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Just a small pice
Black swan #tb #editorial with @danleomil featuring the stunning @snowdollkinson #styledbyme #creativedirector
“Body on a Gurney”
“Big Mouth”
"Table Bound"

Let's try this again!
Photoshoot work and underwear beaty, body and nude by Gregory by design/fashion models Calvin Klein and male basic # "often our work requires us to sacrifice time and effort more valuable. The result applause a smile a comment for the most pleasant for working " @gregny21 @body @building @photoshoot @grepen75 @models @men @woman@menswear @menmodels @womanmodels @gregorybydesign @newyork @venezuela @italy @miami
Two king live and the have the legacy the music fashion, power forever #music#pop#king#american#prince #jacson
Checked out my buddy Danny on 60 Minutes on Sunday. It was a great piece on a great guy and talented photographer.  Truly one of the coolest people I've ever come across in this life. I met him when I worked with Annie..... Brother in arms bond formed that week. He used to shoot in my studio a lot back in the day. My studio mate was Gary and so was his longtime assistant, so someone got a snap  of the four of us on "the Deck of Death". Good times, noodle salad........ #dannyclinch  #garybreckheimer  #60minutes   #dannybones64
The good old days when I thought this was shooting on location!
#Breckheimer #GaryBreckheimer #tabletop #nude #fun #whocares