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New @rebelnightnyc poster. March 15th with special guest DJ Jumpy.
I hope you get to go somewhere or do something you love this weekend! Otto’s is one of my all time favorite NYC spots, and the location of the best vintage photo booth in this city. We took an uber to Otto’s right after Rob proposed. He asked where I wanted to go next and I didn’t even have to take a single second to think. Their tiki drinks are also 🤤, right down to the silly mugs and being surrounded by the BEST kitschy vintage decor. It’s heavenly! #happyplace #timewarp 🐡🐡🐡 @ottosnyc
Last night I stepped out of my comfort zone and played a secret solo set at Otto’s. I’ve always had this mental block about performing on my own and believed that I couldn’t play guitar & sing well on stage. When I got the chance to perform in Otto’s intimate little music room tucked away at the back of the bar, I took it as an opportunity to challenge myself and play a solo set. I rehearsed daily for weeks, invited a few people who I knew would still love me even if I sucked, and took the leap. And it was so. much. fun. Turns out good things happen when you believe in yourself. 😃 Thank you to those who came out and thank you so much to @ottosnyc! 🎸 
Check out video from last nights show on my YouTube channel (link in bio).
#singersongwriter #musician #brooklyn #newyork #nyc #music #livemusicnyc #livemusic #womeninmusic #indieartist #femalevocalist #femaleguitarist #soloperformance #solo #cover #ottosnyc
Just being a gay activist at @jimmypeoples  The People’s mic podcast!#thepeoplesmic #hotgaypeople
hot toddie 
punk rock happy hour 🖤
DJing again tonight at @ottosnyc!! Let’s chill!
Power posing with new friend Chris who had never done improv in his life...but jumped into “Bird and Friends - Cosmic Unity” last night and completely killed it the whole time...playing my disciplinarian mom, who wanted me to find a good girl, just like mom. I love you mom! ❤️ @tonishifu
First draw 'Hard Times' #babyhuey
When I look out into a room this is all I see.

The past 6 years have been the best of my life and now I'm looking forward to a lifetime with you. @iamjolieee
Queen of the Stroll 
#rebelnightnyc @iamjolieee
TOMORROW / SATURDAY,  FEB.16th w/ @stingycookie @rattatan @rudiesdontcare @ottosnyc
Thursday February 21st is the inaugural Hawaiian Punch show at @ottosnyc at 8pm. Tickets are just 3 DOLLARS! Not even Wendy’s can give you a deal like this! Link in my bio.
Getting more extra with age 💅🏽 #24
When comics dont know you're listening to their convo!!!🤣🤣🤣 @verysublimepuppy @worstboxofapples
DJing again this THURSDAY night at Otto’s!
Just tryin to get to 4am
i love @cetaitbontemps so deeply and i hope it shows. our siblinghood is built on BIG FEELINGS and INTENTIONAL CONNECTIVE TOUCH and BEING SCORPIOS // thank you @vylette_tendencynyc for the chance to debut this duet at the #QAIFU #queerasinfuckyou one year anniversary show 🖤 words and sounds by @mitskileaks, video by @tinylionroars
Basically our reinvention of @wherearetheavocados latest vid. Catch the lost souls at the back of the tiki bar. Uber brought us together; but Drag will keep us together, y’all.  Girl with Plastic Monkey, oil on canvas,1665 unearthed by the one the only @margogadget #repost #demonseeksdemon #tomwaitsaintgotnothinonus #6dollarglassdeposit #werunthis
Somehow both times I’ve done this number previously, audience members have recorded clips of pretty much every other part of the act except this one- glad to finally have gotten the chance to document it last night at the #queerasinfuckyou 1 year anniversary show! Thank you @lowray45 for the video and @therealwillwood for the brilliant words and music! Costumes designed and made by me. Full performance video link in my bio 💗🌈💙
🥶 This photo was taking last night during our Buzzcocks Tribute Show. Thank you all for coming out and braving the cold. Thank you to all the bands for putting on great shows! And big thanks to our very own Steve Pang for putting it all together. ❤️ It was a fun night! Come in tonight for a Hot Toddy or two! 🔥🥃 Stay warm out there!
ITS BEEN A WHOLE YEAR. @vylette_tendencynyc’s Queer as in Fuck You has been fucking with your sense of propriety in drag for a whole ass 365 days and we’re here to CELEBRATE. Catch me and the whole band of misfits this THURSDAY, Jan 31st for a romp, rumble, and a scuffle at Otto’s! 📸 @matnik97
There's still time to enjoy one of Joe's signature cocktail of the month The Cherry Lime Risky! He'll be in tonight to personally serve you one! 🍹
I had a busy day yesterday. Officiated a wedding in Queens, then celebrated the birth of Stephanie at Otto's! Naturally I slept all day Sunday.
#ReverendLife #HolyRoller OttosShrunkenHead
🥁🥁🥁TODAY JAN 26 Real talk I am in a 5 star somebody shit in my raisin bran pissy trash mood this mornin and im ready to let it all go onstage at 6pm people!! Come on over to Otto’s Shrunken Head @ottosnyc rock out n shake off whatevers eatin you!! Doors at 2pm @thebloodymuffs @giftshop_the_band @handsomepetenyc #punkrockmatinee #musictherapy #bononthemic 🤘🏻😤🤘🏻🥁🥁🥁😘
repost @handsomepetenyc: RAHHH NEXT SHOW SATURDAY JAN 26!!!! @ottosnyc 3-7pm !!! PUNK ROCK MATINEEEE BABY!!! 🤘🏻😝🤘🏻 @thebloodymuffs @giftshop_the_band #handsomepetenyc
hello frens #HujiShe
Just had to document that this was the greatest transition ever.
she wore these earrings as a joke ok 🤡🐒 #HujiShe
All the hits! See me tonight at Otto's till 10  and tomorrow 3-6 on WFMU.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are closed, today! Best wishes to you all! Cheers to 2019! 🎉
Vintage photobooth photostrips beat selfies any day. Hanging with @lauraflooknyc after the chaos at Coney Island Baby . . .
Casting a spell for you to come to Ottos Shrunken Head tonight 9pm till close! I will brew some tiki drinks! @ottosnyc
We'll be serving till 11pm, tonight. Closed tomorrow for Christmas Day. Happy Holidays!
Loved Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die with @itsstellarose at #ottosshrunkenhead
early xmas present from the GOAT herself @chocktails. jewelry by @ultrafresca #jewelry #necklace #bestfriends #christmaspresents #boomboxnecklace
Should I have the Fried or Steamed "Damplings"? Decisions, Decisions! #hungryandfocused
Outside after the show with the iconic Crazylegs Comti enjoying the victory dance waiting for some Steamed "Damplings" lol! #hungryandfocused
The Knobs
Playing a surprise set with @avlinton (The Aislers Set) this evening.
LP PARTY! Keeping it fresh from my slowly growing 45s. ...but does anyone actually get sick of hearing 9-5...? Come to Otto's NOW!
Tis the season! Come on in and try Heather's specialty cocktail Berry X-Mess! #tiki #tikibar #cocktails #xmas
#forrectaluseonly How are there 577 rectaluseonly hashtag posts wtf? Fer ril?? Sir Hayden says,”People like butt stuff.” Sir Hayden knows all.... #superglorious @superglorious
Drinking out of Squidward’s house.
So, we hear it's #SmallBizSat today. Come support your favorite small business and get your Otto's fashion! We've got mugs, T-shirts, stickers, totes & bottle openers! 🤗 #ShopSmall #DrinkTiki 🤘🏽
The last night in town could only go one way. 😍🖤We tore up NYC and put the #spookybullshittour to bed, with some assistance from the drummer of @officialskidrow. Thanks @robhammersmith. 🤘🤘U.S.A - smell ya later!! 👋❤️
Soulfinger! Dance party 
All vinyl all 45s all night all happy!
[[full video link in bio]] This isn’t a number I do often- it’s a lot for a typical bar audience, and it’s a lot for me...emotionally, mentally, logistically, even physically (I woke up the next morning with bruised knuckles from being bound and a bruised ribcage from being cinched down to 23”) But it’s also one of my favorites, and I’m thankful I had an opportunity to bring it back at a very appropriate time.
This number was originally born during a period in my life where I was in such bad shape mentally and emotionally that shortly after debuting it I ended up bedridden with pneumonia for almost two months (and nearly ended up in the hospital) because of my persistence to run myself into the ground bending over backwards for other people rather than taking a moment to stop and care for myself. 
Myself and pretty much every working artist I know struggle with what could easily be considered self harm in the form of overworking, overexerting, and giving too much of yourself away to the people around you while neglecting your own needs, until you collapse. It’s very easy to get completely consumed by that, or by the guilt of feeling like a failure for perceiving what you’ve accomplished to be not enough. I’ve spent a lot of time these past few months feeling like I’m struggling to keep my head above water...I still feel that way now. But in two days I’ll be taking my first real break in almost a year so hopefully that helps. If you’re reading this, please take care of yourself. ❤️ Thank you @elaphaia for performing the role of my counterpart beautifully, thank you @risk_thebiscuit for filming and thank you @vylette_tendencynyc for giving me the stage to share this! 
Headpiece and hooded gown designed and made by me, waist cincher by @orchardcorset 
Music: The Strange Ones by @bellasbartok and Tourniquet by @rasputina_official
I only managed one photo of my costume! 🧚‍♀️#halloween2018 #tinkerbell #tink
thanks for working with me I had a lot of fun at Gretel the last three years 🤗 @gretelnyc #samslastday
New SH single “Saint Lucas” streaming over at @brooklynvegan and @Spotify now! Check it out and grab a record. Catch me at Otto’s. Cheers friends!! 🏝☠️🏝
The always amazing @sitanddieco with @itsstellarose absolutely crushing the #hillbilly #honkytonk #nyc
So, this happened last night!! I was blessed with a brilliant tattoo by two brilliant and inspiring female artists - Art by @parlortrickprints tattooed by 🖤❤🖤 And then we went out and learned that @nickguglielmo and I are tattoo siblings!! Shout out to @dan__schein for gifting me the tattoo certificate I finally dusted off 🤡

#tattoo #reversemermaid
in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room #25thbirthday
🗿🍹🍸 not pictured @mskomsko
@jack.crosley.5 has everybody #twisting
Heart and soul
THIS is the only hot you should be feeling! Come drink Joan's cocktail of the month... The Hot House Flower! Joan will be here tonight from 9pm till close.
Thankful for this new little crazy family, that I'll miss for a month! 💛 #BlubBlub  #EuroTrip
What a pleasure to meet the legendary Dave Catching and see him play in such a small space! @mojave_lords #mojavelords #eodm #qotsa
Jive Turkeys was righteous! Thanks to everyone who came out to perform and hang! Looking forward to Volume II next month
What? You don’t like Art? 📸 @c_cunningham1010 | Thanks all for coming out and supporting Jive Turkeys Vol. 1 #comedy #standupcomedy #nyccomedy
Healed #tonguesplit on @aliceeedanielssonnn that I performed at @calmbodymodification a while back. If you have updated photos of my work please send them to The terms of commenting are #BeCuteOrStayMute as usual. Thank you for viewing. ❤️☀️ #tonguesplits #calmbodymod #chaiatcalm
Come by tonight and have a tiki drink! Then, set it down on one of our new tables!!! 😍
My dancing soul and my rock n roll 🎶 @mcgeethelosthope
It was a blast, a volcano blast🔥 🗿
Have to celebrate Tiki Tuesday the right way with a Volcano Blast. Only few survive what I think is one of the hottest drinks I’ve ever had! Looks cool, taste just as fire. 
If you’ve had anything like it, POINT ME in that direction! 
📍Ottos Shrunken Head - 538 East 14th 
Finally starting to settle into our new pad.
Mmmmm Monday! Come see Jodi today and ask for her cocktail of the month! The Stormy Daniels AKA The Achilles' Heel! 🤪
before/after 😃
Tiki time with the Tudor Black Bay Kathleen. #tudor #blackbaydark #blackbaykathleen
TONIGHT! #theothermen play with @saylavees and @women_of_the_night and DJ @bailllleyyyy for @oscaroscarnyc’s Ultra Twist at @ottosnyc! Show starts at 10! We play at midnight! Won’t you be our neighbor?
It's been raining for days! So, these are the only umbrellas we want to see tonight! Join us! 😋
See you Friday at Otto's!
The gang's all here! We're waiting for you... 😍
Disembowel yourself on stage, but make it fashion? ❣️click the link in my bio for full video of my latest performance from #queerasinfuckyou NYC's only all-punk monthly drag revue, featuring music by @tapewormsmusic (if you're not listening to them you should be!) and me doing what @vylette_tendencynyc referred to as "the matryoshka doll of drag"! Costumes designed and made by me, video courtesy of @lindseykaynyc
My performance of Papercut Skin by @thematches at last week's Queer as in Fuck You!  Click the link in my bio to see the full act, and catch us back at @ottosnyc on April 23rd for a special Monday edition of NYC's only all-punk monthly drag revue! Thank you @vylette_tendencynyc for hosting this amazing show, and to @mr.leevalone for the video (and commentary) ❤️
Otto’s! #tiki #tikibar #tikidrinks
📩 If a man's hands show his trade does it suit me then? This papercut skin that makes me wince with each hand I'm required to shake 📎✂️📌photo by @doll_body of last night's @thematches Papercut Skin act, video coming soon!
Hey Peeps! 😉 Try Nell's cocktail of the month! The Spring Fling! This floral and citrus mix of mojito rum vodka and elderflower will drag you out of winter hibernation! Tonight is also Copycat at 9PM! With The Hydes & Birthday Girl.
tiki bar fun with the groovy @sovexy the other week! 🌴💀🌴 #35mm
Getting Tiki-Jived with ❣️Baby Karen❣️ 🗿🍹🌴😻
Interview about my latest rock album
Representing my girls at Ottos shrunken head last Thursday. 
#thepringles #ottosshrunkenhead 
#nyc #sitanddieco
TGIF! THE FROZEN HORTACHINO! A frozen espresso vodka and rumchata mix with tropical flavors that combines the giddy-up of Manhattan island with the mellow vibes of a tropical island!
UPDATE: * BOTH SOLD* From the vault! One anniversary mug for $40 and one black signature mug for $25! Come in to buy!
Last night Ripped! We’ve had the best time this week in NYC. We rock one more time tonight @ottosnyc 
10 PM Sharp
📸:: @robbouton
A week from today is my birthday!  I'll be performing Nirvana's Unplugged, in its entirety, with friends. Come hang! And if it's always been a dream of yours to sing one of these songs with a live band - lemme know!
Anne is the best. So you wear tiny hats in honor of her birth.
Keepin me off the pole was a pipe dream let’s be honest. .
📸 @frannie_pants #comic#comedynyc #kimk
Happy Lunar New Year! 🐶
Just fronted my sister’s birthday band. Ties that bind, indeed. Happy birthday @juliarydholm
Thanks to all who came out last night to @ottosnyc to celebrate and pay tribute to Dead Moon! Was a blast. Thanks @djxeroxnyc for having us, and thank you @sachalecca for these amazing photos ! Love you all.
Thanks to all who came out last night to @ottosnyc to celebrate and pay tribute to Dead Moon! Was a blast. Thanks @djxeroxnyc for having us, and thank you @sachalecca for this amazing photo ! Love you all.
Mike Brandon / The Mystery Lights, 2018 #themysterylights
WEDNESDAY NIGHT ! @djxeroxnyc claims that’s an actual cat skull model in the dead moon haha... nice one Xerox.. DON’T MISS THIS ONE ! Set list below so you can prepare to scream out these beautiful gems with us:
•GRAVEYARD (Dead Moon)
•LOOKING BACK AT ME (Western Front)
•54/40 OR FIGHT (Dead Moon)
Hey did you know I love these  humans? #zombie #imalive #lifeofachee
#TonightWeTiki at an NYC institution - Otto’s Shrunken Head in the East Village.
DJ time! This Thursday Dec 21st, 10pm-2am at Otto's! Plus special guest from SF, @sherrypie201 !
We're happy because it's @jennagribbon's birthday. 📷 by @kalaenouveau
Our holiday tree is up and ready for our holiday party! Tonite at 8PM! Come earlier to say hi to our special guest bartender... Our one and only @pourlola! She'll be slinging the drinks from 7pm-9pm with @jukeboxjodi!
Last night was a hoot! Thanks to everyone that came out to gimme a kiss before I shimmy out to the North Pole! I am beyond blessed and thankful for the friends and family I've made in this Earth 🐯🌃🌹
📷 By starlet sofia
This is how I'd like to be remembered when I'm gone. Thanks @remspringa for letting me perform as "Jesus F'n Christ" tonight. It was pretty F'n cool. 😎 Pic by @catziti #standup #comedy #holidays #heathen #sacrilege @ottosnyc
That time I sang in a band.  W/ Dr Dan & friends. With the amazingly talented @frankh666 & @karpbrian 🎸🎤🎼
Thank You NYC! Last night was freakin awesome! Next stop Allentown this Sat Dec 2nd! @ottosnyc @thebloodymuffs @butpyritenyc @whoopi_sticks #njpunk #nycpunks
Mai Tai’s done right!
My kind of girl groups. Well I like the classic ones too. Get out to Otto's till 10pm! Wake up and head to WFTDA games tomorrow.
Hello kitteh you so pretteh. #HWAS4 #tiki #kitty #avril #kawaii
Can you tell I love being onstage?  Tried some new edgier material today and @jimmypeoples called me a mean girl after!  I beg to differ but it was 7 minutes of jokes I've never said to an audience!  Pushing myself to always try fresh jokes at mics and not rely on material that is tried and true and sure to get laughs.  Getting comfortable in the discomfort.  The only way to learn and grow! #comedy #standupcomedy #funnywomen #igotjokes #thepeoplesmic
We played for such a yummy, lovey, fun crowd last night. We had a ton of fun and I can't wait to come back to NYC and play again!! Brb gonna buy a I ❤️ NY shirt 📸 by @dove_soprano
Blown away and humbled reading a recent quote by @thevintagent "Corinna is the top curator of moto-related film in the world..." 😳couldn't be prouder to continue this work for #thevintagent! 🎥 #tbt to a 2011 #cinemeccanica screening of #miniskirtmob at #ottosshrunkenheadnyc 📷 @alexbrooklynn
Pregaming before heading to @tales_of_the_cocktail early in the AM. #cocktails #happyhour #tiki
Drinking fruity drinks at this cool spot haha #OttosShrunkenhead
Pose for a picture nick, look nice for a picture nick 📸 @johnoliva1
My favorite place! Awesome birthday night at Otto's! #29andfeelingfine
THE NEW YORK TIMES.4 #redhookcrit ✨🔩
here is a series of me in wigs.
Pretty bar.
Celebrating birthday babes, Caitlin & Sam, at Otto's with the Threads & the Nuclears!
In the garage. #weezer happy birthday @moneill312 #kylescorner
💀"Dirk Vermin & the Hostile Talent" live last night @ottosnyc Best show of one epic weekend! (Stolen photo cred: @clayheximer ) 💜Love to @franksanddeans @nickolemuse @swankbastards @professorrexdart6 @double_down_saloon @denisehex #dirkvermin #DirkVerminandtheHostileTalent #ottosshrunkenhead #newyork2017
Great photo by @clayheximer
Mahalo .. its me ...
Come on over to Otto's January 21st 6:30pm and hear my band, the Jake Brakes rock this Tiki Bar like never before. My followers drink free while we're on!!
In hindsight, taking down two of these last nite probably wasn't the best idea...
Tiki bars with jak • #nyc #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilmx_us #myfujifilm #fujifeed
#tbt to last night when @hisarahelizabeth and I hit @ottosnyc to get inspired for our #tiki themed #nye party. #zombie #maitai
Out on a Friday 
He works, I play 🦇🖤🦇 @daggerscars
You can keep the cups 🌴🍹#dontmindifido
I ended up at a rockabilly tiki bar after work today. ✨✨
Drinks w @markfordtattoos at one of our fav places that I will miss so much!!! @ottosnyc 💚💚💚
My favorite photo from last night. Double fistin' it. 💋 #ottosshrunkenhead #nyc #tiki #tikibar
Shark mugs @ottosnyc for the midnight monster hop! 💀💀💀 @markfordtattoos 💕  I just realized there's no shark emoji! WTF?!
1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fish #summer2016 #manhattan #nyc #grenga
Giant bowl of rum for @markfordtattoos and @he_draws  and I to share at Otto's Shrunken Head 💜💜💜💜
Drinking out of shrunken heads and skulls @ Otto's Shrunken Head for the midnight monster hop w @markfordtattoos 💕💀
I found a psychobilly band, course.
One more....#drink
Just after playing pinball I stumbled in here randomly to find a beatnik/surf/garage night happening. That worked out pretty well!
@cryssals finally came back to visit us last night from Austin so I hugged her a bunch a took some pictures in the dark. Hold on to your fake sisters, folks. Turns out they sometimes move to Texas. (By fake I mean we aren't related, not that she is a fake person. That would make this an insane Instagram post)
Come see our band play tonite @the_cable_girl_
Best Christmas Day 💜💜
we're both allergic to pineapple 💀.
On my way to perform at Ottos Shrunken Head 7PM Show. free show! Come out if you're in the hood!
Happy birthday @chrome_christ!!
Booth bitch by @karinbar #tbt
#DopeNeon chez Otto