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I don’t just wanna survive i wanna enjoy, live.
Movie time🍿#california #losangeles #santamonicapier #boardwalk
Me wondering if anyone’s gonna notice the stain on my shirt. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Exciting news however, I start my course in #UXDesign tomorrow! Really excited to learn how to design mobile apps, web pages and software. 🤓 Is anyone out there in a similar field? Any UI Designers or even Project Managers? I’d love to pick your brain! Send me a DM pleeaaaasssee. 🙏🏼🌴🤗💙 How was everyone’s holiday weekend?? ☀️ #UIDesign
Turning it on🔥
@harry_culhane sucks at parking :)
Apparently sun loves me more🙊🧜‍♀️
Finding happiness in yourself will reflect on everything you do in this beautiful life we have been given. You have it ALL. You are whole. You are beautiful just as you are. Your vulnerability and transparency is strength even when it feels like you’re weak for sharing from your heart on the REAL stuff that’s going on in your life. You don’t need to PROVE anything to anyone. Loving yourself and being yourself is the GREATEST and most powerful thing you can do. The world is starving for authenticity, love, vulnerability, and people choosing to be exactly who they are, and that all starts by the decision each one of us make for our own selves. Tag 2 friends who need to hear this message. Much love!
Podem legendar à vontade ... 🌅

#losangeles #sunset #nowords #nofilter #california
Exploring my own city this weekend with 🤹‍♀️🍭✨
the final destination to an unforgettable birthday weekend💐🎂
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone🤞🏼
What is your favorite city in California? 🏝🎡 #HemperDestinations
Catch me @ Book fairs
life’s a beach
Caption this please
Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get, but it is gonna be something delicious!
Hey there ;)
It might look like I live in dresses, but I don’t! 🤪 A night without kids usually involves sushi night with myself and my book! And in tonight’s case, wearing my son’s sweatshirt and my daughter’s sneakers — when did the kids get so big?!?! 😱😱
Can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to see 22 years on this planet. As cheesy as it might be, putting down whatever you have for a sec and take a couple deep breaths can change your perspective on your life. Being able to bring yourself to a calm place and realizing how beautiful the ups and downs are throughout your life is truly an amazingly blessed feeling.
I’m just a small-town girl from the small state of RI. I wake up every morning, go to work, come home, and repeat the cycle all over again. As of late, I’ve been yearning more to find the true meaning of life and why we are conditioned to believe in what is good and what is bad, what is dark and what is light, etc. I am a firm believer that we need to experience a little bit of everything in order to live our authentic selves. We must learn heartbreak to understand the joy of love, we must experience loss to appreciate those around us, we must feel pain in order to understand what we find joyful, and so forth.
I’ve been living in RI for my entire life and traveling more made me appreciate home for what I believe is good, not just the negatives. Our motto is hope, and in reference to Greek mythology, Pandora released all the evils that visit humanity like pain and suffering, however hope was also in the box. Why was hope in the box in the first place?  As we know it, hope isn’t a bad thing. It is confidence for a brighter future that we may have, and it should not go along with all the pain, turmoil and other miseries that were put into the box. My “hope” is to travel more and enable growth from the understandings I encounter from people, perspectives, cultures, food, scenery, etc.
From waking up early, running on little sleep, and long flights. One thing I want to do more of starting this year is travel a bit more. Meeting new people, trying new food, seeing beyond my backyard and overall collecting memories to reminiscence. Your money will always come back but you will never get to take back time, so travel as much as you can now. I’m not sure what my next stop will be, but I already can’t wait!
#SouthwestStorytellers #contest #southwestairlines #travel
Missing her already ☄️💛
Random moment from my phone...never a dull moment with the @redbullairforce grateful to work with some of the most incredible people on this planet
👊🏽Reclaiming POWER in your life, means having the courage to make decisions that are best for you, even when other people may disapprove. Sounds so simple, but this is something that has taken me a while to totally embrace. Your power to choose can never be taken from you. It can be only be neglected or it can be ignored. But if power is used, it can make all the difference in the decisions we make in our lives. Remember, NO ONE has the right to control your emotions, thoughts, or actions, unless you let them! I choose MYSELF! Do you? Happy Monday y’all! Have an amazing week😊✌🏽📺CLICK LINK IN BIO FOR VIDEOS #inspirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #atlantamodels #fashionnova #losangelesmodel #prettylittlething #motivationmonday #jessicaharris #shabangbang #santamonica #swimsuit
What’s life without ya :)
cheetah girl
Sunshine is the best medicine🌞
Moulin Rouge Girl ✴
When @lisa_frank asks for inspiration, you give them 🍩🌈 inspiration! #LisaFrank ✖️ #DKSDONUTS
i got a dream thats worth more than my sleep
California is #overrated
a series of events
Que nos volvamos a ver ❣️ Fue hermoso tenerlos cerquita otra vez 🤗 quiero ver YA @restodelmundo13 ! Va a ser un capitulo muy divertido. Si, actuamos los 3 juntos otra vez @gastondalmauofficial @emilia_att 🥰
Smiling cause I’m not in -20 degree weather ☀️
Here are a few posting guidelines to follow to ensure your posts are the best they can be. 👍
nyc you are too cold for me😩 only 91 days to go 🌞
Talking about low carb diet⬆️🍧❌
Flashback to award winning night for @thebossmannmagazine . We received an individual award but truth be told it is far from an individual effort. While it was an individual accolade it was truly a team win for us. 
Countless hours of production, research, editing, photoshoots and events are paying off as we got recognized by the Embassy of Fashion Designers International. 
#bossmann #redcarpet #losangeles #magazine #entrepreneur #business #dreams #mood #fashionblogger #fashion #newyork #dallas #texas #michigan #arizona #love #teamwork #perseverance #models #gala #family #editorial #positivevibes #mood #fashiondesigner #love #peace #awards #winning
vibes over likes 🌗 —
Blurry golden hour pics courtesy of Ken Panzer!
Monday blues
Mila was little miss popular today in Santa Monica😎
all the californians are in coats but I’m ready for the beach🤷🏽‍♀️
1 or 2? A woman unafraid of her shadows radiates light ✨ - Alexandra Roxo
평생 못 잊을거 같다❤️ #2019usa_bc
just some happi gallls🥂
Family Fun Day
Beach bum🍑
Something new something unknown and unprecedented!!
Some next level healing with @certifiedhealthnut @drharhari @alexander.e.hill. PEMF -  Tesla Bio Charger - Breath Work - Ice Bath - Infrared Pod.
I push the limits of what I  can handle because I live by my own standards, or i limit myself by doing what the cultural programming says is safe. #chargelife
I like mine w/ extra 🦃
🤣😂🤣😂 I’m way too much of a Virgo for this, but this was DEF me in my twenties 😂💯 hahahaha who’s been there? 👇🏽 #lol #lifeunleashed
If you don’t have an might as well pack up and close shop 💀
🍠 Chips / slices are my DAILY obsession because it’s SO easy in the air fryer!
➖One sweet potato thinly sliced
➖Splash of coconut oil
➖Salt and pepper to taste
➖Air fry for 7-8 minutes giving it a good shake up every 2 min!
Don’t wait till Christmas for this, @amazon PRIME that STAT! 👊🏼
what are the odds? @summermckeen @elliethumann
Incredible weather, amazing city! ☀️ #la #losangeles #santamonica #pier
One of the most common causes of low back pain is a tight piriformis muscle. ⠀
This is one of my favorite movements for addressing low back stiffness and pain! Repeat this move throughout the day, especially if you're seated at a desk for long hours. ⠀
1️⃣Start in a seated position⠀
2️⃣Cross your left leg over the right knee ⠀
3️⃣Gently fold forward *maintaining a flat back*⠀
4️⃣Twist to your left, placing the back of your right hand against the outside of your left knee ⠀
The spinal twist gives the piriformis a mild stretch that encourage it to release and lengthen. AHHH⠀
If you have low back pain, how have you been treating it! Seeking support? My DMs are open!⠀
🎵 Harmony by @iksonofficial⠀
#sciatica #piriformissyndrome #lowbackpain⠀
#chiropractor #sportsinjury #chiropractic #chiro #physio #backpain #rehabilitation #injuryprevention #sportsmedicine #sportstherapy #musclepain #posture #athletictraining #sportsperformance #rangeofmotion #strengthandconditioning⠀
#foamrolling #athletictraining #correctiveexercise #mobilitytraining #mobilitywod #exercisetherapy #sportsrehab #functionalfitness #squatlife #deskjob #correctiveexercise
as evidenced by my hair change, I am in the midst of my quarter-life crisis
we usually come in a 3-pack but it’s fine bc no one can tell the difference between me and @caroline.cummings anyway
She in a dress-up phase and I LOVE it. One outfit to the next, one accessory to the next. And she can pull it all off. 
What have you bought and thought would be cool to wear, but never had the guts to wear it out in public OR you did and felt self-conscious the whole time!? (Bc let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure we’ve all done that haha).
Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast
‘You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see, really love your peaches wanna shake your tree’ 🌴🍑🌼
Me, myself, & my tripod 🤓 Since moving to LA, I’ve surprisingly turned into a morning person 😄 Maybe my body is still set to NYC’s time zone while I’m in LA... idk ⏰🤷🏻‍♂️ All I know is I’m usually awake now around 6 am filled with energy before most people are out & I’m loving it 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Early morning moments are the best time to go out with my tripod to capture photos like this one & many others on my feed as of recent 👌🏼 Who else loves early morning photo session? 🤔📷💙 #BluePerk .
#handmadefortoday #aexme #michaelkors #levis501 #seesantamonica #lostinla #californiadream #igerslosangeles #californialivin #venicecalifornia #discoverla #calaforniaholics #losangelesgrammers #bluehues #brightcolorsmakemehappy
Bae-watch 🕶 
Happy Presidents Day 🇺🇸
been having a lot of conversations with people lately about motivation and purpose. apparently people think i have the answers.. well let me let you all know right now i dont lol. every day i still battle with lack of motivation and an unsureness about who i want to be. this shit dont get easier as you get older and it damn sure dont get easier with people thinking you all wise nshit cause you got some shit popping. only thing i can say for sure is to work towards your dreams stop telling people what you “plan” to do and just go out there and make that shit happen. and stay off instagram as much as you can.. no amount of motivational memes gon help you, these tummy tea bitches dont want you and will smith dont know you b. get yo ass up and make something of yourself.
Today is brought to you by Britany Spears “OOPS I did it again!”.. the Leg Day Version 💁🏼‍♀️.
“Odds I can stand back up after that leg day? 🤤” - Chels.
“Guys are bound to come by and pick us up.. right? 🤞🏼” - Hayl.
📚 Save & swipe for a LEG WORKOUT that’ll have you crawling on the floor #medicalalert.
Box Squat - build to heavy 3
✖️Superset (3 set)
Straight leg deadlift x8-10
Barbell walking lunges x8/.
✖️Superset (3 set)
Hack squat x12
Leg press x12.
🔥 Prowler - 90% bodyweight (4 sets).
✖️Superset (3 sets)
Single-leg Leg Press x10/
Lying Leg Curl x12.
Leg Extension into single-leg leg extension x10+7/
Back extension x20
Biggie smalls x15
Dead bugs x12/.
#lisketwins #lisketwinsfitness #mondaymotivation #legday #workout #aztrainer #fitness #legworkout #health #twins #ryu #nikewomen #niketraining #vitalproteins #scottsdale #arizona #nikeLA
Best Friends make good times better and hard times easier. -
@kyschau @nyi.htet.52 @mattw_pkf @kenthslee @andrewcphu @calisthenics_jerry
this is me at the santa monica pier
Start your Monday off right with @sessionvapor
So nice to golf with our dads. ⛳️
Compañera de todo.
guess how many bikinis I own
I think this smiling in pics thing is working for me... what y’all think? 🙃
⭐️⭐️⭐️hope y’all are having a poppin’ day 2dayy , i had2 renew my rec cause da plug lagz , then i hit da dp & went 2da beach ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (ps new vid 2morrow stay posted yo, im thinkin of starting an uploading schedule for YT vids.. comment what days/times y’all would want me to consistently upload on)👇🏻😈💟 #LBDFAMUNSTOPPABLE #lifebeingdest
what a time to be alive <3
Esos lujos que uno se puede dar 😋. No hace falta que enumere todo,pero sí,no puedo dejar de agradecerles infinitamente a ellos. A @aj_juarez2 una persona de oro que me regaló esta vida,que se vino a visitarnos medio día y me regaló la mitad de su mediodía para el video más el tiempo que se tomó en editarlo. Te quiero demasiado! A @matiasnapp y @estebantoppi que tanto compartimos,recorremos, nos empujamos y ayudamos a crecer mutuamente,gracias una vez más por aceptar ser parte de una idea mía y ayudarme a moldearla y que sea mucho más “llena” de lo que la había imaginado! Aprendo mucho de uds cada día! Y a @naza.arrighi que se copo,nos filmó (capooo!) y nos banco todo el día,gracias amigo,muchas gracias!
 Acá este videituuu,que sinceramente me divierte mucho,ojalá les guste! 🥰✍🏼 .
#ConCalma de @daddyyankee .
Y las camperas de que no dan más 🔥
how i look when i get my way 😇
California gurls....
Waiting on summer like...☀️ Bodysuit from @femmeluxeusa #LuxegalUSA #femmeluxeusa

Jeans | @fashionnova
Name a more iconic duo 💁🏻‍♂️🤧
If there were ever a cardigan made specifically for me, this would be it. 🥰 It’s like wearing a sunset 🌅 @vicidolls #vicidolls #vicicollab
Follow your heart even if it takes you al the way to California. 🎡
👁‍🗨 🐺.
#TesView 👁‍🗨
Aquamarines are believed to be treasures of mermaids, and used by sailors as good luck charms 🧜🏼‍♀️✨ They are calming, cleansing, and inspire trust! Who wouldn’t want this as their good luck charm?? Available now at
Shopping days are meant for caramel macchiatos & puppuccino breaks! Fun fact: Mine are always decaf because I leave caffeine out of my diet!
On days like these, yoga pants are my go-to & I can’t kick the habit of buying the ultimate high waisted ones from Victoria’s Secret Pink! 🐶🎀
today... last year 😒
NEW DLC WEAPONS (Switchblade X9, Rampage, and Cha-Ching), Outrider is BACK, and MORE! .

Thank you @activision and @treyarch for flying me out to LA to record some early content for Operation: Grand Heist! 🔥
Santa Monica nights
just another day at the office @boutinela
Missed you @clairehutchison !!!
Had such a fun Doggy Play date with @destinydelisio and @shelbybay 🐶 Thanks to @select_cbd @letsblum and their amazing Doggy CBD moose is officially living his best life😋
Yesterday I had a driver pick me up at my hotel and take me to the restaurant where I was having dinner.

At the end of the ride I realized I didn’t have any cash to tip him...but I didn’t want to leave that way. This was a private service, so unlike Uber, I couldn’t just tip him on an app.

So I asked him how I could get a tip to him later.

He said he’d be working till 11.

So I made sure to stop at an ATM on the way home.

And wouldn’t you know, right as I was walking up to my hotel, there he was, parked right out front. “Noah...Do you remember me? I said I’d find a way to tip you later, so here you go,” as I passed him cash.

He looked surprised...
“Thank you. People of Integrity are rare here. I appreciate that so much.” Integrity is a standard I live by, no matter the circumstances.

Be the kind of person who does the right thing, always. ❤️
You were a part of me, of my family, of my life. I love you forever thank you for being there. Rest In Peace my lifelong friend💛
We are your 100Thievers! Pro League starts this week, you Peeps ready!!? ❤️
📸: @logan_dodson
Monday mood 🍬🌴🍉
it’s all fun & games until you realize you should have packed a real belt b/c your pants keep falling.
Came to see what all the hype is about
You speak to me in words but I look at you with feelings 📸: @coloursinbloom
Needed my California sun for the weekend 🌻🌻
I have less than a week before heading out to Hawaii to teach at @wanderlustfest and check out the other islands. I always enjoy collaborating with @nwoy she’s truly talented 🙌🏽 swipe to see behind the scenes! .
Super excited about this trip, I’ve never been to Hawaii, so this will be my first time. I only hear good things about the island. Not only that but I’m looking forward to teaching with @teenie29 , we’ve been developing some fun classes and can’t wait to share with participants. .
Both wearing @aloyoga
Holidays are for driving to the beach for Italian submarine sandwiches. Or at least that’s how @jenn_harris_ chose to spend today. @heroic_deli #latimesfood #willdriveforasandwich
My little sis @jen__acosta came by for a check up this weekend. She still holds the record in the family for zero cavities and doesn’t let me forget it
60 degrees = sweater weather
Can not WAIT for my hair to be this long again
Hers and His ☕️
We are now here!! We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with @ErewhonMarket, a southern California retailer who shares our commitment to pure, ethically and sustainably produced food for the health of people and planet. One week from today you can find many of your favorite Belcampo products on the shelves of the Santa Monica and Los Angeles locations and through Instacart.⁣
Here’s what our co-founder and CEO @anyafernald has to say about this exciting new partnership:⁣
“As a consumer I love Erewhon for the curation, the vigilance, the quality about origin. Our food system is broken and polluted, retailers like Erewhon are offering a safe path through the madness. The modern meat industry is extremely segmented. Most places don't care about the treatment of the animal, the taste of the meat, the impact on the environment, or the health of their customers. We care about all of it — and we believe everything is interconnected. That’s why every day I take the crazy leap of faith that if we care about it all, and put that care to work, we might be able to create a product better in every way — for people, for animals, and for our planet. Thank you to Erewhon for believing in our vision and supporting Belcampo Farms.” #TheBelcampoWay #Erewhon
three day weekend vibes 🍕
I used to be stuck on what was causing me pain, but I now focus more on what brings me joy, love, and peace! #feelgood

Open the gates and seize the day, for today is the day you start worrying about what everyone else's thoughts, and live for your own.  When we choose to live in the moment, in every moment in our lives we choose to do just that. We wouldn't be human if we weren't able to think about our actions before committing to them, but sometimes we tend to over analyze situations. From this day forward make a promise to think less sometimes, and live more all the time.

Make it a point daily to commit a random act of charity. If you see an elderly person that needs help, help them. If someone needs to switch lanes in traffic let them over. Take a detour to the cafe shop you pass up everyday and give it a try, or shop at a mall on the other side of town you never go to. Just try to be as spontaneous as possible in order to live your life to the fullest.  I would love you to tell me something you are going to do today that is spontaneous and fun. You never know how it can bring joy to your life.🌷 💝💝Love you all💝💝 #fashion #accessories 
#style #stylechallenge #makeup #beauty #health #fitness #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspirational
#darcydonavan #anchorman #actress #actor #filming #movie #movies #behindthescenes #setphoto #onset #model #modeling #socialmedia #socialinfluencer #influencer
@ashermonroe “Geisha” 🏖 | Director: @ashermonroe • DP: @joelabisi_asc • Edit: @callaird
The OUTRIDER Specialist returns in Black Ops 4! 
Here’s some early gameplay of it, LIKE if you’re excited. Follow for more #blackops4 clips! 🥵🙌🏻
Get on your level.  #MaxOut #Potential #LA
just beachy🌴☀️
MYMUUD 💞 GN 💞 #mymuud #mymood
Lifeguard, reporting for duty! | POLL: Would you rather go swimming in the #pool, or the #ocean?? Tell me below! | #beach #LA #socal
Si deseas tener éxito, debes emprender nuevos caminos, en lugar de recorrer  los caminos tradicionales y tipicos del éxito común.
@giselleeetorres 🔥
Picbra 🤩📸
oo baby baby 👅
The look you give him when he says he got food ready 😏
Today is @huckcafe's 10th anniversary! To celebrate, they'll be passing out free Mini Sprinkle Doughnuts in the morning and slices of Birthday Cake in the afternoon. Come grab a treat and maybe a stack of Zoe's Dad's of the first items on #Huckleberry's menu when it was just a pop-up over 10 years ago! #SantaMonica Tag your photos #dineLA for a chance to be featured | RG 📸: @huckcafe
One Sunday on a trip to California, JFK spent the afternoon at a private beach home in Santa Monica. Sitting in his swim trunks beside the pool, the president stated, “look at that surf out there”…. Shortly after, the president set off across the sand making his way toward the ocean. Crowds gathered quickly as the President shed his shirt and plunged into the ocean. At the time Santa Monica Lifeguards were on hand with their rescue boat to observe the presidents Sunday afternoon ocean swim.  For more on JFK’s Pacific Swim visit the link in our Bio. Happy Presidents Day! 🇺🇸 #🇺🇸 #presidentsday #history #santamonica
Two ways to increase the capacity of what you’re already doing: play around with drop setting and supersetting sequences. I do both during almost every workout. Both methods can allow you to achieve greater volume and productivity in the gym. Dropsetting entails continuously decreasing the resistance or difficulty of something proportional to the rate of fatigue (making something easier as you get more tired), while supersetting means alternating or rotating one movement or exercise with another. Examples shown above: weighted pull-up dropset (70lb weighted pull-ups first then regular), supersetted with shrimp lunges 🎥: @brian.debbie #motivationmonday #dropsets #supersets #pullups #shrimplunge #metconmonday #workouttips @burnfitness
It is a constant struggle with the mind.
I'm tired, I don't have enough time, I'm sore, I should be working instead, I worked out yesterday, my back hurts, my stomach is bothering me and the list goes on!! These are just some of my excuses that pop up when I think about working out. 
I am sure most of you can relate to this.
But each day I push those thoughts farther and farther from my mind and replace them with....I can't wait to work out,  I love that sore feeling after a good workout, I love feeling strong, the workout will make my stomach and back  feel better, it is only an hour out of my day, I have plenty of time for work and that list goes on!
You feelin me??
gloves by @boxingnbarbells
Beach please 💙 Out the front door and only steps from the sand 🌊 @seabluehotelsm is my new favorite staycation
Last night was a movie happy birthday to my big bro @capitob 🍾🙌🏽
Move over BayWatch, SideBoob Squad is here 👯‍♀️ Photography: @shotbycheyenne
Can’t wait to be wearing sun hats and bathing suits on the reg ☀️
Loving the palm trees, truly an icon of the west coast 🌴🌊
We ALL have different relationships with food - some more complicated than others. Friendly reminder to all that treating yourself to a "cheat" food is perfectly okay every once in a while!! Even better... there are so many healthy dessert recipes out there that you can both admire on IG and make at home!!! Try these blackberry cacao tarts next!! 😋⠀
🍇INGREDIENTS🍇 - makes 6 small tarts or 1 9" tart⠀
-1 cup buckwheat ⠀
-1.5 cups pecans ⠀
-2 tbsp cacao ⠀
-1.5 cups raisins ⠀
-1 tbsp coconut oil ⠀
-4 tbsp water⠀
-1/2 lemon, juiced⠀
-3 tbsp cornflour ⠀
-2 tsp vanilla ⠀
-1 can coconut milk ⠀
-3 tbsp maple syrup ⠀
-1/4 cup cacao butter ⠀
-1/4 cup blackberry juice ⠀
-3 tbsp agar agar⠀
Prepare crust by blending buckwheat, pecans and cacao until finely ground. Add in raisins, coconut oil and water and pulse until a dough is formed. Press into greased tart tins. Prepare filling by mixing lemon juice, cornflour and vanilla into a smooth paste in a small bowl. Add remaining filling ingredients to a small pan and simmer until thickened. Turn up the heat and add cornflour mix once bubbling. Stir continuously, until thick and glossy. Remove from the heat and pour into tart shells.⠀
📸 & recipe: #POPFLEX⠀
P.S. Your time is running out to get on the list for a gift certificate from us! Guarantee you'll get it by signing up for our newsletter by the end of the day! (link in bio)
Dernier jour avant départ pour Dubaï ! Ce matin avant de partir direction Gold’s Gym pour un training avec mes amis Shawn Rohden et Stanimal ... que vous retrouverez au Fibo et Nice pour Shawn et Body fitness en plus pour Stanimal ! Vivre de passion avec amour c’est réalisé chaque jour comme la vie est belle et précieuse...à très vite !
Taking Burpees to new HEIGHTS!
🔹Tag someone 😏
🎥 @muscle_up_jarvis
You only live once, do whatever makes you happy! 🌞
Which one is your favorite 1 or 2?
Took this pic to show my friend Marta at @babaa that her cozy wonderful sweaters are the first thing I pack for trips. They’re the best. Thank you, Marta! What do you always pack?
Woke up with this line from a song stuck in my head, “living is simple.” It is. .

We complicate it with a lot of things, and reasons, and ways to get there but if you take a moment to look at what’s really needed it simplifies the matters. Yes, even the complicated ones. .

Beach bungalow bliss🏡🌺
My shirt says “Eat a lot. Sleep a lot” and that’s exactly how I’m going to spend this holiday 😇😴! Do you guys have off from work today?!👩🏼‍💻
• #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 #LTKshoecrush #LTKsalealert #LTKstyletip #busybeingblake #instaworthyla #weekendstyles
*screams internally* Someone (🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️) didn’t look at the flight he booked to Mexico City & turns out it’s leaving on March 18th and not Feb 18th 🙃🙃🙃 Goes to show that it’s worth having at least 10 people check your flight confirmation with you before booking 😂 
BUT we found a flight out today only a bit later, so everything’s gouda - guess we’re just gonna hang around LA for a bit longer 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️
Besides camera related stuff, my favorite thing to do is play the piano. My question for you is what are some of your goals and do you play an instrument? A goal of mine is to own a @steinwayandsons grand piano. 🎹
This Is A Throwback Video Of When Wendy Shay & eShun We’re Having Their Little Something Something Going On😩Full Video Link In My Bio❤️ An Epidode From @hearitfromchina W| @schardotvv
Beaches sound good today 😉
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What stops an average man from becoming Great..?
When you recite Naam and love God without any motives, He will cleanse your mind, there will be great light in your heart and your whole family will be blessed. 🙏🏻 His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh Ji from his book “ Loving God” #lovegod #bepurelove #donaam 📸 by @elinaroszel
“I don’t need another drink” said nobody last night 😜 Şaka şaka... No hangover... Just tired of non stop having fun 💖🧿💖 #hangover #fun #california #losangeles #exhausted #love
Fingers crossed for sunny weather this week. 🤞☀️ (📷 @marko123) Tag your photos with #TimeOutLA for a chance to be featured. #lagram #santamonica #beach
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keep on smiling — the best is yet to come.
Been thinking a lot lately about how I wish more of my inspirations posted about their creative slumps or vulnerable moments so I could feel more normal. So here is my attempt at speaking to at least one of you out there: there will be times where people won’t like your work, you will feel uninspired, and in a creative rut. But then there will be other times that you feel on top of the friggin world and the most artistic and inspired you’ve ever been. Just know though, that the cycle will then start alllll over again. IT’S NORMAL OKIE???? Totally. Friggin. Normal. So take the pressure off yourself to be the most perfect person, and whenever you are feeling some feelings, just know, you are hashtag normal. So on that note, raise your hand if you are normal 🙋🏼‍♀️
GET TO KNOW ME (for those of you that don’t know me IRL)
⚡️I’m a huge nerd when it comes to all things nutrition & biomechanics… I’ll biohack the shit out of you.
⚡️I fell into the branding space because I’m obsessed with psychology and human behavior. And, I love visual design: from the work I do, to interior decor, architecture, art and landscapes.
⚡️My love language is cooking. Make me a snack and I’ll love you forever.
⚡️My superpower is human connection. I love hosting dinners and bringing my friends together.
⚡️I’m allergic to cats... not physiologically, but emotionally.
⚡️What lights me up? Lately, it’s been hip hop classes and voice lessons with @steviewrightcoaching
⚡️I’m like 75% emotional, 15% logical and 10% woo, and that woo side is slowly creeping in with age.
⚡️I have a thing for boxers. That includes my first dog, Barkley, and my love/favorite human @officialmikelee
⚡️What’s my Netflix steeze? Chick shows and thrillers, nothing in between. Case in point: I’m currently all about Gilmore Girls and Ted Bundy Tapes.
⚡️I have a weird obsession with walks, the sky, Brazilian jazz and picnics.
⚡️I was born in Afghanistan, and lived outside of Paris till I was 3.
Now your turn ! Drop one weird fact about you below 👇🏼
I highly don’t recommend going to the Santa Monica Pier on a weekend. 🎡 Unless you just really like crowds and young men trying to pass out their latest recorded album.
p.s. the point of me taking a photo in this outfit by the Route 66 sign was because my super cute shirt says “Road Trippin”, but I forgot to move my hair 🤷🏼‍♀️ would’ve been really cute right? 😂 outfit from @vicidolls #vicidolls #vicicollab
sigo fresh👯‍♀️
Our Chalk GT cars. #morrissolomons
Not wishing, not hoping, this year I’m making shit happen 🔥🎥 (Please excuse me for being 1.5 months late)
Worth is eternal... ❤️👁
📸: @_pete.o
Sunset vibes with @tawnyjanae ☀️
is this how instagram works ?