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Portinho Da Arrábida, Setubal, Portugal

Instagram photos and videos at Portinho Da Arrábida, Setubal, Portugal

Pela primeira vez da minha vida fui até à Arrábida 🏖vi golfinhos 🐬 e achei um paraíso incrível ✨🥰 fiquei apaixonada , quero lá voltar ! 
O nosso planeta é lindo 🌍!
Precisando deste calor de novo ☀️ .
#beachgirl #beachtime #spring #hotdays
“Nunca poderás atravessar o oceano enquanto não tiveres a coragem de perder a costa de vista!”
#nature #travelphotography #portinhodaarrabida #lovewather
at work • When people ask me “what’s your dream job?” I always tell them “modeling” ❤️ Modeling is way more than posing, stand to glamours parties and being in a good house waiting for Vogue to call with a million in your bank account, in fact that is a fantasy, mostly never happens and when it does it’s because that model work her ass of to get in the top. Valid for male models too. Modeling is expensive, exhausting, ungrateful and a really dark world. We need to have our hair, nails, teeth, body and skin always on point, and that costs money 💸 We need to get a train, a bus, a uber, a bike or other to get to castings that we likely won’t stay, and that costs money 💸 We need to have a “casting” outfit which includes a black pair of jeans, a white/black shirt, basic bikini/lingerie and basic high heels, and that costs money 💸 When the agency get us in another country we need to get to the castings and, as I said, that costs money 💸 We need to eat, and that costs money 💸 This is just the top of the iceberg! And, if all of that wasn’t enough, we have the social media, the instagram, where our followers are our card instead our work, our value is measured according to our number of likes, number of followers, engagement, everyday activity to keep the media alive, so we have to invest our time in taking pictures, producing content, something good with a good camera, and that, one more time, costs money 💸 And I don’t even talk about the body pain for shooting the campaigns we all like so much in that poses that are pretty but not so natural for our body and we have to stretch a lil bit here a lil bit there, climbing a rock and hurt our feet (for eg.) in the process, shooting bikinis in the winter and almost caught an hypothermia or shooting a winter campaign in the middle of the summer and almost pass out with the heat, and health, don’t even money can pay ✌🏼Better not to start talking about that... SO FOR THOSE WHO TELL MODELING IS NOT A JOB: Think twice. One last add: Did you notice the amount of times I used the “💸”? Well, most of the times the money we get is totally spent in the “before” and we are still in debt in the “after” ☝🏼Why I love this job? Next post 👁
Um #tbt com muita saudade desse abraço! ❤️
Easy for a good girl to go bad
,, 🖤
what a dream, thanks mamma💘
Looking at nothing thinking about everything. 
#girl #instagood #happiness #portinhodaarrabida #setubal
Come and see what i see 😻
⚓️ When you love what you have, you have everything you need ⚓️
Lugar lindo pra relaxar a mente #deontem #portinhodaarrabida #love #dayoff
«Giving up is not an option»💫
Ela é sol.
Por mais nuvens que apareçam no seu caminho, ela não deixa de brilhar.
Um dos meus sítio favoritos☀️🏞 #arrabida #view 📸- @dvfots
Sun lover ☀️🌞🌼🌻🍋
Aí amiga estamos tao belas
Peço desculpa não sei tirar fotos na praia 😳😓🤷🏼‍♀️
A gente tenta ser feliz....e consegue!
#portugal #carloporto #arrabida
Se calhar já voltava à realidade, já chega de CNU’s, fins de semana iscalino, queima das fitas... Toca a concentrar! 📙