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Seven Magic Mountains

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Move away, Rock.. gonna take picture here 📸
My favorite road trip detour
Last weekend’s range sesh with @venturamunitions! I  brought the @palmettostatearmoryofficial AKV 9mm out. @gtroopcorey tried it out with the @ruggedsuppressors Obsidian can mounted and it ran like a dream! It’s like they were made for each other! 😍👌🏻🔥🤘🏼 #suppressed #qvotactical #lasvegas
You’re self worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are...🐝 .
#wepacktwofly🌏 #lv #sevenmagicmountains💜💛💚💙
pug-ventures 🐾☀️
Happy five-year Anneiversary to me ‘n my camera📸💘
💍❤️ PC 📷: @sweetgreentey @_leixrsp
Me between the rocks. 😎👾. just a few miles outside of @lasvegas.  #talla2xlc #trance #elation #trancefamily
Just peachy 🍑 .
📸📸: @c.rivera18
Day 1 in Vegas and I’ve already hit rock bottom.... 🤷🏼‍♀️ #muttsinmerica #yeezus
Un poquito de magia en el desierto 🌵✨!
📸: @actillero
Day trip to the Seven Magic Mountains! Hello, Vegas. ✌🏽 Home for the next 5 days. 💛💚🧡
Pants from: @imme.official
Yo aqui... tratando de cuadrar con las piedras a ver que pose haciamos para parecernos... todavia no entiendo que hice pero esta cool no?
Gracias por la foto @pierijatem 
ok no one get mad please but i’m double posting again 🙈
She’s strong but she’s exhausted 🥵
Swipe right for poor life decisions 😅 #alifestory #byme 
P.C. @classic_karin
—It’s never the perfect time to travel.—
Something will come up and plans will be put off until tomorrow as you wait for “the right time.” But, here is a secret: it will never be the right time to travel. You will always have some reason to stay at home. You always be able to find an excuse as to why today just isn’t the right day. 
Today might not be the perfect day — but neither is tomorrow.
Tomorrow, there will still be bills to pay.
Tomorrow, there will still be someone’s wedding to attend or a birthday party to go to.
Tomorrow, there will still be planning to do.

What if there is no tomorrow? Have you thought about that? About living right now? 
Just go, you will find a lot of opportunities along the way. Some downs but that’s part of traveling so be prepared and focus on the good. — 
My motto: “why not? You don’t live forever.”
Desert Vibes!☀️ @fashionnova Comment Vibes letter by letter with out getting interrupted! Love you guys! #fashionnova #sevenmagicmountains #vibes #lasvegas
Sovereignty belongs unconditionally to the people. - Ataturk 🎈🎈🇹🇷23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramımız Kutlu Olsun! 🇹🇷🎈🎈#nationalsovereignty and #nationalchildrensday #23april #ataturk
She missed herself 👁

like a long lost friend 🌙

or the tree outside your childhood home 🐛

the one you would climb to escape the day 🌿

and find yourself touching the sky all along ✨
Think he’ll catch her?
e Deus foi tão bom com a gente, que depois de uma chuva torrencial, abriu sol e pudemos terminar com o coração cheio de gratidão mais um trabalho! ❤️🙏🏼 vestido longo mais maravilhoso EVEEEEER da @misslollaoficial com essa estampa perfeita! | PH @conradis #mfpresets #vegas #lasvegas #usa #me
Heute lassen wir Las Vegas hinter uns ✨ Die Stadt ist voller Lichter und Bling Bling 💎 Leider sind wir nicht mit dem Jackpot auf dem Weg nach Los Angeles😅 deshalb müssen wir irgend wann wieder kommen ❤️ Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Feiertag  #sevenmagicmountains #lasvegasstrip