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Old chair new fabric #upholstery #selondon #custom
Gorgeous London, my studio on the Thames 👌🏻
Thomas Greig @thomas__greig , Atom Spit, @thamessidestudiosse18 Gallery. Open this weekend 12-5pm. Installation photos courtesy  @reinislismanis
Long velvet cushion to go on top of a shoe chest #upholstery #custom #se18
First day of spring out there. Just as I am ready with my winter twigs roller stamp. 🙄 #Duh #TimingIsAll #SpringBranches
Thanks to all those who came on Friday night, here is an install shot of ATOM SPIT. Open Thursday- Sunday 12-5pm until 23rd Feb at @thamessidestudiosse18 #atomspit #thomasgreig #thamessidestudiosgallery Photo: Reinis Lismanis (@reinislismanis thanks mate!)
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Studio Visit #3 of 2019: Ludovica Gioscia. My first studio visit where I was able to personally activate a performative textile work that forms part of Gioscia’s Mad Lab Coat series. All works in the studio are off to Gioscia’s upcoming Fiorucci-inspired ‘paninaro’ commission for Museo della Figurina in Modena opening on 8 March. @ludovicagioscia #ludovicagioscia #museodellafigurina
Studio Visit #3 of 2019: Ludovica Gioscia. My first studio visit where I was able to personally activate a performative textile work that forms part of Gioscia’s Mad Lab Coat series. All works in the studio are off to Gioscia’s upcoming Fiorucci-inspired ‘paninaro’ commission for Museo della Figurina in Modena opening on 8 March. @ludovicagioscia #ludovicagioscia #museodellafigurina
Went linocutting! For seven hours! My arms dissolved but I fell deeply in love with studio stud Brian so it’s ok
Life Drawings.. we run a life drawing group every Monday (term-time) 6.30-9.30pm, based at Thames-Side Studios, SE18. If you are in the area and are interested DM me or @ashley__greaves, or see #lifedrawing #lifestudies #drawingfromlife #pencilonpaper #charcoalonpaper
The Waiting Room or One Flew Over #wip #studio #acrylicunderpainting #contemporarypainting
#saturdaymorningpictures pre #football #contemplation today before the #OurSideOfTheWater screening March 6th 6.00pm @thamessidestudiosse18 RSVP asap to
GH w Wax by @thomas__greig currently on view at TSS Gallery @thamessidestudiosse18 (wood and wax, 8 x 43 cm) #sculpture #contemporaryart #guns
New studio new possibilities. Thanks @thamessidestudiosse18 for giving me a brand new north facing studio with amazing natural light!
#artiststudio #joemadeira
A selection of new works in progress from the new studio at @thamessidestudiosse18. They will all be on display this month in two separate shows at @sanmeigallery with @gilliesadamsonsemple and ArtsDepot with @joepdrichardson. Exhibition and PV dates are on my website or posted here.
St-St-Studio Line
New work
Hoping these keys to my new studios will open a whole load of new doors and opportunities 🔑
Bursting with Joy ( and nerves)
Next up @thamessidestudiosse18 Gallery
Thomas Greig, Atom Spit
Exhibition Dates: 9-23 February 2019
Preview: Friday 8 February 2019, 6.30-8.30pm
Studio works in progress
We are looking for an experienced furniture designer to come join our lively team. Details on our homepage check or link in bio. Please share far and wide.
Detail...reworking a painting
A jacket I made in first year for the Mike Kelley themed @sladeschool Christmas party. Swipe for first year @harleywpkc and me!
It’s starting to get mental in here... #showincoming
10x10cm oil on wood
New studio for 2019 🎉! Fully embracing the vibrant Woolwich scene here at @thamessidestudiosse18. Inaugural project is a very engaging commission from @disegnodaily, for the ever resplendent @rubelli_group. Stay tuned to watch this bustling swarm of timber and fabric evolve into something super cool 👘 ✨ .
@rubelli_london #fabric #upholstery #textiles #installationart
🏁 coloured pencil on paper 🏁
These small paintings are done in a very different way to my large scale work. I usually have no plan for them. Because I use so much material, I have to plan the large ones so there’s not much waste when making, even though I want them to have the “I woke up like this” look 😂 These little ones are much more spontaneous and I feel less responsibility to make them work...if they happen to work, fine. If not, I scrape it off and start again.
‘Moonlight Through Skylight’ in studio today.
Back to the #studio ! 🙏🏾✨🥳 New, exciting projects on the horizon... LETS GO! Have a fabulous week ahead! 💃🏾💖💃🏾 📸 Pedro Lima 🙏🏾
work s going fine
pink for boys
Larkinesque monoprint experiment, although he doesn't have a monobrow #monoprint #portrait #husband #artistsofinstagram #monobrow
Last few days to see #Fakers @thamessidestudiosse18. Some details and pics from the opening

Come this Sunday at 4pm for our booklet binding and discussion event with mulled wine 🍷✨
#weebri #walkingthedog post lunch constitutional #walkingtheplank
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・・・••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I’m so happy when I see photos of my pots in use ! Thank you @davidmullinslipware 😄••••••••••••••
New mug from @brigittecolleaux arrived this morning. Drinking coffee out of it already.
Big studio clear up - cataloguing the nail House series of works ready for storage to make room for new work and space to work. This was a couple of days ago it’s now changed in there ...this was the calm before the storm.
Few pics from Fakers which opened last night @thamessidestudiosse18 gallery. Thanks to all those who made it down! And most of all to dream team @cypherbillboard @hollycagraham @ambasayalbennett for organising! 😘😘😘 The show continues until 16th Dec 
The Royal Iris, formerly of Liverpool fame, beached at Woolwich, downriver of Thames Barrier, Thursday morning...
By: @stevenyman
I'm so messy
Interference screenprint works well against a black wall. 🖤
Last weekend of London Graphics @thamessidestudiosse18 A group show curated by @phil_ashcroft including work by @richardwoodsstudio @swifty_grafix @sintatantra @will__barras The painting on the right has sold but the other two are available #londongraphics #thamessidestudios
Dark, swooping landscapes of North Europe are what hinges the paintings of artist @sifnorskov, who is part of @artpiq platform. In this interview, the artist speaks about how she believes in the creative freedom of painting that, coupled with its diverse nature, poses a challenge that she finds irresistible. Working quickly, the paintings are deliberately less planned to accumulate the intrinsic tension Nørskov desires to evoke. 📸 by @delilaholson. Interview by @vanessa.dateagle. Mentions to @artpiq @csm_news @royalcollegeofart @cobgallery @mirandakuogallery
'Process is Form' constructed of 42 individually screenprinted overprint combinations in collaboration with @louisaparris, measuring 1.4x1.2m currently being exhibited at London Graphics, curated by @phil_ashcroft @thamessidestudiosse18 until 25 November
London Graphics continues @thamessidestudiosse18 featuring work by @phil_ashcroft (who also curated the show) @richardwoodsstudio @swifty_grafix  and more #londongraphics #thamessidestudios
@joaoknorr wearing @tdtproducts and @scotch_official in the print issue of @victormagazinemen — photographer @josephsinclair, stylist @stylist_david, Grooming @laurengriffinmua, fashion assistant @antlyng
This is Fred. He is from London. He makes woodcuts and is very old...149 yrs old to be exact. I got him from Logan Press fully and expertly restored. #albionpress #loganpress #printmaking #london #thamessidestudios @letterpress_supplies
Shooting with the wonderful @stewiesinclair today. 
I 🖤 him
📸 @robbieswilson
Really 😺😺 to show new work -- and a new wall painting! -- for FAKERS, at @thamessidestudiosse18 gallery, organized by @cypherbillboard with work by these fantastic artists: 
(image in collaboration with @bryanreedy )
My first curated exhibition ‘London Graphics’ is on now @thamessidestudiosse18 Gallery until 25 November, open Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm and by appointment. Thanks to all the participating graphic artists, painters, designers and makers. Featuring brand new and unseen works by Rob Lowe aka @supermundane @graphic_supply @swifty_grafix @will__barras @gerrybuxton @danielmather @chkdesign @Mo dernpix #robswain and myself alongside great works by @richardwoodsstudio @sintatantra @barnbrookstudio and bespoke bicycles by @saffronframeworks its not to be missed. And there are special guest hosts during the exhibition - Rob Lowe and Will Barras have already had a stint each, Cedar Lewisohn will be printing in the gallery on Saturday, Swifty and Sinta will also be making appearances.
Loving my new studio 👩🏻‍🎨
Folly (I know, you know) 2018 Acrylic, Iroko wood, brass pins, canvas. 62cm x 82cm. Last one of the new paintings in London Graphics. Show runs until 25th Nov. @thamessidestudiosse18
Folly (It’s no fun hiding when no one is looking for you) 2018 Acrylic, Iroko wood, brass pins, canvas. 62cm x 82cm. On show as part of London Graphics @thamessidestudiosse18  #londongraphics
I’m at the London Graphics show today @thamessidestudiosse18 until 5pm. Come by and say hello! #thamessidestudios #londongraphics
‘London Graphics’ @thamessidestudiosse18 Gallery is open today Saturday 10 November 12-5pm with our first special guest host graphic artist Rob Lowe aka @supermundane - Meeting Rob is worth the trip alone! And please try and see this exhibition in the flesh on this beautiful sunny day by the Thames - it’s worth it I promise! #thamessidestudios #supermundane #londongraphics #se185nr
A big thank you to everyone that made it down to ‘London Graphics’ @thamessidestudiosse18 Gallery last night. Rob Lowe aka @supermundane will be our special guest host at the Gallery today Saturday 10 November from 12-5pm so please do make the trip to @thamessidestudiosse18 and ask him lots of questions! And on Sunday Will Barras @will__barras will be the next special guest host from 12-5pm. #supermundane #thamessidestudios #gallery #se185nr #thefutureiswoolwich
There was at the point in the shoot where I couldn’t stop dancing. 🤪
I unpacked these works today and it feels an eternity since I made them. 🐥 They were extremely helpful in finding my way around painting.
Its the final day of The Ghost Tide @thamessidestudiosse18 on Saturday 3 November from 2.00-7.30pm - please join us for DAY OF THE DEAD - THE GHOST TIDE CLOSING PARTY 
A day and evening of free events on the final day of the Ghost Tide exhibition and your last chance to see the exhibition. 

Artist performances from Calum F. Kerr 'Cachalot Whaling (Thames Barrier)' and Joanna McCormick ' Singing Ghost' 

Papel Picado paper cutting workshop with artist Sarah Doyle. All ages welcome. Materials provided

14:00-15:00 & 15:30-16:30

Charlie Fox 'Ghost Signs Guided Walks' - discover hidden signs created and located around the area by Charlie Fox as part of his new commission for the Ghost Tide


Day of the Dead refreshments and music by Slovak folk trio MORENA


Screening of short films in the gallery: Chris Boyd, Liane Lang, Brothers Quay, Yun Ting Tsai and Neda Zarfsaz

Follow @theghostformula for more details.
BTS 📸 The best feelings about today ❤️ ! What a wonderful team 🌷 thank you so much girls @velaire.archives ✨ @abbirosemakeup ✨ @alisejane_photo ✨
Abstract painting session in progress. Finished piece will be uploaded to @c.hcreatives__
Having fun with blends @thamessideprint today under the tutorage of master screenprinter @adam.hogarth
Finally back in studio painting it’s been months on other projects and artzine . Trying to wrestle this one back to life. Nail House a series : Divergent Realities 40x40cm oil on wood. #portals #disappearances
Look at this weather! 70* (21 c) and sunny. You would never know it’s October in London. ps that is the Royal Iris it. It is a great story. #royaliris
Getting the last summer rays in testing with @josephsinclair last week 🤙🏼😝 hair my @thelondonbarber MA by #Test #Shoot #Select #SelectMen #Model
Albion delivered to London @kellyreemtsen
Sick test today 🤙🏼 @thelondonbarber doing bits to my barnet 👌🏼 @josephsinclair #Test #Shoot #Select #SelectMen #Model
Edgeland 5, 2018
Oil paint on canvas, 40x30cm
Studio light @thamessidestudiosse18
It’s been a hard year for me to paint. Nothing was finished. And I was a bit bored with it. Finally think I’m onto something new  again. Great to be back painting once more.
Drawings on the studio wall
Revisiting an old friend
We are reopening pretty soon, please do well to send a dm or email to place an order. Thanks!💎❤️
Happy to be included in this group show next month alongside some great artists @christhomp1991 @matt.ager @qwallah @sessasessasessa @millypeck @elliecbarrett @frillybrosby @doireanndoireann @michaelpybus  #fatalattraction
A volte ti sembra di vivere un momento come tanti, magari incasinato, confuso, complicato. 
Poi, sempre a volte, alla fine capisci che era tutto parte di un disegno bellissimo di cui tu eri la protagonista.
Inconsapevole e sbadata.
It's the final week to see #NewRelics @thamessidestudiosse18. 'That Sinking Feeling' is in among 56 other sculptures curated by @timellisartist & @kateterryartist
Le navi che custodiscono vite, e segreti, e storie. Storie che restano anche quando le navi diventano relitti. 
Perché relitti non lo diventino anche gli uomini, facciamo in modo che le storie siano storie di salvezza.
Spot. 📷 @darkironfabs
So delighted to be included in the group show New Relics in London (UK) along w 56 other artists working in sculpture, co-curated by @kateterryartist and @timellisartist on now @thamessidestudiosse18 until Jun 24, open Th-Sun, 12-5, or contact @kateterryartist to arrange a viewing.
Open studios this weekend @thamessidestudiosse18 so I got a few paintings out. I’m in unit 0 studio 49 if you want to come by x
Old jigsaw-wielding studio selfie felt an appropriate pic pick for this Open Studios invite post... Come, see some work, have a drink, eat some snax on the river. Health and safety and a warm welcome guaranteed! 🍹🔪〰️Xx
feat. @phoebe_be_be’s jigsaw - credit where credit’s due
Stray, 2018
Italian Alabaster, Oak, Rubber & Cork sheeting, Glass marble, Granulated Iron, Enamel, Plywood.
65cm x 17cm x 68cm
Now on show amongst many wonderful artists work at New Relics @thamessidestudiosse18  until 24th June!
Thankyou @kateterryartist @timellisartist so much for having me!! So nice to get to meet and chat to the other artists too 👋🏻#newrelics
And extra lovely to see both @olivia_bax_ @clairebaily AND their new works during my big city visit👌🧡🔥
A really great sculpture exhibition, packed into this large gallery in southeast London.  New Relics, curated by Tim Ellis & Kate Terry.  #sculpture #contemporarysculpture  #newrelics
Many thanks to everyone that came to the preview of ‘New Relics’ @thamessidestudiosse18 - an exhibition dedicated to sculpture, curated by the marvels that are Tim Ellis and Kate Terry 😀 - thank you too to all 56 participating artists! ‘New Relics’ is open Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm, and by appointment from 2-24 June. #thamessidestudios #sculpture #exhibition #preview #newrelics
Working on a stained glass commission for a yoga studio in Barcelona. With the help of #apollostainedglass
Next Friday #NewRelics opens @thamessidestudiosse18 curated by @timellisartist & @kateterryartist. 🍻
I'll be talking on this panel - CODES OF PRACTICE:  Deciphering Technology in Contemporary Women's Art - at The Courtauld Institute of Art, Thursday, May 10, 2018
 6:00 PM  9:00 PM.  It should be interesting discussion / debate ... I've certainly got a lot of opinions on this subject and the panel look fab.  The Surge Team have done a fab job of putting this panel together.


Chaired by Dr Jo Applin, a specialist in modern and contemporary art and lecturer at The Courtauld , The discussion will investigate the use of technology in the work of contemporary female artists. 
Alongside Sarah Alagroobi, a student whose work is exhibited in the SURGE show will be the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Artist in Residence Rachel Ara who’s work draws on her extensive career as a Computer Systems Designer. Awarded to pioneering artists working in technology, Rachel is a Near Now Fellow who will provide a key insight into what it means to be a woman artist creating and leading in this field. Katy Hessel, founder of the Great Women Artists Instagram account, which now has a staggering 18k followers and counting, will be bringing her expertise to the panel on the importance of celebrating past, present and future women artists. This event is free and open to all.

#womensart #digitalart #courtauld #greatwomenartists
Sequence capturing the process of pulling the final colour on the latest @louisaparris screenprint. Edition of #50 A1 7-colour prints.
Howard Dyke steps it up @thamessidestudiosse18 Gallery last night - DOUIN tent paintings - I knew you’d do it💪🍻 #thamessidestudios #howarddyke @howarddyke
This is what happens when someone lets you have a lot of fun in their space #instal @thamessidestudiosse18 thanks @phil_ashcroft #douintentpaintings PV this Friday ! #cheers
Edward Chell | Phytopia curated by Edward Chell @thamessidestudiosse18 acrylic and lacquer on gesso panel 2015 #edwardchell ✨
🎨Sundays are best spent in the studio of artist Adelaide Damoah - if you add to this, a 3h cycle with our artist Marine Hardeman across the underground canals of London, then surely that’s heaven 😊
#contemporaryart #londonartscene #upandcomingartist #artiststudio #artcollector
Limited edition of 75 @guardian screen prints coming soon to @designmuseum • Designed by @chrisclarkecc  printed by @marcroysmith • #printmaking #printspotters #printisntdead
Small Cave Painting 2017 photo: @studio_horak #painting #silver #black
We're running lots of #printmaking courses over the coming month, and there's a 15% discount available to @ThamesSideSE18 studio-holders! Refresh rusty skills or pick up some new ones: #screenprinting #etching #photolithography #linocut.
Yesterday’s work in progress ❄️ #paper #art
Studio. It’s been a few months. Hoping I can get to complete these works soon.
Got so inspired to visit @sebastiancoxltd, the pace of his work and use of materials shows great maturity. This photos was taken in his new Studio, hanged dust sheets from screwfix to decorate the walls absolute genius, thank you for all your time #lucianogiubbilei #landscape and #garden #design @sebastiancoxltd Studio visit
👋🏽👩🏼‍🎨 here w my dad's art
New archival print for Painter Maker @henry.saywell opening Thursday 7 December 6-9pm alongside @sibleysparling Link in bio with full print details #print #painting #printed
Someone’s come to visit the @thamessidestudiosse18 office...#thamessidestudios #painter #boots
Last chance to see 'Something and Nothing' exhibition as it ends today Sunday 5 November open 12-6pm #somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18 
Muster 2017 wood, glass, metal, plaster, linen and board #nickyhirst photo by @peterabrahams8 ✨
Felix the Cat, 2017
Acrylic on gesso card #vincenthawkins with @lara.francis @ellabtully 🖤🖤 'Something and Nothing' 
7 October - 5 November 2017
Thursday to Sunday 12 - 6pm and by appointment #somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18
SLAM 'Last Friday' late opening until 8.30pm tonight @southlondonartmap @thamessidestudiosse18 • 'Muster' 2017 wood, glass, metal, plaster, linen and board #nickyhirst • 'Black Sleeve' 2003 record inner sleeve and record sleeve frame #saramackillop • 'Woolwich Teardrop' 2009 distemper, oil, canvas, aluminium #simoncallery • 'Something and Nothing' 7 Oct-5 Nov Thurs to Sun 12-6pm and by appointment #somethingandnothing63 #slamfriday
'Woolwich Teardrop', 2009 distemper, oil, canvas, aluminium #simoncallery 'Shelf', 2001 oil on canvas and metal shelf #angeladelacruz @angeladelacruzstudio  @lisson_gallery 'Aluminium Corner Painting', 2017 aluminium, aluminium rail, acrylic, canvas, pencil, thread and steel #simoncallery @foldgallery 
Currently on show in 'Something and Nothing', curated by #nickyhirst 7 Oct-5 Nov 2017 open Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm and by appointment #somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18
Double (parallel), 2009 shovels, ladders, plastic buckets and baskets balls 150 x 160 cm #mattcalderwood

Muster, 2017 wood, metal, glass, plaster, linen and board, size variable #nickyhirst

Something and Nothing, 7 October-5 November 2017, open Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm #somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18
Wash out time-lapse. Developing the stencil of my latest piece of personal work. This A0 screenprint – Interference.
Cave Painting (square one), 100 x 100cm, 2016, photo: @studio_horak 2017 #abstract #graphic #landscape #painting
Bella is waiting to meet you at 'Something and Nothing' 7 October - 5 November 2017
Thursday to Sunday 12 - 6pm 
#somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18 #belladog63
Elemental 163 2015 paired magazine pages #nickyhirst + Black Sleeve 2003 record inner sleeve and record sleeve frame #saramackillop + Yes and No, 2014 plastic, acrylic on canvas and cardboard packaging #vincenthawkins 
Something and Nothing
7 October - 5 November 2017
Thursday to Sunday 12 - 6pm 
#somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18
When visitors to the gallery get really excited about Matt Calderwood's 'Some Things Just Work', 2004 shovel and broom 55x170 cm #balance #mattcalderwood @mattcalderworld 
Something and Nothing,
7 October-5 November 2017, open Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm #somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18
Muster 2017 (detail) wood, glass, metal, plaster, linen and board #nickyhirst currently in the exhibition, Something and Nothing,
7 October-5 November 2017, open Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm #somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18
'Something and Nothing' from 7th of October to the 5th of November 2017 
Thursday to Sunday 12-6pm #somethingandnothing63 at @thamessidestudiosse18
Something and Nothing @thamessidestudiosse18 curated by @nickyhirst63 with @nickyhirst_elementalworks - open today. here are 2 works by #mattcalderwood and a corner piece by #simoncallery - images are of (foreground) Matt Calderwood: Some Things Just Work, 2004, Shovel and broom, 55x170cm and (background) Matt Calderwood: Untitled (Holdon), 2017, Shovels, plastic bucket, wine glasses and tennis ball, 80x150cm and (on wall) Simon Callery: Aluminium Corner Painting, 2017, Aluminium, aluminium  rail, acrylic, canvas, pencil, thread and steel, two parts 164.5x30cm and 83x30cm.
Something and Nothing 
7 October - 5 November 2017
Thursday to Sunday 12 - 6pm 
#somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18 •
Span, 2007 #mattcalderwood 
Shovels, plastic buckets, plastic crates, nylon strap, paint can and gloves
100 x 200 cm
Here is another reason to visit Something and Nothing 
7 October - 5 November 2017
Thursday to Sunday 12 - 6pm 
#somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18 
Untitled (Fold) Green, 2016 oil on canvas 70 x 51 x 7 cm #angeladelacruz @angeladelacruzstudio
Vincent Hawkins
Felix the Cat, 2017
Acrylic on gesso card
150 x 100 cm 🖤 #vincenthawkins #somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18 @vincent_hawkins_
Something and Nothing pv @thamessidestudiosse18 curated by #nickyhirst 7th October-5th November 2017
Day 3 installing #somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18 image is a detail from Untitled (Holdon) 2017 #mattcalderwood @mattcalderworld 💎
Something and Nothing
PV Friday 6 Oct 6.30–8.30pm
7 October - 5 November 2017
Thursday to Sunday 12 - 6pm 
#somethingandnothing63 @thamessidestudiosse18 
Elemental 163 2015 paired magazine pages #nickyhirst 
Black Sleeve 2003 record inner sleeve and record sleeve frame #saramackillop
Relooking at an older work in the studio, Olkiluoto (revision), acrylic on canvas, 126 x 126cm, 2009 #abstract #graphic #landscape #painting
Sometimes it's fun to visit old friends #studio #painting  #thamessidestudios #canvas #wip
Another progress shot for the panels; @m___t___w he'll fox it to me and he'll fox it to you.
Next up @m___t___w  doing the sparrow. New dance craze to follow.
Rebecca Guez large garden painting 2017
#rebeccaguez #thamessidestudios
A for #Arturo and Alessandro @aleroma33 #gattoarturo best creatures in life start with A
Process that takes time! 🤦🏼‍♀️ #etching #print #art
Everyone go see some beautiful paintings by @rfguez in Thames-Side Studios Gallery. Congrats girl! X
Rebecca Guez
Chit chat photo by Jalaikon
Studio work in progress #painting #studio #thamessidestudios
Studio work in progress #paintings #canvas #distilled
Colour of the day — Jade
Studio wall #abstract #graphic #paintings
For You, acrylic on canvas, 121 x 91cm, 2017. Photo: Tom Horak @tprhorak #abstract #graphic #painting
Runner, acrylic on canvas, 121 x 91cm, 2017. Photo: Tom Horak @tprhorak #abstract #graphic #painting
Wouldn't be a shoot without a dressing room snap 📸 @markbarnfield
Giza, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50cm, 2017 #abstract #graphic #landscape #painting
Studio work, 51 x 41cm #painting
Creature spotted on industrial estate just another freezing day at studio
Wonderful #shooting with @stevenyman 📸
Walked out a door at work and was confronted with this lovely specimen #haulagetypography
Toxic Landscape painting from November 2002, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 46cm #toxic #landscape #painting #philashcroft
Studio — 📷 @thamessidestudiosse18
Who doesn't want a millboard and fluorescent tape desktop‽
Oil,oil bar and charcoal on canvas
Studio studies in progress #abstract #graphic #landscape #painting
Small painting in progress, 51 x 41cm #abstract #graphic #painting
Interlocking image object.
New canvas prep in new studio #painting #canvas #edge
Screen prepped for @studiomister's latest Fifty Editions poster #screenprint
Almost sorted. Lovely south facing sunlight.
A fresh look at old work, 2008-13 #abstract #painting #artist #studio #philashcroft
Rawwwww 📸