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Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne

Instagram photos and videos at Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne

Finally used the gift certificate i won to Radisson Flagstaff  through @gippslandjersey fundraiser. Thanks @salliejones and everyone else involved.
#skalmelbourne #skalleague #friendship #skal #welcome 
SKAL Melbourne newest member Cary Warren
여름 아니고 가을🌿
#멜버른 #flagstaffpark #추워
Thanks @radissonmelbourne for your warm hospitality and taking care of us and plenty of room for those 👉🏻🙆🏼‍♀️ #travelessentials
Enjoying every moment of my stay at Radisson Melbourne. Just love this team! A perfect hotel for business or leisure. #location #radisson #ausopen #radissonmelbourne #radissonhotels @radissonmelbourne
The best place to recover before the match on Monday 😍
Thank you @radissonmelbourne for the amazing hospitality during Australian Open 💫
Great to be back at Radisson Melbourne, loving the Flagstaff Gardens opposite and still in the heart of the city. Location at its best!  #location #radisson #radissonmelbourne #ausopen #radissonhotels @radissonmelbourne @colcheedasphotography
❤️ Happy New Year ❤️
모두 행복한 해피 뉴 이어 되길 🥳 
멜번에서 좋은 사람들 많이 만나서 행복햐~
Daddy Long Legs🕷
Merry Christmas everyone! ❤️🎄 My first Christmas away from my family, I’ll admit it’s a little weird in the sun but it was definitely a phenomenal day with my work fam! So much love and appreciation for all of you! 🤗
Me to everyone : ‘Drink tea and everything will be better’ ☕️ 😉
امشب يه سوپ درست كرديم كه پر از پياز بود، وقتى كه داشتم قابلمه ى سوپ رو خالى ميكردم كه بسته بنديش كنم يكم از آبش ريخت روى لباسم و خيلى عصبانى شدم.. اما يك دفعه متوجه شدم كه آب بوى پياز ميده و خود پياز ديگه بويى نداره.. ياد اين شعر افتادم: 
عشق آمد و شد چو خونم اندر رگ و پوست
تا كرد مرا تهى و پر ساخت ز دوست
اجزاى وجود من همه دوست گرفت
نامى است ز من بر من و باقى همه دوست
حكايت همين پياز و آب بود يهو به خودم اومدم ديدم عصبانى نيستم با يه لبخند مليح دارم به سوپ، و آب و پياز عاشقش نگاه ميكنم💕😊
Learn How To Independent, And You Will Know How Hard Is Life👌🏻
Sok sweet 😍
👯‍♀️the best ❤️#f45track
Morning Tingz
Thank you to everyone who bought tickets to our @radissonmelbourne raffle. HUGE congratulations to the winners of a one nights stay + breakfast for two:
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
K Redenbach and Anne Boyle!
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
You will both get a night away in the city with massive thanks to Clinton and Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
If you could get in touch with us via private message, we can arrange to get your vouchers to you.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
If you didn’t win, keep this wonderful hotel in mind when you need to book a night in the city (and tell them we sent you!) 🌃
Tfw you look amazing in the hotel lift
Goes to the other side of the world to experience fall early 🍁🍂
🇲🇾- 🇸🇬- 🇦🇺
Lazy Sundays
Australian angel
Going through my posing routine 1 day out from @arnoldsportsau
یه تمرین خوب تو باشگاه فیتنس ملبورن👊👊
هیچ‌وقت اجازه نده ذهن‌های کوچیک ،
بهت بگن رویات بزرگ و دور از دسترسه!
Thanks for letting me jump in @amberjcallahan_ and @kaigreene 💪🏼☝️👊❤️😍😊👌🏻
مسابقه ارنولد کلاسیک استرالیا در کنار بزرگان پرورش اندام دنیا👊
Photo with William Bonac. One of my favourite body builders. #bodybuilding #arnoldsaustralia  #WilliamBonac #luckyme
دوباره تلاش میکنم من مایوس نمیشم چیزی که بخوامو بدست خواهم اورد
در کنار بهترین پرورش اندام دنیا  ویلیام بوناک مهربون و دوس داشتنی که واقعا باید از نزدیک ببینید تا باورتون بشه چقد این بدن زیباست👍👍👌👌
Athlete checkin from Thursday @arnoldsportsau @tonydohertyoz 
Show starts at 2pm today ! ❤️
Last minute touch ups before the big dance.. Can never do enough posing... Nothing worse than looking lazy and careless on stage! 
Sparkle sparkle ✨💙💎 Thanks @sks_bikinis for hooking me up with the most beautiful suit to wear on stage today at The Arnold Classic Aus ! 🇦🇺👙💋🤩 Make sure you cheer for #8 today :) 😁🙌🏾 #bikini #sksbikinis #ifbbproleagueoz #arnoldoz
We are READY! It’s go time here at the @arnoldsportsau and I couldn’t be more happy and proud of what @ivanaivusic has been able to accomplish in just the last 10 days to take her physique to another level through her dedication and hard work. This trip has been amazing already for many reasons: 1. Of course it being part of our honeymoon that will extend for another week. 2. We truly decided to take on this competition as a 2 person TEAM trusting each other and being ridiculously detailed in everything we have done and only listening to ourselves and trusting each other. The odd thing about this sport is when you get closer and closer to the competition you start questioning your every move and reaching out to any and everyone to see what they are doing to try it. But we made it a specific point to keep it as simple as possible and trust in each other’s advice and learn from every moment. Ivana was literally up every single hour over the night evaluating and doing the appropriate steps to make this the best package yet. So damn proud of her.(I still have jet lag terrible so I would skip every other hour, haha). 3. The people and atmosphere down here is amazing and we have made life long connections with locals and Americans that would have never gave the chance to build a relationship if it weren’t for a trip like this.  Very thankful for this opportunity from @tonydohertyoz and the @ifbb_pro_league and looking forward to a memorable day and rest of the trip.... Sry for the rant, this Melbourne espresso has me going again 😂. @team_conquer_culture @granitesupplements @ironrebel @liquidsunrayz @liquidsunrayzau @aquarterturntotheright @markoivusic @mountaindog1 @5starphysiquefitness
اتاق رنگ همراه با رولی وینکلار
دوستان فردا عصر روز مسابقست شما میتونید از پیج علیرضا رسا از ساعت چهار بوقت ملبورن مسابقه رو ببینید و ساعت ۷ هم فینال برگزار میشه 👍
امیدوارم با یاری خدا و دعایه شما عزیزان بتونم بهترین نمایشو رو استیج داشته باشم❤
آماده برای زدن رنگ بدن . پارت دوم
خدا یا خودت کمکم کن🙏🙏🙏
Thank you for such a beautiful experience at the @arnoldsportsau Meet & Greet - I appreciate every single person who came to visit and support. All the athletes are grateful for our supporters. And thank you to @tonydohertyoz for such a beautifully organized event #arnoldclassic #arnoldclassicau #tamarajordan @teamedge1
1 day out....Last check before @arnoldsportsau ❤️💋 #diet #shapeoftheday #check #goodmorning
After getting some rest I was ready to hit the town! A Usual sighting, me in jeans and a T-shirt! So happy to see there’s a Costco here! #melbourne #travellife #costcochic #profitstudiochicago #stampsinmypassport
1 DAY OUT 🙊😍 @arnoldsportsau #ProBikini
Coach says my best look to date 💪🏼 weighing in at 124.6lbs that’s with 160oz water 😅 @alexiatuttle1 sorry for messaging you all hours of the night.. this time change is killer! 🤣 @arnoldsportsau
Letzte Nacht lief nix mehr. Nicht mal kuscheln war drin. Sie 📸 war müde. Ihr wisst wie es ist Männer. Einsam & alleine ging es duschen ✌

Zeitgefühl & Orientierung sind irgendwo zwischen Abu Dhabi und Melbourne 🇦🇺 auf der Strecke geblieben. Gleiches gilt für ihre #libido 💕

Übrigens ist es genau 06:06 Uhr in Melbourne. Später geht es noch ins @dohertysgym #arnoldclassic
۳روز مونده به ارنولد کلاسیک استرالیا💪💪
A good friend knows all your stories. A Best Friend helped you write them ❤️ #bestiesbeforetestes #bffs #sisters #eurasianpersuasion #15yearsandcounting
سلام به همه عزیزانم امروز هم به لطف خدا ثبت نام در ارنولدکلاسیک استرالیا انجام شد و من و روز یک شنبه ساعت ۴ عصر به وقت ملبورن مسابقه دارم التماس دعاء از همه عزیزانم
My beautiful @teamedge1 sister I love you @amberjcallahan_ I’m so proud to rep our team together at the @arnoldsportsau - ambers 2nd #arnoldclassicau ❤️❤️❤️ #arnoldclassic #tamarajordan #teamedge @ingridromero1 @joediscuillo
We made it ! Landed in Australia! See you all at the @arnoldsportsau Meet and Greet tonight at 7pm Thank you @tonydohertyoz for your warm welcoming staff and the beautiful sports jacket-special #arnoldclassicau gifts 🎁 I love them ❤️❤️❤️ #tamarajordan #arnoldclassic #arnoldclassic2018 #australia. @teamedge1 @joediscuillo @ingridromero1
چیزی دیگه  به مسابقه نمونده
خواستم همینجا از همه عزیزانی که به بنده لطف داشتن و بمن انرژی مثبت دادن تشکر کنم ومعذرت از بابت اینکه نمیتونم جواب همه کامنتارو بدم امیدوارم هرکجا که هستین بهترین لحظه هارو بگذرونین و تن سالم داشته باشین❤👍👍
💁🏼‍♀️🤳🏼💎👙💄💃🏼⭐️💭🍕 @bikinisbyfreydis 
2 days out.... waaaaaaaaaaaa
Yes I am awake at 2am 🤣
Pre tan... pre face... 😋

#2daysout #canihavepizzayet
سلام به همه عزیزانم ۴ روز قبل از مسابقه ارنولدکلاسیک استرالیا ۲۰۱۸ التماس دعاء ازهمه دوستان یاعلی
😍It's not everyday you head out to get your first tan with the team at @protanaustraliaofficial1 and run into Miss Bikini Olympia, 2x Miss Bikini International and Miss Bikini Australia @angelicaht 💪🙊 Wow. Words barely came out of my mouth to be honest, star struck🌟
Thank you for taking the time to chat @angelicaht. You have really put a pep in my step for my first Arnold's comp Friday, it is appreciated so much. Good luck for the weekend's competition! Hope you enjoy Australia as much as I do!💓
ترس صرفا یک تفکره
و چون بال و پر پیدا میکند در ذهن ،
لباس واقعیت به تن میکند
اما در واقع فقط وجود خارجی ندارد
Cardio and training done 😍💪🏻💗 Made it to Melbourne, Australia. 
Great journey, super smooth and we even got an entire row to ourselves each on both planes 😄

Got some sleep... meals all through with no issues, just waiting to get in to our room now.

Don't mind the pink compression socks 🤣

Exciting 💪🏻 #australia #melbourne #arnoldoz
عاشق همه تونم خیلی به من لطف دارین التماس دعاء
My new hunting ground 😎
. .
. .
.#perfectsunday #sunday #denim #denimdress #toypoodle #cute
I need to do something with my hair. Cannot make it oredi liao. 🙄🙄🙄
Just when i was thinking about how much im missing her, i got called up for Melbourne. Terubat rindu. Thank you for dinner.. love ya!!
FREE SAUSAGE SIZZLE!!!! The Casanova are at Flagstaff Gardens handing out free snags and prizes thanks to Radisson hotel who are celebrating their 20th birthday 🎈🎉@radissonmelbourne #radisson #freesnags
Eclipse 😊🌒📷
My breakfast bought from Victoria Market Melbourne
Business class ✨
Vegie lovers! This Fried Pizza is for you😋🍅🧀🌶🍄
🚛Catch @pizzafrittaco food truck from 11AM at the following location:
📍SAT 13 JAN - William Street, Melbourne (Flagstaff Gardens)
📍SUN 14 JAN - William Street, Melbourne (Flagstaff Gardens)
📍MON 15 JAN - St Kilda Road Melbourne (Art Centre)
Good Morning #melbourne . My New year #breakfast #nasigoreng
Another year another Radisson seafood feast and reason to dress up. Thanks Christmas 🎄👌🏼🥂🍤🎭 @miss_r_chapman @ellieschon @__amadine #christmasparty #masquerade #Radisson
Such a beautiful city 🌁
A big thank you to @ganachechoc for creating our festive chocolate wall! 🎄🍫🎉 Take a selfie featuring our chocolate wall and hashtag #RadissonMelbourne #GanacheChoc, and the best photo will win overnight accommodation voucher for 2 guests with Ganache welcome gifts and breakfast next morning. Best of luck!
Fresh after a nap... now its all bout food 🐄
SHE LOVES THE PARK! and seriously before she worn out I worn out first already! Running with her is no joke super high intensity! Looking forward to more work out session with her!!!!😙 #popiahlife #adoptdontshop
Did this in 2010.. didnt know what i was doing til it was finished. I wanted to show how people feel suffocated from emotions they never expressed.
I wanted to show them how i felt,

And how sometimes.. i stay up feeling like this..
Taman Bungkul
Actually feeling really tired but I'm at the point where I'm just so lazy to sleep 😫#metime
don't give me gelato and not expect me to bounce off the walls
AAT Kings recognises how incredibly hard our Receptionist work by offering a gift voucher for the winner of AICR's Receptionist of the Year 2017. The prize would be for 2 to join K35L Puffing Billy and Yarra Valley Winery tour including lunch and wine tastings.
Janette Hui the winner from @doubletreemelbourne will experience this unique day tour. Thank you @aatkings #receptionistoftheyear #aicraustralia #hotelworld #radissonhotel #melbourne @puffingbillyrailway
Lack of sleep leads to bad (greedy) decisions but then again, a happy tummy! 🤗 #ezleaxtravels #howtobeonadiet #foodbabypreggers
My #freedom 🍁🍂🌾 Autumn in 🇦🇺 #fairytail
@RadissonMelbourne  launches a chocolate themed accommodation package featuring chocolate from Ganache Chocolate.

When guests make their way to the exclusive chocolate hotel room they will be in for a real treat as the room is dedicated to chocolate. Think of your typical hotel amenities, but made of chocolate - photo frames, books, candles and other unique creations all made of chocolate, plus a tray of chocolate treats like mugs of silky hot chocolate upon arrival and chocolate take home gifts.

With faux fur rugs, cushions and twinkling lights this decadent winter haven at Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens will be an irresistible delight available from June 15 until August 31, 2017.
*still  can't get you out of my mindddddd🍁  #misseduu #melbournecity 
13.06.2017 🌾
When you wear a hotel robe, it doesn't feel like you have $6.12 in your bank account #jkimaballer #lmao
Check that view from the restaurant with $47 steak 👌🏻#weliketoactfancy #freewinecoupon
Love my new white #NEBBIA pants😘💪🏼 @nebbia_fitness @arnoldclassicau #australia
No first callouts for me but as my husband texted me right after prejudging, "I'm always their first callout"...and that is the most important thing of all, my ohana❤. Headed back to @arnoldclassicau for finals. Thank you everyone for all the well wishes, love and support ❤. Feeling blessed and loved🙏🏼. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Lifestyle and transformation specialist since 1992 🙌🏼. Contest prep 🏆 & Posing💃🏻 coach. HawaiiBikiniFit Program👙 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐ To join @Team_ELITEWarriors
Email founder
Or visit for more info
Footage of the @arnoldclassicau Pre Judging JUST NOW! Sorry for the shaky hands but I'm so damn proud of this bad ass mammajamma! Poised, Beautiful and Accomplished. More to come at the finals streaming live at 7pm (Australian time) @generationironofficial #bikinipro #probikini #ifbb #arnoldclassic #australia @camile_periat @d4musclefit
She's ready guys! I know it'll be late, but there is going to be a live stream on in about 7 hours. #TeamBreena
Bobblehead blonde ✌
I was honored to be a part of the very first @arnoldclassicau back in 2015. I placed 4th that year. Regardless of that number the experience was one of my career highlights in the #IFBB. Being flown around the world to a country I had always wanted to visit was a humbling experience.  Australia has become one of my favorite places not only because its beautiful and has some kick-ass gyms @dohertysgym but because the people here are AMAZING! Everyone is so welcoming and kind, and the hospitality has been consistent every time over the past 3 years. -
I just wanted to take a moment to thank @tonydohertyoz for being such an amazing host and for all the tireless work he and his staff do to make this event absolutely amazing. Its an incredible production and I hope that you can see it in person tomorrow starting at 1pm Melbourne Convention Center or Finals are 7pm at Plenary hall. 
BUT if you are unable or if you are cheering me on from back home 🇺🇸there will be a live feed streaming on @generationironofficial 😎 Get ready to be impressed! The # of athletes here has grown and everyone is looking sharp and ready to stand on that stage proud tomorrow! Best of luck to all my fellow competitors! Let's have some fun!!
So very thankful to FINALLY be here. Only 24 hours off the plane and I'll be on that amazing stage. Thank you to @tonydohertyoz and the entire @arnoldclassicau staff for making me feel welcome even though I'm a day or so late. It's going to be an amazing weekend! #bombshellfitness #ifbbfigurepro @dohertysgym
She's taking selfies. @arnoldclassicau is tomorrow. We haven't and won't cut water and we certainly will not be using any diuretics. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Her shape is crazier and more cartoony than ever. Sandy said more depth and thickness in the back so Bo filled up a bit more and we accomplished the back thickness. Can't wait to see her on stage!  #forthewin  @bojanaifbbpro  @aroundthenpc_jm @bevsgym #ifbbprofigure #arnoldclassicaustralia #asf2017 #ifbb #figure #npcfirst @centerpodium #usa
Camile was lucky enough to share a table with one of the most humble and successful of the big guys... @dallasmccarver I wish them the very best come Saturday! #heavyweight #bodybuilding #australia @arnoldclassicau @arnoldsports Dallas is one of the reasons this sport is still what it is. Down to earth and a true people's champ! #futureisbright 😎
Megérkeztem😜🇦🇺💪 @arnoldclassicau hétvége készen állok! 💚 | Just arrived and so ready for @arnoldclassicau weekend! Yeeey! 😜🇦🇺💪 #ifbbpro #biotechusa #puma #coachberkes #motivated
So, I'm here!!!! Annnnnd this is a little look at the Awesome room I have for my stay put on by @tonydohertyoz. So cool👌🏼Thanks TD! #arnoldclassicau #melbourne #ifbbpro #bestposingmirrorsever #radisson
Yesterdays booty workout😄🍑 Tag a friend you wanna try it with 💪😄 I also did 30 minute cardio before hitting the weights 😉

Leggings: @startsportswear 
Top: @scitecnutrition 
Body: @teamedge1 
Music: @bjork 
#bootyworkout #melbourne
Somewhere between heaven and hell. ❤ 🌸 ~ #Melbourne #Radisson
Take me down to the paradise city😘😘😘Gun n' Roses....
Melbourne 👋🏼! Thank you @radissonmelbourne for your warm hospitality 😊
HAPPY❷⓪❶⑦☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Getting styled by the famous Emmanuel ammo for tonight's performance here in Melbourne 💇🏻💃🏻🎤#Melbourne  #Christmas #lindageorgeofficial
Catch you later Melbourne 🎅🏻 #roadtrip
My perfect view 😍🙌🏼 some of the tastiest ribs I've ever had! Thank you @leeroy_robbins #ribs
Just chilling in a tub of bubbles with my chocolate raspberry yoghurt. #MEL 🇦🇺
Food like this makes my soul happy.. @leeroy_robbins back at it again! Fresh AF seafood 🐠☀️🙌🏼 #foodforthesoul #freshfood
Objective of flight met! Really tiring.. but well worth now! Lol! #142liao alakazam, tauros and farfetch... 3 more to retirement..
Chocolate Dome Cake, Hokey pokey, salted caramel, French vanilla bean ice cream by Executive Chef Leigh Robbins at Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens @radissonmelbourne @radissonhotels #dessertime Read all about our visit on
Blessed with a nice set of crew on my first sny!!✨🙏🏼
Gooooood morning Melbourne! Gonna run to victoria market for some grocery shopping & back to sleep
"The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton 🌸⛈
Absolute bliss..
Delicious !!! A must try #foodgasm #vanilla
Somehow.... I still have abs😂😂😂 y'all i ate a lot of donuts yesterday!!!😂😂😂 lmao!😍😍😍🍩🍩🍩🍩they were soooooo amazing!!!! @doughnut_time  in Melbourne is legit! #goodmorningfromaustralia
Breakfast time before A leg workout Photoshoot at @dohertysgym with @charleslowthian 💪🏽
Morning made getting my tan by @protanaustraliaoffical and got to have a chat with @cedricmcmillan before his top coat. Awesome guy, I can't wait to watch him in the finals tonight. I think he can get Kia tonight in my opinion.
😋 steak & potatoes - they do wedges with sweet chili and sour cream here and it amazing!
Second coat of tan on by @protanaustraliaoffical one more coat and it's game time tomorrow for the @arnoldclassicau getting excited now.  #classicbodybuilding
Am I dark enough ???😝😝😝 lmao! It's showtime! Now time to get this hair and makeup taken care of! @arnoldclassicau #arnoldclassicau #IFBB #black#icantevenseemyabs
Going to bed with a happy heart. ❤️ #proud #happy #excited #content #grateful
First coat of tan on thanks to @protanaustraliaoffical and got to meet @cody_montgomery on the way out. Super nice guy and insanely big in person. Can't wait to see him on stage this weekend.
Time for the athlete meeting and meet & greet! @arnoldclassicau
A lot can change in 10 days when you give 💯 and then some. 1 day out #arnoldclassicau 
Post To Be Continued....
Tomorrow is the big day!! I'm feeling amazing! Better than ever 💪🏽@arnoldclassicau
Good morning from Melbourne! It's about 10am and I just woke up from an amazing 10hr sleep! No jet lag here! 🙏🏼 I feel super refreshed and ready to relax all day in bed before the competition tomorrow. #happygirl #nofilter #me
Another example of how the @arnoldclassicau team takes great care of us all. Thank you so much for this great gift. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to compete here in Australia again. #gratefulheart @dohertysgym #koalas
🔥PROTAN🔥.... Hot stuff... Dayum straight I am... 😆😆😂.... First coat on for the @arnoldclassicau this Friday!!!! Feelin fab and blek.... The excitement just got really real! Thanks @protanaustraliaoffical... The best in the business! For last minute backstage packages contact @andylidonni at
I am in Australia!! Two days out from @arnoldclassicau and very excited! They are treating us so well here!💕
What an amazing view 🌃Thoroughly enjoying our stay at @radissonmelbourne Thanks for having us! ✌🏽️@markgriffiths_

#visitmelbourne #travel #fromwhereyoudratherbe
Melbourne ya been good so far 🎂
Getting scenic in the flagstaff gardens on the way back to base camp! Thanks again for setting me up with a pad 🏨 #Hoteltonight #HTMoment
City views 🌃