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Thousand Oaks, California

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Counting my blessings on Easter !💕💕💕
🌻Happy Easter🌻
🐰🐶’s. Thousand Oaks. #california
gassed up shawty, said i need bout forty
Our bat boi > Yours
“foos like nature too.” - william rydberg 😎😎
Adventure 🌸
My baby girl Milania turned 3 years old today. 👑 love you sooo much 💕 #happybirthday bebe!!
The sun is NOT out today, so it seemed especially appropriate to post this from @thoughtfullymagazine. We could almost feel the warm rays of the sun just reading this and it helped!
We met with @lucyandjoexploring this week and she always cheers us on and encourages us so much. She’s our sunshine of the week. Who’s yours?
#encouragingquotes #gratitudeattitude
Just bought this new whip. Can’t wait to do online school in a couple months and travel the U.S for the next couple years! Now for that 20 hour trip back🖤 // @cultcrew @vansbmx66
how singing be making me feel 🦋🍀🌻
Good Friday
I looveeeee y’all
Hoopin with the fellas ⛹🏼‍♀️⛹🏽‍♂️ #And1 #NBA3 #MambaSportsAcademy #SheCanDoBoth 🎥 @miaamooree_
Back to work & back to custom omelettes 🍳 #allthefixins
locals only
Congratulations to my older brother @adammazarei on joining @vandymbb and @jerrystackhouse42 🔥🔥🔥 Vandy is about to get even louder than before, so excited to come watch you coach in Nashville 👏🏽 👏🏽
Found this outtake that was from a hike a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to use it for a post because I didn’t think it was “good enough” for IG. My arm obviously looks weird and you can’t see the logos on my pants (which was what I was trying to feature). However, I love this picture because I’m not fake laughing at something off in the distance that isn’t there (even though I’m quite good at that now 😂). This is a true candid shot capturing a genuine smile because @emzink90 and @kaseyygirll were both making me laugh. Those girls were such troopers because I pretty much made our hike into a photoshoot for Zoe and I asked them to take A LOT for me. I now look at this picture and am reminded of how many amazing people I have in my life. I’ve been facing so much uncertainty lately and I’m just so grateful for those who have been my support system. ❤️ #thankfulthursday
...and yeah my 🍑 looks good here too, so might as well acknowledge that.
happy birthday to my best friend, boyfriend, and my #1 
Thank you for being you and making me laugh 24/7 
Love you so much 💗😘
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