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Sunny = happy me ☀️
G O O D · V I B E S
I see nothing out the window
Little paradise 🌴✨
💚 became addicted to our pool and palms💚
Escaping from relationships in the palm forest 🙄🌴
Time flies when you're having fun, leaving Singapore in 5 days😢 I'm gonna miss you @sydneysylvester_ ❤
Singapooop YOU GR8
📷 blur
Getting ready... ✈️
😑 #lazysunday
#омномном 🍉
#sundaymood ✨
Roomies 💕
1kg of sushi later.... 😴😋
There's always money in the banana stand🍌 #nevernude
"I never had nobody touch me like I'm glass. You had me spinnin' in the midnight summer grass."
Monday mornings. 📷@judithayu
That #PostCasting #SwimmingPool moment with two #Tanned #HotDogs haha!!