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Revelstoke, British Columbia

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mountain sunsets
@calebkesterke you’re a better photographer than I will ever be ♥️😘
lost - hunter brothers
Another photo by @simonintheclouds that I really enjoy from a fun day exploring the pass. Uphill walk-boarding is fun. Hoping for just abit more winter out here🙏 #getoutside #goskiingwithyourfriends
Alpha miles
One from finals in Revelstoke today 📱 @jordie_kirk
What a strange time it’s been. The season has changed again & so have I. Everything seems a bit blurry and uncertain. I feel like I’m in limbo, knowing something better is coming and putting a lot of faith in that but not taking control. I’m ready to take the wheel again, feel my healthiest, and I absolutely cannot wait for all the unreal things to come this spring and summer! The last few weeks have been a mix of slackcountry pow riding and spring riding & I couldn’t have asked for any more! Ready for the next 🙏🏼
@somewon @oldxtrip
Super happy to take the win at the Revelstoke regional congrats @sofiaguyyy for taking second and all the other competitors that awesome this weekend  thanks @whistlerfreerideclub
So excited to take another 2nd at the Revelstoke regional this weekend. Props to @drea_dimma for 1st and all of the other @whistlerfreerideclub athletes for crushing it!! #ifsa #thisisfreeride #revelstokedstraightupmystreet @westerncanadafreeride @ifsa @whistlerfreerideclub
My legs are shot, my knee is screaming, and my cheeks are just as sore. Non-stop smiles @blanketglacierchalet wouldn’t have it any other way!
@blanketglacierchalet has been firing the past week! Huge thanks to @capowguiding for some good ol fashion #goodguiding ! What a trip!

Best time out with an all time crew and a must for your bucket list! Thanks for having me along! 
@k2skis @trewgear @backcountryaccess @sweetprotection  @swanygloves @mo_pros @montuckycoldsnacks @10thmtnwhiskey
@salomonrunning please sponsor us 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️💨 couldn’t be more excited to have been out with my number one run buddy! 🤗✨
Throw back from when @ciaranroxburgh handed me an actual camera and this happened #revelstoke #nikon
Life is looking pretty good in Revy right now. Especially from behind the lens of the new @vonzipper Farva sunnies.

@elle_bell @gteeeee
Pine trees for days #revelstoke #bc
The Milky Way and the mountains- that’s a pretty cool combo in our eyes! 🤩 #TheRealStoke Regram 📷: @thewakefieldlens
Road trips to explore new terrain! 🏔 Love skiing different parts of my backyard 🇨🇦
The 90 wins again. Currently 0/6 lol
The stocker made it the highest so far 🤟
thanks @swellbottle for keepin us hydrated🍷
Mountains have been v hot lately 🔥 | @katevh22 @kellyvco @pollybabcock @emdeeemay
@mmlazarski bringing a lot of positive to the mountains lately... that’s great and all, but we could all use a little more negative to preserve the snow quality.
Powder Day 😁
7 years ago today we were doing the exact same thing. Goes full circle hey #TheBoys
Had so much fun this last week in revi for the @ifsafreeriders competition. Big thanks to everyone who made this event happen. Stoked to take home 1st this weekend •
#hellyhansen #hhcrew #priorsnow #ifsa #revelstoked #feelalive #hellyhansenwhistler
Recipe for a ski film:
1/2 cup of catchy music
4 ski bums
2 tbsp of double backflips
a pinch of sunflares
and camera gear, borrowed from @dave.culligan ================================================================================================== highlight film of the trip coming soon
Wooo super fun slush park day. Thanks for the follow cam @samuelbdallaire #revyparks
Awesome job to the crew at revelstoke @1tristan_curran4 taking the w @weitien_ho taking 3rd, @drea_dimma taking the w @sofiaguyyy taking 2nd, @am.bertt taking the w and @floydguyyy taking the w, @kohentaz07 taking 3rd and @charski21 taking 4th. #thisisfreeride #keepthevibehigh #whistlerfreerideclub @ifsafreeriders @westerncanadafreeride
Smile... you’re in the mountains 🏔 📷 by
Spring hiking in Revy 🇨🇦
Revelstoke was icy, slushy but Unbelievably amazing❄️🏂❤️🥂 #cheers #snowboarding
100% whole wheat. 2 hour autolyse. 5 hour bulk fermentation. 18 hour final rise in the refrigerator. SAY WHAT!? in other words really delicious natural bread made with whole wheat flour that took a long time to make but I was sleeping for most it 😜 want to learn the love language that is sourdough bread? join me at one of my workshops here in Revelstoke or at the @banffyogafestival or maybe soon online? would you be into that? let me know! ps. workshop info through the link in profile. pps. sourdough Q+A happening in stories today! ask me anything! k bye 👋
........ gnarnia....
Never thought I’d be waking up to this view everyday....#finallyliving #thankyouuniverse
Revelstoked 🤙🏼 #passionforslashin
Getting our chopper briefing here at @selkirktangiers. It’s gonna be a crazy couple weeks 🚁 @mspfilms #mspfilms #mspix
Waw waw waw listen to my sob story, the day I got back out skiing after spraining my left ankle I popped out my right knee. It was a dramatic moment. All I wanted was to be a skiing ski bum this season. But the universe is telling me to be an artist
thanks armada for matching your skis to the sunset
Postcard from Revelstoke.
Chandail vintage pis Soleil qui te réchauffe la face 😌🌲☀️
Bluebird day in Rogers Pass! #asulkanhut #springskiing #skitour
After nearly 10 days of sunshine and hot temps we are still finding the goods in Revelstoke. @eaglepassheliski @cook_james #eliteskitravel  #picoftheday #heliski
wondering how I spent my winter?
Happy Birthday to this beautiful girl that I am so happy to call my best friend. I hope this year will bring you as much joy as you have brought me. I love you ❤️🖤
Exploring the Flats 💜🐾
The end of an era. After 4 years with mustang helicopters I’m leaving to pursue a job opportunity with custom helicopters. Thanks for the ride🤘
Mirando a la nada, pensando en todo
Had a great OG MG day last week. Followed @sammycarlson1 down an often looked at couloir at @k3catski Now dubbed the Diesel Couloir, it was a perfect start to my steep skiing career;)
Finished it off with 3 glorious days cragging at Solitaire with friends.
#Sundayfunday is right! Who’s out riding today?! ❄️💥 Photo Cred: @clumax
Pounded the car through a few detour logging roads on the way to revelstoke.  Not the greatest idea but we found a sleek brewery in the end. Great beer, and an even better host #mtbegbiebrewing
Exploring the new backyard 🌿🌸
Stop to enjoy the #SundaySerenity 😌
Life gets so busy during the week, it’s important to take a quiet moment to just enjoy it #takingamoment #howstheserenity #revelstoked
This jacket makes me feel like @itsmaysmemes
Heading into finals at the last @ifsafreeriders @westerncanadafreeride event of the season before NorAm’s! @revelstoke #keepthevibehigh #thisisfreeride 📷: @jeffrey.holden
Am I in heaven? 🙏
Y’all sleepin on Uncle Kracker. #phattestchunksaround #blindboisofalabama
Fun day competing @revelstoke unfortunately back slapped on my first hit and didn’t make it to finals good luck to the boys and girls competing tomorrow. 🎥 @felix.16453 @louislajoie  #thisisfreeride #ifsa #freerideski
Here’s my qualifying run from Revelstoke. Ended up in first. Congrats to all the people who threw down today.  @bigboybees @powderhoundsports
Had an amazing day with her
Revelstoke, you're okay.

Pic #1 - dog walk along the river.
Pic #2 - watching the freeskiing competition at the top of the Ripper Chair.  My brother Keith is photobombing out of Matt's head 😀 
Spring skiing conditions were surprisingly not icy, but there was plenty of slush.
Revelstoke was awesome can’t wait to go back with the old man!
@eaglepassheliski provided us with a gift certificate for one day of heli skiing.  Congrats to @flatbeddirtbag for taking this prize and well deserved it was.  We awarded it for most overall soul of Soulines.  Eric along with Kim and Mike Chapman we’re there a week in advance for set up and tear down along with many hours building camp and laps on their sleds helping out 🙏🏻 •
The photo challenge is in full swing head over to our website to make a vote for you fab pics.  The contest is on🔥right now!
The sky’s the limit around here! 🦅 #TheRealStoke Regram 📷: @ryanpaulcollins
rare documentation 
of a @jocoahsorensen in the wild 🦅
[•] @danielstewart_photo
Got a sick picture of the mountains with one of @grosse_helga custom snap backs! If y'all want one go follow and dm her. Let's support this local artist and get a sick hat! 📸@_claire_.14
Super clean barrelroll from this week 👌👌 took me 17 attempts to land this smoothly. Behind my camera was @pontuslu like always! @lynx_snowmobiles #LynxDNA #lynxSnowmobiles #gustafssonsbil
Springtime stoke with these cuties 🌞🌊🍻 #springdaze #sassandslay #revelstoke #WEPhoods
Alright Spring, keep going nuclear so we can head to Revy and get some of this sooner.
My shreddin' partner today.
Great times in a great place #domed
You win some you lose most. @salomonfreeski #timetoplay #holyshift
Perfect ambient to write and rehearse. #Photoshot #Canada #Revelstoke #HewittsPlace
Had the best time spring riding and hanging out with friends in Revelstoke over the past week!!! Much love to the Evans fam for opening your doors and allowing us to experience your little mountain paradise. ☀️🏔🏂
@smhollenbeck told me to smile #revelstoked
Nothing like taking pictures in the sunset. Thanks for making it looking more dope @jeppekayey ☀️☀️
RE read this a few times.... for me, I like giving myself the utmost odds in my favour, for life goals, etc. So, what I do is, I remove anything from my life which doesn’t serve me, doesn’t benefit me or push me forward etc.
So, I stopped watching movies, and of course TV. I literally have watched 3 movies in 4 years. When it had been about 2 years since I watched a movie I sat down and watched the Bourne supremacy before bed and I can tell you, something happens to your subconscious mind after zoning out and watching a movie.
Why they call it a program right... anyways my point is, for me, it’s like this. If I’m not 100% where I want to be in life, why am I sitting here watching a movie lmao.. like... I got other stuff to do. Just a waste of time in my opinion.
I prefer spending my spare time researching learning reading, YouTubing etc.. I find it lots more fulfilling... what about you folks?
Spring "skiing" 🍻
Bara för att det var så fint och vi (jag) var så glada.
Thanks for being my adventure buddy and getting lost in the trees @nzylstra, looking forward to our next one #revelstoke #bluebird
Blep or mlem? 😋 📷:@journeysofjuniper

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It’s @jamilouk birthday! ...that’s something to smile about! 💥
Sure hope we get more deep days like this before the end of the season! One would be nice #2019season #sled #snow #powder #deepdays #deep #led #lights #polaris #ride #adventure #explore #backcountry
@joeyvosburgh -  When Hazard is low we play @selkirktangiers
Bara massa trams :P
Revy did us good
What a good day for nudes
Ladies trip to Revelstoke. Too warm for @eaglepassheliski so we are lapping the mountain.
Had a blast the other morning. Thanks a great deal to my man Andrew.
#flying #happy #mountain #life
Few damn good days stacking footage with a heavy hitting crew! 
#509inc #snowmobile #revelstoke #britishcolumbia #509 #volume14
Great sesh at the park today, videos didn’t work out but these photos are proof of all the bangers that were landed #thrasher #nyjah #trottinette
Fun first day in revy, quailes tomorrow 👌🏻 🎥: @adam.kuch_ —————————————-
Huge thanks to @villageskihut @nordicaski @whitewaterfreeride —————————————
#skihutteam #fitforthelongrun #nordicaenforcer #nordica #iheartwh2o
A 16 year old retard and a turboed sled, what could possibly go wrong🤷🏼‍♂️#boost #sled
10th town done.  revy was a real beaut!  #nomads #locumlife #revelstoke
Sometimes you just have to accept that the universe has other plans. Warmer than normal temps are keeping us from heli-skiing, but I can get stoked on a few beer laps in the sunshine.
Gang gang
Kinda weird walking up Connaught and seeing literally nobody else out skiing. Definitely not bad...just weird.
We’ve had a lot of homes, still think this one is my favourite 🍄#trippytribute
Couple of brewskis & spring skiing in 11 degrees yehhhaa
How to nail a line 🤷‍♂️
#revelstoke #therealstoke
#skibc #skiing #forecastski
Cheers to the weekend! 🍻Where is yours taking you? Tell us in the comments!
Amazing shot by @dancak near Revelstoke #TheRealStoke #KootRocks #PowderHighway #ExploreBC #ExploreCanada
great day for a walk with my girl💕
🔊Sound on. See how @_greghill_ uses @rylo viewfinder to create motion with points. Direct sweeping pans and smooth camera movements, all with the tap of a finger.
#rylo #storiesthatmove
Super Stoked with Hayley Stewart’s painting she designed for our 2019 Kanuk Wakesurf Surfboard.
This lady is extremely talented and easy to work with. She is based out of Revelstoke, BC and her paintings can be viewed at the Art Gallary downtown, the Coop or online. Check out her website  Support this local up and coming artist !!!!! #hayleystewart #hayleystewartart
Wrapping up an epic snowboard trip with them boyz out on the West Coast. Now back to daddy duties 💪🏼 #method in #revelstoke 📷 @pnlessard
Feel that fire.
I don’t have much more to say in this caption; all I can think about when I see it is fire. Fire in the sky, fire in the soul to capture these incredible moments, fire in the heart to push the limits of the sport...
Fire on my sled when I ride it down the highway and it literally catches on fire. Yesterday was all about feeling that fire. In all forms.🔥
#sledrevelstoke #snow #mountains #skidoo 
#arcticcat #yamaha #polaris #topoftheworld ##snow #sledding #sled #snowmobiling #ride #snowmachine #revelstoke #surf #love #thelife #SR #photography #actionphotography #action #snowmobile #winter #raygle #seerevelstoke
Zootherapy with Taïki
Vision boards my friends, they are something else. Go and print off a bunch of HD pics of places you wish to see, things you wish to accomplish, etc and wake up and look at them every day...
It starts to engrain in the mind, and over time attracts the physical equivalent of those pictures into one’s reality.
Look up the benefits of vision boards and how they work, there is actually a science to it
I did this and it worked for me in many ways, I recommend it to anyone
Visual therapy courtesy of @DustinCraven. 👀💆🏼‍♂️ #CAPiTADOA
Spring break
Made it to Revelstoke! B and I had a nice smooth trip across Canada and I'm happy to be back in the mountains! It was a great feeling to get the bus dirty and see how well my build held up to a long journey. Now, let's get to work!
I still believe winter is out’s just on a spring getaway. Pow from a few weeks ago 😁
Photo: @emelie.stenberg 
#notover #skiing #couloirs #backcountry #freeride
Smile more. Its good for your health. 😎
S P R I N G 🌺
Sometimes it's all about perspective... spot the skier! 🧐 #TheRealStoke Regram 📷: @_sydneymarie___
Having to much fun these days!
It looks like spring is here to stay on the West Coast. May as well get to one of these and soak up a seasons worth of slams || PS. The bears are out now and this place is closed 🐻 .
#ExploreBC #Canon #Spring
Day 4 of the @_greghill_Take over: What can we do..... there are so many things an individual can do.  We can vote with our dollars, buy from companies that have the same values as yours. Look into your investments and ensure that they are in the right energy sectors. Eat less meat, more local foods.  Invest in technologies that are greener. Lobby governments to impose carbon taxes and pressure big businesses to change. Be more conscious of flying and when you do offset the carbon generated.  And of course, Reduce...Reuse...recycle. 📸 @travisnrousseau

#protectourwinterscanada #protectourwinters #passionintopurpose #climatechangecanada #bethechange
Repost from @lukestevens__ / @alpine_forestry_co — Going back home | Thank you for the tag | #stellarequipment | @stellarequipment
We've got spring in our step.
#Repost @amyfraseroo 📷 @jbatesaz
Loving the spring weather
#tbt to the identity we created for @explorerssocietyhotel in Revelstoke, B.C. We’ve been slowly putting together a case study of all the work we created and will hopefully show it soon! -
#wolfdesign #canada #revelstoke #logo #branding #hoteldesign
Contrast. Revelstoke, BC
Things are really heating up in the mountains these days 📸: @jamesgfraser | #ehframe
Was nice to board with @curtisciszek and @ejackshreds the other day #goodChugging @eaglepassheliski 📷 @c0nw0w
Down Zee Crack ...Epic last week in Revelstoke with A great crew @darcysharpe @jamieanderson @dustincraven @rtkenny @jdh_films @justinkious
Cold smoke and crispy trees
Little teaser from this Sundays shoot. Sure is nice to have some clear weather. Filming is in full swing this spring! @salomonfreeski #timetoplay #holyshift #qst118 #revelstoke
雪はすっかり春ですが、冒険はまだまだ続きます📽 #heartfilms #trip #canada
Couldn’t be any happier than being able to check off some @revelstoke most classic runs on a bluebird day @seerevelstoke #revelstoke 📷 @juanaizpuruphotomountain
Such a unique backdrop I couldn't ride by without trying to capture something 

When the mountains are your playground. AJ and Kasper are at it again and as usual, turn up the sound for the full effect 🔊
📽️ @tompoolephotography #revykids #revyparks #Revelstoked
Happiness is life in the mountains with friends. I feel so lucky to have this existence. @jbrodziak on the cam. @salomonfreeski @salomon #timetoplay #holyshift #qst118
In the end, people will judge you anyways, so don't live your life impressing others- live your life impressing yourself✨
In all honesty, I don’t hike or make these post for other people. I make them for myself. As a reminder of his grateful I am for all the places I’ve been, trails I’ve trekked on and the mountains I’ve accomplished on my own. I impress myself everyday by looking back on my journey and where I am now. I’m so grateful to live such a life that I can do the things I love and to be able to have the kind of mindset that “I can do anything I set my mind to.” That being said I love to share my experience and location with you all, so you too can experience these beautiful places too 💛
Meadows In The Sky, Revelstoke BC 📍🗻
#hikingtheglobe #kootrocks #switchbackchics #choosemountainswomen #divasoutdoors #hikingadventures #mtnbabes #wildernessculture #adventuretube #getoutside #nikon #photography #hikerchicksrock #thompsonokanagan #serenityexplores #sheexplores #likeamountaingirl #hike #explorecanada #optoutside #hikelikeagirl #seekthetrails #roamtheplanet #hikerbabes #freshairandfreedom #alpinebabes #likeawildernessgirl #naturetemptation #venturebeyond #allaboutadventures
SHANE. Our beloved no-nonsense Guiding Manager, Shane is incredibly knowledgeable about mountain safety and all things Mica. We are lucky to have this caliber of talent committed to leading our exceptional team of guides. He recently grew a beard and it’s very intimidating. In a good way. 
#micamagic photo by @zoyalynch
📷 ✍️ @perpetualweekend | A few years ago in Revelstoke I approached @troyleahey about shooting ski patrol performing avalanche control work. He invited me to tag along while he and his team used 6kg (!!!) of dynamite to take out a massive cornice (Swipe 👉)
Inside the explosive bunker, insulated from the storm raging outside by feet of concrete and snow, it was silent. I’d never been around boxes of TNT and there’s a gravity to handling that much dormant power. For his part, Troy seemed unflustered working in an enclosed space with a large amount of dynamite
Out near the cornice, the team rigged three charges with two sticks each, cut det cord so the blast would be simultaneous, then roped up to insert the charges into holes drilled into the thick cornice
When it detonated the bang was like a baseball to my sternum. The light was so flat, I hope you’ll forgive my over-processing the explosion pics
#avalanche #avalanchesafety #skipatrol#revelstoke
Still hurting from landing right in my bomb hole but the picture turned out awesome 😅 thanks @pontuslu for the capture!
Our non-profit, @chillfoundation, is raffling off a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Revelstoke, BC. The winner will receive airfare, accommodations, lift tickets, and more. Tickets are just $25 each and only 600 will be sold to keep the odds in your favor. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will go towards supporting Chill's youth development programming. Enter through the link in our bio before the drawing on Friday, March 29th, and good luck! 
Note: This contest is open to residents of North America only.
Yesterday was a epic day to end a trip! —— Thanks @dustincraven @charlesreid @jamieanderson & crew for the memories.
Yesterday’s mission to ski this beautiful Couloir did not disappoint. We started Out the day with an interesting sled ride into the valley, then toured thick forest and alpine bowls, and finally entered into the seemingly endless Couloir.  Thanks to @christinalusti for the ideas and motivation, @adamzok @danrohn and Julie for making such a great team. #alpineclimbing  @arcteryx @lasportivagram @julbo_eyewear #couloirskiing #skibc
Activated send mode yesterday 😎 thanks for the sick photo @calebkesterke mad skills on the sled and behind the lens! 
Slash 💥 @eye_b_long on the capture. 🖤
JA 🙏 my new free spirit board from @gnusnowboards has an awesome “JA” eye of Horus on the base representing the 5 senses. Touch. Taste. Smell. Sight. Hearing. 
Me and @charlesreid checking a step down in revy.... 📷 @justinkious 
Art by  @sarahkingart 💙
Back country’s going great... Thanks for asking. 😭🥰😂 — @charlesreid thanks for filming, and thinking I had a chance of doing something worth filming haha.
Best feeling ✨ •
📷 @justinkious #jaunconditional #snowboarding
st8 2 da gram📲 @revelstoke @on3pskico #on3p5 #k116
Congratz @m1sta_mango on da @xgames realski fan vote 🙏 and congrats to all of the participants because that was the most lit #realski to date. Makes me so happy to see how much effort you all put into it! ❤️ @on3pskico #goskiingwithyourfriends #loosebutlit #on3p5
Sunny Sunday🌞 w @skimanguy, @jnillagrams #snowintheforcast❄️ @on3pskico #on3p5