiver indo viajar, recomendo fazer contato com eles e tirarem as dúvidas sobre os planos, VALE MUITO A PENA!

#travelmobile #ny #ya #brasil #juventude
gossip girlを見た、見てる方なら
So I was at East 42nd Street and 5th Avenue earlier today ( I’m getting better at this brics and NY addresses after one day and google maps) and I have not slept for the past 3 days. So be it.

Very lil time to explore this I would say a place of dreams. 
For somebody who came from the other hemisphere, this is so special and for me, it took me 40 years to be able to finally be here. And still can’t believe I actually made it. And you can too, make this a place you would tick one day, if god wills. Inshallah.

That’s the front of the New York Public Library and behind me there was halal guys, so I had chicken shawarma for $4.50 after this shot 😁

#alonetraveller #explorenyc #gopro
«Как вы живете в этой Америке? Цены – ад!»😱
Помню сообщение, которое я получила после сторис с продуктами, которые я купила. Текст был примерно такой : „120$ на продукты? Вы с ума сошли?! Вот это вы,Вика, живете! Скромнее надо жить! Вот мы тратим 3500 рублей в неделю и хватает на меня, жену и двоих детей!”
☝🏼Исходя из валюты «рубль», я могу сделать вывод, что это Россия либо Беларусь. 3500 рублей белорусских рублей = 1650$, а следовательно речь о России. Воспользовавшись конвертером, я вычислила, что 3500 русских рублей = 52$.
То есть. Семья из России обвиняет меня в том, что я трачу много денег в Америке, сравнивая их со своими тратами!
🤫Ребята! Главный совет: никогда не переводите цены в долларах  в вашу валюту! Хотя бы потому, что люди в США получают зарплату именно в долларах, а не в российских рублях!🤷🏻‍♀️
Цены соответствуют зарплатам!
Давайте пробежимся по базовым продуктам:
🍅Молоко – 3-5$
🍅Яйца 12 штук – 4–8$
🍅Йогурт – 1-2$
🍅Сыр – 4-10$
🍅Сметана – 2$
🍅Курица 3 филешки – 6-12$
🍅Пачка бекона – 4-8$
🍅Говядина – 6-12$
🍅Яблоки(1 паунд-378 гр.) – 3$
🍅Мандарины(1 Паунд) – 9$
🍅Авокадо – 1.50$ за штуку
🍅Бананы – 2-3$
🍅Хлеб – 2-7$
Ну, а если взять в расчёт, что иногда хочется более экзотических фруктов, соков, снеков, больше овощей и вообще хочется есть органическую еду, то смело прибавляйте к этим цифрам ещё пару десятков долларов!
🔍Итого. На 52$ в неделю я смогу преобрести себе килограмм яблок, нектарины, зелёный салат, молоко, сметану, злаковый батончик и протянуть ноги.👍🏼
Средняя зарплата в Нью Йорке сводится к 15$ в час, а потому позволить потратить себе 100$ на продукты на неделю вполне можно. Но откровенно говоря, особых «шиков» вы не купите.
🤔Хотите посмотреть стоимость продуктов сами? Вот магазины, где покупаю еду я:
✔️Whole Foods
✔️Trader Joe’s
✔️Shop rite
✔️Stop and Shop
Просто вбейте в Google название магазина и штат NY и перейдите на сайт(помните, что цены могут различаться от штата к штату).
А если вобьёте фразу «weekly circular» и название магазина, увидите акции недели!
❓Ну что, все ещё считаете, что 100$ на еду – дорого? А какая статья ваших расходов самая «дорогая»?
First night outchea 🌃
O que o mundo está mais precisando !! #Love
sh!tt!n on em'
Bucket list: #nyc ✅ #newyorkwinter #turist #newyork 🍎🗽
Uma noite perfeita no metro de NYC no meu aniversário 💕
when you legendary you shine no matter what ✨
That moment when you wanna do #theJOKOchallenge and it’s @koredebello right next to you 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾 #youthassembly #NYLinkup #Naija #UnitedNations #FAF
Eating like a savage because I anit got no man to impress. #yum 🤷🏻‍♀️
In New York again with the one and only!!💖
I've been happy
Hanging out with some friends
take me back to my fav city 🍎🏙
When you enter a NY taxi , right after someone with the funk..and Prince is on and he lives through you at this moment !!!! #noshamelivirae
Something still thrilling about looking down an avenue from a high midtown perspective, a little nostalgic, reminds me of why I've loved NYC for 45 years! This is down 6th ave from 54th st.
Мой Валентин принёс мне поездку в Канаду. Пакую чемоданы сегодня вечером. А Вам интересна Канада? Хотели бы побывать или жить? Меня интересует ее бесплатная медицина по большому счету и декрет в 1 год (в штатах кто не знал это всего 3 месяца 😵)
Ну и природа 🙌🏻
Mais uma da nossa saia em suede mostarda, agora c regata off white!! Composições que pedem casaco, pashmina , tênis , bota... versatilidade que nos permite compor looks incríveis!! @annalauravieira #NYC #aquarellanamala
Arepa con quesito en NY
@Regrann from @butanijewellery - The beginning of a beautiful love story 💍🎆
@Regrann from @beladorajewelry - Something blue 💙💎 Revisiting this bespoke emerald cut diamond and sapphire ring we made for a client.
"Looking for an Utrillo which looks like a Mondrian"
Lil mama from the hood done grew up😦
〰🌇😍 Destellos de un ocaso que no tiene final
El amor está en el aire, como esta tarde en Central Park, el momento era suyo, el mundo solo estaba alrededor de ellos❤〰
#manhattan #urbanphotography #nyc #igersofnyc
I love to travel the world with you by my side❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day🌹
Have a lovely night 
Relax 💦
Fim de férias nessa cidade 😍 não podia ser melhor
No último Valentine’s a gente tava na nossa cidade preferida do mundo ❤️ e comendo cachorro quente na times square pq esquecemos de reservar o jantar! 😂😂😂 Lembra carol @honeymoonbh?
Mas do Nobu ao hotdog, sempre é mágico com vc! ✨
Ph: @paulocamppos
Pra completar e também pq eu tô sem foto😆😆
Gracias Dios por todo.🙏
Fancy New York
A palavra hj é gratidão!🙏❤️
Tiny heart for Sarah happy Valentine’s Day. 
I’ll be out of town til the 22nd email me for appointments after then! 
Walk up at the Philly convention if you feel so inclined ! 
#philadelphiatattooconvention #hearttattoo #finelinetattoo
Blouse👚 @prettylittlething 
Pants @zara 
Location📍 @beautyandessexnyc
Чертовски красивый город New York.
Восхищаюсь его историей и принципами.
always a pleasure to be in NYC 🌃🖤 till next time
Hi everyone! @dustinnotjustin here. We kinda dropped the ball on the Getting to Know the Team videos here but we’re gonna catch back up. My name is Dustin, this video is nowhere near perfect imo, but as per Gary’s thesis, just “put that shit out” right? I’m a videographer on TeamGary but definitely no video expert. I only mention that because if you feel that something is your passion, YOU can figure out how to learn it too. But I am an expert in Seinfeld trivia and some random ass movies, so if you ever have one of those “oh what movie was that from again?” moments, I want to take on that challenge 🤝
Thank you New York
#Repost @stephaniegottlieb
My kind of elevator selfie 🤳
mood when they cut you off from bottomless mimosas
I will be performing for @victurysport in New York City this Sunday 17th at @toyfair_ny  booth1213 🔥!! Pass by to meet me and to check out the new @victurysport ball ⚽️ !! (Location :Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Of New York)
concrete jungle where dreams are made of
NYC ❤️ bientôt 😁 
Plein de Love à tous les Amoureux demain 💕
Bom dia, com muito amor por essa cidade! ♥️❄️☃️ #NYC
Ted (Josh Radnor) dated/hooked up with 65 women before he met "the mother". We don't see all the women, but all 65 of them are mentioned or seen throughout the show. 
Title: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (2005-2014)
Creators: Craig Thomas, Carter Bays
Baby, it’s cold outside!❄️❄️❄️ #brrr #ilovenewyork #winter #fashion
What’s up NYC! 🚕🚕🚕❄️❄️❄️#nyc #snow #nyfw
Sigo aquí pensando 💭 en que
Lots of...
I pick the picture where I’m more photogenic than my brother and cousin (Swipe to see napping)
de dragui à manhattan📍✔️
Quiero contarles que estoy extrañando muchooooo 🥺 pero que también estoy FELIZ de lo que estoy viviendo ... no se puede estar bien del todo jajaja 🖤
the key is, in getting what you want ..
Каждое мгновение – как кадр из кинофильма💛
#newyork #usa #travel #manhattan
Tonight Celebrating @philippplein @philipppleinofficial Love my Full Look ... #NYFW #philippplein
Gracias mi Dios por todo 🙏🏻 amén 🇺🇸 🇨🇴
Gran reunión con el equipo de @the_orchard_ 
Nuevos proyectos! Música ganadora! 
Nuevos clásicos!
Great meeting with #TheOrchard Team!
New Music!
Winners songs!
New classics!
@flashmusicpr @nevarezpr
@zimmermann so glad to be a part of this show again. you’re so special 🌹
Lunch Date With My Mom Today. 😊 #NYC
concrete jungle
•N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y•
Today I decided to match with the streets.💛 #NYC #ootd #streetstyle #nyfw
TE LE - GA GA @katespadeny ♠️
هنا #أمريكا هنا #نيويورك هنا غيّر الإنسان المبدع قواعد بناء ناطحات السحاب للأبد
#newyork #ny #manhattan #usa
Чёт пост у меня не пошел, ловите загадку 🤔 ⏳Медицина лечит человека. А какая наука, по мнению академика Скрябина, лечит человечество?
I don't want to give my heart to strangers or let another day begin without you , luvv❣
City Girl
"Urban Jungle" AKA “New York City”

Yo!  It’s aloof, I’m back.  I’ll be switching up content sometime to something new and interesting stay woke

Feel free to dm me pictures or suggestions for future themes
I’ll tag you if I use your picture/theme
“Fly me to the moon...” Frank Sinatra #love #nyc #life