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Rila, Bulgaria

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#winter in 🇧🇬
Only just back in Ireland and already wanting to book another little getaway 😩 #rilskimanastir #bulgaria #travel
Can’t wait for new adventures #FBF#Mountain#Hike#Bulgaria
Just some random old stuff.. ☀️
🐱 amb la Maribel
📸 @enric_mt97
Gat batejat per @edgarca97
It feels good to be lost in the right direction 🌷
Eso sí era paz interior
Обичаме България. В която посока и да отидеш, все ще виждаш гледки към величествена природа.
Присъедини се към магията на пътешествията с @bulgarian_travelers 💙
Вдъхновени за път от @kattkarli
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2019/ 02 / 15
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« выход за рамки не сделал тебя грешницей. 
так же как и те, кто единожды посетили храм не стали святыми »
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I’ll miss the gang🤙🏼
El poder de la imaginación nos hace infinitos - John Muir.  #enfermeraporelmundo #bulgaria #sofia
close the door
I would've stayed there all day if I could
I think we found another happy place for us @neri.mollaali
Аз имам Бог и Той има мен✝️
Don't live their life.
Live your life.❕
Hay lugares donde uno se queda, y lugares que se quedan en uno eternamente 🇧🇬
#Bulgaria #PaisTop #LiveIsLike #ViajarEsVivir
I had such an amazing time exploring the Rila Monastery with family and friends. Bulgaria is full of so much history and beauty and I want to see it all. Where should I go next? 🤔 🇧🇬
Здесь так красиво, невыносимо
Last day in Bulgaria🏊🏼‍♂️🏊🏼‍♂️
Go outside and get some sunshine 😎🗻 #altitudetraining
#summer2018 🏔🌤
Y que dure ❄️💕
#snowday 🙈❄️#weekendvibes
I’m BACK boy. .
Like if you’re the type of guy who takes pre-workout before masturbation .. 😂😂
Краски жизни говорят больше, чем сама фабула жизни
každý má nějakou cestu
a já miluju tu svou ❤️
"The eyes, Chico. They never lie." 🍭 #κοκκινημυτουλαγιαπανταα
Тъмният поглед във очите, говори за ясното бъдеще в живота ✊🏿💰✴️
Снимка от @kostov_alex -  Rila Monastery at Winter

#vscobulgaria #vsco #bulgaria
⛷🏊🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️začíná opravdová a pořádná příprava pro letošní sezónu, takže jsme vyrazili opět mimo civilizaci a teď jen.. TRÉNINK - JÍDLO - SPÁNEK protože až se jaro/léto zeptá, tak já budu ready!
¡Hola! Somos Sara y JAAC de @saltaconmigo y, durante esta semana, vamos a llevar la cuenta de la Comunidad Viajera.
Esta foto es de finales del año pasado, en los alrededores del monasterio de Rila (Bulgaria). Una auténtica postal de cuento navideño con los árboles cubiertos de nieve.

En el lugar desde el que nos ves, ¿es verano o invierno?
Вярността ми заслужава само МЪЖ, който не казва на всяка жена "Ти си ми всичко!!!"...👌👌😉
Рильський монастырь не мог остаться без внимания, по настоящему священное место ! Надеюсь, все наши желания оставленные там, непременно осуществляться! 
➢ don’t worry for tomorrow, God is already there ☀︎
Janvier 🇧🇬
2018: ⁣
⭐️cried about not being in chile anymore ⭐️turned 21 with my best pals ⁣
⭐️interned for senator @amyklobuchar in dc⁣
⭐️got my drivers license⁣
⭐️worked with powerful womyn at the @iwl_csb ⁣
⭐️adventured in abu dhabi with @enollz ⭐️listened to @maggierogers & @_fake_nudes_⁣
⭐️died @lordemusic ⁣
⭐️came back to life @sylvanesso ⁣
⭐️laughed cried and danced with some of the best souls on this planet (u know who u r) ⁣
2019: ⁣
⭐️woke up to sunshine & blue skies
Pure L❤️ve...
I came here to explore. I came here to experience. To discover the world around me. Life is my playground, and I came here to play. I listen. I feel. I @swatch 🍃

#ukfblogger #SwatchThis @swatch #ad
Грижата на жената към мъжа показва неговата сила ♥️
Looking for trouble. 📷 @mandarinata #trouble ?
The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you smile, make you feel happy 😌 The people that believe in you and support you! The people that love you, simply for being you 🙏🏻
I really appreciate you, because with you I’m different and I feel special.
With you, I’m HAPPY. ❤️🙏🏻 #loveyoubabe
Happy Christmas ✨ it was snowing when I left I hope there was a white Christmas at home 🌲
אחלה מתנה לכריסמס 🎁
Merry Christmas everyone!😊🎄🥳❄️ The Christmas kick challenge @9gag @taekwondo.videos @taekwondolatino2 @taekwondo_alfat7 @taekwondo_news #xmas#kick
Last Rila hiking photos! Glad to have met these awesome travelers on my solo trip! ❄️⛄️
Последњи дан припрема у Бугарској.🇷🇸🇧🇬🦅
The 7 Lakes of Rila! 🗻🏞
Laugh, love, ski 🤙⛷
#belmeken #rila #bestoftheday 
I really enjoy this simple abstract picture. While the fog envelops everything’s in grey, we know there is more. We know beyond the mystery, lies a shore on the other side of the lake, perhaps a mountains, or a beautiful landscape. Our curious mind looks for a detail to build a story. Reality and faith mix. Reality exist beyond my sight, comprehension and existence. And I believe something is there, even if I don’t see it...
#bulgaria #sevenrilalakes #mountain #fog #mist
Run, Forrest, run! 🏃🏼‍♀️
⛄️ SNOW DESERT 🌵🐪 Do you see that wind?! I thought I’d be blown off the edge during our epic hike up the highest mountain range of Bulgaria & the Balkans! Pictured is Petar, our amazing hiking guide who set an admirable pace!🏔 🇧🇬
The Rila Monastery is always at the top of my list when visiting Bulgaria 👀😍
Me tienes tan fascinada🏔✈️🗺📍💘🏡
Kerstboom maar eens opgezet
Још ☝️недеља висинских припрема овде у Бугарској 💪🏻🙏👌❄️
Belmeken, Bulgaria
Make your own Way 💪
Pre-Christmas Trip
Snowy holidays #bulgaria🇧🇬 #europe
Al je lep ovaj svet 🤗❄☃️
Osvajamo vrhove zajedno 😍😉
No es Gonzalo, pero estaba cerca.
The mountains are calling and I must go

#rila #lake #hiking
Любимото време за посещаване на Рилски езера е буквално всеки месец. Но този ноември бяха необичайно златни. Контрастът на жълтата трева с дълбокият ултрамарин на водата беше приказен... #sevenrilalakes #bulgaria #icelakes #bulgariamountain
Есен 🎨🎨🎨
We live in a culture that celebrates activity. We collapse our sense of who we are into what we do for a living. The public performance of business is how we demonstrate to one another that we are important. The more people see us as tired, exhausted, over-stretched, the more they think we must be somehow indispensable. That we matter.
Hiking in the mountains on the other hand, is about being alone, in silence, facing the mountain, facing ourselves. It is to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. And however small the mountain makes us feel, we grow as we walk, we matter because we are present. - Picture taken climbing the Rila Lakes trail in Bulgaria.
#bulgaria #rilalakes #mountain #clouds #wematter
Жизнь моя❤️ @lula7676
Some warming sun rays in the middle of November are much needed ☀️
#Rila #mountain #autumn #sunshine #Bulgaria
📸: @micafilm_berlin
май нямам снимка без шапка
Human flag in Bulgaria.
🇧🇬⛰🏞 #humanflag #bulgaria #sevenrilalakes
~Empires arent bulit in one day #genlyused
Yes... we did it!!! 💪🗻🇧🇬
Into the woods
🇧🇬 Hiking day is always a good day ! 🇧🇬 #sevenrilalakes#bulgaria#scenery#balkans#passionpassport
Mēs lidojām, ripojām, gājām un rāpāmies. Atradām baltus zirgus, zaļus ūdeņus, piedzīvojumus, sevi un viens otru. Lauzām stereotipus un priekšstatus par valsti, kurā nekad nebija būts, bet galvā jau rādījās kaut kāda (visai maldīga) bilde. Turpmāk kādu laiciņu atrādīšu, ko #KripjiBulgārijā redzēja un sadarīja.

#intothewild #bulgaria #bulgariaofficial un @lindarukite, Tavs haštags #vajadzīgasbrīvdienas akurāt ar te iederas.

P.S. Tur, kur bildē esmu es, tur foto autors mans brīnišķais @kristapsziverts
Човек, който никога не е направил грешка, никога не е опитал нещо ново!
Seven Rila Lakes
#drone #video #mountain #ddrew
2560 meters above the sea level 🌊 💪🏽 #rilamountain #sevenrilalakes
Ni las carreteras búlgaras, ni los tríos locos de Jungle Speed ni las discusiones catalanas conseguirán separar a la familia Erasmus 💙
Con el hígado fuera pero sonriendo 🗻
🔝🇧🇬always on the top 🇧🇬🔝 @veselin_veselinov_13 #bulgaria #nature #best #beutiful #openyourmind
Born to lose, live to win 
Be kind to yourself.
love you so much 🌺🌺.
Have a great day Habaybi 💙
Dont't Wait For Inspiration, Be The Inspiration. ♠️
Deep fried... happy Fri(e)d-ay 😏👌🏻🙈 #mekitsa #bulgarian 🌲🌬 Workout check-in: Tue 👉🏻 ABS: @toneitup @katrinaascott Ab routine ➕ #bridalbootcamp @blogilates ab workout ➕ @bohobeautifullife 10m ab wo 👻👻👻 Wed (travel day ✈) boho beautiful 🌸 "yogalates" (pilates&yoga) wo 🎃🎃🎃 Thu: back to the #LGFallChallenge 🍂 with w1d3 🍃 and w1d4 today, plus a walk 🙆🏻‍♀️ Fri: LG w1d5 (back&biceps), walk ➕ boho beautiful Yoga for Strength&Flexibility 🧘🏻‍♀
There was no wifi but the connection was better🌷🙈
#nocaptionneeded ⛰💪
като изваден от картина
You don't climb mountains without a team, you don't climb mountains without being fit, you don't climb mountains without being prepared and you don't climb mountains without balancing the risks and rewards. And you never climb a mountain on accident - it has to be intentional.
(Mark Udal, bull's-eye🎯)