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One World Observatory

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World Trade Center #wtc
On top of the world with you ❤️ #EverydayWithSunday #NYClife
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of..
bird’s eye view
Frozen ☃️❄️
No filter needed.
The most amazing view with my favorite girls🗽#newyork #oneworldtrade
Not only did I finally get to One World Observatory and  see my home in a way I never have before, but of course Vin took it one step further and said, “screw it why dont we eat on top of the world too”.. this was truly a day I will never forget 💕
The view
One World Observatory 🌎🏙
Trosset høydeskrekken✨
View from One World Observatory #wow #amazing
On top of the world!
#nyc #tourists #wtc 🍎
Impressionante de todos os ângulos. #nofilter #nyc 🇺🇸
感谢24岁时的自己被温柔以待. 你好呀, 25岁.
Parece até uma pintura , mas é o ponto mais alto de NY ! Vista de 360° , o elevador sobe 102 andares em 47 segundos, e demorou 7 anos para ficar pronto ! #NY #oneworldobservatory 🌆🍎
인고의 시간 끝에 얻어낸
뉴욕의 빛과 어둠
#timelapse #nyc #oneworldobservatory #두시간_기다림
뉴욕 가장 잘 보이는 곳에서
잘있어 뉴욕아 행복해야해
오빠랑 난 행복할게..👋🏻
#oneworldobservatory #nyc #goodbyenyc #manhattan
Awesome, amazing, stunning view!!! #nyc #oneworldobservatory #manhattan #travel
hey guys max took this pic so be proud of him
I thought the view was pretty, but I thought he was prettier!
Keeping the tradition of getting high for dad’s birthday! Happy birthday, dude! Hope you had a high-mazing day! #oneworldobservatory
#supermoon vibes from the 101st floor of the #wtc
Simplesmente encantada por New York 🗽🇺🇸
“I'm in a New York state of mind...”
#nyc #oneworldobservatory
👀 #nyc
my home away from home... nothing quite like you NYC
ustedes q van a saber p mascotas
E mais uma vez apreciando essa vista tão linda de Manhattan 🗽😍❤️🇺🇸❄️🥰
#drajullianacunha #manhattan #nyc #lovenyc #onetower #usa #amoesselugar #newyorkcity
my favourite place in the whole world🥺
Enjoying the view from Clawson Fargnoli’s satellite office in Manhattan! #bluesky #icanseeformiles
all the way up... to floor 102🌆🌇 #freedomtower #nyc
True love 🧡 a girl & her city🗽 considering how often I walk past One World Trade, I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to go to the top & take in the views from @oneworldnyc observatory. It’s the highest point in Manhattan (actually the tallest building in the US) & the views are worth the ear popping elevator ride up. Also, the 360° elevator video showing the view from each level at different stages throughout history is really cool.🙂 Go see for yourself!
Lost in thought
Em casa, mas com saudade dessa vista 😍 Já pode pedir pra voltar? Esse lugar é demais!!! ❤️ Ps. Aguentem pq as fotos não vão acabar 😂😂
never smiled so much in the space of two days
Living my best life
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of #nyciloveyou
Moody Tuesday •
#SonyAlpha | #BeAlpha | #AlphaCollective
Camera: @sonyalpha A7RIII
Lens: @sonyalpha FE 70-200mm F 2.8 GM
SD Card: @sony G Series 128gb UHS-II SDXC
Tripod: @feisoltripods CT-3472 M2 Rapid
Ballhead: @reallyrightstuff BH-55 Ball Head 
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#complexphotos #timeoutnewyork #marcodegennarophotos
The best views are up top
🏙102 floor
i obviously cannot go a day without instagram 🖕
#wtc #nyc
NY é a capital do mundo, concordando ou não, admitindo ou não, afeiçoando-se com a ideia ou não, a verdade é que se uma borboleta perder o compasso de seu voo por aqui, o mundo inteiro sentira reflexo,  o preço de nossa comida, de nossos carros, de nossos eletrônicos, etc..Acredite nisso!
Der Sinn des Lebens besteht nicht darin, dem Leben mehr Tage zu geben sondern dem Tag mehr Leben. 💫🖤 #nyc
Happy birthday to my baby brother. You will forever be 8 years old to me. Cheers to 16. 🎊
High Tea with SRB 🥂🍰✈️
Can you see the “FUCK YOU” in my smile? 😙 #NYC🗽
📸 / @matiorden
Didn’t know Jersey could look this good
Where else to enjoy a cup of coffee but 1,776 feet in the air? 🗽
This city is dope🏙
Went up 1,776 feet for the best view of the best city  #FreedomTower #worldtradecenter
Passend zur merklich bedrückten und ergriffenen Stimmung am #oneworldtradecenter ist der Himmel grau! in den Stories findet ihr ein paar mehr Bilder von diesem Ort der voller Emotionen steckt! Einfach unbeschreiblich, die Stimmung hier! 🙏🏻 #sarajulez #vacation #newyork #newyorkcity #oneworldtradecenter
“New York, New York. City so nice they named it twice.. Manhattans the other name”- Michael Scott
Ahh, the city. Very thankful for my family, including my good photographer brother. Also thankful for NYC and all of its craziness. Visit One World Trade! The views are wild.
New York City, center of the universe. 🌎
An unforgettable and incredible weekend with my unforgettable and Incredible guy ❤🍾
If you didn’t know I went to New York
The only reason why I’m still in orchestra
𝘓𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 🌎
NO dizziness 🔱#oneworldobservatory 🏙
not ‘huji’ just actual glare
One World Observatorium - utsikt fra 102 etasje mot øvre del av Manhattan #mektigutsikt #thebigapple #vinterferie #familietur
Come se fosse sempre la prima volta❤️🍎#nyc #oneworldobservatory
Its the OwO #newyork
Truth or truth late night edition: what’s your go-to TV guilty pleasure?
Me: Wendy Williams 😂 #howyoudoin
Outfit deets 👉🏼 <> #liketkit #HHSpottedClub #TruthorTruth
Becky Hong has left the chat.
I’m at peace with life, my problem is with man.
The first of many sunsets and an amazing second Valentine’s Day spent together✨Thanks for making me feel like I’m on top of the world @jmichs #🥑 #❤️ #nyc
drinks in the sky
100th floor please. Wow, what a view
Só apreciando essa vista extraordinária!Obrigada Deus por momentos de paz e reflexão como esse !!#observatory #NY
“the lights are so bright but they never blind me”
So much love for this view🏙
คิดถึงเนอะ สมัยผอมๆอ่ะะ😅🤣
Hello NY ☃️ After 7 years! 
New York used to be called New Amsterdam. When Holland gave it to the British for what it is called today Surinam. 5 years after The British lost it for the union 🎈
Enamorada de este lugar😍
Freedom 📌
The last one is my favorite 🐿💛🗽
Speechless 🖤
a alma é essa coisa que nos pergunta se a alma existe 🔒
to answer your possible question: no, i don’t live here now. i just keep visiting and posting about it on insta. oops.
Missing this incredible place🇺🇸
NYC is dope
#ily @jessicahbenji  #nyc
Tout petit 🤷🏼‍♀️ #islandgirl #inNYC
Touched down in NYC!!! Visit to the World Trade Centre and looking down at Lady Liberty! Pinch me ❤️ #newyorkcity #irishfashionblogger
All the way up 🏙
-14th of February 2019- “Always remembered”
View of my life from World Trade Center 😌🙏🏽🏙 #newyork #wtc #wtf
See Forever✨
New York State of Mind [🎶Billy Joel]
NY I'm getting to know you better every day and I cant stop from wanting to know more about you. 🚊
#🍎 #nyc_explorers #nycblogger #oneworldobservatory
Great view from the bottom, but even greater view from the top 🏙🌃😍
* inserts deep quote about life, self reflection and sick views *
360degree view of NYC from the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center 😎🇱🇷
holding thumbs up for this outfit and the @oneworldnyc!! blog post about nyc coming very soon! 🤩 #bloblogblog #teeninfluencer #instagood #simplicity #ootd
Morning off at One World Trade Center
Made it to the top of the world tonight
View from 102 floors up at #oneworldtradecenter 
There for the rollout of bookings for @virginvoyages first cruise ship. Thank you to @richardbranson and Tom McAlpin for the discussion!

Some of our wide-ranging interview in the video here: (#nofilter )
We’re in #NewYork today for the official lauch of @virginvoyages with the Great #Disruptor himself, @richardbranson !  #VirginVoyages
We are expanding our horizons.
It's in our DNA, we like to explore the spectrum of possibilities. Always push our limits, propose new experiences.
That is why we were seduced by the Virgin Voyages project, a new line of travel by ship, far away from traditional cruises. On board, the shows will be grandiose and the surprises permanent. Everything can happen, anywhere and anytime, an endless festival where tranquility will coexist with curiosity.
A voyage on board as well as on sea, whose first departure will take place in April 2020. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, is announcing it at the moment in New York.
You might have guessed it: The 7 Fingers will embark on this exciting adventure, with two shows created especially for the occasion: “DUEL REALITY” and “SHIPS IN THE NIGHT”.
More information coming soon... Very soon 🛳
What a morning with Richard Branson launching @virginvoyages - tickets go on sale today for his luxury adults only ship...and THIS was our moderator. Everyone should know about @thepointsguy if you want to the secrets to using your points - trust me.
Fun morning at One World Observatory with @michelle_brighi_johnson.  Nice views of the big apple.
Una experiencia inolvidable, y la más alta de la gran manzana. Si tienes pensado visitarlo te recomiendo que sea en invierno, ya que recorrer Nueva York en esta fecha es una maravilla. Lo ideal es subirlo por la tarde y luego visitar el Museo que muestra cómo todo sucedió el 11 de septiembre de ese año, la energía que sientes es increíble. Y para terminar este día te recomiendo que termines con una deliciosa cena en Eataly, que se encuentra muy cerca 🇺🇸.
The Best In Show winner King, the Wire Fox Terrier soaking up 360 degree views of New York City at @oneworldnyc.
being a tourist in NY. 
#oneworld #newyork #newyorkfashionweek
第三次獨自登高等待城市夜景,我光是要想盡辦法卡個好位子,與分秒必爭的Magic hour不停賽跑搶拍最美的魔幻時刻,根本忙死了,哪有空感到什麼孤獨寂寞啊!
順便紀念第一次的縮時攝影,Fabulous New York City 🌃
Taking it back to when I went for a visit in the new Freedom tower 🇺🇸
Just believe in your dreams🤪🤩
THROWBACK 🌇 #newyork#manhattan#nyc#travel#view
How can anyone not love New York ? 🗽🏙 #newyork #perfectday #nyclove #mostfavouritecity #wtc
Sliding into freedom.
Ontem foi dia de conhecer essa vista maravilhosaaa!! Ver nyc por cima é sem palavras, eu fiquei encantada 😍 As vezes me pego pensando e chego à conclusão que mudar pra cá, vim atrás desse sonho de infância, foi a melhor decisão da minha vida, que me fez amadurecer, enxergar a vida de outros olhos e entender muitas coisas, esse foi meu primeiro niver longe da minha familia e amigos, mas Deus foi tão bom em colocar pessoas aqui pra me ajudar e se tornar minha segunda familia, e claro, meus tios, que já eram minha familia. Hoje só tenho a agradecer, por mais um ano de vida, de saúde, e de tanto aprendizado, e só peço a Deus forças pra conseguir ir atrás de todos meus sonhos e objetivos!! 🙏🏻🙌🏻💗❤️
Beautiful view from the tippy top of the #oneworldtradecenter 🏢👀
New music is in the work, something very different and heartfelt to me. I’ve been meaning to put it out for at least three years but I never had the confidence or approval. Needless to say I think you’ll like it and it’s a different direction for me. @bobtaggart 
Also, I started computer science and figured I could combine that with music tech. This seems to be a healthier route for my mental state. But the music won’t stop, after all it’s all made from life experiences. 
Thanks for reading my rant 🤘🏻
Cheers to 35 years of complete disregard of age-appropriate developmental milestones!!🤟🏼 #ThisIs35
*advertisement @veromoda #veromodakeyitems #vermoda #veromodawoman
417 метров высоты, 102 этаж — One World Observatory😳
Посмотреть на Нью Йорк с высоты птичьего полёта — 48 $ с человека😅
Всего здание One World Trade Center имеет 541 метр, вместе со шпилем.
Находится оно рядом с местом, где в результате теракта, 11 сентября 2001 года, были разрушены Башни-Близнецы. Муж говорит, что Trade Centre был построен специально таким высоким, как знак того что Америке выдержала эту трагедию, не сломалась 🤷‍♀️
Больше всего меня в этом месте поразил не вид из панорамных окон, а лифт 😍 ну вы понимаете, видели в сторис, если нет, смотрите карусель➡️
От такого резкого полёта вверх у меня даже уши разболелись🙉
Всемирный Торговый центр является шестым самым высоким зданием в мире и стал третьим высоким зданием, на которое мы с Томасом поднялись (хотя я не знаю, может Томас уже куда-то без меня успел свои булки поднять 🤔)!.
❗️Так в прошлом году, после свадьбы мы катались на аттракционах в Лас Вегасе, на крыши здания #stratosphere высотой 350 метров, 109 этажей.
Помните сторис от туда?😀
❗️А в 2017 году мы поднялись на Эйфелеву башню высотой 324 метра. Правда на самой вершине мы так и не были, добрались только до ресторана на 124 метра😀
Ну вы поняли, высоты мы совсем не боимся 😀 А вы? Какое самое высокое здание покоряли?🙉
#oneworldtrade #oneworldobservatory #newyork #самыевысокиездания
El secreto es rodearse de personas que te hagan sonreír el corazón 😊🗽🏙🇺🇸
Hermosa vista!!😍 #nyc #oneworldtradecenter
One World Observatory 🌃
~In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.~ #tbt #nyc
102 floor, NY 🌆
Sunday with the ladies
Nada mejor que una GoPro para capturar y compartir tus momentos! ✨ @tecnostorepy
The best photos are the memories
Chapter 35: I lived a whole 35 years on this Earth that God has created. Every year I think of my birth story. The doctors told my parents they would NEVER have children. For 5 years I kinda went through the same thing, but God.  This time last year I was pregnant! I wasn’t really in the celebratory mode this year. I feel like I should be way ahead of where I am. My career nor my job is where I want it to be. However with this current government shut down I am truly grateful I receive a paycheck every 2 weeks, don’t get it twisted God is my source! Learning that a friend just lost her mom, one lost their dad, a father just lost his daughter I don’t ask for much but PLEASE surrender your heart to Jesus. Having breathe in my body means I still have time. This is my “Just Do  It” year. So what if I don’t have what others have. I have God. “Write the vision and make it plan.” Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes. This birthday has been an eye opener. As my Bishop preached this Sunday “time to take out the trash”. Better me, Better Hope Shannel Morgan.... The Hope Dealer. ❤️
Great time experiencing NYC and seeing this amazing view with these guys before I leave🗽
Swipe right🥰
Сами взорвали, сами построили. Все логично. 
Обед с идеальным видом ✅
Вот прям обязательна к посещению смотровая площадка в One World Trade Center 😍 
Обзор всего города и ближайших районов как на ладони 🤩 При этом 360 градусов и супер комфортно за счёт того, что закрыта ❤️ Плюс самая высокая в городе 👌🏻 А ещё - они очень круто презентуют вход на неё, мы не поняли почему нас не пускают и просят смотреть видео, но когда шторки начали подниматься - вырвалось непроизвольное вау 💔 #садики_балдеют_в_отпуске #садики_в_usa #садики_в_ny 
P.S.: ресторан на 103 этаже не так обязателен, но просто знайте, что он очень приятно дополняет общее впечатление - нам понравилось 🙌🏻
Esta vista tan hermosa 😍.
Like mother, like daughter✨
Наталюнь (@nata.leia.tato✨), дякую за ці неймовірні вечори і купу файного вина! Знаю точно, що повторимо! Питання лиш де☺️, адже світ такий великий🌍

New York🇺🇸
‘무엇’을 보는지 보다 ‘어떻게’ 보는지가 더 중요하다. 스크린이 올라가면서 눈 앞에 펼쳐진 맨하탄 전경은 평생 잊지 못할 것 같다. 나도 평범한 것을 특별하게 만드는 능력이 있었으면 좋겠다💙
One of the most perfect creations, New York😍💕
Looking at all 2019 has to offer with a full heart, open mind, and a long goal list. 📝💕 #Missusa #goals
I can’t tell which view is better
Today both @badgerfootball and @canesfootball visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and @oneworldnyc to remember and reflect. #Neverforget
One World Trade Center зараз найвищий хмарочос Нью-Йорку і 3-ій по висоті в світі. 
Висота 541 м, вигляд з 102 поверху😍😮