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Rose Bowl Stadium

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WhY iS It SoOooOoo hOt rN😳😝🔆
My iPhone’s memories reminded me today of playing around with the Club 42 kids at The Rose Bowl once upon a time.
Happy bday Pops!
Get Lit representing at Bolton's Annual Throwdown @ The Rose Bowl. Thank you to the Bolton Foundation for their generous contribution! #BoltonFoundationTD19
#color and #imagery #workin for #me
this is so trash but i lowb like the video lmaaoooo #reapseverethatshit 🎥:
Night run at the Bowl !
🌹 Stoppin and smellin the roses with the soon-to-be hubby! 📸: @brenditomw
When your pockets have pockets
This that bomb ish my music has taken me places that others could only dream of I'm just feeling blessed 🙏🏽
can i switch sports 😫⚽️
Внешний вид посвящён финалу чемпионата мира 1994 года. А вы знаете кто победил тогда? И кто не забил пенальти) #чемпионатмира1994 
#сборнаязабайкальскогокрая #забайкальскийкрай
Sunday’s flea market finds include lots of hot fudge, even more new pet accessories & all things Sailor Moon 💫 // @rosebowl_fleamarket
Pasadena #rosebowl #easteregghunt #family #moments #eggbowl def an experience!
📸 @tylerhenderson | One of LA’s great championship venues, the world-famous @RoseBowlStadium 🌹 in Pasadena has hosted five Super Bowls, gold medal matches for two Summer Olympics, two FIFA World Cup Finals, superstar concerts and the annual Rose Bowl Game for which it’s named. @Beyonce and Jay-Z brought the OTR II Stadium Tour to the Rose Bowl for a two-night stand last September and Beyoncé performed there solo during the Formation World Tour in 2016 👀 Tap link in bio to learn more about the Rose Bowl and other iconic LA spots Queen B frequents before you watch “Homecoming” tonight on Netlix 😉 📺 🎤 🎶 #discoverLA
23 yrs ago today. 1st @lagalaxy goal. Jones 13. Nuff said!!!
#TBT Spring ball was miserable....summer workouts were terrible....Training camp was horrible. It all led to one of the greatest moments in my life that nobody can ever take away from me and my brothers. #embracethegrind #nationalchampionship #ThisIsTexas
Today I walk for my sister in law, the @mssociety & all the people out there that are affected by #MultipleSclerosis! #WalkMS #MSWalk
A pursuit driver in a stolen white utility truck T-boned a woman in a RAV4, ending a dangerous chase that traveled through the San Gabriel Valley and Northeast L.A. The crash occurred just south of the Rose Bowl in #Pasadena, about 20 minutes after the truck driver busted through Metro Gold Line crossing gates seconds prior to a train crossing the tracks. Police detained  the pursuit driver, and the woman in the RAV4 was extricated from her SUV and taken away in an ambulance. Her condition was not immediately known. More info at the link in our bio. #ktla #pursuit #carcrash
April Fools. #GoStanford
Rose Bowl. Neck Rolls. @chelsea_vonmach @pickyjane
Tickets SOLD OUT 
Stay tuned : Sat 02 Mar @ 7AM LOCAL TIME
See it's a couple dudes every generation, that wasn't supposed to make it out... but decode the Matrix🏁✖️🧢
You’re a progress maker. You’re a progress maker. You’re a progress maker. #progressisperfection