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wen U say <go to HELL>
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Tide on the turn Tenby beach!
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Ghost town
Mondays are for the Rugby boys @tenbyunitedrfc
I love it when it’s sunny in Wales ☀️ #tenby #sunnyinwales #pembrokeshire #sunshine #seasidetown
Isn’t it funny how sometimes you can take for granted what is right on your doorstep? It’s afternoons like these that make me stop and remember how lucky we are to live and run a business in such an amazing part of the world. 😍Every time I nip into town I can’t help but stop and take a photo of the harbour, especially at high tide. ⛵️
 The beauty of Tenby is just a 5 minute drive, or a 25 minute stroll across the beach from the hotel, and it truly is the most picturesque little town. With four beautiful beaches and numerous boat trips leaving from the harbour every morning, it makes for the perfect day out! ⛱ ⚓️
For all our guests that stay with us, we’ve put together food, beach and activity guides to our little town so that you can make the most out of your visit to one of the best holiday destinations in the UK! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Lovely sunny, but rather windy day in Tenby #halfterm #Tenby
Stunning Tenby ☀️🏖. The Great British Seaside is wonderful and I need to appreciate it more #wales #pembrokeshire #travel #minibreak
Enjoying this sunny weather 🥰
I love you 🥰❤️
Tenby on a sunny winters day #sunshine #seaside #walks #wales #colour
Wales Spam 🚨 wishing I was still walking round exploring Wales today.. sat in work reminiscing on a great weekend✨
Panorama of Tenby’s beautiful harbour ⛵️🚤 •

#TenbyPics #Tenby #harbour #photography #boats
#sunny Sunday #tenby South beach#kitesurf#
Dirty mirror 👍🏻
A very welsh scene in Tenby as the moon rises #visitwales #visitpembrokeshire #rnli #tenby
My happy place with the best people ❤
...and a pint of Son of a Beach for me please? 🍺
is it really a trip to the beach if you don’t risk ur life to stand on a rock?? 🐋🌊
Pretty little steps
👋🏼 for a bit Tenby 💗
Tenby (1 of 3)

Tenby was the first proper solo trip I went on in the UK. My train left from Swansea early in the morning, so I snagged a coffee and found a seat on the train. Halfway there, the train slowed to a stop and the conductor came on the intercom and explained that there were sheep on the tracks and we had to wait for them to cross. It was priceless.

After rolling into Tenby, I hunted for my hotel (Belgrave Hotel, highly recommend). I found my room on the fifth floor overlooking the beach- it was spectacular. The beach was so cool, although it was a little cold. 
I wandered the town a while, had some great pancakes and tea at Cafe Llew, and met some spledid people. It didn't take long for me to get to the beach, however. I spent much of my time making my way up and down the beach, enjoying the sounds of the water and climbing the cliffs. The sun had been out and put this fantastic sparcle on the water, so I took quite a few pictures of small rocks on the beach.

This photo is of the pebbles I mentioned glistening in the white sunlight. I'm not sure what fascinated me about the scene, but I took pictures of rocks like this for ages. I do really like the way the tide carved out a bed for the rock.
Tenby (3 of 3)

My time in Tenby was nearly over. When I awoke, I showered up and set off on a walk across the South Pembrokeshire coastline (first solo hike, WOO). I actually have almost no record of this hike in any photographs, which is a damn tragedy. It was spectacular- blue skies, sunshine, and clear water.

I got lost a few times, but it would be a shame if I didn't at least highlight a few points in this story (since it won't get it's own collection here without photos). At some point on my walk (22+ km), I passed a sign that said the Welsh Coast Guard tests missiles in this area.
"WHAT? MISSILES?! Whatever, surely I'll be fine." I thought.
About half a mile later I heard a loud, LOUD clap of thunder, which was weird considering the sun and clear skies thing I had mentioned. I looked around, then looked up, and saw a big cloud of smoke. They literally tested the missiles above us! I confirmed that it was indeed a missile from a couple who were "lucky" enough to see it explode. I learned later that the signs saying tests happen in certain areas are only put up when they are testing (thanks, Chris). Eventually I made it to a small cafe called "The Boathouse Tea Room" and sat my tired ass down for some tea and Welsh Cakes. The woman serving me was lovely and we chatted a while about love, life, Americans, and the pursuit of happiness. I bid her farewell, and walked, maybe 500 meters to my destination, Barafundle Bay! It was spectacular. I wish I had proper pictures, because it was this beautiful yellow sand, blue waves, and nobody yelling and screaming. I lounged for some time and made friends with a family from Kent. They graciously offered to take my tired and blistered self to my AirBnB a few miles north in Pembroke. I accepted, and continued my journey in Wales.

This photo is of first Bay on the east side of Tenby. It gives you a flavour of how colorful the houses and coastline we're in the town. Wales, I miss you ♥️.
i’m re-learning to believe in myself and it feels fucking phenomenal.

surround yourself with people who want you to thrive and you will. i’m extremely grateful today to have the family and friends that i have been blessed with. i’m also grateful for myself; because i fucking rock. 
my abusive ex boyfriend derailed me for a while, but i feel i’m at least back on the train now
Belated Valentines outing 🍰
The daffodils are out so it must be spring #tenby #pembrokeshire #wales❤️ #seaside #beaches
One of wales hidden secrets and one of my favourite places on earth! #tenbybeach
Need to go back to Tenby again soon 💗
She f**king loves me boys @ladycoombs13 #HeywoodSpaHotel #HeywoodBrasserie
Throwback to our weekend away in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 the cutest little town, Tenby. Even though it was cold it was nice to soak up some sunshine while enjoying good company ✨
Lovely Valentine’s Day on Thursday🥰 couldn’t be treated any better❤️ @aidan_fraser123
Good morning world. Last night I was classy, today I’m trashy
Fresh out the oven, our ‘Low N Slow’ beef short rib, rubbed in paprika and cayenne, then cooked for over 12hours in @tenbybrewingco Black Flag rum porter. The result? Meat lovers heaven! #streetfood #foodporn #meatsweats #foodie #beefribs
Such a pretty harbour, very quaint #sunshine #seaside #cycling #harbour #wales
▪A small boat moored just off Tenby harbour▪ Had an epic few days in Pembrokeshire exploring the coast. This warmer weather is definately welcome 🌞
Quiet Tenby streets, a stark contrast to summer 🏖 .
#tenby #wales #shotoniphone #mobilephotography
Misty morning start.
Lily Piggy would like to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day ❤️ She's spent the day swimming, playing, and making new friends at Tenby North Beach 🐖⛱️ #staffie #tigerlily #beach

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Individual lemon tarts now featuring on our pudding menu!! #lovelemon #zestyissexy #tenby #pembrokeshire
Smile against cloudy day
Great last few gigs in Worcester, Liverpool & Cardiff 🌴 Almost half way through the tour & stopped off in Pembrokeshire to catch up with some good friends 😌🙏 @lillscheie @elinebrun @iseerivers #Wales #horses #uktour #countryside
Found all these pictures on Flossy’s laptop that @joshcowle took of me back when we were in Tenby so enjoy another happy summer throwback 🥰🌻✨❤️
#throwback #tinyhappyfrog #summertimesadness #loljkimhappy
Wallaby on top
Ah, what a beautiful Mediterranean village. OKAY, I LIED. It’s #Wales! Specifically the village of #Tenby in #Pembrokeshire. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I spent a few years living in the UK. Kind of accidentally, and never officially (I kept my days just barely within the legal limit). But I developed a deep affection for the country and learned a ton. I mean, did you ever think a gorgeous beach like this could exist in Britain? (The water IS cold. I’ll give you that.) Some of the most important things I learned during my time in the UK: “You all right?” means “How are you?”, not “What’s wrong?” Brits are masters of mocking those they love and being icily polite to those they hate. The food is pretty fucking great, and the desserts are on a different level (give me all the sticky toffee pudding and Eton Mess). Newspapers are left behind on the tube out of courtesy for others to read. And, um, the word fanny — you never want to say that word out loud here. 🍰 How did the UK surprise you?
the Cumberbitches
Don’t worry, I still love lots of photos from this wedding in Wales that I’ll be posting till the end of time.
Beach and beer garden weather pls x
Thanks for your support - what a fab shot • @visitwales 'A wintery scene from the skies above Tenby on a cold and blustery day. I think this shot really highlights the debt we owe to the @rnli for being willing to go out year round in all weathers #savinglivesatsea' | Diolch yn fawr / Thank you to @uplookingdown for tagging #VisitWales
Sundays are for lifting heavy stuff 💃🏽🏋🏽‍♀️ #crossfit #olympicweightlifting #girlsthatlift #weightlifting #crossfitgirls
What a great part of the world with great company👌🏻
Thanks for having us Tenby. • Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿✅
Ten out of TENBY 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
my hat made a huge difference
Tips on how to be the best girlfriend ever.
Keep being you babe 😘
Happy birthday x
📍 Tenby, Wales
#tenby #pembrokeshire #wales #visitwales #beautifulwales
Bundled up and wrapped in as many layers as I could physically fit under my coat. It was cold, but a brisk and breezy 24 hours in Tenby was all we needed to blow away the cobwebs! So I’ve decided 2019 is the year of the mini break 🗺 I’ve always punished myself for taking time away from my work, but if 2018 proved anything it’s that long hours don’t mean anything unless you’re happy with yourself and the work you’re producing. So this year I’m taking time for me, nourishing myself and filling up my cup so that it well and truly runneth over!
#goldenhour 🌞
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Tenby ist eine hübsche Stadt in Pembrokeshire, deren walisischer Name Dinbych-y-pysgod  soviel wie „kleine Festung der Fische“ heißt. 
Danke für die wunderschöne Aufnahme @positivepsychologie_nrw 
#lovegreatbritain #wanderlust #visitwales #theprettycities
Making a boat out of stone would be quite the hardship
“Everything is blue 🦋”
Same stuff, different week 🙈love carrying blokes over the line 👀
Love the coaching support from my 2 and only fans @harillywt @delyth_truman 🙌🏽
There’s no getting away from the fact that I’ve been unlucky in love over the years 🙈😭😂 and being a single parent I do try to do things with the boys as much as I can like other families. They are my absolute world and I love making memories with them, but there were little moments over the weekend when I sat there watching them play, would be nice to share these moments with someone. Which is why I was happily surprised when my mother and father rocked up to bluestone to surprise us ♥️ I swear my parents can sense when I miss them 🙈♥️ love you all to the 🌓 and back
𝓔𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽𝓮𝓮𝓷 🔞🥂
Tenby, you so pretty!
my sneaky bottle cap switch @katecolwill_
More than 2,500 athletes are facing the dragon in Wales this year. 🐉 The 2019 edition is now sold out!

#IMWales #ironmantri #swimbikerun #triathlon
Sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻 #wales#tenby#sunflowers#flowergirl#flowergirl
such a natural
Taking the handbrake off the horse and having a gallop #neatup
Rolling with the homies🐶
New Year’s Eve 😊🎉🎄
The best workouts are the ones when training with someone bigger, stronger, faster, someone who’s going to push you and make you force reps.
If that’s one bit of advice I could give for your tomorrow’s session, it’s partner up. You’ll lift more weight for more reps and have more fun doing it, meaning there’s more chance of you working out the next day too. #accountability
4x sets squats up to working weight
3x5 reps squats adding 10kg each set
1x10 reps squat
Drop set leg extensions 12 reps per drop
Rear foot elevated split squats 3x10 slow reps per leg
3xfailure/20 reps on leg press
When @tommyray_powerlifting hits 180kg for 5 reps easy and says it’s not a heavy session 😭😭
Cute x
The icing to 2018 😍 here is to 2019 with you ❤️🌎
Summer boat partayyyyy yessss parry Phillips
This year, let’s make better bad decisions🥂
NYE ✨🎉🍻
As above... #happynewyear #2019 #djimavicpro2
With my little #PRINCESS #Jessie
Such a good end to 2018💗
Day 365 of 365. 2018 you were white trash. The most basic year of ones life.2019 is gonna be one of hard work for us x
Bright like glitter, bubbly like Champagne 🍾  #blwyddynnewydddda ✨
New Years 💃🏼x
On the final day of 2018, I ran the 31st consecutive run of my advent run streak 💪🏃‍♀️ .
▶️To be honest, it didn’t feel possible today. I didn’t go early as I had a teeny lie in instead, and then we went out for the day. In Tenby, with an hour before dusk, I really thought it was looking impossible. But my husband was like, come on you cant miss the last one!! Thank god he did, I would have been kicking myself if he hadnt 😤 .
▶️ I did a quick Wonder Woman style change in the car in the Sainsburys multi story car park! Then a hasty look on google maps to find the coastal path so I could be dropped off there and made a vague plan to be picked up a few miles along the coast before it got dark 👍🏻
▶️As I headed along South Beach, I almost missed the start of the coastal path, and was about to head back and call my hub to pick me up - when out of the gloom I spotted the steps weaving steeply up through the craggy rock.  There’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere, just keep going and the right path will appear. Or something like that 🤔 .
▶️I didn’t see a single soul for the next 40 minutes; it was just me, breathtaking views of the sea and a few sheep. I felt mentally and physically so much stronger than yesterday. Thank you to everyone who sent me such lovely messages of support yesterday, they were the wind beneath my wings today 💨
▶️As I reached the beach where I’d agreed to meet my family, my lungs bursting and my legs burning, and as this craziest of years draws to a close I thought about how it really is the simplest of things that keep my mind and body healthy and strong: a run by the sea, quality time with my family (and support from them to do the things that make me a happier version of me), being outdoors in the fresh air, a glass of wine and the occasional lie in (ok, maybe thats asking for too much). For all of these things, I feel grateful. .
💙 Empowering other women to feel happy and healthy too is what motivates me every single day. And so I will start the new year feeling proud and excited to kick off our plans to launch #thismumruns communities and free weekly runs in 10 cities across the UK. Much love to you all xxxx
Nice being home ❄️
Just want it to be summer x
My excuse is that I'm young 🤘 •Tenby• :D <3
Sunset stroll with my soulmate 🔥

Decent view I suppose #views #tenby
always a good time
Ma gals
Big and small
2nd year 🏊‍♂️❤️
@fredperry 🚀 🍬 Had a lovely day in Tenby. 😊 
#tenby 🌊
Boxing Day Swim!! #djimavic2pro #rnli #lifeboat #tenby
The Olds on a standard #boxingday
Boxing Day. The ideal day for a swim... 🥶
#whoamI? #tenbyboxingdayswim #coldfeet #beforeandafter
From Christmas in Coogee to Little Bay to Tenby 🎅🏼
It’s traditional
I was going to write a post about staying on track on Christmas day.. but na it's not a time to worry about enjoying that extra roast dinner, one too many proseccos or a  double-helping of dessert. Enjoy your day, overindulge, hold no guilt and make those memories with loved ones. Tomorrow is another day 👊🏽
Santa spotted in West Wales this morning and kindly stopped in to do a nappy change 🎅🏼😂
what's up I'm back from russia I was gay the whole time @ putin how do you feel
My loves ❤️ aso3bf 😍
See ya Pems & Haverfordwest, you were so lovely and welcoming 🏞🌿🦋🌻🌱 Tenby was beautiful. On our way to Edinburgh 🥰🥰🥰
School of Rock 2018,  what a great show. Thanks to everyone that came out for any of the three nights. “Ladies and Gentlemen we are the School Of Rock, and school is OUUUUTTTTTT!” 🤟🏼🤟🏼
#tbt to the marathon at Ironman Wales this year, was in a world of pain at this stage but was still bearing down on first placed @lewis.donovan3 which mentally helped carry me through a rough patch from kms 21-30. ⁣
Pictures like these and the memories attached to them are what get me through tough training sessions when the motivation is low, as they provide a very powerful reminder as to why I bother doing this to myself. ⁣⁣
Looking forward to a change of scenery and mixing up the training a bit over the next few weeks, spending Christmas with the family, and then New Years back in the UK.⁣⁣
Today's training:⁣⁣
20 min FTP test (resulting in a new FTP PB of 283) ⁣⁣
60 min steady run ⁣⁣
#ironmanwales #ironmantri
Always obsessed with the ice-cream-coloured grand houses on Tenby seafront
Take me back 😴🏁
Winter Around The World #019

The harbour town of Tenby, Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 This father and son are flying the flag for this rugby mad nation by braving the cold and heading down to the beach. 
#tenby #wales #uk #lonelyplanet
Cardio or weights for fat loss? Cardio bunnies listen up.
It’s of the popular notion that weights make you bulkier and cardio is for toning.
When aiming to improve body composition, cardio is used as a tool to increase energy output, push the body further into a deficit and thus lose fat.
So you’re not wrong.
However whilst it is a great tool for the above, it’s better done in conjunction with a weights programme if at all.
If you’re choosing to hit the treadmill rather than the weight section my advise would be to switch.
By opting for the weights routine, yes you’ll build muscle (look a lot better for it), not only burn MORE calories than your cardio routine BUT also burn even better MORE calories at rest.
The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn AND the more calories you get to eat as the demand for energy will be higher!
After than if you want to speed things up a little you can use some cardio
Some things are worth getting up early for 🌅 .
#lensbible5k #lensbible #jordhammondsundays #dji #inspire2
*13 minutes into the game* and it was at that moment the ref knew... he’d made the wrong decision #snorkelsout #calledoff #wales
@rory_fitness worst nightmare... as if I couldn’t stop eating before🙃😂 Hope every cheat day is as good as this with @yeahbuoyburger now in Tenby. OBSESSED ☀️🍔 #whale x
Well it is 4WD right🤷🏻‍♂️ #audir8 #beachbuggy #forexlifestyle #forextrader
Me as a kid when i used to get caught wearing my big brother’s Leopard bikini underwear.. fuck you Dell try that shit now boy! 😂
Great night 💃
South Beach and Caldey Island, Tenby
The old lifeboat station and the new one...(the old one is now a new home! ..spectacular) 😊
The Rock
They shall not grow old, 
As we that are left grow old; 
Age shall not weary them, 
Nor the years condemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, 
We will remember them 🌹
i love robes wow
<----- PEMBROKE () WHITLAND ----->
The Victorian token machine at Tenby Railway Station.
Sad summers over☀️ #family #summer #brother #nephew
Helikopter 🚁🤼‍♀️
I love taking panoramic shots and the @swipeablecarousel app is great for posting them on @instagram #tenby #tenbybeach #panorama #panoramic
You are my sun,my moon and my stars, my girl 💕
Кто бы мог подумать, что Уэльс это чудесные песчаные пляжи и прозрачное голубое море. #wales #tenby #ironmanwales #любовьнасевере #unitedkingdom
Sonnenbrand in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #spiken #megapasta #serendipity
Me pretending to read ft my fit girlfriend 💕