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When she says “bjjo look here” 📸#packagesmall #lahore #hometown
So excited for this one! 
Do join, looking forward to seeing you all 😍😍
Hello Lahore!!
Meet & greet the gorgeous @minalkhan.official only at Makeup City Packages mall outlet!
Date: 21st April, 2019
Time: 6pm 
#MakeupCity #beautyaroundyou #MinalKhan @packagesmallofficial
A throwback in 2 minutes to the amazing and exciting events that made last year for #PackagesMall extremely spectacular. #PackagesMallTurns2 #WhereLahoreComesToShop #PackagesMallTurns2Sufiyana
Simply Sufi XPRS Now is introducing the deal of the year!! Buy 1 XPRS fish burger, 1 XPRS chicken burger, 1 regular fries and 2 regular drinks for just Rs.300/- To order dial 111-77-99-77! *This deal is valid only for online orders and deliveries.

Come down to #PackagesMall as #MakeupCity hosts a meet and greet with the gorgeous Minal Khan on Sunday 21st of April, 6:00 pm onwards. 
Thank you all for being a part of our 2nd Anniversary celebrations as #PackagesMallTurns2Sufiyana!!! We are not done yet, there is still lots more to come as the Rafi Peer Mystic Music Sufi Festival will have its finale on 21st April, 2019. So come join us as we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with you.

Introducing the #HERDEAL by Second Cup, a flat 20% discount for all women from 1 PM to 5 PM, Monday to Thursday at #PackagesMall #WhereLahoreComesToShop
To be the best you must be able to handle the worst☘️🦋 #dilkifam
Hahahah Sorry 😂
پرندوں کی فطرت سے آۓ تھے وہ میرے دل میں 
ذرا سے پنکھ نکل آۓ تو آشیانہ ہی چھوڑ دیا❣ .
#insanesquad #ajtics #merwa_khan_mk #himmisquad
Don't be like the rest of them 💫
My brother doesn’t take enough pictures of me but when he does... they’re okay 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 📸 @syed.f.amjad
I’m so excited for the #RafiPeerSufiFest. Just look at the amazing star packed lineup. Can’t wait to witness one of the biggest musical events in Pakistan.
At Packages Mall 18th, 19th & 20th April, 2019.
Hope to see you all there!
پاکیزگی تو آج صرف نفرت میں ہے،
محبّت میں تو لوگ کپڑے اتارا کرتے ہیں!🥀
// And furthermore,you can all go fuck yourselves.#badpicturemonday
No rain no flowers
And that was a wrap! 💁‍♂️🤩 The #PackedwithEntertainment Lahore tour ended with a grand selfie taken from our #Honor8C by the youth ambassador of #HonorPakistan; #AsimAzhar 😎 @asimazhar
Yes, I'm in love with this jacket 🌸
#sana's birthday,😍😍❤@sanasaleem4444.ss35 😘😘 @enayazainab ...bff❤❤❤